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- [Instructor] What we want to do in this video
is figure out what two divided by 0.4 is,
or two divided by 4/10.
So why don't you pause this video
and try to figure out what it is.
And as a little bit of a hint,
think about two on the number line
and think about how many jumps of 4/10
do you have to make starting at zero to get to two,
to figure out what two divided by 4/10 is.
All right, now let's do it together.
And as I mentioned in my hint,
let's just think about how many jumps
of 4/10 we have to make to go from zero to two.
And on this number line, each of these, this is a 10th
right over here because we can see there's 10 equal spaces
between zero and one.
So let's take some jumps of 4/10.
So if we start at zero, we can make,
let's see there's 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10.
That's one jump.
I'll number that.
And then we can make our next jump of one, two, three, 4/10.
Guess that's right over there.
That's two jumps.
Then our next jump will take us right over there.
So once again I'm just making equal jumps of 4/10.
Then my next jump
will take us one, two, three, 4/10 further.
So that gets us right over there.
We've taken four jumps.
And then it looks like our fifth jump gets us there.
One, two, three, 4/10.
Our fifth jump gets us exactly to two.
So we've taken five jumps of 4/10 to go from zero to two
or another way to think about it is
if you were to divide two into equal chunks of 4/10,
you could divide into five equal chunks of 4/10.
Or you could make five equal jumps
to go from five equal jumps of 4/10
to go from zero to two.
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Dividing a whole number by a decimal on a number line

188 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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