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Beveren update for you.
Before this episode starts, I've been doing a little bit of playing off camera.
No stories you haven't missed out on much, but eventually I got to the point where you were missing out on us.
But don't worry, I've got the evidence for especially me and Jim were doing some max rage, which are the things that we did.
I think in the first episode in the wild area.
And I didn't think we come across any decent Po.
Come on.
But we did.
We got two new members of the team.
First up, we gained this guy, which has just been confirmed in the polka bull.
Cool since Lapis is like a fire kind of centre peed.
I think he looks awesome.
He also looked absolutely incredible as the diner Max Pokemon on.
Then out of nowhere, I thought I would just do a missed the mime rage.
And then this guy pops up Guillory in Mr Mime and he is phenomenal.
He is easy.
The best personal My team.
No joke.
Here we are, back in the wild area.
I thought I'd show you the receipts for the poke one that I have captured because the team has changed up a bit.
This is now, Buddy.
Looks like we got off evil.
Still rocking the dark type moves.
Now we go Kaleri in Mr Mime.
Eiko a Level 25 which is insane.
He's got really good moves as well.
We got dozen gleam, confusion, pound and rapid spin.
He is indeed a ice and psychic type.
Incredible typing.
Welcome to the team, you weird little creature.
Let me have Corvis Squire and surface to we got in the previous videos.
We got wacky as well and then sizzling peed, who is very under level right now.
But it's going to be our fire type now.
In the last episode, we learned that we had a fishing rod.
So why I thought we would do it's quickly find a fishing spot and see if we can grab a water type Pokemon because I still don't have one of those on dhe.
My new rules for this Let's play it.
I'm only gonna be able to use new Pokemon, So I need to find a new water type as well, because the next Jim is gonna be fire, so we need to get water type up here, stat.
And I think there's one right here.
This ignore that Gary does for a second.
Annette's try efficient.
Let's give it a go.
I want new water.
Polka born only concentrate.
We got magic up.
That is not what I wanted to know.
Let me do some fishing for a bit.
See if I can fish up a new Pokemon.
If not, we need to go meet Director Rose because he has demanded our presence at the restaurant.
Well, I've hooked to guarantee us a very strong looking Garrett.
Oh, thank goodness the evil has the automatic runaway ability.
That's gonna be a low chance.
My goodness, I'm kind of shook right now.
I would love to add you to my party, buddy.
You don't come under the rules on daikon.
Capture anything under 25.
I think I'm just gonna quit while I'm ahead.
This whole fishing thing a working out for me.
Let's just go to the restaurant.
We have been summoned.
I have arrived.
I have been summoned by someone and they're right here and it's dodgy boxer shorts.
Let's celebrate a recent victory.
I still don't trust you, though.
You were invited to.
I'm the one who won.
Come on now, baby tree into a real nice starfish dinner.
Look at this beautiful table, sir.
Anyone who has shades inside a shady inside way where he's dipping already.
He summons be here and stays the 30 seconds you never get to eat.
That was anti climactic.
I've now been left alone.
It looks like my friends.
Oh, goodness sake.
Maybe I've got a friend.
That's unfortunate.
Were guides a Moto Stoke have already been there.
And the fire?
Jim need a cab.
Ooh, Ryan is holed up in gallon.
My number two also, he's going to another mine.
Let's go see if he's got some useful information this time when his head down here.
Oh, it, like, literally wraps round.
That's kind of cool, girl on my number two.
That is our destination.
Let's go.
And if we can find a water type on the way, that'd be perfect.
So beautiful.
This is though.
That's the sunrise.
This is beautiful.
I love it.
Let's go.
Oh, already here.
Actually, never.
We've got scrag ease.
Shallows was that annoy.
Wait, This this fissure this better bring me a brand new po.
Come on, come on.
I need a water type to defeat this fire guy.
Okay, that is the brand new water type.
Heard he sucks.
Germans got one of these and she's a bit further than me in the game.
You know, that's what gun so far.
So I'm sorry.
See you later, buddy.
No, it's beady.
So Gem also told me that this is a guy.
