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Time me be me time, baby.
Tiny Maine time It's time, time, time Everybody, Welcome back.
It feels like ages since I actually recorded this Siri's that beautiful intro Oh, Ma Delicious was animated by Bree pickled brah Pickle Einar to pronounce his name but pre pickled Thank you very much.
That's incredible.
Intro petition To have it be meantime, intro for every question, Mark?
I don't know, bitch.
King of sub Nautica bitch, please.
But I am the king of Sub Nautica.
How many people found some Nautica?
So the wonders of the Jack Septic I variety channel, right could have his king of five nights of Freddie's thing.
I don't care about that.
I don't care enough about five nights of Freddy's to want it.
Take that some night, okay?
I'm not good.
I'm not again equals good Evelyn Jack, Jack's cat allergy.
Oh, you stop me with a BB?
Well, actually, you stabbed the allergy with a BB.
This'll is something that's come up quite a bit, too, because everyone was worried whenever he moved in with me.
That babies being a big fuzzy fur ball, Catman would make me sneeze and cough and split they're all over the place.
I thought so, too.
I thought that I had a cat allergy.
I hung around with Evelyn and BB.
A lot didn't really affect me.
So then I started questioning everything.
I thought about my cat allergy if it even was an allergy or if it was just dust from dirty cats.
Either way, Beebe has been living with us for a while.
He doesn't pay rent, but he also doesn't make me sneeze or cough or anything like that.
So either I didn't have a cat energy or it wasn't severe or I got over it.
I don't know.
I have just seen the enlightened eyes of God.
And I'm very happy that I don't have to take anti histamines or struggle every day.
Now I have a little cat man run around and he's adorable.
It's cute little football.
Look, is he adorable?
I could stick my face in them and give them kisses.
Nothing happens, and it's wonderful to be on.
You wanna be on camera now?
He want to go?
I guess some cuts parent could hope for a life of stardom.
Second attempt at getting Jack to see this?
Basically, I edited all of his alter egos into Super Smash bro's.
It would really mean the world to me if he saw it.
Oh, okay.
What we got?
Oh, we need Audio City.
For what?
Anyone dying down.
Thank you.
Oh, boy.
O J.
J doesn't say anything.
Doesn't speak in the battle is much.
Ah, that's awesome.
Sorry if I forgot someone thes air all I No, no, no, you're good.
You got him all that was wonderful.
I loved that G's all my boys in one place all together.
I know everyone keeps asking about the egos and where we're going to see more of them and stuff like that.
I am working on it.
I promise you.
I I'm trying to get everything in place.
I'm trying to make sure that the next stuff that I do with them is really good because I don't want to just fired him out and just do like little bits here and there.
I'll still do that, but I need to make sure that it's going in the direction that I wanted to go in the next time they show up.
But I have very, very big plans for all of these characters.
It's absolutely crazy to me that some of them have only shown up like once, and people still love them just as much.
All my boys, if you don't know I want any of these characters there.
You're gonna be very confused.
But hopefully I'll have so for you in the future where it'll make a lot more sense.
But if you want a taste for what's to come, go watch Chase.
I operated video.
Just all Capital Chase.
No, it's not a joke, Joe Reference.
Watch that video.
I I spent a lot of time on money on it, even though it's very short.
But it really meant a lot to me.
And I loved that video.
So me trying to enjoy Sunday Monday Damn, that's relatable as heck right now.
Well, it's Monday as I'm recording this, so I already feeling it pro, except I do.
YouTube is my job on we don't get weekends, so every day it feels the same.
Happy wheels number 100 do another new now, some nautical below zero again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's been fun to record it again.
I like having something that sits on the channel and we go through it together and it's not just like a one off every time we actually have something continuous that's going on on the channel over and over again over the course of a couple of weeks.
And I I missed that, said it wait for it to come out fully and then I went and just be a big dome.
Did it anyway.
I'm pretty happy about because it's great, Young Kyung, I'm order sweet Mother of God, having played a lot of untitled whose game I know, how long it takes to do this, the amount of dedication that's needed to do this and the amount of fear and anguish that you have wrought upon this town.
I'm very proud, Young Count.
I'm proud the hell coning is already underway in your world.
I'm very, very happy about that.
Now do it with the desktop goose.
That's hard moat, my focus during it except the guy video.
My focus, your ex school, that there that's a really good me is like my focus while watching thing I, like focus during e feel like I relate more to the bottom one than the top on every now and then, the hyper focus on something and I'll get my shit.
