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There's one bell on that side and there's one balanced way rush up and we ding ding ding.
But the 1st 1 who rushes up wins Okay, we have to be in the same place.
Okay, Stand on smoke.
Three one way.
Ay, ay, ay, Swedish noises.
Hey, Welcome back, gamers to mind.
Welcome back to Europe.
It rains all the time.
It rains.
This is what life is like.
Let's go immediately.
Start sleeping.
Could you Can you sleep?
There we go.
Flip flopped, Dude.
You feed your dog?
I found him.
It was hidden in the desert for you being a little desert scamp.
It happened.
Hey, do you have Dr What?
What do you know?
But I mean meaning Thio.
Come here.
You're a schmuck.
Hey, stop!
Come back!
You have to learn how to be cool.
Be cool Like my e.
Potato pit is gone.
Stop noticing.
How do you know this?
This thing I notice the giant pit of spider webs is gone.
I don't know.
There's nothing.
I haven't done anything.
What did you not think?
Let me just cook my potatoes in peace.
All right.
Under trees, trees.
They sleep under what I said Fox swore you have to put a diamond in this.
Warp it, Jake!
Oh, no, it was swore.
Pit way!
Have a s'more pit.
Go, go, go!
I get a diamond.
It cannot even save Folks know for big in language is the diamonds are emeralds that were dropping diamonds Always OK, OK, Goodbye Diamond.
You were like a father to me.
Oh God!
Bye Bye.
Hey, does a look How epic?
Maya, my dog is!
Oh, no!
That's a shovel!
You didn't notice that?
Nothing in this episode.
What is this?
Surgeons of the jacks up the guy Torture our It isn't.
Look how much.
Cooler minus damn it!
It doesn't work.
It's smoking.
Listening Thio Smoke it like a cool dog.
Like he doesn't know.
Don't judge him.
Come on, Maya Ho Show is done.
It's kinda creepy because they don't They don't even look left or right to just took frozen in time.
At bag, right?
I have more going.
Let me try that again.
Come on, wake up.
Come on.
He was a great final, Vera.
I'm gonna pull you see?
He's sitting.
Dude, you can't move him if he's sitting.
Not Ah, Here you go, E Once he was back.
Yes, understandable.
Go end.
Go, dummy down.
I give you permission to push my di Can I can I can push it.
All right.
Hey, you kill him.
I'm sorry I made You don't mean don't you ever pits my dog off.
Here we go.
It's potato.
In my defense, he went in the hole for, like, two seconds.
Recall Is he still men?
I think it's still now.
He's cool.
He's got short e smoke.
Why am I spending so much time on this?
Because it's going to be awesome.
Okay, why don't I just push him in?
Hey, big break.
Okay, now it'll work.
He's still listening.
Thio, whatever.
You know, let people do what they want.
You know what?
Maybe just smoked a lot of it before, and now he has to listen to it.
It's not all about your mouth.
It's all about your okay.
Here that everybody Okay, you should grab some.
Hey, because we're gonna head out and do what we hate forgot.
Hey, yes, and do what we forgot to do last episode.
Let's vice, of course, is Tak Oh, I don't even have a pick axe fooling you pick extra horse.
Well, in case you get stuck on an epic adventure, you know I need iron bars iron.
I don't know where anything is.
This God may be in the mineral section They'll ever swore that was this war, wasn't it?
Okay, I'm ready.
Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go outside my video like, Let's go, gamers.
Mind Trump matters more.
It never stops.
One gets the monetized recording this one in a way that it won't most war make sure.
So far, so good.
I think I've seen I'll look their sources here.
That's so cool.
Oh, that's epic.
What is this chest?
Others a chance.
And it's so natural in the wild.
It's just growing around all this grass.
What way do you think So far away this?
Admire a gate.
Uh oh.
Cohort is Oh, well, I think you owe it to near ships.
So video, maybe check.
You know, outside I have a heart and 1/2 love, Right.
It was not May I sing war.
This is where all of you my craft efforts go into You spent so long learning how to Minecraft.
And this is what you use it for.
Those epic look, Jack horses.
We found them small, That gunpowder.
You dine my credit.
I'm getting a white horse.
I don't want one on Sam.
And I wanted to.
It's fine, all right.
Since says I've been pranking your epically I look, I get blood pours planned whores long Swedish or stated How do you detain them again?
If a guy Oh, you need nothing in your hand first.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I was confused.
I like why you go.
All right.
First name gets game a reward.
First the team gets gamer of year award.
No, no, no.
Swore I could do it.
Come on, ball it.
No Eat.
