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I want to talk.
I'm all I'm all yours.
Tell me.
I have been trying to act fine.
And like, Oh, this is just like a YouTube video.
But it is like it's like a lot.
Kathy Griffin doesn't have many people laughing with her latest stuff.
Even though we blow the image you're about to see, it still may be disturbing.
The president's family is firing back.
Everybody, it's me.
Kathy Griffin.
I sincerely apologize.
I made a mistake, and I was wrong.
CNN fired her.
She used to do every New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper.
I may not agree with everything he says, but I love her.
Not everybody goes out for years.
I stay home with my dogs.
I just wait for Kathy Griffin.
Now you take her away from CNN, and now she should actually come to my house with to CNN.
Kiss my Hey, you guys okay?
I am so nervous today.
My heart is racing freaking out because today we're doing something that I have been thinking about for like, 20 years, and I can't believe it's actually becoming so you guys know I love to surprise my mom sometimes too much.
Who's that more Should I say hi, Grandma Theresa?
I'm gonna cry because I know you're not Jesus, but I love Jesus so much so I know you're not got him.
Hello, screaming, Miss Jesus.
But the one person I have always wanted to surprise her with is her idol.
Now, I know a lot of you guys know Kathy Griffin because of that controversy with Trump Mask and that whole situation waas crazy and intense.
And as a Kathy Griffin fan, I didn't even know what to do or say about it.
She had the CIA and do every day.
She had the government thinking she was trying to kill the president.
It was a whole situation.
But that's not why I know her.
I know her because she has been somebody I've looked up to almost way induction a little game.
If you only knew, right.
Let's end this episode with one as well.
You'd love to collaborate with Kathy Griffin.
You guys already know I've said it a 1,000,000 times, but my childhood was rough.
And when it was just me and my mom and she was working all the time, I had a rough childhood, and I dealt with a lot of depression and definitely had to use comedy to kind of make myself laugh, make my family laugh.
One of the things that would bring us together was watching Kathy Griffin specials and watching her TV show every week, and it would just take us away from everything you know, like it would make us forget about our problems.
We would laugh together.
We would quote it like all week.
She really did change my life and affected me in so many ways.
I know I see a lot of comments from people saying, Oh, Shane, your videos have changed my life, are affected me or given me happiness because you taught me like laughter was the best thing, so that has helped me through.
I'm sorry I'm getting, but let's help me.
They're like middle school in high school.
That's what she is.
And it's so funny because if you actually like, think about it, there's so many things that I do and that I say and the way that I talk that is so similar to her and it's because I grew up watching her.
Where does Mommy keep her?
I like Mama T.
Where's her Vicodin?
You drink lots of points.
We're gonna be Oh, I'm gonna go to that book table, cover every single block, Know how did this get here?
That's so weird.
Even my channel now, like the way that we're doing the Siri's and going places doing things but always having some kind of heartfelt message in there.
Subconsciously, I think I got it from her because that's what she did on her TV show.
My Life on the D list.
Yeah, she was funny.
And she would like, show crazy things going on in her life.
But she would also get honest and she would talk about things that were affecting her.
She wasn't afraid to cry, and she would get emotional about things that happened.
And she said that they tried to rip revive chance once, but he had to which fluid around his heart.
So he didn't make it.
And she said he would peacefully and then she would do episodes where she would interview people who had real stories to tell, and she would talk to them and make them laugh.
I can't imagine how that feels to lose a limb and then feel like you can still feel the pain of that limb without having the benefit of using that limb from my job is to make a left.
So you know, I would never let them see me cry.
I just I hope the show is good and I just hope it makes him laugh.
That's all I can do, and that's exactly what I want to do with my channel.
And that's what I feel like I've been trying to do.
And I know she gets a lot of shit, especially right now with the whole trump thing, and I'm not political at all like I don't give a fuck about any of politics, even though I should.
But I do know what it's like to feel like so many people hate you.
I've been through so many controversies and things where I wake up, and I feel like the whole world is against me.
Another day, Another new report of a YouTuber who you blissfully didn't know existed prior to watching this video.
This time it's Shane Dawson who and it's hard.