A non old lady to me.
You're an old lady.
It's staying that way.
Bt after a sorry for my Pokemon who made them take part in the battle against low level opponents.
You know, like old lady.
That's the best of God.
Oh, that you wanna battle?
Come on them, buddy.
I'll take you down a book.
You into the north in her grow pot.
So all they have another Pokemon?
I wonder what it is, right?
People should be able to take care of this.
No problem.
No worries.
Just grab the But that's inside the little cell.
You, Mads, You should be ponytail eyes just clarion pony tar.
Let's see Mr Mime in action I just want to show him off because he's quite creepy, Like the normal Mr Mime.
But also hilarious.
There is glory in pony, so we can actually get this in our game, which is quite upsetting.
Yeah, I don't think I thought this through.
Fairy of us is very isn't the best type, But mind you, they're not doing much damage to us either.
What about dazzling glean?
Here we go.
He's so fab.
Ooh, they're both really fab.
Ooh, Is this the knockout?
Mom is level 25.
To be fair, he's actually the most powerful on our team, just out of nowhere.
So if you're looking for new Pokemon and powerful Pokemon, do the max raids there Really?
Grab it.
Brought it there we go die bit aggressive.
And then finally, I wonder if they've evolved the weird poke.
When they had the one that's called hate something, I think it's gonna be a beast.
It looks cute now, but I don't think it's gonna end up being it.
I'm gonna stay in just in case you have no nose.
It's exactly the same.
I'm very confused.
Just take it out and let's move on There we go.
Easy, Gramps.
Why would you have a ll four Pokemon week to dog?
That's ridiculous.
By B D o u Mads, get out of here!
Got my face.
Part of me.
It seems I take back my words.
Yeah, you should, you know, weak.
You just lack talent car, like get my hands on you.
Bt Oh, I don't want your cards.
You know what?
I I saw the option where you can get rid of these.
I might actually for yours into this.
Make right here.
What is that?
Stun Fisk, or what happens?
Did you see that?
I was looking.
I was like, I swear there's a polka bull in the floor.
Turns out it's a stump ISC, Right.
Let's try and I'm captured its.
That's a gallery in stump fish right there.
I have no idea what type it's gonna be.
If it was water, that'd be great.
But it's still got mud shot.
Never minds.
Regardless, I'm gonna try and catch it right now.
I've got him down to size.
Looks like I'm gonna about to catch him.
Let's see what this bad boy's about.
Come on.
One, two, three Hoes Don't face.
It looks like a bad trap.
Actually, it's a bit scary.
How money or one Grabo left.
This isn't good.
Come on, capture it One into some biscuit.
It's mad Week last one.
You know, Duck monster!
Here we go.
Last spoke with you staying here.
I won a flower knock you out.
That does it.
I'm not know that should kill you straightaway, Fam.
That's what you get.
You mess through the fire, you get burned.
Okay, so the state in the portable I desperately need to go to the Pokemon center.
Be right back.
I'll take your 20 Finest great Bulls Police 12,000.
But I'll take it.
Thank you.
Look, you see it?
You see in the grounds that bottom left it there.
That's a stump.
It's that inapplicable.
Don't m trick you.
Oh, check it out.
New Pokemon car call.
I told you that was a mine car episode to go back and watch it.
This means a fire type.
I think it does.
We might be in trouble here.
I need a watertight like a soon as possible.
Yeah, the mine cart rolling down the tracks in Episode two.
That's one of these?
I'm sure of it.
Rowley Coley's evolution, actually.
You know what?
Since since the Pedes.
So far behind on, I did a lot of rates.
Look, all these new items are I'm ready.
I'm looking for our X P Candies.
You can get some from your raids and stuff that they are.
Look, about 25 medium ones that use one on Sister Pete and see what happens.
Use one.
Let's see how much he gets.
Three thousands.
Holy cow.
Okay, it went up two levels.
I'm using another 1 3000 for X p candy.
01 more and he'll be ready to go.
Oh, my God.
This is broken.
Oh, we have, You know, enough, Max raids and stuff.
