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tech talk videos or some people would like to call it The New Age vine Vine is dead on.
It will never, ever be replaced.
How dare you say that?
Get that dirty filth out of your mouth.
But Tic Tac is becoming such a gigantic phenomenon, way bigger than I ever thought it was gonna be.
I thought it would just show up.
It would die off, and then it would go away like everything else trying to replicate.
But it's here to stay.
It's a child that no one wanted, but you have to deal with.
When I went to Vidcon this year, there were entire parties absolutely filled with tic talkers that I didn't even know it was a thing.
So it's a whole new world to me.
It's a whole brand new vision of the future that I as an old veteran of YouTube, I'm just not ready for.
So I thought it would be interesting to do an actual try not to laugh video I normally don't do.
Try not to laugh videos because I do funniest home videos.
You know what?
You can't have two things that kind of sound similar that are not the same thing, but I want to see if to talk can make me laugh.
So I searched for tick talks that radiate the same energy as vines.
Because, let's face it, tic tac only got good when it starts to replicate.
What vine?
That's just an absolute fact.
Okay, okay.
I laugh at everything all the time.
So now is a chance to steel myself become warrior.
Nothing is funny.
Not even this hilarious yellow floppy banana.
Okay, this'll might actually be a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.
I didn't think anything was going to make me laugh that No, that doesn't count.
I'm laughing at myself.
Smiling does not count either.
It's only laughing, all right.
I thought these were going to be really bad, but God damn it, these might actually be funny.
Okay, Okay.
Whoa, Joe.
He started it off.
I mean, the first half not gonna like it, and then you came in with that.
Is that what Tic Tac is?
It's just kids making older people feel uncomfortable.
Am I too old for this?
Will I not get it?
Oh, God, This is a terrible idea.
Thing is an awful idea.
Oh, my God.
What was that?
What was he trying to get into his mother?
Is that hit him in?
The other party would have knocked out his teeth.
Jeepers, man, be careful out there.
Kids split his glasses right in half.
All right?
No, I didn't laugh.
None of that was funny.
I was amazed.
I was shocked.
I was disgusted.
I was every other emotion except laughter is laughter.
Yes, it is.
Did you pull off the table?
Get your table funny.
It's not funny.
It's mildly amusing.
You make me do a little but not laughter.
It will be a cold day in hell before I laugh in a Jax after gay video.
Haven't told me that these plates right here don't break.
I didn't Not that funny, okay?
Not that funny.
I'm not laughing at that.
If I laugh with that, then comedy is dead on.
Life is over.
All right.
These horny top tier jokes allowed on this channel I have never made a joke.
That's bad.
It's all good.
I'm not laughing at it.
No son of a bitch.
Why is incest funny to me.
I knew where it was going.
I knew exactly that.
That's what he was going to say.
I still almost laugh in it, but not quite.
Did you know one out of three hoses mad?
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
E Get Go fuck yourself that it can't.
Oh, my God.
I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school.
Why is all my you?
Why is all my teachers lame?
Why was none of my teachers hole was mad hose mad all the time?
I'm mad.
I might That my teacher wasn't like that.
I had crap teachers that just got mad at me because I was a dumb ass.
Okay, those ones.
I feel like you're not the top quality ones I've never looked at.
The chick talks in these videos.
I know Everyone at home right now is saying, like, check.
Those aren't even the 40 months.
All right, so we're going to look at this one.
This is uploaded in February and has 15 basically 16 million views.
So if this isn't funny, y'all need Jesus.
Yeah, you know, clippers living and got no business being that sick book.
Okay, I feel like every time I've looked at trying not to laugh in your I've always felt like it's probably very easy not to laugh.
If you just stand there and go eventually you'll get through it.
I just meant that they go somewhere else, but I can't do it.
Everything is funny to me.
Uh, bad time.
My least favorite time.
So I just had to watch my hands before getting in Just anger the laughter away The opposite of laughter is anger.
That's why my dad never find anything funny.
Puts the air, punch the air I have way too much laughter built up in me I'm a I'm a laffy taffy.
I'm not gonna be able to make it through this.
Video's 2012 minutes longer than 30 seconds in.
Don't eat the packing peanuts.
What was that?
Just that's not a laugh.