But it's also why I relate to her, because when she goes through things like that.
She bounces back and she keeps on making people laugh and doesn't want to get her down.
So today I'm going to pick up my mom and she has no idea what's going on.
And we are going to go to Kathy Griffin's house and surprise my mom with a day when I say I have been thinking about this forever.
I am not exaggerating.
I remember sitting with my mom after we all got fired from our jobs.
Well, I got fired from my job because I made a video at work.
So they came into my work today, fired me.
Then they went to my mom's work and they fired her.
Then they went to my brother's work and they fired him.
So way were crying.
And we turned on a Kathy Griffin special to make us happy again.
And I turned to my mom, and I said one day way are going to see Kathy Griffin in person and tell her, thank you, and we're just gonna talk shit and laugh with her and it's fucking happening.
And I believe it.
And it's so crazy.
I know it, doesn't I?
So here we go.
I have no idea how we're going to get my mom to her house without her knowing there's a lot to figure out.
But let's do it together.
Who's that?
Who is that?
I Okay, all my clothes were dirty, so I just got new ones also.
Look, this is a mosquito.
It's a mosquito's for 800 times magnification in the cool cares.
That's beautiful.
Way doing today?
Okay, Andrew, Anything?
It's been really know little pieces.
I'll never do this.
So you know how we like to surprise my mom?
And you know how we haven't killed her yet?
My God, that's a title way.
Kathy Griffin, as you guys know, is not only one of my comedic euros, but my mom's, like, actual literal hero slash twins.
So I contacted the Griffin.
Actually, she contacted me.
We were jamming on Twitter on She wants to meet my mom, surprised her, and not only that wants us to come to her mansion.
I put pictures up.
She was next ticket in contact.
She lives next to her house is like 10.666 point $5 million.
Are you serious?
I've never been in a house that much.
Good thing I wore my Guccis.
I really think I don't know how to do this.
I don't know how to make my mom not know what's happening.
I told my mom we're gonna take a pampering day.
She was like, We're not getting a solid.
It'll make me throw up.
I don't know what that thing is like, We're gonna meet like I think you're going.
Yeah, that's kind of crazy.
It's just hitting me.
I told me to wait.
Now you're making me nervous to be in ER visits.
Get the Griffin.
I am so ready for a mansion tour.
Oh, look up movie she's been in.
She's been in the funny ones like Casper.
Two or three things is for my mom.
Okay, let's go to the couch.
Is we need to figure this out?
No, she's pretty.
How are we gonna trick my mom into thinking that we're not going?
She was in Shrek forever three D.
What's he gonna do?
Flute those ogres a lullaby way?
Tell my mom Oh, we're going to this rich neighborhood because we bought a house.
Oh, here's what you do.
You say like we're taking you to a really nice like facility way.
Say, like, we're going to a really crazy, like, high concept, like spa thing to where it is literally the most premier thing in the whole world.
Like it's in a mansion like, kind of like lay into a little bit.
So we don't love it.
We also need to figure out what we're gonna do, because when we get to the gate, their security, we're going to be like, Oh, we're here.
Does he got the Griffin?
Give me the car.
All clap my hands over your ears.
We could make her get out of the car.
Yeah, she walked behind it.
Also, Kathy Griffin shaved her head, so I don't know how recognizable she is right now, And my mom might think it's just a person about to give a weight related.
That's offensive.
She shaved her head cancer.
Her sister, Kathy, buzzed off her locks in solidarity with her sister Joyce, who's battling cancer way Sister died of cancer, so she shaved her head.
And why did you shave your head?
Because I have.
Well, I guess it means I don't know.
OK, here's another thing Andrew.
I had you.
You're the only present really knew was going on because I needed you to do something.
Kathy Griffin is infamous for having very specific standards about lightning.
I like it.
The lighting is not good enough.
Wherever she is, she leaves what I'm known for.
You could even improve the lighting, or I leave euros.
That is goals.
Yeah, it has to be lucky.
Has be lit, babe.
I mean, she's an older woman in show business, but you don't need lighting.
Actually, I think she's very natural.
I think she talks about natural.
Okay, So, Andrew, you said you got something, right?
What you get, I think.