Don't usually it's YouTube videos, but even in the YouTube videos, I can't do it can focus.
I just want for concept the tits off myself.
But I would get de monetized and then I wouldn't be able to upload videos anymore and then even stink here.
Happy birthday, Sean.
Fine art.
I made hope.
You guys like That's awesome.
People keep asking me as well, What does 30 feet like?
How do you feel?
I'm like, man, it's amazing, actually do.
It's been great being 30 already.
I've had the time of my life so far.
Jesus, let's let's get a closer look on this bad boy Sam's, I'd say the window looking at me record.
Why you Sam are tight.
Sam should be in there, but yes, this is exactly how my setup looks.
It's a part of cell with two monitors and a screaming weirdo in the middle of it.
Thank you very much.
Super potato head.
But this is really nice.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
Keep up the good work.
Your arts.
Happy birthday, Sean.
Thanks for making our life so much better.
I hope you see this and have a great day.
Congrats on becoming a boomer.
If you die in real life, you die in Minecraft forever.
Good, mean but epic super gamer mean also is true.
If you die in Minecraft, it's all over.
Jack swearing YouTube algorithm.
23.3 million.
I've gone back and forth on it because it's one of those things that, yes, if you stop swearing, your videos do better.
It's just a fact that more you swear the more chance you get for demonetisation on.
I've sworn up a bloody murder since I've started YouTube.
Now it's at the point where I have so many videos with swears in them that it's pointless for me to even try.
I tried it for a while, and the videos didn't really do that much better, because I have so much other content on my channel, where 99% of it is all swearing like died fighting uphill battle.
The algorithm either hates me or loves me.
I don't know.
I'm just happy to be here.
Some people do getting hit very heavily, though, when they swear in their videos.
And it's certain swear words I could say Focus, shit all I want.
But there's a couple of others that if I say them the lights Come on.
And Daddy YouTube comes in with his belt.
J C plus gorillas.
Happy birthday, Sean.
You inspired me to create.
Holy hell!
That's insane.
You absolutely nailed that style, Neo Alex, Thank you so much.
That's really damn good as someone who loves gorillas and grew up listening to them and really, really like their art style.
This is really flattering to see Amazing.
Thank you so much.
Happy birthday.
Say goodbye to toilet paper.
Say goodbye to costly toilet paper?
Yeah, and say hello, Tau anal medical bills.
Looks like you wouldn't have an ass left after using that for about a week.
You'd be sawed in half.
And I want to try it out, though.
Even though I know it's a joke and I know that it's not a real thing bought.
I do like weird shit.
So 2020 Meet New Year, New me 2019 meet 2018.
Meet 2017 Oh, sometimes it be like that.
Gamers, you're like, Yes, Star of the year going to do it.
I will try my best.
I'm gonna set up all these resolutions.
I'm gonna change my habits.
One weekend and not a fucking damn thing has changed.
How about our New Year's resolution For 2020 is to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be better all the time.
Sometimes you just want to be the same.
Sometimes you're gonna be a little worse that year.
But that's okay, because there's another year that's going to follow that lead me 2017 0 stinker.
Hell, yeah.
We do some fun stuff and then 2020.
Think what's gonna happen next?
I don't know.
Tune in next week, but I'm very excited about this year.
I think that a lot of cool stuff is happening.
New decades.
I turned 30.
I have a lot of plans.
I have some stuff that I'm really excited to show you guys.
Oh, it's gonna be so good.
My nipples are going to be hard.
30 Feels good.
Ryan Reynolds himself.
Instagram commented on my post, which is the wildest shit ever.
Um, he's such a nice dude.
I love him.
I also can't believe that this is the timeline that I live in.
Where that happened?
Can you fucking believe that?
How crazy is that?
I'm not No complain about anything ever again.
Life is too good.
Life has given me more than it should have already.
It's at that point where I'm like, what is the simulation going to turn off?
And then we're all gonna be figured out that I'm just standing in the middle of an empty void and you can see every other person on the planet.
The terms of the Earth was flat all along, but seriously, this is one of those moments where this happened and I kind of sat and that when I made the 30 vlog, I was kind of just reflecting on things and start tearing up everything, cause I was like, Man, life is really damn good.
And all of it was that moment of clarity where I started realizing all of this like trivial things, like all the things that whatever, I'm not gonna get into it.
But like these tiny little things that all kind of built up, that we're kind of agitating me and pissing me off and making me all foods I started to realize, like none of that matters.
Why I'm against so worked up about this.
So New Year New Me.
