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- Hello teachers, Sal here,
from the not-for-profit Khan Academy,
and I just wanted to thank you
for all of your partnership over the last 10 years.
All of us here at Khan Academy, it's much more than me now,
we're over 200 folks, including researchers,
and teachers, and designers, and we all recognize
that the most important actor
in a student's learning experience is you the teacher.
And that's why we've been so excited to partner with you.
Over 700,000 teachers have registered for Khan Academy
and helped us reach over 74 million students.
There's over 1200 translators
who have helped translate Khan Academy
into over 40 languages that are being used
pretty much around the world in over 190 countries.
And a lot of people think of math when they think
of Khan Academy, and we do have a lot of math,
but we've been able to expand well beyond that
into the sciences, the humanities, computing, and the arts.
So I really wanna thank you
for going on this journey with us.
I've often said if I had to pick between an amazing teacher
and an amazing technology,
I would pick the amazing teacher every time.
But the good thing is we don't have to make that trade off.
Our goal is to try to empower you, the teacher,
with the tools you need to best meet your students,
to save you time, and improve outcomes
so that your students learn more
and become empowered citizens for the world.
So thank you for being on this journey with us,
and I really look forward to seeing what we can do
in the next decade together.
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Celebrate 10 years of Khan Academy! ?

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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