What is this, a purse?
Wait, What is this?
Oh, my God.
Oh, ee way.
Have you ever used one of these?
Will make you look like a different person.
Is it on?
Does it work?
Oh, yeah, with battery way, literally.
Who is that way?
Very well.
Way should test out this light and do something like stupid and Bujji.
It was just Riley's birthday, and we got him some fun gifts.
What if you did like a wood I got for my birthday.
Hol ring.
We owe this beautiful blue for my boyfriend.
You got some art made me also.
You can see right here in my G wagon Down here.
You see my shrine of birthday cards?
I have lots of friends.
I got important exposing me.
I have three friends, and they're all here.
Back here is my boyfriend's head.
Right, Phil?
I'm not included in my birthday.
All Okay, let's put that way.
This is the best part of Garrett's gift.
He made homemade Fuji slides fit for me, these aerial sequins.
And we looked out here.
There's a beautiful, gorgeous Gucci box.
We're all living things.
So you feel the heat coming now?
Can you tell them?
Do not drag me, Dr.
I buy any of this.
They did.
I weigh almost moms.
Are we gonna take this car stopping fit unless you put in there, We're gonna take her where we're going.
We're going to Starbucks.
Wait to go to my mom's going to be Kathy Griffin's also, like, 30 minutes.
Okay, You can go to Starbucks fast.
Best I'm gonna get Cathy.
This refresher e just I haven't paid for yet.
You can just get around to it.
Do you think he's gonna like it?
She's gonna kick us out of our house.
Wait, My mom's taking you back, Okay?
No, This situation is insane right now.
So what are we gonna do?
Yeah, I don't know.
We only have five minutes to get my mom in a car.
We have to get her car.
Explain why we're taking your car.
But she always had the good snacks.
How long do we have to eat snacks?
Like I could do a lot of damage.
My hands are cold.
Oh, nothing crazy.
Want you O e Never know.
She was scared of a stranger being here.
Okay, I gotta pee, and then we gotta go.
Oh, there's treats in the garage.
You know, Jericho, you excuse me.
The garage treats everybody wait.
She's here.
Of course.
Why wouldn't she loved Mama?
She will wait.
Wait, going way.
This is great in Summer Jam.
So really, what we're doing?
The only thing going to say is it kind of involves, like, pampering, like a post mother's day.
No surprise.
A little like little touching a little like nails.
A little.
Okay, Okay.
I'm just casual Norton shorts on doing my legs exposed.
Whoa, or I've got some hip white shorts with friends.
I don't know.
I e i o p.
You need everything, Riley.
Drink everything.
Morgan, don't fall stable today.
Who do a little around with my mom this way.
Oh, yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're starting to get fan mail.
And Andrew can handle well, literally getting fan this'll ones for Gary.
Oh, my God.
Someone wanted every o Wait, What's in your little things way?
Oh, my A jar full of hands.
A jar full of you.
Okay, Okay.
Come on.
I have every waiter look with this summer camp every ready?
Okay, e Got it.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm glad I did some anti anxiety medication to the hospital.
Okay, We're gonna be a little bit late, but that's okay.
You know what?
Your seat along You might die on my special day, so it's a little hot in here.
Hey, you're driving.
You're dead.
What was that that?
Have you ever been to a small?
You know any I I've never I don't do massages because I have heard ago so I can't lay all these different ways, and I don't want you gone so well.
This'll get a little dark.
So I had a pretty bad head injury back in the day.
What happened?
Well, no, we won't go there, okay?
And get messed me up, so I can only like certainly because I get dizzy and throw up.
Oh, no.
And I would do anything for you.
I don't understand.
No way.
We're getting kind of closer to this spot, so just tell me what you want me to.
Uh, so right now they're gonna tell us where to go and what we're doing.
So WeII also need to figure out what we're gonna do.
Because when we get to the gate, there's security.
We're going to be like, Oh, we're here to see Kathy Griffin.
But you get in the car with all my hands over your ears.
No, I'm not a fancy All sing when I need Thio.
Do you have?
A song of preference?
I love that Carly Simon song way back in the day.
It's two way good.
What's that?
You have good B phase, Rose.