Eat it.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
He's great.
Love me more.
I said yes.
Before you play with a six year old I didn't First Is my my mind An armor first Jump over a ravine first Look, way have our horses.
We can go.
Epic places on our cowboys were graduated.
Vikings are graduating.
Screw chicken.
Yeah, we should kill Chicken's good.
I had the whole thing in my Siri's.
Ray threw away a chicken's eggs and then you found a chicken out of the water Randomly continues.
Look, there's our old camp here.
We should sleep sleeping in these beds.
Babes like old beds that we had O T c.
This is nice.
Yeah, Yeah.
What happened?
What happened?
What did you two What?
That Jack and sleep sleeping.
Oh, why don't you sleep sleeping?
This is not the never wait that I explode.
What you thio?
No way back at the first base again?
Oh, great!
All my gear is gone.
That's awesome!
Oh, my potatoes!
All my No, I'm leaving men!
I'm God, I'm leaving right away.
E, I've been exiles.
I can't sleep the snow second bed anymore.
Okay, where we go?
Well, we should bring our horses Specter so they don't get hurt.
Oh, I'm gonna die again, Dude.
No, God!
Back to pyramid.
Okay, So money back to shining.
Be king.
I also did swore a second times have supported another one in the chair.
It's okay.
Either's weren't you notice, either.
You have to say swore.
Otherwise it doesn't count.
Oh, you know, rules.
Got it.
He's listening in the other ear.
Now you need stereo weed.
We should I'm sorry.
I'll get you New Year.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
It's probably a phone.
I have a surprise for you.
Not fancy price this time, if you follow me.
I don't believe you.
Yes, I swore.
I mean, I don't score, but I Now you have to do it.
Okay, I'll drop it.
Raw chicken.
How about that?
I didn't even s'more.
You did made me.
So did I.
You wouldn't kill a child, would you?
Well, all right, follow me.
Where we going?
Epic adventure.
So for some reason, I decided to make this room like a hidden room for no reason whatsoever.
But what you'll find in it's a chair.
So take a seat, right that Fix it.
Yes, Jack, I think this is not a chair.
Oh, no.
You better start doing something or I'm gonna start hitting things.
Okay, Jack, we're gonna play God, we're gonna play a game day.
The kid be positive outcomes in this game.
It could also be very bad.
Things happen.
What can I get potato if I win?
Yes, That's the game.
It's potato.
You lose the way potato from out of that safe.
Wait, Can I have food now?
Because I have 1/2 a heart.
Okay, fine.
You got one potato for killing you.
Take it.
That's a great price.
I'm gonna ask you some very difficult Minecraft trivia.
If you get it right.
You get a treat if you get it wrong on.
Oh, okay.
We just look my eyes a little.
Stretch it out around.
Hit me.
Christ in number one.
This your favorite block in mind crashed?
Um, no.
What is?
Uh, uh, idiot.
I said it's not a slower obsidian.
Yeah, Yeah.
Hey, hey.
Past affairs.
But there's more requested Yankee beauty.
What are creepers afraid of cats?
Very well, Jack.
Very well.
Doing good so far.
What can make unending man, Stop.
Thank God I'll give you.
Oh, that's just instituted.
Keep it to us.
A potato to a pumpkin potato.
Potato it didn't matter what the other answer was gonna be.
It's always Oh, uh, you got it right?
Thank you.
Potatoes make n German stuff once.
What do you read?
Brooke, what happened here?
This is like the Three Stooges.
I have a feeling our Austin's supposed to survive.
Potato is valid.
Okay, look, my chair has wings.
Stop Ceiling alone.
I'm scared.
Okay, Next question.
What is a charged creeper?
Oh, no.
A a creeper.
That's running right.
Action be creeper that's been struck by lightning.
See, a creeper that paid for everyone's I have to go away.
Obvious answer.
Number B.
What is that queen that's been hit by lightning?
Very well.
Potatoes with rain.
Come on, man.
I'm offended at this point.
Give me some fire questions.
All right, All right, Martin.
Everyone knows how tall is a gas in blocks.
Four blocks, three blocks, one four blocks, Right?
Damn it, But great of my graph potatoes.
You could take it back into fire.
How many people play Minecraft every month?
112 million.
A 55 million be six million.
50 million D 10.
None of those air the right Answer.
You go.
They talked about it recently, and it's like 112 million people.
Uh, well, this was as 55 million.
So Oh, uh, kicked me out.
You still Oh.
Here for Tate Doesn't was for nothing.
Okay, in Minecraft.
How many blocks in the nether is one block in the real world?
