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top of the morning to you ladies might even accept.
Welcome back to Luigi.
Mention this time I've got a little special surprise for this episode.
I'm gonna become Luigi himself.
Something that Nintendo UK said over this and over, Like a whole care package for Luigi.
Not for this play through.
It only came in this morning, so thank you to them for that.
But this is in it too.
And I was like, mad.
I have to wear that series now.
Is so here I am.
I'm Louis.
Okay, let's go.
I did it.
Um, I very convincing.
Oh, man.
It also came with a little moustache, but it's on a stick, so I can't stick it to my face.
Um all right.
What are we doing in here?
That's fun.
God damn it!
Nintendo Stop being so clever being some for the rest of us.
Well, sound like I'm gonna have any of it.
Uh, there's a thingy right there.
There's a key.
How do I I can't even get a part of this tiny little edge I want.
I want the key.
I I want it so bad getting a fine.
There's money, though.
Welcome back to the money.
I forgot to say that part.
What we would be watching.
Are you watching Mario Air?
Bud, Are we watching?
Ah, little Mac.
I forgot the journal.
I'd show him because it's Ah, It's your property.
This Oscar is now mine.
Thank you.
I deserve this.
Okay, get in there.
The money's there.
All right.
I want to do that with the money.
Also, my voice is also because I just woke up.
I just can't stop playing the Wiki mansion.
I have a problem.
And that problem is that I'm not playing more of it.
I think all the money?
No, because I'm still here in some.
You do anything, huh?
Looks like it.
You say it looks like a face to ice now.
Yeah, that's got a mouth.
Oh, I crack myself up.
This is not a thing I can do.
Is one cruise.
It looks like it wasn't.
And then it wants what, Luigi, Sometimes when you go into the pipe, you look like diarrhea.
I'm just gonna say it.
I'm sorry, but you do.
Let's make a noise.
Uh, funny, you know.
Okay, this did something.
This is back where we were all so I like that.
Is this little original Luigi's mansion that's showing.
Oh, okay.
Where you make a noise?
It's cause you had money.
There's money everywhere.
I'm not even my money senses are failing me guys, I used to be so on the ball.
It used to be money.
This money that I know I'm are like, Oh, what's over here?
I used to be cool.
What did this do?
It turned on the camera.
Can you guys stop freaking out, please?
Her fight.
Frickin minutes.
I do like the money.
Those two keep that coming.
Am I supposed to do something with the helicopter again?
Gyo helicopter.
Go back up, guys.
I don't know.
I'm being a big, stupid brain.
Wait, I can't.
I can interact with TV.
That's misleading.
I was able to flash it.
If you're able to drag it, don't put your nose on it, don't we?
You know nyse.
Oh, my God.
It's, um, really Wonka stuff.
Yeah, first of all, you know what this means?
Teleportation, bro.
We could go places.
I was split their into tiny little pieces.
10 little particles on I was sent across the system, but also all of that just cause you couldn't get up the tiny fucking ledge.
Luigi, come on.
Oh, no.
I gotta do this one.
That and interrogate logo on it.
You know, like the American store.
That's right, Tar Jay.
I forgot that you guys were cultured over there.
Still called Wal Mart.
Well, no, it's a horrible name for a store.
I'm sorry.
I'm just going to say sorry for my controversial hot tank guys.
Cam a law.
What are you doing?
Either crying or your training secure.
Hey, look, a door.
So is this where the magic happens?
Okay, What kind of shoot My Oscar at I deserve an Oscar in real life, too.
As a youtuber, I deserve an Oscar.
God, some YouTubers could die.
He put in for an Oscar for hope.
Actually, no, they couldn't say for how bad the act.
Oh, I'm so clever and funny.
You get it because some of you tubers air fait.
Anyway, that's not open up that can of worms.
There's so much stuff.
Just don't even bother with the Oscar.
I hope that every person who ever won an Oscar ever attempted to break it to get the money inside of it.
Although I highly doubt that anybody who's won an Oscar is that bad off that they need to break open their award to get money.
Pretty sure they got money already.