Oh, wait.
I'm having a panic.
Attack plate drive.
Blindfolded now Already.
Starting that like you're not good.
Oh, that was okay.
It's never been up to you Can't go outside, Pete.
It's too.
I was impressed.
I dated.
Hold on.
Uh, do the thing with the ears again.
Way closing.
Rude lousing Move.
Lying, huh?
Whoa, whoa.
Blindfolded, now.
That was just going down the road were by because it's a ceremony.
I remember sitting with my mom after we all got fired from our jobs and we turned on a Kathy Griffin special to make his love.
And I turned to my mom, and I said, one day way, we're going to seek out the griffin in person and tell her Thank you.
Hang out with It's very specific.
Oh, yeah.
Keeper asked over that way.
All right.
You know that I I'm scared.
I'm shaking.
You'll be fine.
Everything okay?
Um, I'm gonna pass out.
No, there's a step right there.
One more.
No more sets ready.
Oh, Shane, I'll talk to Teresa.
Out of your way.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
Where do we even start changer?
love way needs.
You want something to eat?
Stop drinking for a few moments, Elector Heroin.
Shane, I did not say that.
You want to come in?
First of all, come in and be welcome.
You call this house?
If I may be so bold.
It is a big It's a big yeah, you want in this house And everyone who underestimated me goes, That's a docks in first.
Yeah, I can't explain this, your beloved.
Okay, hold on the other side of this page now.
My God, that's right.
She could Well, I mean, there were some things that she can't always right.
There's a couple issues, Theresa, This book was given to Bay by Joan Rivers.
So I know.
So Joe remembers it is act in my last house and she wrote I'm so happy for you.
You should have this in your home, And she said, and I don't want anyone signing it.
Who's not famous?
Only famous.
So you are getting a place of honor next to Kim Kardashian West, Like you guys don't even know.
No, don't.
No offense, but don't rip the Kim Kim.
I'm just gonna do a corner.
Oh, my God.
This is just, you know, when when Kim did this, I actually said you could write the most heinous thing.
I'm gonna be in the next room, and she ended up writing something nice.
Although halfway through it, she started making the sound.
What's the matter, princess?
And she goes, I can't spell.
And that's when she made the heart to do it.
If I'm breaking this now, she misspelled the word be.
Well, that's a long you mean syllable.
But you know something to ease the freeze, You know, it's that's practicing.
It started the corner booth.
All right, So do you want how sure I know.
What your way?
Waking number one through 10.
For eight.
Okay, First of all, Number four is three.
Number four is It's actually really good.
Get up.
Here is your dog.
You shower your team quickly.
I e o leave.
No, I'm having you still being shook.
Are you shook it?
Sid, you're shocked at what level you took a pill.
So you're it doesn't make her a shirtless or less shook.
It makes her witless, but still shook.
Okay, But we will wonder solution coming in way.
Photograph for people magazine.
That's right.
You need to do a closet tour on your channel.
What's the most expensive thing in here?
Also, I took herself in her room.
I love it on this side, and for some reasons, Trump picture.
He stands there and screams, like, way kind of built like a little, you know, Trump supporter.
But all right, get Theresa.
This is my boyfriend's his back.
Oh, they're not for the artist.
When I was a kid, my dad was a massage therapist.
Like that was the first book that I had.
It was like, You guys.
Good thing this was, like, my like, you know what I mean?
What was your pictures like, Page 84.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
This is amazing.
I just start like way.
Yeah, I need to sit down something.
All right, way.
You know, I shake my head on my such cancer, so it's now truly in that, like, really crazy when they say offered phase.
They're not kidding.
Like basically neural tissue.
Wait, You just made a meat.
You don't know what that means.
Probably maybe we'll finish with this floor are.
So here's the wait for you in the camera.
Get the way, like kind of a masculine bar will die.
Coat holding open.
No, there's the papers all the way with the most beautiful house I've ever been so much.
Just don't tell him it's not Rocket.
No, just deal with it.
You know why?
Because he saw the poop.
It was like I could get away with E.
I didn't.
I just like looking a little guilty.
He's looking.
The Kardashian's gonna help me.
