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♪ She ready, give 'em that nay nay baby ♪
♪ She ready, she ready, ah, ah. ♪
♪ Hey, hey. ♪
[gentle piano music]
- The first time I met Tiffany,
I was at the Met Gala
and everybody was so poised
and so well dressed.
And in their place, you know, voguing.
And all of a sudden I hear, like,
this scandalous screaming.
And then I turned around
and there she was.
And I just saw this crazy person,
completely out of control
in the middle of the beautiful Met Gala.
And I instantaneously fell in love.
- The first time I met Salma,
was on set, and she was like, "Honey, I love you.
"you're amazing, oh, you make me laugh so hard."
And I was like, "I love this lady."
And then I was like, "Dang, I wanna smoke
"some weed with her."
And, you know, now I sleep at her house
in a circle bed, living my best life.
- So, the first time I met Tiffany,
she came to the Instant Family set
and I was shy.
Salma doesn't believe me.
But I just thought she was so pretty.
I was like, "Aw."
And she had on a really cool, camouflage jacket.
And I was like, "Look how pretty she is,
"look at her beautiful eyes."
- She just, she looked at me, she went.
And then didn't make no more eye contact.
She said, "Hello, nice to meet you."
And then didn't make no more eye contact.
I was like, "Dang it, she throwing shade,
"like, what the hell's going on?"
Like, I wasn't used to, you know,
somebody not looking me directly in the eye
and like, we chop it up.
But, now that I know, you know, she has a process.
She has a process.
My boo got a process.
But we came across the script, right, of Like A Boss.
And they were like, "Who do wanna play opposite of?"
And I was like, "I don't know, I don't know,
"you guys figure it out."
And they said, "What do you think of Rose Byrne?"
I was like, "I like her but I don't know
"if she like me."
And they said, "Maybe y'all should just hang out
"one time, see to have a phone conversation."
So, I called her, the phone conversation was good.
Then I was like, "Meet me at my hotel."
And now I'm pregnant by her.
- We just couldn't stop chatting.
And we've been chatting ever since.
And she's, you know, she's magical.
She's the reason I wanted to do the movie.
She's my woman.
She's Tiffnicity.
- I met Rose in the makeup trailer.
You know, I was nervous
because they were already shooting this movie
and they were already a family
and I showed up, weeks later.
And on top of that
they had read a script
with the character that was one way
and then the director and I
had already agreed that
we were gonna transform
the character into something else.
And I was nervous 'cause
there's a lot of actors
who wouldn't go for that.
And they could have not been
more generous and loving.
- Salma, I met, in the trailer.
I'd never met her before
and I was nervous
and she was so tiny, little
and she was getting her wig on.
I just remember thinking,
her eyes were so big
and she had this gaze
of just, absolute penetration,
looking at you and listening
and taking it in.
She was very present.
And it just got more and more fun
and interesting, talking to her
and getting to know her.
And, she's like, she's a true boss.
She is a true boss.
- We bonded and connected really, really fast.
For me, it was a breath of fresh air
because I am normally around major testosterone.
Like, I don't do a lot of girl films.
And I just felt at home, at ease, embraced,
artistically stimulated, supported, inspired
and they are very, very important to me.
And they are, separately, amazing human beings.
- I love Salma.
That's my Spanish mamacita, right there.
You wanna hear a funny story, she told me,
that, it cracks me up every time I think about it?
She was telling me, she was like, "I remember this time
"when I was poor."
I was like, "You was poor?"
She was like, "Yes, I was so poor
"and I had a audition and I didn't have anything to wear,
"so, my housekeeper took me downtown Los Angeles
"and bought me a outfit."
And I was like, "Your housekeeper?"
"I thought you said."
- [Salma] She was working for free.
[gentle piano music]
- 15 hugs a day, keeps the psychiatrist away.
- Really? - Yes, come on.
Bring that as here, girl.
Come on, give me some.
- I am a little ripe ladies and smelly
- I know, it's all right.
- Disgusting.
[gentle piano music]
♪ I love you ♪
♪ You love me ♪
♪ We're a happy family ♪
- Ahh. - I love these woman.
♪ Feliz navidad ♪
♪ Feliz navidad ♪
[upbeat music]
♪ Ay, she ready, give 'em that nay nay baby. ♪
♪ She ready, she ready, ah. ♪
- Oh, it's my turn. - Yeah.