I'm talking about God.
Sorry about that, guys.
I was about to die for a second.
They suck up every film.
Really know that's not your movie.
Oh oh God, he's getting closer.
Oh God, I like him.
He comes all the way here and he's just a scared as I am.
He should be scared because he's about to die a second time.
Oh, he sold.
He's so money, though.
That's cool.
And you go, Oh, sleuth God, that's a Ford.
All righty.
I'm back up to full health again.
That's awesome.
I love that they like little hand coming to get you through the screen.
Yeah, you saw it.
It's also got sound dampening pads in there.
It's just like my room.
I have those because I'm allowed lunatic and I'm in a padded cell yelling at myself.
Oh ho ho ho!
This is my end.
Is this what I know?
The director of the finest films I'm destined for How could I lose it?
I am a beauty, worthless movie deal.
That's all, bro.
It's better night can do.
Dude, look, look, it's ask Watch over there.
He believes in you.
Even this back away from this beautiful bottle is now nothing but a dull Hugh.
Can I have?
Uh, my bright red megaphone are now.
I would give anything to be able to hold my deal.
Sweet megaphone again now.
Oh, you guys in cost song?
Oh, kaizen begin, bro.
Don't even have a worries about it.
My art.
Oh, how my at suffers.
Do not slander the title director by applying it to me without my megaphone.
I am on Rosie a little shorts, and today I am a worthy off such a new Oh, bro, I'm gonna help you.
Oh, shit.
Oh, okay.
Is there a sequence?
Um, okay, there is a sequence.
Has a target logo on it.
Spider committee.
A fucking spider.
I mean, even aiming at him.
Dario owe money.
Who doesn't love money?
As Luigi is proven, money can buy you happiness.
He was very upset when he started off this place That my head legitimately got me who I had the he bees.
And now I have the G bees.
I hate having a full set Give little scrawl up my back.
I had a horrible thing last night.
I went out to get I did.
I got food delivery and I went out to get it at the Gauge, and it was dark outside.
And it's winter.
So when I walk out, there's just snails and slugs.
Every her and I stood on one.
I stood on a slow grab snail, and it's just I couldn't even see him.
And you just get that fine crotch.
I like a Krajina Pringle liking in a burrito.
I like it in all my snacks, but I don't like it's under my feet.
You know, when I was younger, my sister stood on a snail slug Fucking mix up the two.
She stood on a slug on her in her bare feet.
And ever since that day, she was never my sister again.
It was horrible.
Yeah, I forgot you existed.
Look, that must be the megaphone.
Looks like it's trapped in some spider webs.
Those must be charity webs.
What is it?
A secret.
All right.
On That's it.
Come on, play out the scene.
All right.
What do we need to do?
Styrofoam Peanuts.
She Oh, man.
If only it was that easy.
If only it was that easy in real life, Luigi, you might be able to free that megaphone if you burn away the spider webs.
I know I've done it before, but I just don't know.
We're to get the fires.
That's my confusion.
My coin.
This big giant coin?
There's a bunch of them.
I can't do anything with them.
It's cause it's a set.
Maybe have to coordinate with some of the other scenes.
Take this.
You dance Friday webs.
It didn't work at all.
There's a giant hammer.
There's a giant wrench run button.
Um, I'm too used to the s box.
All right, well, we'll uncover all the TVs first.
So blue goes down to this door.
What do you have behind door number Blue?
What's your favorite scary movie?
We watched them mean everyone watched the scream movies again recently.
One of the 1st 3 the original trilogy, The original Edgy, The original Aji.
That's a word.
I'm gonna coin that word right now.
The original trilogy like Star Wars.
You don't call it that?
The original trilogy called it the Original Aji.
You're welcome.
I've contributed to society beyond YouTube videos, these YouTube videos, they're contributing to something.
It's not society.
Okay, connect you back.
I I don't know what the point really is.
The of connecting them back.
Okay, this is a great room because it just has money in it.
It said it was gonna have coffee, and I absolutely adore coffee.
Give me that dirty bean water every single day.
I drink far too much Coffee is it is.