Oh, you stay over there.
Pretty nice.
Biggest wine room you've ever seen.
Oh, that was crazy about moving way.
Oh, my God.
You're checking the quality of the left.
I was smelling out its restoration.
That's the Maxwell Crest thing.
Your room is so much nicer than my studio apartment that I lived in for nine years.
People gave me.
I mean, sometimes he speaks in and I don't Yes, way.
Interesting question was like anybody wanted to drink and then I heard gasping.
There is one diet and double covered.
I got you covered.
This is this is crazy that it's like a diet Sunkist, like rare more is the collection of Lacroix's I Got You a strawberry lemonade refresher from Starbucks.
In a way, just felt like he didn't come empty handed.
Like you, I think this is fancy.
People call the kitchen Who there's a chocolate chip bucket doing where I found she's doing e.
You know what?
Keep on my celebrity presence like a celebrity sense something.
This is a bag of way.
Just, like sit for a second.
Let's wait.
Yes, we should, you lazy son of a You don't get the ring like yourself would not last into Griffin.
One second I'm about to rip the shirt off.
Hey, Had to be bribed with cheese.
It's to go to a car that's 10 feet away.
All right, So, Derek something that's right there, plates and cutlery.
Did you take a way to get people so I could talk with you?
So you recently have been kind of delving into the YouTube world?
And you've got a lot of youtubers A few I still like you have to educate me.
I know a couple.
Well, how was your experience with you?
Clap Jeffery Starr.
It was really We would do something like you.
He would like tweet something scandalous or i g something scandalous.
And he'd be like, Watch the Children get mad.
I tweeted a picture of me in a shirt that said, Bitch, I'm sure how many medical, like, like, hits are never what I know.
I know.
Just that was what?
I don't know what we're doing here.
It's a good car.
One of the kids I like with you, I know.
Oh, oh, they're from which so many of her Because she is single.
You have your okay, Here's my advice.
Don't believe the bullshit that if it's meant to be meant to be fucked that shit.
I hunted for him when I had a spear.
And, you know, it would be nice if he had a job or two had not been incarcerated.
No way.
No way.
In the back of a police car lunch.
Oh, from testing for gay rights?
No, Into like a mansion to throw a party.
I'm sorry.
So I was thinking, um, this has been crazy.
You guys have more snacks, but can we, like, go off?
Yes, of course.
A 1,000,000 questions for you.
But I one advice I a lot of things.
I love it.
Location to do it.
I want to talk.
Um, hi.
Tell me.
I have been trying to act fine and, like, cool and stuff for my mom because, you know, she's terrified, freaking out, trying to look cool, like, Oh, this is just like a YouTube video.
But it it's like it's like a lot.
And I already kind of told you this before.
I think the reason it's a lot now is because when we met the first time on my podcast, which is great, like, a moment is really very soon after that.
The trunk thing.
And it was really hard to see you go through that and like, I because I like I knew what you were feeling, but not fully to that extent.
Because I've been through similar things, but not to that extent.
And I was really scared that, like, it was gonna make you go away like, be funny anymore.
Just crawl in a hole, go away and stuff, and like you were such a huge part of my life.
Like why I wanted to be funny.
I wanted to make something, I think What hit me the most.
Just like seeing you today like walking in.
It was like, this is so cheesy and I don't mean to, but it was like Kathie's back, you know?
And it was, like, really excited.
It was like, literally, like walking into letting keep coming over and like coming in the house.
And I was not expecting this fight I was expecting, like I was like, Okay, like, maybe she's more serious now.
Maybe it'll be a little more like political.
Like, I don't know if we should joke that much like I don't really know.
You know, obviously I don't mean my, You know, that moment was very public.
The cold whole country turned on me, and I mean, left, right and center.
So I mean, I had friends like people that have known for a long time, tweeting, you know, go away, you horrible, you're disgusting.
And when Rosie said, you need to apologize, that picture is reminding people of isis images.
I went, Oh, my God.
You know, I performed overseas performed in battle zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.
It's my first day in Iraq.
What is going on?
And then I said, Oh, my gosh.
So I made my apology, and I beg for your forgiveness.
