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-Can you feel the heat, the heat in this room?
The love? The heat? Come on!
That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, my God! Look at that! That's it.
Are you feeling this?
-I always wanted to say this legitimately,
"Please, be seated." -Wow!
-I could actually say it this time.
Yeah, thank you, guys for coming back to our show.
Because the last time we had you on, it was just starting.
-Yeah, six -- five years ago. -Yeah.
-Our first season and of course, you know,
you had a ball with "Schitt's Creek."
-Yep. Yep. [ Laughter ]
-Flashing and flashing and flashing it.
-But seriously, when you guys created this, it was -- it was,
you know, it was funny, it was awesome,
but now it is a cultural phenomenon, like,
everyone is -- everyone I know is watching this show.
-They didn't even clap last time.
-No. [ Laughter ]
They started walking out last time.
-Sad, it was sad. -It was really sad.
-The crowd emptied. -Yeah.
-The crowd -- yeah, we had an empty audience that night.
-Well, we started -- listen, five years ago, we were just,
you know -- it was like, "Schitt's Creek" was --
"Schitt's Creek" was a -- [ Laughter ]
you know, it was obviously the title would be good
kind of fodder around the water cooler, right?
-Yeah. -People talking about the name
and everything else, but five years later --
-They're talking about the characters?
-Well, you know, you just do the work and you work hard
doing your show and then, you know,
people seem to like it and now, five years later, we're --
-Well, now we might have to pay the audience in order to
get them to applaud and stand up.
-That's not -- no. -Five bucks each.
-No, we do not pay our -- [ cheers and applause ]
No, we do not pay. No one is getting paid, sorry, guys.
-No, we did. -Oh, yeah, we don't have
that money.
-Well, yeah, but wow you -- -I would kill for that budget,
by the way.
-What do you think was the switch? Was it Netflix?
was it -- -I -- well, listen, we had --
we had, you know, our two broadcasters,
CBC in Canada and Pop TV in the States --
-Yeah. -That really gave us a home.
-Uh-huh. -But, it was Netflix
when the show got on Netflix, that we really noticed, right?
-You end up getting two premieres for our show
for the price of one. -I mean, people would
come up to me on -- you know, on the street and,
you know, say -- over the years, say things like,
"Oh, had any apple pie lately?" [ Laughter ]
After "American Pie" or, "Oh, your feet --
your feet are normal." -Yeah.
-"They're not two left feet" and that's the show,
and after it got on Netflix, it was just "Schitt's Creek."
-Yeah. -"Your show is great."
-Yeah, that exactly that --- and yelling that at you
in the street. -Yeah.
-It hailed a car every time. [ Laughter ]
I love--- -I'm also not gonna lie,
I really liked it when we were getting free apple pie
everywhere we went like -- -Yeah, that's --
-Every restaurant -- -Everywhere you went.
-For like five years. -That was the running gag.
-That was a good -- -A waiter or person would just
sort of walk out and drop a thing of apple pie
and then sort of like -- -Yeah and now every --
-And walk away. [ Laughter ]
-Now, every restaurant you get --
-Different orders. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Uh-huh. [ Laughter ]
-Thank you. -Yeah. You're welcome.
-Thank you for that. -Tell me about --
describe this moment here 'cause this was just at
the Critics Choice Awards. -Ooh.
-We're still recovering from -- [ Laughter ]
-And tell me about it. -We were at
the Critics Choice Awards. -Uh-huh.
-And we were all kind of waiting in line to get to the carpet
and Catherine and I in particular, were really, like,
rubber-necking. [ Laughter ]
-As you do. -And Jeremy Strom was there
and Olivia Wilde was there. -Yeah.
-And then, all of the sudden, we kind of feel this, like,
a ethereal presence -- -Correct.
-sweep up on our left in this gazelle-like creature comes by
and it's Nicole Kidman. -Mm-hmm.
-And she grabbed you by the body.
-She didn't see the rest of you right away.
She saw me, and started -- tried to tell me
how much she loved the show and I wouldn't let her get --
"You're the best. You're the best career.
You make the best choices." [ Laughter ]
And she's trying to tell me about it.
She just forged ahead and then she was talking to me and I --
"You know the rest of them are here."
-Yeah. -And she saw the rest of them --
-And all of us are trying to smush in so she notices us.
-Exactly, just like, puppies up for adoption.
Just all of like -- [ Laughter ]
-Okay. [ Laughter ]
-The great thing about our show, like, gaining, sort of attention
in the later years, is that we are not accustomed to
red carpets or awards shows.
So, I've always described our cast on a red carpet,
like "The Beverly Hillbillies," like the Clampetts are dumped
on a red carpet and we're all just trying our best.
[ Laughter ]
Just, like shocked expressions on our faces.
-"Golly, look -- look who's over there."
[ Laughter ] -"Nicole Kidman knows us."
[ Laughter ]
-"Them camera flashes are bright."
-I got to say, Moira's wigs. -Awe.
-And your choice to wear -- [ Cheers and applause ]
Who's idea was it to have different wigs for every day?
-I have e-mails to prove that it was mine.
[ Laughter ] -Okay, was it really?
-Yeah. -To wear -- well, to wear them,
but it takes a lovely producer team to allow you that freedom.
-Do you have a favorite wig? Anything?
-Oh, they're all so attractive. [ Laughter ]
-I wouldn't know. -You know, what's fun about --
you don't. I wore that in the first episode
of this sixth season. -Um-hmm.
-And Anya, our hairdresser found the greatest wigs,
and this one, if you put it on properly,
it looks like Sia, the singer.
But we went "Hey, wait a minute" and we turned it around.
It's backwards, totally backwards and suddenly,
I turned in a "best in show" poodle just out of the shower.
[ Laughter ] -It's so funny. Oh, my gosh.
What can we say is happening this final season?
Can we say anything? -Well, we're wrapping up
six seasons of television, which is a daunting task.
-Yeah. -It's all, you know,
there's a wedding in the works.
We're trying to figure out where our family will end up.
-Yeah. -That's about as much
as I can say. -Congratulations on this.
-Hey, thank you. -Thanks, Jimmy.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I want to show everyone a clip.
Here are Eugene, Catherine, Dan, and Annie in next week's episode
of "Schitt's Creek," take a look.
-I've been all alone and lonely. -Oh.
-Oh, my God, David. Knock much?
-Hi, David. -Hi. Is he dressed?
-Yes. -Okay. We're celebrating
our anniversary. Can you give us privacy, please?
-Kids, just want to let you know I'm taking the car this morning.
-Um-hmm. -You might want to
say hi to Ted.
He and Alexis were about to engage in cyber sex.
-[ Grunts in frustration ]
-Hi, Ted. -Hi, Mr. Rose.
-Alexis, what have I told you about putting your body
on the Internet? Never, never without proper lighting.
[ Laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
-The cast of "Schitt's Creek."
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The Schitt's Creek Cast on Slow-Burn Success, Red Carpet Stanning and Moira's Wigs

75 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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