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So we're in the great room of a seventeen point seven five million
dollar apartment we're on the 52nd floor of a building called fifty-six Leonard
which is designed by a Swiss architecture firm called Herzog & de Meuron
Now because we're on the 52nd floor, we can see the entire curvature of
the island of Manhattan as it curves down to the tip. We're in Tribeca on the
corner of Soho which is in one of the most southernmost areas of the city
aside from the views you have the living room, you have the dining room, and you have the kitchen
which was also designed by Herzog and de Meuron
So this countertop is something that they colloquially call the baby grand countertop because
its shape piano, while the kitchen itself seems like it's minimalist to the extent
that no one could ever actually use it. The majority of the useful appliances
are hidden behind paneling.
It's obviously open-concept
but at the same time this is a pretty informal comfortable space
There's even a wood-burning fireplace which is a total rarity in new construction
This is a fantastic view to wake up to in the morning
you have these 14-foot high ceilings and these floor to ceiling windows looking down onto the
southern tip of Manhattan and you could see all these boats constantly I mean
you're looking at the daytime obviously it's going to be spectacular at night
what the master bedroom also has, is its own private balcony
it's one thing to see this view behind a plate-glass window and it's something else to
actually be in the open air looking out. You can literally hear the cars down below
You can see people moving but of course this view is pretty much unbeatable
In this master bathroom you have a really nice feature where the
medicine cabinets are hidden behind these panels that pivot outwards
so that you can save space. Not that you really are concerned with space if you
have this apartment given that the bathroom alone is more or less the size
of a studio apartment
there are another three bedrooms aside from the master
all of them have the same 14-foot high floor-to-ceiling windows
so this is what a 17.75 million dollar apartment looks like
Now the price per square foot is around a thousand dollars more than the average
luxury price per square foot in Manhattan but of course the average luxury
apartment isn't on the fifty second floor, isn't new construction and
doesn't really have these views.
So is it worth it?
I guess that's up to whoever has 17.75 million dollars to spend
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Tour a $17.75 Million NYC Penthouse in 360

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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