I want you so big that Yeah, I was absolutely an absolute wreck.
And that's why I want to ask you when you've had your experiences that are, you know, people turn on you and it's, you know, they spun something in a way that isn't true.
Like what makes you go, OK, I have to turn this around or I have to clarify this or, you know, like, I'm sorry.
No, I'm serious.
Like, there's so many parallels between me and you.
I got fired from my job.
CNN fired her and you felt blackballed by Hollywood so many times.
And like, it's the same for me.
Like I've been on YouTube for fucking 15 12 years.
I don't know.
And never, never promoted me, never publicly said that they, you know, like this shit I'm doing never like, no matter what, never why, you don't even understand how hard it is to tell the basest all your man how ugly she is.
And I'm gonna fucking killer and less than 100 40 characters.
You know what?
I'll just take it with you.
It's just it is what it is, but I've definitely come to terms with it.
Just like I fucked up a lot and made a lot of jokes.
I wouldn't make me Oh, Oh, you know, I've been doing stand up for so long, and you've been doing YouTube for so long.
Uh, trust me, go back and look at my old specials.
Like I said, Shit, that would get me fired like I have a body of work.
And I think one thing that really is dangerous about your world in my room where anything is we shouldn't be so quick to, like, try to erase someone's entire body of work, you know?
No, it's tired and then just constantly, kind of just like every year, I get shit on in a big way and I'm just like, fuck!
Like, haven't I done good stuff like I was very open.
You're helping me today like I hope what I'm giving you in return is like and I hope to make your mom happy.
And I'm hoping and making her laugh so much is possible because I don't want to take her.
But I'm just saying, like, make no, I make no bones about it.
You you are helping me today.
You're gonna do those swipe of things that are too modern for me to know how they work But honestly like that, I really, really appreciate that.
Let me go on record.
Like I just listening to the story like I can't help it.
I hope you don't hate this advice.
I want youto lean and more.
I want you to go harder.
The more real you are is why you have those followers.
And they didn't leave you.
The last thing I would like to see is for you to hold back because that's why we love you.
And that's your It's your bread and butter.
But it's also you really are.
And people can stuff that out of my way.
You have no idea, really?
Here, thank you.
Because it's Yeah, it's been hard lately.
I hit like, this weird moment very, very recently where you know, I changed what I was doing on YouTube.
You know, we met and we've been you basically trying by ourselves, no financial, whatever.
You produce the television series you can call YouTube, but I'm just telling you, you produce a television series okay?
No, you're a producer and a writer, and you produce a television series.
You did it with your own grit, and nobody helped you.
This one compare Lee keeps a camp.
The barium?
No, but that's it.
It turned out really well.
So that's kind of another thing I believe in, Like, really telling younger people a lot like my story.
And I suspect yours is when the man says No, you go, OK, I'll do it myself.
I'll do myself.
I'll figure it out.
It won't be perfect.
I wish I had some big company or studio our network to come in and save the day.
But it's not my story.
I feel such a moment.
You are a doll.
Should we get the real syrup here?
I mean, I'm just saying, like you're you're cute.
It's some kind of all countries.
Well, what do we do for her?
What's the finality way?
Just move over it.
Mom Echo.
I'm so glad you're still here.
You've still got I'm charging you way.
Have an announcement for you.
Here's my announcement.
I think that Shane's great.
He's got his qualities, I guess, But I would choose you over him.
And so I would like you to, if you wouldn't mind.
This will be your room.
And you're gonna be just known as Shane Dawson's mom and Kathy Griffin's roommate.
You gotta change your Twitter.
Here's some light.
Reading is your dog.
See, Shane will see you a couple thanksgivings from now.
You can, you know, saying are no.
So she took the wrong way.
Do love you.
Shane is up first.
Anyway, I actually won last part.
That was great.
I miss your mom.
Shall we go?
For you work hard to do a signature.
That's illegible.
Because whenever I've got an autographed people do this shit like really?
Oh, I just perfect.
Can you kind of start the rumor?
Like, let's make up a celebrity Who sent me the chocolate frogs?
Charleston chocolate.
Thank you, sister.
Thank you.
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$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day

63 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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