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- The Constitution of the United States
is a crucial document to understand
if you're a United States citizen.
And, frankly, for almost anyone on the planet,
obviously the United States is an influential country,
but beyond that, many of the countries out there
constitutions are actually based
on the United States Constitution.
So in these lessons we're going to dive deep.
We're actually going to read the Constitution.
And, as you'll see, we will read alongside
some of the top experts of the United States Constitution
in the world.
But we'll do it in a way that you'll realize
that you too can be something of an expert
on the United States Constitution.
We're gonna go through all of the various articles
and sections of the Constitution.
And you'll find that it's an intriguing document
that has incredible relevance, even today.
We're also going to talk about how the judicial system,
in particular the Supreme Court,
has interpreted the United States Constitution
and how that has had a whole chain of side effects
on our everyday lives.
And last but not least,
we're going to talk about what rights and liberties
are protected by the Bill of Rights
inside of the United States Constitution.
So let's go on this journey together.
Whether you live in the United States
and really just wanna understand
the government that you live in
or you're just a curious mind wanting to understand
how a government can be structured,
these lessons will answer your questions.
And if you wanna learn more and get deep practice
with immediate feedback,
(computer chiming)
I encourage you to look at these lessons
on khanacademy.org.
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The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Landmark Supreme Court Cases - Course Trailer

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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