But I will also accept money because money is the gateway to getting more coffee, huh?
That's using your brain.
That's using your noodle pork.
Wa Oh, yeah.
You know what?
I just got money.
All right.
Thank you.
That's very nice.
I love money, you know.
Okay, Ladder who?
More money.
You know how they say some people have buyers upon bars like rappers?
Luigi got buyers bonfires, but just rich.
I got it.
Okay, send those down.
There you go.
Destroy the place.
Luigi, break some rules.
Get out of my way, please.
I don't need to share to follow me.
I already have a pet ghost dog.
Oh, guys, No.
Oh, no.
How you Georgie?
The next boat.
Do you want to pick new todo man it?
Chapter two was not good.
Well, it had its moments.
It just wasn't as good as the 1st 1 I love me some some dope ass clown acting, but in the 2nd 1 it was just ah, hobbled mess of story lines.
I think I also just hyped it up too much.
I was really excited for it was my most anticipated movie of the year.
That joker.
Okay, this is basically saying that every every place I've been to so far is just a scene in a movie.
These are all sets from the other areas.
It's very meta push.
All right?
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be.
That's awesome.
This is This is game of Thrones.
This is the last episode again.
We're not the last episode.
The last season of Game of Thrones.
This is just Winterfell.
Um and now I want to see it through that all the time.
That was way more epic than what I'm about to do.
Yes, Luigi, That's what?
I wanted the wall.
Okay, we're fine.
There you go.
So anticlimactic.
And mom?
Damn bananas.
They're good for you and the party for five a day.
But God damn, are they slippery?
Freaking bananas on my right.
It's been a while since I rescued a friend, huh?
I have a lot more friends to rescue, but so far it's only been towed.
And I almost have all the floors and covered Golden right?
Almost kissed.
God, Luigi, you are positively loaded.
What's the point to all these areas?
I didn't even realize it was a blue screen sitting me recorded stuff on blue screens before.
Blue screens are just like green screens.
But I'm I think blue screens might be easier these days.
I'm not sure I don't use stuff very often, but, um, you like you's a blue screen.
If you have too much green in your scene, this is obvious Shit.
I'm not tryingto pretend like I'm some genius or anything.
I'm just explaining money.
Come back here.
It's raining, man.
Hallelujah is raining money, man.
That's just want sore And didn't because he needs his megaphone.
There was some fire in that scene, though, so maybe we can use that afterwards.
Tiny boy.
Oh, no.
Hold on.
I don't need to destroy it.
Jackie boy.
Frickin rats.
Stop it!
I didn't actually do anything.
I thought I needed it for something, I guess.
Not me.
A rat.
I'm gonna open up an extermination service after this.
Give me the money.
That's Jerry Maguire.
A smoke machine.
Oh, yeah, I get that ambience going.
Oh, if he's supposed to go in there, don't look in the weld.
Oh, the Ringo will come out seven days and all it is.
That is for Georgie.
That's a little sailboat in it.
This music is creepy, and I love it.
What does it look like through this?
Oh, come on.
That's so cool.
Forget it.
Look like this in the game power of movie magic.
It's okay.
Dollars okay at all.
Okay, all the TVs are back on.
Now the question is left.
What the frak or do I do?
Okay, Okay.
You do your thing there, but, um, golden rats.
Would you like some lunch?
Director, I still I still think you're a good director.
I haven't seen what you've directed.
I'm going to trust that you're good.
You wanna Cristante because I've made you French.
Wait a second.
You know who's a good director?
A good cameraman.
Gu ae g datu.
No, he's terrible.
He's a good actor, though.
Watch this.
This doesn't make any sense.
What was I saying about bad actor?
I like it.
I like it into the head of Luigi.
He's just He's going along nice and dining.
That's with me.
It's like ago shows up, and he's like to add it up.
All right.
Don't need to make you grow.
You need to grow, bro.
They took these off.
That's fucking weird.
Can I suck these off?
Is that something I could do?
Wait, can I go up?
I don't think I don't think there's anything else in here for me to get up on.
