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birthday hundred thousand I'm so crowded so excited and so people
jakie nuts not strong okay oh this is so nice
Benjamin somebody sent you a video message do you want to see it yeah you
want to see Benny's video somebody wanted to tell you happy birthday oh you
want to see who set up your birthday to you okay well I said it to you who is
that everyone could be so so press the play button you want to play it again
wait a second isn't your Creed your favorite singer what's your favorite
song by the Agora how about Timothy Oh wha Tim sorry man sorry well go to the
distance in the MA Wow their dentists in the wrong dentist who's going to the
dentist yeah well in that tap
so it's time to go to the dentist
what are they gonna do they're gonna fix my teeth
I'm gonna fix empty hopefully there's nothing to fix
hopefully they're gonna check out cheat they're gonna check our teeth and say
that everything is amazing right then we're gonna go grab a quick breakfast
just Jake in mana and then we go to Santa yes okay you're a dentist you know
I am I have two old friends oh now you have two what's their names
no I know I'm now I'm a - oh wow you're very fat what's their name
Nicole Nicole f uh-huh that's nice she is five six seven years old she's
seven yeah yeah is that you like all the women
huh good job
why do you need to think of issues
really feeling at home here you don't mind you know okay what flavor do you
want the to please I have strawberry here wanna change it nah no success back
to the influence you'll admit
very good you like spicy yes oh okay so you don't want to try any free bubblegum
now they just need to check the teeth remember I wish I got all this presence
after the dentist that's so nice mummy yes Boris yeah it's very annoying i I
didn't get coins you're lucky I wasn't this lucky I
didn't cry I didn't have coins but I gave you oh that's so nice thank you
the dentist said that he is going to be losing his teeth in the next six months
so mom yes I am so excited what am i excited about
you are to spend time in jail I'm excited to spend time with you I wish
you luck me in my field and you can kiss me in the air I can get you in your ear
so jaqen says to go by himself
and wait for our order so he's just there chillin
the insisted I stay here okay so had a little nap but that dentist appointment
would Jake really squeeze the juice out of me I
took a little nap and then my way for an appointment
back to our with project we're trying to do
everything is slowly coming together and I'm super excited to share more
information more details about it with you guys right now it's just a lot of
research and meetings and things like that so I'm gonna keep it on the low for
now it's ready yesterday was a really
exciting day that I couldn't even you know celebrate that milestone but he
reached seven hundred thousand I am so proud and so excited and so
to make sure but to you guys because I feel like you're such an important part
content that will create class we are really trying to stay in tune with the
audience and ask the you guys question and I love when you give us feedback we
always go through all the comments and all the suggestions at the end so a lot
of the content is really generated by you which makes me super happy that's
really and it didn't have a chance to celebrate
then but today I had a little moment just
because you know what it often times it's so crazy you know the schedule and
the amount of work and just like everything and sometimes I just want to
be like what the hell I just drop everything and live my life stress-free
but I always remember how much I love love what I do and I love being part of
this community
I'm more than happy to share my life with you but yes
also I'm having a little a squint or a moment
because I was kind of dressing or this meeting and I have brought boots
and jeans and black sweater and I'm like something jazz it up
play pink
okay so whoever gets show me again what are the rules yes yeah okay are you good
there okay show me Wow yay oh so nice it says that you're
always happy on your thing and it's accurate
this Tuesday I had my coffee I fed max max is sleeping now today I'm
working over myself from home I have to shoot two videos and then I need to do a
lot of research so I won't be leaving my house today which I'm not mad about
because it's like feels really cold outside so I don't want to be there what
do you want to say to mommy you want to say hello you want to say hello hi my
print I have to say I so disliked breastfeeding and the process of it but
now I love it that sound of I'll okay nope
this is you guys the aftermath of shooting a 1-1 minute video lord have
mercy I have 40 minutes to chill before I'm gonna go pick up the kids oh yeah
you're gonna have to shit for dinner yeah are you gonna sprinkle some salt on
it did you miss him today
what's tomorrow yes we are no it's gonna be a friend first of all sit down who's
gonna be with me don't touch you hands are dirty
no Gina I'm gonna go wash hands with him okay Max is here yeah but why do we need
we need privacy why what are we planning to do we wash our hands is this like the
time that is that the only time I get my mom on not today we have a new soap we
do yeah Wow I'm so excited this is big news for us
yeah can we please wash hands now
why am I here why are you here because I wonder stairs Oh make sense is there a
reason for you to come mama look did you have your dinner ready
no so what are you doing here going to dinner then how with the fork but I