8888 Okay.
Oh, back in chair gets back.
Damn it.
No, I need good question.
Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
I'll get something.
This is a Minecraft quiz.
No, not hard.
What is the rarest?
Or in Minecraft the rarest Or what's your calls, Cole?
Do you want to hear the options?
You want to die by after the office lazuli?
Emerald gold are cold.
Gold, gold, Gold.
Oh, no.
Uh, Are you serious?
You e e o, I'll kill you.
Can you have my potato?
Oh, God.
This crazy person is after May.
Get back here, you scoundrel!
Horses can't sleep.
When did you replace it with water?
I did it right.
That's assuming said this is why you said don't come over this way.
The way The original idea was sound like Lama drop from Dan Met.
Original idea was to have, like lava dropped him super high.
So I built this giant power of red zone.
And it's so long to get the red storm up there.
And then I burned down half the house by accident, and I was just like God, Then I changed my mind.
I'm like, Yeah, this is unfortunate things.
There's so many epic potatoes this way.
Potatoes over here, Jack.
What potatoes way have next to do sleep?
Sleeps the gate agent?
Oh, she's, um but But you see this high?
No, you're dying.
No, I prefer ice.
I eat ice my eyes.
Now it's cool.
You eat those more, like, mind cracked.
I think the end of dragons just gonna kill himself at this point is taking this.
Okay, once that was the next thing.
Should we guess we never kill in the end, German?
Because, like, find the Fort Rice And we also need yeah, magma.
When he tells you to head there.
I think it's time to go to another and try and find another castle.
That's true.
We haven't done that yet.
Yeah, sure, bring some cobblestone with us.
Yeah, do that.
Was your dog doing?
I'm worried about your dog.
My dogs holding it in.
Is Paul being like it was so dude, And yours is like, Hey, hey, hey!
Might not say anything here I'll put down a pistol for anyway, It didn't work with me and Crouch, Damn it!
Hope good man.
Big to another to another.
Let me show you something.
Are you showing me?
Not gotten?
Don't go there!
I didn't see anything.
I didn't see what was down there in the chest.
You'd think he wouldn't go on any more.
As soon as I see a trapdoor like treasure that they got no peeking.
I'm trying to make a person.
But I think this is literally me trying to use Redstone.
My cat is on left his work a little.
A little.
A little What did you change?
And then Now stand in front of me.
Oh, Ah, no.
You break it.
You It's messing with the trapdoor as well.
Are you ready?
Yeah, way.
All right.
We should go to another.
By the way, where will we end up?
Nobody knows.
You're pretty.
It was in hand because it's not like you actually went through the medic.
Okay, so this is our actual name, because I fixed it basically before you remember, he used to take us back.
All right, But I haven't explored in the big brain on you Big brain on me, thanks to YouTube comments for once.
What's the trick?
Thio finding fortresses go straight until you find one or or we go in opposite direction.
Who that might work.
Double double whammy, right?
Which way are we facing yours?
This south of mine's north.
Okay, bye bye.
First find guess one swore out of this war jar.
Well, I'll see you in lava resting lava.
I think you're supposed to go, like, 100 blocks north or south.
And if you don't find one, then go east or west Is that it's like the best way of covering the most ground.
Ah, 100 blocks.
OK, I'm up for challenges.
You want to go, bro?
Who could survive in the nether for 24 hours?
If I can use this war?
That's a lot.
That is a lot of power.
Cut the episode off before you say it.
This is the kind of stuff like I like I like this just digging.
I'm a gold digger.
All right, well, but, uh, I found one.
That's my line, dude.
I'm the one who gets killed by lab rats.
Yeah, exactly.
Yours is a minuses I love.
We yell when we see in any cancer.
Slippy Pippy.
Oh, man.
Now I really want to find so Okay, finally, I'm sacrificing the color of my green screen.
Just seconds.
Oh, God.
This is an hour portal.
I found another nether port.
Did you find anything else?
That reporter?
Oh, no.
What did you do?
What did Ugo?
Nothing here is very okay.
Get Keep it that way.
There's aghast.
Oh, God, Just gas tunnel.
Oh, my God.
This is our old portal bridge.
That's crazy, Okay, We shouldn't go north and soften because there's clearly nothing.
I feel like I'm ending areas that we've been too.
We haven't.
Oh, crappy crab.
Was it a flippy?
No, I the gas like came Lo and I was almost able to hit it with my sword.
Flew away like a coward like the trash is, Unless he flicked it bit me.
I don't I don't wanna hear about things you haven't tried to per simulated citizen after 50 million, our troops.
My, I can't do it.