- Let's do some salsa moves.
No jumping, Rose.
Have mercy on the people with boobs.
[upbeat music]
- Okay, get 'em with the.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah.
- Now, let's try to look really ugly.
Look, you have to make the face.
- And hold it.
- I'm dyslexic. - And hold.
[upbeat music]
- Now, let's me sexy.
Sexy lover.
Go, girl, she ready.
Go girl, she ready, she ready.
[upbeat music]
- Oh, we got you baby.
- We got you Tiff, we got you Tiff
- [Interviewer] Three, two, one.
- Go. - We got it.
- No problem. - No problems.
- Yay.
- Let's just go we can. - We let her fall right, yeah.
- This is where the comedy comes in.
- On the three, walk away. - The comedy comes in.
Start dancing, one, two, three.
- [Interviewer] Ready, three, two, one.
- Whoa!
- She was like, she got on the.
- [Interviewer] Three, two, one.
- Ooh.
- See, they were there with me
all the way down.
[gentle piano music]
- I'm gonna go ahead an compliment
these lovely ladies.
Compliment number one,
Salma, I love your hair,
I want your hair.
I've been trying to find wigs
like your hair.
I think you have the most beautiful,
luxurious, healthy hair, yeah.
She hits me with it sometimes
and it makes me cream, just a little bit.
That's how much I love her hair.
- Ay, no, it's not really that great.
- See, amazing hair.
- No extensions. - And Salma.
- Touch, touch, tell them no extensions.
- No extensions. - Nothing.
- Oh that is so, it's so nice.
Look how good I would look with it.
- And you haven't seen the secret one.
It's even more beautiful.
I'm just kidding.
- I have seen it, she braids it and everything.
- No, it's been lasered along time ago.
- She cuts it off and she gets it to locks of love.
And Salma's eyes.
I love, love, love your eyes.
They are everything.
I've been to you.
Look, this is most kindest,
wonderful woman. - She's my sister.
- She let me sleep in her princess bed.
I woke up, I though I was 10 years old again.
I was like, "Oh, finally, I'm a princess."
And then I realized.
- She actually has a room in my house, in London.
And when we show the house, "And this is Tiffany's room."
I swear.
- I love her.
- Rose. - Pressure's on.
It's no pressure, just so.
- Rose, you have the best heart, ever,
And you are so patient. - Thank you.
- And so supportive. - Darling.
- And I love you a lot. - Aw, Tiff.
- She's my really good friend. - Aw, Tiff.
- I can call her
and she not gonna answer the phone
but she gonna call back.
She gonna call back.
You don't answer the phone either, Salma.
- Baby, but I answer the door.
You show up and you know,
mi casa es su casa. - Yes.
But the best heart and,
oh my goodness. - Aw, what a sweetheart.
You are my favorite person to dance with.
I love dancing with her.
I love being silly with you.
She's a strong, beautiful woman.
- Aw, ladies, really what I want
is the energy and spirit,
these two woman have.
'Cause they have enough energy for 12 people,
each of them.
They bring it, they bring the joy,
they bring the fun, they bring the jokes,
they bring the laughs, they're so smart.
And I just could have a little bit of that,
I'd be less tired, I'd be better at contributing to things.
And they're bold, you know, they're not shy.
And I can be shy and they're good,
they take it by the reins.
And I admire that. - She pretends to be shy.
- She not shy.
- She's not.
- I am shy that's why I didn't say hi
on Instant Family,
'cause I was shy. - She's got like a great act
going on, this one.
- Oh, Salma thinks I'm [mumbles].
- Ah, she's super, super funny, super smart
and fascinating, you can like watch her stuff.
- That's a thing, Salma's an incredible observer.
People, and situations and things.
Anyone, everything, everyone.
You are, you're like, detail orientated.
- Well, I'm very glad I found
both of them in my life
because we are kindred spirits, in that way.
We're still curious, we wanna grow,
we wanna be better everyday
at everything we do.
I love them
[gentle piano music]
- Salma looks just like my mom
when my mom was 25, you know.
It's crazy, she really does.
It's extraordinary.
And I met Salma's dad
and he looked at me and was like, "You look like my wife."
We're gonna figure it out.
But dead set, she's looks like my mom.
You know, maybe I'm just showing off now, but.
But that was very cool.
That was wild.
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Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish, and Rose Byrne Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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