wanted to buy them up the noodles what do you want no I knew you had noodles
yesterday but as one is only for noodles okay so how so take a spoon I don't want
to black it back up okay so I asked how you asked Gina can I please have my soup
in a cup just like that you just asked
I'm gonna put a hat on but it's gonna ruin my hair so I won't try my best to
cover them circles so we meet again
this crazy mama decided to keep the kids at home today because we are going to
see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Baba yeah that's so much fun
it's the way we saw any and at the dr. Seuss story this is gonna be Bennie's
first musical do you are you excited about it what you make a fire
what do you love farting yeah guys jakey can you tell Benny what's the kind of
show we're gonna see it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory what Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory
Charlie Sonya and the Chocolate Factory sherry and chocolate crackling factory
exactly like it's 20 hours away it's not 30 hours away but it's gonna take us
about the forty niners two years early it's gonna take us for English was what
it's going to take us 40 minutes not 40 hours soon this guy is gonna start
coming with us - yeah no not today cuz it's too little you know what Mommy
started taking Jake when he was four years old to see musicals
and now that Ben is four years old he's coming with us - yay
Wow this is so pretty does it glow it's
close Wow good job you want to go there every Wednesday if you guys wonder where
they learn all their moves they YouTube everything you're obsessed
with dancing channels it's a little inappropriate but okay Oh for me and
Papa to sign in there I'm sure that will do amazing get it get it get it yeah I
know I know how I need to dance but doesn't really happen for me walk around
walk around
these are the yummiest things in the world these are the yummiest yummiest my
love hi hi Prince Charming we need to change your wand it's been a while
no coming you are already Maxie look how big you are
he's so big his Maximus
what are you doing jakey okay I have two and a half seconds to get ready because
I have to prepare the kids as well we're going to the theater today to see
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I'm excited about the kids are just
grabbing what am I looking for grabbing quick lunch I'm gonna put my face on my
mom is coming with me which is really nice so a little quality time today
we need to stop cuz I have to get the kids dressed cuz that's gonna take
another freaking out
jakie don't break anything if you break your thing huh
if you break you pay okay yeah you think I don't know how to play well you're
gonna have to go to work and make money and then give me all your money because
we have to buy a new one okay next I can go okay I'm gonna go straight to run
myself by yourself that's how I like it okay
there's water here make sure you wash your hair and your face ours is too cold
it's -14 outside mine is faulty yeah are you done Oh Josh even thought I was I
was I would do one on Judaism you were 100 years old I do mama you know what
I'm gonna make what snowman Wow amazing it's from Max
about me because max loved it look yeah give some room to for pennies do you
love how you look Benny I don't know you did okay
do you like you go good you're ready indicator Oh
okay great I'm so happy yeah I'm going to get rid of you it'll be sick
amazing I love you
so relaxing we love each other now no more fighting okay great you guys look
great you guys look superstars with leftovers
for the actual life I forgot to eat today between the editing and ready I'm
if you want to white so quiet it's because it concern the car night bug
themselves don't worry
- as participation hi Baba hi Det yes mileage development joy
they build a volatile chassis at the surprise that there's a to Assam will
you be my previous mother because Islam post it was pretty painless Prussia
Papa's money for show never gonna see any next the next year no next year me
will be a birthday you'll be five years old
Wow not that there's a chocolate bar with Oh
Stosh the
the bytes in avoiding coverage discipline and leadership adorable quite
beautiful statue shown in Ipanema
it's very go clean a burst of peace or justice
she models additional both people inside them
yeah for PETA's Mustafa Pasha women Raja
okay 41 okay there it's okay okay so we are here it's going to start in ten
what what popcorn they don't have popcorn here this is not
a movie theater honestly the clumsiest boy
ever he gets it from me why do you have so much paper you don't need all of that
do you know what this show is about what is it about yes you're right what is it
chuckling sighs are you excited for your first musical ever the movie hasn't
started yet winner advocate I am wondering
I am blocking anybody's view with this hat do you think this hat is blocking
someone's view no I think I should keep it online
Micronesia yeah I'm the officer today and you guys better behave what are you
doing this way of to pee when the show starts careful don't run down the stairs
oh we're gonna make it yeah yeah I think so too
careful I don't want you to fall it's not worth it
why are you closing your ears it's okay we're on time I like to watch it yes
running running
can men put money in the sky go put my name is Scott have a nice day let's go
my cell it's go go inside it's very cold very cold so guys so how was it did you
love it yeah was it better than you thought or worse damn hot
Benny did you like your first musical huh now we're pretty good towards the
