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It's Darcy birthday today.
Don't see hello to you today.
Your five.
Hey, happy birthday, stinker.
Welcome to my day today.
I thought I'd log because I'm looking awhile on what?
Some interesting stuff going down today.
I've just arrived at rehearsals.
It is currently, I think, 10 a.m. I'm already short, but during the houses from my brand's new tour.
If you don't know anything about it, what do you do in going?
The description below?
Get tickets.
It's in a week.
Seven days.
I'm going to practice today.
I'm gonna show you a lot about the show.
My day looks like when we were rehearsing.
It's a long 12 hour day.
Three room proves today.
And I need to learn this.
A 70 odd page script.
Home man.
That's for us, Actually.
First check these out.
I have no idea how long these have been here.
I'm gonna get about 50 years.
But if I wanted to change my hair color real quick, I guess I could do so.
I feel like my teleport.
No, we're okay.
So this is the stage routes out exactly the same dimensions.
Is Wembley so away from there?
Wait on this side for Bree.
About double what I've done before.
Where the arts control.
All right, trillions in the middle are burns on the left.
These airports for game in.
Let me show you to.
Your control is down here from scuff chill.
Blast gave us PC has got my chairs too.
So this is exactly the same as the ones in my videos on.
We might try and give some away at some point, too.
But, uh, i'll get back to you on that piece is down here.
If you're sitting on stage, you get a nice little view off the game.
Got camera away up the top as well to capture little faces.
When you're on stage, the desks are colored.
These are looking a bit sad because they melt it.
So we are.
We are going to change these.
Don't worry.
They'll look exactly like that one when we're done so well.
We were tried and singing in the background.
The screen is mental, so it goes away from that wall.
There's about this much gap between the screen in the wall or over here.
That's where we play all the games.
We've got all the animations up here, too, which look incredible goes all the way to that side of the wall.
We show you got these lights to so many lights, but it's gonna look amazing.
Screen still going screen still going.
And if we had any wide it, literally room for it in the in the warehouse, it's insane on the animations span the whole width of the screen, so it's going to look absolutely incredible.
I think I'm biased, but I think it's gonna be one of the best YouTube shows you have ever seen, if not one of like on par with some amazing, like high production shows.
Thing is blowing my minds.
We've done a run through already on dhe script is almost in my noggin.
We've done the first act almost fall asleep in the second act.
We're gonna work on now to more run through.
It's currently one him.
You've done some work on the ending that we went into a run through of the show, and if you keep in mind that the show is about an hour and 1/2 long, then there's a 20 minute intervals.
Well, every run through we do.
It's flawless.
It's two hours.
So it's a lot of work.
123 run through today.
So that alone in six hours, it's crazy.
Without any work on the show, it's all check out these lights they're working on right now.
In all, the three tribe colors were testing out the app today as well.
That's something we definitely need to do is get some footage later or lead with the animations.
Don't want too many spoilers.
I want to show you the animations alot across the screen.
It's phenomenal and this is where I'll be this y X right here and it's my monitor so I can check on the screen without looking behind me.
It's, Ah, crazy operation.
Call these machines computers, cables just to put on a show.
It's mental thes guys controlling all the screens in the games.
It's mano podium, actually, so I do some commentating on the game's.
Obviously, while you guys come up on stage, the logo on the front.
I'll give you a sneak peek of what's behind t, of course, of course, and loads of technical stuff to cue cards.
I'm going to show you those to save you spoilers.
Just gonna show you this.
And that's what I'm going to say about that.
I stand up here, do my thing on.
What do you think?
I think it looks pretty incredible if you like what you're seeing and you won't have the chance to play some games with one out, which I'm gonna show you today as well.
Let's get you involved If you're not chosen to go on stage so everyone can earn points for that drive and maybe win, I assure you that the cop here it is I spoke about it a little bit and one of the videos before, but this is the mega cop.
It's so shiny, You're going to see me in it In the backgrounds.
What's good?
Thio contests.
And this is what you guys gonna be playing for?
Looks awesome, right?
I'm gonna show you, which is something that you can help to win that cup for your tribe.
Way had the points of games.
You guys get involved to show you it.
What else do I need to tell you about where to get tickets in the description below or Dante M toward dot com.
There's still tickets available.
We've got a week.
By the time you're seeing this just under a week until the first show.
I'm excited.
I hope you guys are excited too.
And you can't make it to a show or you're out from outside the U.
We got plans coming up so that you guys can experience it in a really cool way.
So don't worry.
You can still get excited about it.
Yeah, Tickets.
A description below.
I want you to see this promise.
But now we're on lunch break.
And then when we finish, that gonna do another whole run through of the show.
Hopefully my lines air in there.
Everything's working.
I'm sure it will be.
Then I do like phone calls and other stuff.
To get everything sorted for the talks is not long into it.
It starts now on Dhe.
I think that's it.
Then we're gonna do notes after that, then another run through hopefully or bits that we just don't know that.