Have you seen this hair records Not supposed to be like this?
I just got out of a shower.
But you know what?
I'm sticking with it because I don't care anymore.
You could say what you want in the comments.
I'll just cry privately.
Oh, God, no.
I thought that the guy thought that the photo shop one was bad.
Now you're legitimizing it.
What the fuck?
This is so nasty.
Also, I cannot love him.
I wantto mother in this house weird is good.
And we supported Jack.
Uploading to videos a day.
Will you please listen?
I'm not the Messiah, his friends.
He is the Messiah.
Welcome, gamers.
It's been fun.
I said that I would upload videos a day again when I started.
Whenever I got the energy to do it on dhe.
I don't know.
I've just been feeling really good lately and just powering through stuff, and it's just being feeling really productive.
One Awesome.
I've missed a couple recently coming back from L A.
And I probably missed a couple in the next week because Vidcon UK is happening.
But that's absolutely fine because most people don't upload every day on the fact that I'm able to upload twice a day means that I have too much time on my hands.
No, it's been really fun.
It kind of takes in a weird way.
It kind of takes some pressure off because when you upload one a day or if you spend a long time doing one video for a certain period trying like one video a week or something like that, I put a lot of pressure on that.
Then I put a lot of pressure on the video each day.
And then if that video doesn't do as well, then it was like a man.
I guess I have to try again tomorrow.
And then if that doesn't do well, then it starts like fucking with me.
And then I started to realize that everything I was I was thinking too much that way.
That's a little too algorithm.
Me too, you know, too stinky.
So I decided to videos a day.
Just go for it.
I don't even have time to think about anything.
Go record a video.
GoPro feels like the old days.
It feels fun.
Have all my energy back when you remember Jack is red, green colorblind.
You fucking asshole.
What is it?
I know that everybody likes to mean on I'm not meaning.
I'm looking at this picture, and I legitimately do not see anything in it.
If you don't see anything in it, you might be red, green, colorblind as well.
Getting that.
What your what?
Your mo fuckers know about Mile proton, huh?
Every stunt.
Oh, thank you.
I think I see it now.
I think I see the eye, the eye, the ear.
Yeah, that's the prize picture, baby.
There's his mouth.
I nailed it.
I overcame it.
My eyes have gotten stronger one of these days I won't even need my glasses.
But that's not today.
I still need my glasses.
He's as you could fool me trying to come into my subreddit controlled me and all my mile Proton Rose, huh?
No, Stinky, I'm onto you.
I'm gonna come to your house and I'm gonna de monetize your life was in a theme park in the Netherlands when I saw something familiar?
Yes, that was the picture I off loaded from the F D League on those guys a popular here.
There it is.
The picture Snow Fox Ice worm piece of shit eating my snow Fox like that didn't even eat it.
Just glitches and broken, not stuck in the ice forever.
Legend says it still buried under the ice to this very day.
You're damn right out.
Loss loss will never get it back again.
Also, people then reminded me that if you just walk on the ice and the ice forms don't attack you, I kind of feel like I should have figured that out.
But then what the hell is the point of the snow?
Fox want to take it?
Blast across the ice.
But every time I went anywhere, whether the high storm was like Austin G No, no, no.
Poke Shawn's Children when Daddy and Mommy are both drinking angry juice and you just sit there learning a lot of no no words, that's so goddamn sad.
I would never, ever do that in front of my child, ever.
I do swear a lot, but I'd have the decency to not do it in front of my kid.
I've seen that happen.
And to some of my friends when I was kids when we were kids, I guess on I would not like that again.
Oh, that's really cute.
That that can actually make that face.
I don't even care.
You can photoshopped all your photo shop cats faces all you want.
I don't care.
They're adorable and super cute.
And I'm a cat, Dad, Now is every time I see a cat, I'm like, Oh, but I hope you all look like that right now because it is the end of meantime.
No, don't cry, Gamers, please.
The reason that epic sadness exists is because we had epic joy to begin with number.
Then I'm not even 14.
That really hurt.
That's gonna do it for me.
And sweet, maybe, maybe dreamy.
He's saying anymore.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
If you did have a fat like enough bad bitch.
And don't forget the girl that is so breaded because that's where all of these means come from.
And everyone has a great time and hangs out.
Okay, go there.
Go there right now or I'm gonna smack you with this I would never resort to physical violence.
It's just an imaginary hypothetical amount of physical violence to try and coerce you into doing the thing that I want you to do.
Uh, you think about it.
I don't know what I'm saying anymore.
Okay, bye.
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