B1 Intermediate 12 Folder Collection
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Three Thio?
No, I didn't man enough, right?
Not my banana nut bread.
Whatever can we do?
All right, let's go to point first game frequently and docks.
That was four teams.
I didn't.
I was My bag.
Could That was 14.
Could have bailed out.
Wasn't trying.
I would have killed both of these kids.
Bubble early drop.
Probably done that.
Kind of.
Sounds like spooky.
Scary It is.
It is 100.
Just like that little bounce when you jump on the llama is like What's that thing?
Yeah, Looking for a partner.
Someone who knows how to ran.
That's 100.
There are another 505 teams here.
This guy's trying to video.
Our guess is open.
He's going mid factory.
Is that you haven't heard shouting.
There's three people mid factors.
We're on our way.
There is one shot like 48 for you here.
Oh, fuck!
Went back.
I didn't kill him.
I've been blue tack.
I'm ready.
Oh, I got another guy.
He's weak.
I've gotta go Center.
I know.
Center free kills.
Another guy wanted me marker.
You guys, they're very weak.
Very weak.
And there's three guys.
They're careful not to hit me back up here.
Knocked 11 Good job.
May I'm coming now.
Look, I want to be the Black Sea and one of me.
Nate, I'm not I'm not a little Maybe I got a minute.
I'm on in this whole empty.
I'm going towards strip.
We pushed out crack of bed.
Yes, That one.
This is air.
Going up Behind you.
Behind you on, mate.
John Mayne reverted.
I know, I know.
I know.
I know, I know.
I got him all Got him.
All right.
More is Northwestern power, aren't I?
Angled one firing metal Contact finals.
I don't just watch out for the video right now, huh?
We gotta go pretty far.
We got a double.
It should tell you we have a w.
Yeah, I'm going on my power.
Someone has got body now.
Is my snapshot this omega still over here?
They went towards entrance for one of them.
Yeah, I don't see him.
Horsepower now.
Yeah, he's intense right now.
Right now, funk to your north, the ones that you two are back of stories for entrance.
One more intense.
You mean pushing garner pushing garden laser.
Your doctor.
He made all that I wanted both.
Want it.
Let me out here.
I don't owe you a green one.
Many have a look at it.
I got it, I got it.
I have a full super somewhere.
Get I'm holding it.
Then I want to just, like, sweet through and go.
I'll get the boat.
You go.
But I have a green RPG even know Ron, I don't pick you guys up, okay?
The people on the bridge.
I'm a green apology.
No rocket.
So I'm gonna need that.
I give you If you pick up, you can probably don't got Thank you, bro.
Those think the fifth members they're pushing past, I think.
Let's all let's not Let's not aggravated.
Zone is not eat.
Don't matter.
I'm making sure they move, They're gone.
They're in the farm.
Well, let's just Let's just let's just run way have picked up here.
But I think crystal me and needs a bandage.
Getting two grenades.
I find I have three.
Mendy's, uh, I have two full.
See ladies, simple arithmetic.
I'm just I'm just going his own guys.
Hey, I got his own little bitch right past here.
All right, I see how it's gonna be.
That's a fresh wall Here.
Hold up.
Go left up.
This hill might be 1/3 party.
There's someone getting shot.
I think there's a campfire available.
Jockey rockets when you know you have a change.
Other appear six.
There's a campfire in the military base.
That's a horrible shot.
They closed their closeness.
I wouldn't slide down.
Do not fight because I got a compliment.
Matter were always quiet.
Okay, we got our three studs up filling with water carries in the bag.
Wait, Don't go that far.
He slapped him on the wood box.
I'm gonna need it.
Teams lazy like we can mating far north.
But I got 100 I think you did.
I did much for me.
No, you got okay.
I'm RPG like four in the back.
The back, Not one.
Not going alone.
Train or break time on our own.
I don't know.
Different Right gun.
Second floor.
She's one shot.
One more.
One more.
One more.
Strike 71 Holding would drop on me.
What if you're right, Arthur?
I e I mean metal, brick, metal, brick and wood.
All of me right now?
Yeah, I can got plead.
How much?
Uh, no.
Oh, yeah.
You broke.
You be careful.
You're the one who brought me down.
E t bumps me.
Not careful, dude.
Like cook.
Get out My weapon Every day.
There's no max.
It seems timeless.
People are fighting.
What was that?
That's a little behind you guys, But we can post up for New way Should we should hold this.
Hold this gets out there trying.
Oh, my God.
Somebody, Someone, someone on his team just saved his life.
And he doesn't know about it yet.
Making three.
Assuming we have six.
Any three later.
That kid 5100 and 21 5 You're paying What boxer?
I think they're think.
Think that perfectly.
I don't know.
We've been They're moving towards yellow.
There you go.
The limit of the middle pocket.
Spring one to build an ark.
Have it ready in a second night.
Sights types.
Tonight he's one shot function close to you by the names underneath a Children's book deal in this socket are not not not that.