You can get decent.
Experienced the power of your Pokemon.
Do that.
So, Opie, with almost all the $25.
Well, that's insane.
Oh, no, It's these guys Hold up.
Let me just back to these guys.
Oh, my goodness.
Excuse me.
May saris.
You don't even have a name.
Your name is grown, eh?
That's embarrassing.
Ah ha.
Why Joe gone?
They said exactly the same.
These two people are crazy.
They're exactly the same motions.
There we go There, double about me and hop against team Yell.
I'd rather be on team yellow side.
To be honest, it's still got Lulu.
Oh, my goodness!
A level 22!
Lulu, can you evolve that thing?
Please Get out of here!
The evil Big Smacks.
Lulu, come on.
But you're letting the side down.
I need some damage.
And now you're gonna die.
Oh, no!
Is a pattern with you in the face are ripped blue So sad.
That's more like it.
Bring in the big guns just like that.
Hopper's learned how to battle Plan Turns out the way Team, yell out the way!
Let's continue, shall we?
Fellas are always here again.
What's going on?
Oh, jeez.
Team yellow Interrupting them now.
Team yellow.
So were there.
Just, like, got caught and then bounced.
That's kaboom!
Maddie's wicked.
I so need a water time.
I put desperately.
I'm worried that I'm no good lto take on this guy until I find one and drain one up.
Oh, he already knows about me too.
Once you get Stroud this mind your reach Moto Stoke get a good rest of the hotel and make sure you're both in top condition.
Yes, we get free rooms there because we're V I.
P is down that way.
There goes CIA later.
I'll see you in the battle arena taboo.
For goodness sake, calm down.
Please forget when all those guys come from students who are not towers all over the place.
Any other poke a man's looks like you got some bowers to d'oh.
I've gotta love t m's and tiaras, by the way, because that's one of the main things you get from your max raids as well.
So I got a lot of stuff that we could we could work with here.
Oh, ice beam.
Though I think I speak will be good on Mr Mime.
I think we get rid off pound and that's a decent set, Mr Minds looking strong Also Funny story.
This is Mr Rhyme.
I don't know whether this is an evolution or just a separate Pokemon but Mr my Mirror evolves or has a like a twin called Mr Rhyme We defeat this rate together me and gem but I couldn't catch him It sucked anyway, back to business Let me defeat these guys and then we're out of here.
What's always said.
Fancy a scrap with a copper over.
Get us.
Who wrote this look in his face.
He's way too happy to be a policeman.
Whoa, It's like he's doing a YouTube thumb now.
Now we should be able to go over this bridge here and make it straight back to Moto Stone.
That's the plan.
Here we are.
We have made it.
It's potable guy.
What's up, buddy?
So let's go to the end, which is a little bit suspicious.
I could just go to the Pokemon Center, but I feel like there's some story about to go down here or hops.
Gonna annoy me again.
Oh, never mind.
Told you.
I called it, though.
Marnie's here with a little he little poker, but its so cute Oh, wait, She's challenging me to a battle.
I should have gone to the Pokemon center of messed up.
Oh, for goodness sake, look them in the background.
Is she gonna have dark types?
That could be quite handy for me if she does.
Three Pokemon crow gunk is the beginning.
Marty's a cool character.
I think she might be.
Might Baber character, our ally Pokemon games.
This is a terrible start who don't want who I want.
Um Corvus way.
Let's go.
Oh, cool bus.
Still soul powerful.
My goodness.
More Peco.
This is the hamster.
I don't actually know what type it is.
Let's give Sister Pete some action.
I love the designers is with me.
Look at it.
More pack of Amazing Po.
Come on.
Look at it.
When it gets hungry, it changes.
So I'm gonna flame will and see what happens.
Ah, there it is.
Evil version has arrived.
Oh, you don't know what to do.
I think I'm gonna die.
And it's gonna do flame well anyway.
Or that it weigh less damage.
Maybe it does more damage when it's the kind one.
Unless when it's evil and then it switches every turn.
That's gonna win.
But I like it says that we know your debut didn't go very well, did it?
