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  • Hi, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger. After hard work,

  • laboring, slaving away, I finally

  • have achieved my lifelong dream. And it's not the new Terminator

  • or the new Conan the Barbarian or anything like that. No, not at all.

  • But to finally possess my own fxxxing tank

  • Look at this




  • Begin to feel like this -

  • And you actually want to feel like this -

  • Then come to LA, and crush things in my tank!

  • Let's crush a taxicab.

  • Let's crushing a piano.

  • This weight bench weighs 501 pounds.

  • I'm gonna crush my own record.

  • And 66 years old the same every one of my birthday cakes.

  • WhyBecause I want to crush them!

  • Bubble wrap is the most fun thing to step on, rightThink about

  • stepping on it with a tank. I'm going to crush a copy

  • of Million Dollar Baby. Because it makes me cry. Ha ha ha

  • I don't cry.

  • No, you didn't just pass out. I'm inviting you personally to Los Angeles to

  • crush things in my tank with me.

  • All you have to do is go on ""

  • Just go and pump up that button. Boom

  • This will benefit the After-School All-Stars.

  • So what are you waiting forCome to Los Angeles.

  • Let's go around and crush things with a tank.


  • Let's crush a Microsoft Zune.

  • I don't even know what it is.

Hi, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger. After hard work,

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