All right, I swear to God, I don't I wasn't gonna hit you.
I wasn't gonna gesture that.
I would never gesture to hit you.
I would never use violence to overcome bad emotions.
But what the fuck Who thinks of these things where you're just sitting in a box of packing peanuts?
It's epic.
Little pitching, the fucking snacks again.
Low effort, low tear.
I'm not a little bitch.
I know that for a fact.
So you're wrong.
Do you read Forbidden Rice?
I feel like I feel like I'm ready to laugh.
I feel like these would make me laugh all the time, But there's pressure on me.
There's eyeballs on me.
You're watching me.
I feel judged.
If I laugh at something too easy, don't do that.
Don't do that.
That's a terrible idea.
Toilets are scary enough as it is already.
I'm always afraid that I would be sitting down and I've got to reach for the toilet paper and accidentally elbow the button.
And then all of a sudden, all of me is all of out there.
I'll just be sucked out like opening up a hole in a watermelon and sticking a Hoover into it, just sucking all the inside out.
I don't want it also, why would you mess up?
You could have broken the airplane toilet.
I'm too old for this now that they think that that was the toilet making the noise or they think that it was you making the noise.
Did you leave the toilet and everybody in the plane was like, Are you okay?
Kids are so weird.
She didn't choke herself.
Fucking face.
Oh, my God.
What was the reason for recording this at all?
No, that wasn't love, Dad, laugh.
Hey, bro.
Kyle, um, my mom said that your mom just died.
So you're saying that, um, but spring on Taco Bell?
Or I can tell you bring up dominoes.
God, that I think it's so good.
That looks exactly like a real kid.
I get asked all the time.
How tall are you?
Tell him I'm sick.
So I'm like, Well, it's so cool.
You must be so good at basketball.
And you can reach things off high shelves.
I get being 6 10 school.
But like, there are also some issues with being six.
00 my God.
That was perfectly be tiring.
I mean, I I know.
What about that?
I know it's not funny, because I know exactly what it's like to be a super tall dude.
You know, I've walked into the room and I have to be like, Look, watch out.
Okay, so you're just gonna put your finger Whoa.
You are, Does that?
Because you're adopted.
I know I'm laughing.
It's not funny.
It's not funny.
You're get that word you're trying to hold in the laughs that at some point, the dumbest shit makes you laugh.
I'm trying not to laugh at a funeral right now.
Okay, that's good.
I like that.
I know how to play that piano.
That duty.
Oh, I can't do it for you here.
That is exactly something I would do.
000 going on.
It didn't get on it.
Hang it on a squash, Benigno.
The last South Jack.
Come on.
You didn't see me laughing cameras in his account.
That was Oh, God, I know.
It's fake.
I know.
It's like I don't care.
I don't care if it's fake.
That was That was just a floppy banana.
Dude, there's no need.
There's no reason to be scared.
Sometimes I carry my fluffy banana in my pocket on everyone's like God all mighty.
What's wrong with you?
The whole thing, She can still do it.
He'll stretch out like, four years of not cheering.
00 I feel like I can smell that one from here that it's a stank on it.
There was a wet one.
You need to go change your underwear right now.
Take a shower as well.
Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
That that's good.
That's clever.
That's very clever.
I like that one.
That was Don't start a little sticks.
It's ready.
Maybe two more minutes.
I did not see where that always go.
Bully for you.
No, no, you can put it yelling one in there.
You can't put anything with yelling in it.
I immediately want to laugh his fucking face.
Oh, God.
That made it all worth that.
Go through every other tic tac to get to.
That was absolutely worth of the holy.
Okay, well, clearly, I'm not cut out for trying not to laugh in years.
Clearly, this is a challenge That is literally impossible.
Tic tac.
You did all right.
I thought you were full of shite, But she came out in the end and you had some good stuff.
Prodi let me know how you guys did during the comments.
Did you laugh?
Maybe Julia?
A digital alone.
Little tee hee hee.
A little chuckle.
If he did smash like his video If you didn't hit like anyway.
What you doing?
Watching and not liking it?
Okay, that's how you two works.
There's no other answers.
Also, don't forget to hit.
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Tik Tok Try Not To Laugh Challenge

49 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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