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- Hi everyone, it's Sal here from Khan Academy.
I am back in the walk-in closet
where Khan Academy all began, socially distanced.
Obviously the entire globe is going through
a very unusual crisis right now, and as part of that crisis,
people are worried about three things.
They're worried about their health,
both physical and mental health,
they are worried about the economy,
and then they're worried about how do we ensure
that kids can keep learning with now nearly a billion kids
that otherwise would be in school are now out of school
in order to protect people from this virus.
All of us here at Khan Academy, as a not for profit
with a mission of providing a free world class education
for anyone, anywhere, recognize that it's our duty
to step up in this crisis.
We never could have foreseen this type of situation,
but we want to be there to support you, support students,
parents, teachers to get us through this situation.
We've always been working on resources
starting from pre-K with Khan Academy Kids
that covers math, reading, writing,
social/emotional learning, all the way through
the main Khan Academy website and app
that goes from kindergarten through the core of college,
including middle school and high school
in math, English language arts, the sciences.
We have history, economics.
We also have official SAT practice for you.
But as we saw the school closures begin to happen
over the last few days and now it's accelerating,
we realize that we need to do more,
so on top of that we are publishing resources
for parents, for students, for teachers
to be able to understand how to navigate the situation.
Just recently we published schedules
so that students, parents and teachers
can structure students' days,
and there's different schedules for students
of different age groups.
And we are doing daily live streams
so that in this time of social distancing,
we all can feel connected and make sure
that we're there to support each other.
The team here at Khan Academy is very focused
on making sure we can support you all through this crisis.
We're seeing the server load increase,
and so the engineering team is reassuring me
that we think we have it.
We're also exploring other ways that we can support you,
and we're looking at ways that we can get
more help for folks, things like that.
I will remind folks that we are not for profit.
Even before this crisis, we were operating
at a bit of a deficit, and so if you're in the position,
especially as our demands on our server
and our costs are going up as people use us more,
if you are in a position, I hope you could think about
supporting us philanthropically.
I want to really thank Bank of America.
Just over this past weekend they stepped up.
They realized that our costs were going up,
that we had to have a better response effort,
so they have helped us there, but we need more help.
For any of you all out there who are in a position,
whether individual or corporation,
if you're finding use out of the resources we're providing,
please think about making a donation to Khan Academy.
It will allow us to support the nation and the world
as we go through this very, very unusual crisis together.
Last but not least, I just want to say
as one human being talking to another,
this is a new frontier for all of us,
but I've been very heartened by the humanity
that I'm seeing in everyone.
Everyone is just trying to help everyone else
as a human being, and I'm confident
that if we just do the next right thing,
one step after another, that we're all going to be able
to get each other through this situation.
Thank you.
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A message from Sal on school closures and remote learning on Khan Academy.

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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