Well, then we're done here.
We've been here for two days.
This is 1/3 day on dhe.
It's being think I think my days being like 12 hours each day.
And then I go home and edit So a lot of work, but it's gonna be well, it is gonna be kind of So you enjoyed that sneak peek into the contest.
Well, it's less of a sneak peek amore of, ah, almost full look.
But I promise you, when it's on in the show scripted on dhe gods, it's good bias to put really good.
So I just wanted to take this chance to let you know about the app as well that we've released is called If you search in the absolute Dan TDM search, not the top one.
It's the 2nd 1 Dante gm the contest to make sure that the page looks like this on if you're coming to the show.
This is really important because there's only a few people that we picked to come on stage.
And obviously there's thousands of you.
So we created this app so you can participate in the show, live and earn points for your tribe, even if you don't get selected, which is crazy.
So I'm gonna get that right now.
Show you how it works and then make sure you know what you're doing.
Make sure you have the app before you come to the show as well, because it's gonna be worth it.
You wanna, You wanna be a bold right?
Here we go.
Let's open this bad boy, Dante, and presents the contest and inter dimensional interactive gaming experience in association with Nintendo Switch, which is awesome.
Let's go to after allowing notifications, because during the show it's going to send you notifications.
Otherwise you're not gonna be able to participate.
You also need to enable your Bluetooth because it has this cool technology that even if in a venue where the WiFi isn't great as long as you have your Bluetooth on the APP works, so that's cool.
This fits quite important.
You need an email address, we can send you stuff.
But if you're not old enough to have an email address, then ask your parent's permission.
Put that in and then they will know that you signed up to that just to make sure that everything is super.
Say, then you're joining the contest, so you need to choose which show your attending.
Technically, I have to be all of them.
But I'm gonna put what am I gonna upper Wembley the 1st 1 because that's coming up so soon.
And then you get to choose a tribe kind of like when you choose a team in Pokemon.
So if you don't know your tribe and you have your ticket in seat number, make sure you go in the description below or go on to the tour website.
We've added all the layouts there, so don't worry, we didn't receive an email.
But be careful.
You have to choose which drive you're in.
I'm gonna go in the middle of the Arctic UN's.
You can't change it later to make sure this is correct.
Tick that Joining the tribe on Dhere We are our ticket.
Hailing from the snow blasted northern realm to parallel the archdeacon.
Try prides itself on incredible talent for endurance.
So we're gonna have more stuff in here Currently it's blank because we haven't uploaded anything, but I'm gonna upload messages to it so I can give you a little bit more information about the tribe.
Exclusive photos.
And then when you get there, there's gonna be There's a message from me already keeping out in these messages that we would try to keep you up to date with any news on attendance information.
So it's actually really handy for parents as well to let you know about anything that happens at the show.
Just important information.
Look, here it is.
It's already hit.
Hold on a second.
I didn't know realize this.
It's already starting to fill up.
So this is literally from today checking out the contest.
Roy, this is cool.
So it kind of works like an instagram story.
That's part of the screen that we saw earlier.
That's me in front of the screen Rehearsing.
This is this is from my heart soars as well.
We started the rehearsal ready.
What do what Do what do I look so fat anyway, this cross that off.
But the last important feature is the pulse feature.
So this is going to be used in the show.
So when I mentioned pulse in the show, make sure you go to this bottom right part.
You can show your love for your tribe, live in the arena.
It's going to look amazing.
So even if you're not wearing the color, which I highly recommend, you do.
By the way, if you already know your drive, come wearing the colors.
If not there's gonna be this incredible merch on sale, or you could just stick with the app, which is completely free.
So there you go.
That's pretty much my day.
It's currently 20 to 11.
I have a packed weekend.
I'm going away to see family had a packed week of just doing work, So I need some downtime.
But to get that down time, I need to make videos.
We need to edit this.
I need to interview for tomorrow as well.
So I hope you enjoyed this little look into a window off what it's like to put on a tour.
It's a lot of work.
It's a lot of fun, but we're almost there so close I'm gonna put out.
I think this is the one of the best YouTuber shows that you will ever see.
So definitely come down to me a lot of fun again.
The ticket link will be in the description below.
Check out the app as well.
You could even check it out if you're not coming to a show, too.
But obviously you won't get any of the questions and stop.
We're about to see there behind the scenes pictures, which are quite interesting because I keep forgetting to post them for the app is gonna be a massive part of the show if you don't get picked to go on stage.
So definitely pick that up.
You want one point?
You want to win the contest?
It's a no brainer.
So thank you so much watching Hope you enjoyed this different video.
If he did even like that, we greatly appreciate it.
If for some reason this is the first video you seen by me, then do click that subscribe button and join Team DDM today for crazy videos every single day.
And I'll see you next time.
I see some of you next week on the week off, the for the contest.
See that, guys?
Backing Candle Camp four Rubber Band.
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