Oh, my down.
Just now it's still relevant.
Just validate.
What's the dog in the nether?
Wait, that's your actual dog over there.
Are you telling me that the dog back in our world is a fake?
But Oh, God.
Oh, it's instead so sad.
Okay, people in the Commons, like maybe your dog went to the nether.
Oh, you know, I found him.
He just hiding your poor dog.
You got replaced by a phony.
Hey, it's okay.
Oh, Satisfied?
I've ever seen uh, remember how I had to fix the nether, right?
Yeah, well, he walked through and I couldn't be bothered to bring Thio.
My own was like a father to making it through this.
Oh, okay.
It's okay.
I have shop.
Shop is there.
Oh, my Who?
Um you were here all along Here.
Have Oh, my God.
Don't Don't talk to you there.
They cannot be to my hill.
Only I can control.
I hear.
You know it's living on one block.
You can't be here for this.
They didn't only be one my home.
Wait, I understand a bridge.
No, I could never do it.
Oh, he's smoking.
He's smoking fat.
One smart kid.
He's really sorry.
Oh, sorry.
Come, come, come, come, come.
Oh, please.
Uh, I made a terrible lives of judge Severe labs Judgment.
Oh, no.
Care for your sake.
Save my own smoke.
A fat one year here.
My my whole fellowship shop followed bridge.
There you go.
What you gonna do now?
I'm so tired.
I don't know why I'm terrorizing this poor dog.
Come back, You know lower.
You know, stop.
Be anxiety.
People screaming Push me off!
Almost the dog.
Yeah, because you left them here.
That's for I think I owe a diamond in the sword Are for this.
I have a leash on me.
This part Oh, no photo.
Oops, Oops.
Oh, run nighters bite.
Oh, God will do for me And I don't know Della Bo Oh, you made it nice.
Oh, there's some.
Make it through E don't know.
Taking may I didn't do anything.
No, no, no, no.
I e I don't know.
What's happening is your body.
Oh, Thank you.
They're on the warpath.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, no!
For my Oh, I did this.
I have to fight for glory.
Nice, stinky men, Stinky!
I respect Tatum and Stinky Biggers.
This is so sad.
This is so said my home.
He was found only to get lost.
Oh, God.
Got your final time, big boy.
Her final big grin effort.
Melon in chat faker.
Miho hasn't moved an inch.
I understand that way.
I was trolling to get him, Kim.
And you got him Actual Kill, not that bake.
I've made a continuous severe last church.
Oh, my God.
Riel Meyer who would never die too pig ever.
It's okay.
We have back up my home.
It's okay.
I save him in cloud.
Well, I'm sorry, Shut.
We're gonna want you.
I'm apparently to blame.
Why did you attack them?
He made it through all of that.
I hit the square thing and the sweep of my woman.
Oh, I would never attack big men.
I think this mean I can kill your dog.
You tried to kill my dog over Eddie?
No, my dog is the only one who can smoke properly.
We have to build grave for Maya.
And bravery?
Yes, on the solution.
Well, should we take from Ah, let's make polished poo poo block.
It's the only way from gold.
People saying Okay, um I mean, I was using it wasn't your again.
We can't do it.
What did he like?
Another rang lost.
Make another minute.
Another blocks?
Yeah, that makes the most sense.
You sacked another, like good boy Waiting said waiting for father to return so carefully if you just left him there.
I didn't mean to You left him there and then I really that is there forever.
Oh, no.
Where'd you go?
Are you building this?
I'm just making from the item.
Two seconds, and I'm there.
Machine making next to Maya.
Or maybe here right now.
You hear?
Maybe here.
Maybe we should sit.
Since they have I hit 10 hours and I have Okay, I wouldn't change it.
And they're gonna have last week when you hit the hours that many of 10 hours our 10 I've done 10 hours and 30 minutes.
Gun way should always say something.
Uh, okay.
Uh, we're here today to mourn the loss of my, uh, something.
My who my Who is That was my own.
My my dog's Maya.
Yours is my heat.
Oh, hey, I loved him.
It was like an eight of spent to me.
Eight out of them.
I did not know my hea for very long, but in heart I miss him already.
I I stand here now.
I cannot.
You're pisses me waiting for bees Update.
You deserve 1000 bees upon you for what you did.
I'm so sorry.
I will have to whip you.
Tie me to bench fit meal with brick Our Hitler with whip 10 times top of mourning.
It makes a sad Irish noises now, Huh Said, put it What?
I deserved that.
Where were you the day it happened?
I was here.
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Minecraft can sometimes be bad.. Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 10

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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