end already started being Restless but pretty good am i right here so you had
fun boys I'm happy what do I need to say you're welcome you're welcome I love
your job thank you I love you I love you
okay dropped off the kids at home no not at home oh my god my brain at school
thank God yesterday they didn't go to school
those are always challenging days also yesterday I was stuck with them in
the car for like two hours that was fun YouTube Branco how fun was that it was
lots of fun it was it was very interesting yeah I definitely needed a
stiff drink after that but I couldn't so anyways I have two meetings today a big
big meeting with the client that I'm really excited about that I'm going to
share with you guys and that's it I'm gonna that's really I'm not planning to
do much after those meetings I'm gonna go back home I have to treat this cold
this is slowing me down and just hanging out
with Max trying to delete him while I doors him and I have to finish the vlog
yes finish weekly vlog so my responsibility this week so need to make
that happen first meeting I'm here I forgot to eat so I had to stop by two
marks really quickly and then gave me a cold breakfast sandwich which was
self-id for me but now I'm here two minutes late so good
thank you hi guys I got some goodies and we covered everything right Paul
hello how are you but uh you guys you're like wearing a
uniform did you see how much you use this video
has almost 2 million I know I know I know
it's crazy I'm just making sure I won't have any leakage baby
hi jazz I would hug you but I'm sick now so oh great you have missed it too you
guys sitting at home I do look at you she can tell they label my hard drives
now with pictures what oh it's me oh my god not okay I hope you guys feel
grateful for your jobs we need to do we need to do output of their chic rain
boots what did you get describe what trick that I do
oh my goodness you guys you have a group chat that I'm not part of where you like
coordinate your outfits okay they told me I have to shoot it and down the hatch
down what how do you say shot throw it Matt do a shot throw it throw it back
good do it I'm talking about the ginger shot oh don't try my birthday there was
one drop I was walking around the playground shooting everywhere
no like put like project my I didn't she's like it walks no I walk there
there was she part of the party that was well loved that for you so in a
relationship video that Tiffany edited and did an amazing job Gary was
complaining that I'm always on my phone when we do meetings or whatever and he
wants to talk to me but now we're talking about it and actually everybody
I'm not gonna mention names but Jess says Gary is always artists Emma
confirming I can second that confirm I think you have it Inc it happens yeah
yeah Gary mmm-hmm thank you
this your first time using this it's gonna be fine it's pretty similar to the
other one so yeah no big deal I mean you know we'll never have this meeting again
so it's not like let's go to my msn name like rent with a heart yeah it's like
you know that because I was watching all these like American teen movies I
thought that that's like how life is in the US and Canada so I would go in my
space and then look up for Canadian and like American people and just like creep
I was the og creeper I think it was I just I was like where are the jocks
where are the cheerleaders I like I mean I wanted to see if they're wearing all
the things that I see in the movie where is Amanda Bynes where are you Amanda
Bynes Walla do you member The Amanda Show
obsessed she was great she was great we love you Amanda Bynes
we knew that there is someone that's more focused on newborn and one it's
going to be one of the family yeah but we didn't quite know like more details
but we came up with concepts just yet but do you guys hide that something oh
yeah I get back and work on and send you're glad to see lot translate to
choose but is there something is there a specific direction you wanted to go with
they are like no it's about what that could possibly look like or is it going
to be more like the way we interpret it I would love to see how you guys
interpret it I think like part of the reason why we want to work with you guys
is because and we want to rely heavily on you as content creators and as you
said like a poison authority I think this is an opportunity where we're
really trying to drive an emotional connection and so that would be my only
comment yeah I'm just sure I think when you do
figure out if it's more focused on me or if it's more focused on me great joy see
the club and like a little sort of like things like you know like protective
zippers for babies this rolls over so it actually turns into a mitt which is
really nice it's so good that yeah this is like for a car seat or just wanna
like flop them in excute little space yes roller I don't know little space
yeah you guys trying to tell me something
so just to sort of give you a feeling of like the vibe and the color palette we
love there's like these matching like down and it loves feeding like you
we're happy for you to make it your own and like we're on accessory use and yeah
was that like really me gonna feel like you would send like a few concepts and
we yeah like fine-tune them very hot agree you see the fit best
yeah that's great awesome okay excellent
outfit of the day in the winter you called
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46 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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