You guys left their love will do.
Well, trying again.
Amy pretty good.
100 blue.
Anyone in Brick 100 Blue Ninja?
Be careful by yourself.
I'm Marty Jane.
I can't see the come don't be wanting this.
20 seconds.
He added metal kind of popping my tour in the same box brain down.
Why don't you know what?
Let me Thank God.
I didn't other off.
Do you want the girl?
I left.
I left it right here.
White 71.
I got a little bit.
I'm a fool for you.
I have 10 more needs.
I'm 61 days.
I have three kids.
I've got my kids.
Uh, RPG Emma and these guys right here.
This thing has in a cone already.
Welcome already.
Uh, wait.
Also, I've just broken the same time.
We get crushed in the brick on the scene.
All You're right.
You're right.
I'm popping.
I have 10 names on building over.
Yeah, I'm tracking this year.
I'm just pressure on him.
Somebody come to my basket.
Full worry.
Uh, you know, I have over, like, down here.
I got a pocket that can give me five minutes.
I don't do anything with pocket this cage.
That's mine.
That's mine.
I think we can pocket pocket.
I needed one.
That kid there's a little three blue.
I'm tagging.
I have No, I like I like him.
Tell me, White hat back.
Which one?
Which one.
Which one morning I'm mourning would need 86.
86 Blowing the skin is cracked.
Yeah, I got you didn't know your mom.
I mean, you could do this One crack, crack, crack shield.
One shop.
When I'm gone, I'm gone.
32 laser, That kid, Another guy on me.
I'm going bald.
Let's look underneath.
Reversed you good.
You know, underneath me.
Tracking back Full seven.
Wait right off me.
I'm straight on.
Hold shit on that dumb in.
Dude, what is actually happening?
You feel bad for everyone?
I don't have a lot of our big Emma for any actor we're gonna eat right here.
Okay, One pick up.
I can't wait.
I think I can pick it up.
Take it.
I'll take a rocket in pink in pink, in pink, on pink, pink.
Oh, we don't have I thought you said no.
No, no.
E loot needs.
I'm ready for my extra master.
There's only eight people left in it.
No I'm sticking their necks, You know, about my kills Master player account.
You know anyone?
Are you trying to sniper Hold?
Eight more tails.
I get a $20 tournament of little scientists.
Like that one.
The one that I can do?
No, but I wish I had made because I would pocket this thing.
This gets nice.
He's Bob Lee Swagger, if not better than Okay, wait.
I'm in from it.
We have two RPGs.
Yeah, I'm I'm on your team rotating to 40 1 of us.
Even legal in first.
We have Leave him in a minute.
We could make them build online.
Take the high ground if this gets out what I mean, teams following us, I'm stuck.
I think there's a guy.
Really, Coach.
He's eating a mushroom in the middle.
No shields on this guy.
There's a full wrestlers into the west Crystal taking our exact path for 15 Rocket him.
Watch watch west.
He's gonna try to watch West, Okay.
Oh, people rocketed.
Yeah, because we're gonna rock it from West Was getting AIDS, man.
What's my NATO's Try to ram Mona, Don't let him do it.
It's so easy head shot.
The guy in the back booth hit west.
North west.
He's got No, no, no.
Free air drop behind.
You need full.
Full shields.
Gonna know my name got on top of the scene?
Not I Not.
Not what?
Older high.
I went.
Priority connected.
Yeah, we might want to go up.
I mean, rocket offer.
People don't feel right here and yellow.
Bring it.
Bring it.
Headshot, headshot.
77 crystal down.
Trickle down.
30 White, 30 white in this in the middle.
Do you think that?
Down, down, Down.
Radio Underneath you punk Looks fine.
We're fine.
I'm connecting sleigh out here.
Let's give maximum kills.
You know what you have?
I got a grub.
Blood around E you get a medal, you hear more, many more.
Many bring.
You can pick up a gun.
I gotta go.
That's his limp.
Seen West wants.
Don't hold what you got down practice.
Get practically practically field.
I think I Yeah, okay.
Headshot Iraq.
It's fun.
Anyone X rocket blue pants?
No, I only have one bean does gold one, right.
Get the gold robbery.
They're really rather wait a week.
I'm going down.
I'm going down.
Gold trooper and one.
Another gold paper and wood brain right under us.
I am.
I am.
I am.
I wonder if you reverse it.
You have mass, Go down to a little bit.
And by both trapped.
Be careful.
There's another team on that.
I just got bean roll.
Three kids links.
All the links are all dead.
It's the last seen in the last scene.
Widener, they're gonna get one northwest during this wood box that year.
They're going on.
Going on.
You got one, Does it?
Get that kill.
Don't go on about the building.
I was building high.
It's only one Only one trying to build.
Let's go down.
Go down!
Go down into I cracked it.
Go on.
I want down on me.
33 killed.
34 35.
Do the amount of damage on our team.
I had drinks with scar.
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12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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