But I do think I need to water this somehow.
Do we really have to connect the scenes?
All right.
I don't think I should be here yet.
Okey dock E.
Let me try one of the other ones.
Um, the last one had water in the well, let's let's train that?
Oh, no.
Mechanics more.
The scene.
I was like, Man, we can explore the scene as as my character.
Um, we turn on this first that will work.
I I want smoke.
Yes, yes.
What's in the Well?
Oh, no.
It's getting really creepy.
It is a ring do.
Oh, she got a little dickhead, though.
You want your I was gonna ask if you wanted your boat back.
I guess not.
I want it up to the house.
Put something in your hands.
But what?
I don't see anything else around here to get something from another scene.
Let's blow.
They throw their hair out.
Old God, I regret blowing the hair out of your face.
That's a face only a mother should.
Okay, I'll be back.
Be back.
I can't.
I don't want to be.
I don't want to be in this scene right now.
Let me take the other one.
What was in the right wasn't the first area with the actual megaphone in it.
There was a camera here and I didn't even mess around with it.
Ah, Dude, this is epic.
That's not even they.
That's magic, baby.
Okay, Don't worry, ma'am.
I will save you.
Cute actors.
No, they don't.
Do you want to kill me?
Actually, wait.
Does that work?
Fire When a ghost come here.
Are they actually putting out the fires?
Should I should I not kill them?
Hey, I think I have to do that.
Fire extinguishers myself.
Wear like a book.
Very secret.
Just went away.
It's a but oh, cam down.
They're just your friends.
You're already dead altogether.
You probably just respond somewhere.
How's that feel?
I bet not so goodly.
You do what you gotta do.
You gotta do shit breath.
I can do it too.
Oh, yeah.
Um, but what do I do when I took up the fire, but the fire in the vacuum and it spit it out in people afterwards.
What about that fire hydrant?
Maybe next time.
The ladders.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm not even in the scene anymore.
Oh, God.
Maybe he just doesn't get hurt by fire.
Never mind.
He's dead, huh?
Okay, wait.
What the hell do we do?
I'm so confused.
Um, there's much else I can interact with here.
A chair, but not really.
Is anything in the boot of the car.
No, you have to go back to the Let me check the first scene again.
Louis, there's fire on this.
Do you think you could use the fire that burns spiderwebs?
Because I do.
In fact, I'm sure of it.
No, you need to.
Something to carry the flame with you to another room.
I know I need the thing from the medieval set with the fire on it.
And then bring it here and then set it on fire and bring it to the other place.
But maybe the maybe the first room has something for the lady at the well.
And then the lady at the well has something for the medieval water.
The medieval wanted something for here.
And then this one has the one for the 1st 1 You know, I'm just gonna check.
This is taking me far longer than you probably should.
He dares.
Um Oh, yeah.
That's camera.
This one.
We did not realize that those cameras here.
So what's behind?
God Gross.
Who lets gold spiders so Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, that's good.
This spider doesn't even do anything.
He's a phony fake.
Get in the booth.
You did it.
Oh, no.
Wrong button.
Um, Okay.
I feel very fucking dumb.
Maybe if I bring a nail and put it in the lady's hand with that work?
No, because I can't suck it up, Okay?
Get rid of everything here first.
Ma e money really is the only currency, isn't it?
Can I have more?
It's because it's a giant money and it turns into lots of little monies.
That's deep.
Turn your big money into lots of little money.
Jack, stop the guy.
No, don't do that.
The comments are already awful lately.
Not in what they say, but just their formatting.
Fucking hated.
He's gonna well on him.
Can I do anything to you?
I have a book.
It Okay?
Can I can I put you in there?
Oh, no, I I know If I should have done that, I should Hello?
We'll get the duck on your head.
Maybe now you have a book ahead, and then I won't have to look at you.
That's great.
Yeah, I get it.
She says gonna Europe only God you actually are holding the book it.
Are you serious?
And it's one of water.
Oh, and have a bucket full of water.
Oh, my gods!
I feel like I just looked out of sheer stupidity with this one.
The book was just lying there.