The critical hits from the leak, by the way, are so Opie.
It doubles the power of every move Pretty much It's craggy.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna be pulling those pants up forever.
I'm gonna destroy you.
There we go.
I really happy with my team.
by the way, Apart from the lack of water type for the next.
Jim, I think teams looking sound gets a better get to bed.
Yeah, I better get some sleep too.
More Paco.
Sorry for knocking you out.
You're still cute.
The next morning, that friend of yours already went off the challenge.
The next, Jim.
Okay, let's get this straight money.
If we're gonna be friends, you can't just be assuming the hopes, my friend.
He's more of a tag alone.
Oh, wait.
This is pressure.
I don't even have a watertight Pokemon yet.
What am I gonna all in hopes waiting for me?
Why is he always here?
Is he already being it?
Let me guess.
You've already done it.
I've already gonna know my fire.
But see, I knew it.
I'm just gonna give it a go.
I'm gonna do it.
What happens is time.
Sign me up.
I'm gonna change out my outfit, which is still annoying me and hop right away.
But it's still at the desk somehow there we go.
Fire type.
Jim, what is the challenge is going to be Oh, yeah, I have no idea.
He said he's gonna be a little bit different than the normal challenges.
So he's setting out to be saying with a it Stan, what's good, buddy?
The gym mission for the fighting.
Is this catching Pokemon out?
Wait, what on five points to clear the gym mission.
One point for defeating a Pokemon and two points for catching.
Oh, that's kind of cool.
You have to catch Pokemon.
That's insane.
And with always start right now.
Don't help me.
I need poker.
One, give me this one.
I'm taking this from you.
Hold on the seconds it's a double.
Oh, so we have to team up on it, okay?
I killed it.
I didn't mean Thio.
Far fetched.
I don't know the strength of it.
Okay, at least I got a point.
That's awkward.
Challenge of dance idiom creams.
One point.
Oh, you mad bro.
There's another Pokemon here.
What is it?
That lit wit e It is.
Okay, let's be kind to the liquid.
Let's do a little fury cutter.
Let's not go too crazy.
So fetched.
Leave him alive.
Okay, I don't do That's probably what's and I thought you were gonna d'oh But it's fine.
We'll just use a bite.
You know, I'm throwing a polka bull, dude.
123 But you have two points to trainers down, one to go.
So I'm talking about and we get to keep the poke one as well.
That's nice.
Two more points.
That means I'm a total off three.
Hey, Mississippi.
Okay, that's what you get, Sister Pete from normally.
Okay, let's be careful with this again.
We want to do not very effective, but not knock it out or use fake out on May.
I didn't think you could do that.
I've been gang up on.
I feel absolutely betrayed.
Almost burned me as well.
Who do you think you are?
I'm gonna quickly knock out this the land it real quick.
And then hopefully they can catch my poker one anymore.
By get out of my challenge, please.
And they claim these two points.
Thank you.
Oh, no.
I'm gonna die.
Oh, it's close.
I'm gonna use brute with swing.
I should have just done that anyway.
Oh, I'm an idiot.
Not to powerful.
I would've liked more powerful though I'm dead.
This is gonna know cow, isn't it?
Oh, no.
I need five points.
I need two more.
Yes, that's perfect.
Smokable, No.
Get in one, please.
This is repeated.
Stress me out.
One, two.
No, Let's try this again.
Shall we have weakened it a little bit more?
Come on, give me these two points.
Oh, let's go.
I didn't realize you could attack the other poker.
Well, it's funny that grants me two extra points on a mission is clear.
Is that the only mission?
And then straight to the leader?
Yeah, Straight on.
Okay, Sweet.
Do I need to heal the way?
Hold on.
Oh, no.
Can I use my items real quick?
Oh, this is unfair.
It's used to revive on my far fetched.
And then we should have some super potions left.
Super push in and then super pushin suite.
We're ready now.
This is gonna be rough.
Let's go.
There is, uh that was awkward.
Let's play, buddy.
Here is This is not gonna be a pushover.
He's got a nine tails from the get go.
