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Yeah, I love showing my legs.
My legs are awesome.
They help me walk.
The only thing that makes me feel weird about showing my legs as other people.
I like to show my legs because they're cute.
They're long.
I like to shave them.
I worked hard for these legs, but not to work.
Got a little conservative.
Can't your business.
I'm very comfortable with my legs out.
I feel like I have them.
They're mine.
I've gotta rock home.
I feel like my legs are definitely like one of my better features.
I feel like it's like from here down And then, like from here up, I don't really like to show my legs anymore.
Only because I was growing up like super active kid.
I get Bunches of bumps and bruises all over the place, and I do have some scar, so it's actually more challenging the kind of try and cover them up as a woman of color.
I appreciate the strength of my legs, but you know, I usually try to discover the body.
Regardless, a lot of people have a complicated relationship with their legs, and I am also person that feels that way Sometimes I don't really mind because you know it's hot out.
Or maybe I think they look good.
But other times, you know, I get worried about, like, people seeing cellulite or, you know, my legs being here because let me tell you right now, I definitely missed all the spots, not shaving my leg today.
So job zoom in because you will see all the hair.
They're the only part of me that has stayed consistently fits throughout my entire life.
They got their muscles and their curves and they've earned their rights.
Thio be out just like the rest of my skin.
I think I got a a curvy situation that is very appealing, at least to me.
I got good cabs because I'm a dog walker and I'm hitting them streets.
I do like to show my legs.
In the recent years, it's only been like me and below, but the fives are definitely I kind of like a no go zone for me anymore, which I missed.
But I think just because of everything, it's like you have felt cellulite.
You shouldn't be wearing shorts, so I think that, like messages ingrained in me, I love to show my legs because I inherited them from my mom and my grandma and their crazy strong And they're nice, actually, not a big finish.
My, my legs.
I have X amount.
So what?
I show my legs, I am sure my example.
So I get a little self conscious about that.
I Do you like to show my legs?
I just feel more comfortable, I think also because my legs aren't that long.
So I feel more control and taller.
They're out more.
I love having my legs out.
I did dance for a really long time, so I'm really proud of my half muscles.
I love having my legs out just because it makes me feel young and youthful.
A lot of people rag on their own legs, but they take you from place to place.
You know, they've got great definition.
They've got great history.
I have no problem showing my legs in the right setting.
In the summertime, I wear a lot of dresses and they come above my knee so I don't have a problem showing my legs.
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Women Sizes 0 Through 26 on Showing Their Legs | Glamour

126 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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