It was so innocuous.
Now I can use this toe water this.
Oh, man.
God, I was here for ever trying to figure that out.
Okay, Let's need the book it here.
Let's have you pick it up now.
Yeah, Yeah.
Okay, Dutcher.
I see.
I see.
I see what you're getting me to.
000 Oh, man.
Oh, if the fight I don't want to fight.
I just want to water my gardener.
Come here.
You guys aren't even tough.
You have swords and you still can't beat a good monster.
I have Person is almost Jesus.
This is game of Thrones.
Oh, no.
There's more Lord of the Rings than anything now.
Okay, Get you smack the other lithe.
So cut both of them.
That's a shield, Dumb ass.
Now you go IgI I'm the dominus.
Yo, yo.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Can I just do it now?
Can you Can you stop bothering me that one just went sailing.
No, no, no.
Oh, what am I doing?
What I'm doing.
I know, I know.
Shut up.
OK, It just needs to break it again.
For some reason, I thought pressing B was gonna drop the bucket, but it didn't be to bucket B to fuck it.
Okay, now we got this.
Did he die?
He's a good lad.
Okay, You got it.
Good job, bro.
A good actor, Gooey G for Oscars, maybe.
Question Mark.
I think Luigi deserves it.
Now we're going to the fire scene.
Hopefully, I don't have to fight all the ghosts again because I already did it.
Please be nice to me and a nice boy.
I'm a nice Luigi.
So let's go Greedy, Okay?
I don't fight him again.
Good, huh?
Man, make fire.
Okay, I'm It's probably not gonna do it, but I'm gonna I was gonna say I'm gonna suck it from the back anyway, In case they suck out the fire, I want it took out the fire.
So this is right.
The TVs are necessary because you can't go through the doors with the with the item.
All right?
We figured it out, gang.
Let's go, gang.
Uh, no.
There we go.
That's a lot of Borden's going on.
There's a lot of sequencing.
Okay, Mr Spider, The way I need Thio.
Get ready for good acting.
Now go easy.
Good acting.
Uh huh.
I I'm going.
We're going for the Oscar this year.
Oh, God.
I didn't know it would kill you.
Can this just be a thing?
Now, where I just bring this back to the dude and he's like, Thank you.
Here's Here's the button.
I don't have to fight him.
I want to become best friends as friends.
Maybe you go sucker blue Monte.
I think he actually is French.
Hey, you with a sick off.
Hold it right there.
I didn't notice until now.
But your face you have some nice A few jars.
He is French And your build?
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Uh, you would go great in a porno.
I see all the makings of a star.
My creativity is shaking off all the dust and searching to life.
Oh, my sweet Babylonian baby, Come gun.
Let's start shooting.
Where's my cool places?
Everyone take your places can we do?
That sounds like fun.
Big marriage Middleman.
Big Luigi Small City would be a big man.
Small village.
You wanna be a big man?
Big carpet, small town folk, off of model village.
10 points for that reference.
Siri's is just a bunch of references.
Dudes, I am not an actor.
You got this, Luigi?
OK, game face.
All right.
Method, honey.
And actually Oh, this is awesome.
Uh oh, No.
You know, they're not really Koji sama.
That's so fun.
God, look at this.
It's so creative.
Push him off into the ocean.
Okay, that's not working.
Um What What do I do?
Suck it up.
Look up the ball.
It's not working.
What if I What if I push you into things?
It's not working either.
Oh, you sucked.
Okay, wait.
If I push the ball into you Ah, it's a battle of wills.
Neither of us are named.
Will exit All Excellent.
Keep it up.
Okay, I will.
We'll do it again, bro.
It was a different ball.
That's g d.
What is the green ball?
Do seems blue.
Okay, Gunny, Come on, try it.
Try it.
Oh, it's working.
Oh, Um Oh, you're gonna get it now, buddy.
Oh, get ready, Toe socket.
Get ready to suck it, Dumb ass.
The power of two.
Okay, I need this heart.
Thank you.
Were a great deep.
Excellent work, you two.
