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what's something that makes you when my dad doesn't That may have fun.
People say Mean things.
Some parts in movies They're just too much for me to handle.
Like check the movie before we walk it When my mom cries when something about side happens during the movies My brother pounding me on the floor getting like a shot I think of all like memories that, like I don't want to think about one.
Dogs Dying Moon is schoolwork.
Romantic movies don't have cried in like five years.
What I lose a friend heartbreaks, seeing other people cry.
Think death.
That's the one thing I know.
I'll probably always cry about when I'm overwhelmed with gratitude or when I'm overwhelmed with stress, not understanding a certain situation where I won't understand music sometimes if the right song it's me just right.
I hate to admit it, but I'm really sensitive.
I tried to hide it over the phone and not let anyone see me cry, but I'm really sensitive.
I cry.
Rejection from jobs movies.
Mostly I watched like little YouTube videos.
Unlike people welcoming home, they're veterans.
I get so teared up about that songs like music even if it's like a really like happy songs or doesn't have to be like, really sad, but just like a really good emotional song that can do it.
A song called Traveling Song by Ren Weaver seeing people happy seeing their joy.
A good book.
Good novel.
Thinking about people suffering stories of veterans coming back and seeing their family for the first time.
Really good comedy.
I'll cry it commercials.
Anything with a family with kids and a dad.
Something like that.
I'll cry.
Memories of the past.
Love Hearing about people dying Hugh Grant movies Just because hey sucks sheer happiness For others, it's great endings like something that, you know you're really happy for this person that overcame something, things that really remind me of how blessed I am.
Losing a loved one.
The most emotional moments and friends with for awesome Rachel getting together.
Love seen people sig cruelty towards animals and other people matters of the heart.
Seeing people suffer, whether emotionally, mentally or physically, crime movies.
I cried with personal situations, injustice, my mom missing my mom, my kids.
There's so much I cried movies.
I cry, uh, was something bad happens to a family member.
My Children.
I get devastated for the smallest things.
Not being able to see my daughter again, thinking about what my father would say about my life when I see the struggle that other people have to go through.
A sad movie, Not much.
Maybe if I can't get my own way.
My mother self just about anything, seeing something that shouldn't happen.
I'm a cry baby anything.
There's really not too many things that make me cry, but certain things will bring it to you or pain.
Oh, there were many movies that I've watched that our appointment and I'll acquired the end funerals, romantic comedies, movies to see my Children in pain when I'm worshipping in church When I lost my mother a great lifetime love movie Don't cry weddings and funerals to watch people do injustice to each other.
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70 Men Ages 5-75: What Makes You Cry? | Glamour

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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