My gut tells me this is going to be a masterpiece in Magnum Opus.
Okay, now I need Red, I think.
Hey, what did they do to you?
Stop being a dick.
You know, I'm trying to suck those balls.
Give me the hurts.
Any There it hurts.
It hurts.
Mommy, it hurts, Okay?
They are different.
Greeny again.
Here we go.
Get him.
Go easy.
Get him.
Get a mess.
Him up.
Now is your chance to achieve stardom.
Oh, it's just like when Harry fought Voldemort.
You just Casper.
Dumb ass ghost.
No, this.
Oh, this is art.
No, this is easy.
No, this is a Wendy's cut.
Oman zero Awesome menu.
Feek Video.
Oh, you got your movie cool.
Lucy, I have something for you, Mick.
Friends and movies.
Not this Y y you g ive y I can go see the final cut of the movie.
I'm a star.
Oh, he's a hero under stair.
Technically, that's me too, because I'm wearing the hat right now.
You easy, silly.
Luigi's in, man.
You vic.
Okay, let's see what the movie looks like.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
E Oh, no.
I think he was actually supposed to be Italian, but I made him French.
Oh, man, that's sad.
He just wanted to make a movie.
Let's see the movie.
Is that it?
Do the frickin hacked.
Dude, We recorded so much more than that.
And you want to roll the camera in, like, 15 frames of it?
Get out here with this weak ass breathing air on Mars.
Scorsese, Steven Spielberg.
No, you're a hack.
Your fraud.
Also, I think I broke thes at the start.
The level they're just boxing it around right now.
All right, way got nines.
Yeah, Same hat.
We're best friends.
Oh, you looking at six there for a second?
Oh, you You know, um, listen here, Cheshire word that I'm not going to say because they give me de monetized.
Um, what a freak.
Oh, you're right.
Ding iss.
It's not over yet.
Um hello.
Threads of the guests.
Let me check this Director room first is Houston Gaze.
No, no.
Uh, okay.
For what you've been here for, the cameras are all broken.
That feels like sock.
Okay, I'm not going through the TV's the animations for too long.
Are you in here, huh?
Immediately goes into the TV.
Write that in the comments, guys, jacks up.
The guy doesn't want to go through TV immediately.
Goes through TV.
Jack Jack.
Don't fucking write that ghost.
Can you trace of themselves in areas?
All right?
You went through this one.
Oh, this dude's just working.
No, he's got all these guys came through here and ruined it.
Oh, yes, that's satisfying.
You can crush all the little dude with the big dude.
Come here, Fakers.
Howdy, partner.
You could just keep her crap.
Another *** just keeps slamming in the same direction.
I don't need to go left and right with that, they can just keep smacking.
So anyway, I started smacking.
Could you Could you not?
Growth, bro, Could you like, not?
Dude, are you okay?
This factor ago you went up here, he went into the house to chase the mouse.
You know, academic.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Jesus Christ.
Holy shit.
I can't fucking sucks, bro.
Where you going?
You trained do, huh?
Come on down.
All right.
I'll come get you then, Dick.
Maybe you should have left to go easy down here, Actually, maybe go easy.
Should go after.
There we go.
And what did he approaches you?
That's your chance.
Be patient.
Wait for the right moment to use the Strobel uncovered.
I'm just taking my time here.
E God dammit!
Oh, I have to be far away.
Okay, Okay, okay, okay, I get it.
I have to turn my back to you.
I got it.
Damn it.
Okay, okay.
Let's wait again.
I didn't realize while you hold out a you can't turn around with it, okay?
I need to wait a little longer.
He got you Fuck off.
Okay, I need to wait a little longer.
Jesus Christ.
Maybe I should get closer.
Wait for this.
Every time.
You going to do a thing?
Here you go.
There it is.
Give me one of those tales.
Who I actually did take a tail.
Okay, let's do this song and dance again, shall we?
My brain is just not working today.
I'm recording too early.
And I'm so sleepy.
You're in here.
Ah, Okay.
Here you go.
Don't God.
Jesus Christ!
Where you going?
He's really the damn floor.
Oh, I know.
Luigi, This is is quite the harrowing adventure.
Fall off!
Fall off!
Can you even fall off now?
He can't fall off.
Okay, Up.
You fought off there.
Well, I have to bring this to the fire.
We'll do that afterwards, Robin.
Well, I can't go in the floor.
Is there traces a wait, wait.
Maybe if I just Oh, nope.
Maybe he wanted to be a big cat in a small town.
The scent is really cute.
What's It's just here.
Maybe he's in the well, maybe bloody not.
There's nothing in the well anymore.
It looks like the Pota kitty went through the floor.
Gotta wait.
How about checking the floor below this one?
I didn't know there was a place to get to the floor below here.
Oh, big brain will not really just regular brain.
There's such a thing as an elevator.
Thank you for letting me know that I'm going in the right direction.
I don't wanna fight affecting beaten, but, I mean, if I have to Yeah.
Ah, uh, little bubble boys.
This'll area is like one of the tricky ones out of the whole thing.
So far, it's almost like the game's getting harder as it goes on.
You know how I feel about that?
What are you guys doing in the elevator?
Way should be in there.
Ah, you're facing the wrong way.
You're facing the wrong way tonight.
Here we go.
I wanted to suck both.
Oh, that works.
Oh, yeah.
In we do.
Eso Ron nine.
Right now.
Let's go to know we're on eight.
He talk nine.
You got this, Luigi.
You could do it.
You're a powerful strong boy, and I believe in you.
Okay, that took ages.
Oh, I was just Whoa all year.
Yeah, I was just trying to look for Paul Prints.
Oh, I didn't even see that line there that's covered bats like that.
You just get scared of leaves.
All right?
Is he in here?
Oh, God.
Oh, ghost bees.
Oh, that's satisfying.
That's so satisfying.
Okay, everybody, line up.
Come through your old swiftly.
So easy.
Okay, where is this cat?
Mess him up.
Still going up?
Is he gonna be at the top?
What happened to this?
Thank gone.
It just spawned you back up here and this to make you go all the way back up.
What happened to the big plant that I had earlier in here?
Thank God I don't go all the way up.
Wait, I probably do Don't say anything just yet.
There, Jackie boy.
He went up anyway, didn't he?
The factor.
God damn it.
I was like, Oh, he's in here.
I don't have go all the way.
That's not that's awesome.
And then you come in here just Oh, unless wait.
Unless behind this I mean, I doubt because it looks like it's going up.
Sneaky Beaky, get him and stuck up the cat.
Sick of the get screwed cat sucks.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm just gonna stay here and then you do your thing.
E g.
There you go.
That's a good catch.
Give me that tape.
Only one left, Little pussy.
Uh oh, God, damn it.
You hiding in one of these?
Are you hiding in the next room?
That's what I want to know.
Then you're in the next room.
No, you're not.
You're in one of these piles.
No, You got out.
Went up.
We What are we gonna do?
Is he still even in this rumors?
He got up to the next floor again.
I hope he's not going up to the next door again.
Oh, God.
Just fighters that we do.
You'll be fine.
I don't like the sound of that.
No signs of him here.
What is that?
Let me go!
Oh, yeah.
Double trouble.
That's how you get double teamed with the thick sock.
They see it?
I see your little Baxter.
Get it?
I have nothing to break this with.
Never mind.
I can't get that out of there.
I'm gonna break this if I don't have anything.
I do not know.
I know you're right there.
Wait, hold on.
What was that just doing?
That was Oh, How was I getting some of that?
Well, not even being near it.
I don't get I don't get it, but I'll take it.
Spiders hate regular spiders, but money, Spiders air.
Pretty cool.
What just happened?
All right.
I think you got hit by the spiders and died.
Weird s so much money.
So much money for a little boy.
Wait, is this even got to do with this at all?
Where did he just dying?
Don't get what's happening.
Come here, you little puff balls.
Little ball of flame.
Okay, I still don't really know how t
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Luigi Becomes An Oscar Winning Actor In Luigi's Mansion 3 - Part 5

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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