Okay, that's actually quite worrying.
I need to time my Dinah Max pretty well here because I feel like this is gonna be difficult.
No walking away with this one.
Oh, he but me stray away.
That's really mean That Hoffs my attack, I think.
Yeah, I did like nothing on that was a Chris.
Well, that's being Troy Brouwer.
Ah, so weak.
His bun has destroyed me already.
We cannot use a burn.
Hell, Monty, give us some of these.
Just get some extra damaging because he can heal this, Remember?
Oh, how do I know he was gonna do that?
So annoying.
Why has been a cz?
Well, bye.
It's been Anna Burn.
That's mean.
Really mean.
I wasn't a critical hit either on.
No, sir.
Fetch is gonna lose his knighthoods.
Oh, what a spree.
Let's go out swinging, buddy are never mind.
Nine tails outplayed you.
Well, this is not a good stock like Atal.
I already don't have anything good against this.
Squire, you're a beast!
I know you can do this.
Oh, he's gonna burn me again.
So annoying.
You just knock out, please knock out.
Oh, dude, he's gonna heal is well, this is gonna be so annoying.
It's no gonna hell Fire spin.
Okay, We might be able to knock it out.
Will O wisp is so good I forgot how good it is.
Okay, Sweet.
That's one out the way.
I think it's nine toes so fast as well, right?
He's garroted this burn as soon as possible.
Our canine.
Yeah, I'm gonna switch.
Our coin is fast as well.
Oh, I'm struggling here.
I don't know what to do.
I need to keep my cool is quite healthy.
So I am going to home Clueless because he's probably gonna wither with me again, right?
Told you.
So mean?
Oh, he just used agility as well.
This is one fast our canine.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm just gonna keep smashing bone claws and seeing if I can survive this, this speed is gonna go up even more.
Oh, no, I'm in trouble.
I'm gonna sweat this out.
It's gonna be bad, Actually.
Think I'm dead.
I don't have to use quick attack.
Yes, OK, that was a good shot.
I need awards.
I'm so bad.
No one expand.
Then I die.
It's over.
It's so over the will O wisp is destroying me.
Everything I have is physical, which is what it cuts my attacking half your Mr My Main gonna last long?
I'm afraid so.
We should at least try.
I could, Dina Max, But I think that's gonna be a good choice.
I'm gonna die.
No, Max, Sir.
But I need to Mac survive in first.
Here we go.
Mr Might put in what?
Okay, we're in trouble.
We're in big trouble.
Then let's do a confusion.
My type Match ups are not the greatest.
Oh, that's better.
Critical at Mr Mind pointing.
Let's go, dude.
Mime is dead.
I need to sack off a Pokemon.
So I could Dina Max real fast.
I might be able to buy it some time with Sizzler P's.
Let's back.
Let's go for Max.
Revived on surface.
And then, sir, fetched is going to Dinah Max when it next comes in.
Oh, that is so much damage.
So much damage.
I'm gonna burn here, Mike.
Squire is well, sorry says lapis.
I'm so sorry.
All right.
Surface is gonna come in and swing big.
The only problem is, Well, is this guy's last poke.
One is going to Dinah Max, but Dina Max and then we're gonna use newsmax knuckle.
I have a feeling it's like super effective for some reason.
It's only got power of 70 though, but hopefully we can critical hit.
Just stressing me out.
There it is big Subsbench ready to destroy.
Youse will begin.
I hate this guy.
How is this going to do?
Is going to die.
Nothing right becomes a giant fist.
I did nothing.
Oh, flame, Will Hamas damage?
That's no bad.
I'm taking a lot of damage.
Knock him out.
That's what I'm talking about.
Okay, We're in trouble here, though.
Big trouble.
What is his last Pokemon?
The diner.
Pokemon Center Scorch.
Wait, is a sister Pete's evolution.
I think it is sent to scorch.
Oh, my goodness.
That looks great.
It's like a dragon.
Oh, no.
So this is a I think it's a bug Fire.
What's gonna be good against it?
I think we should just go for it, Max.
Darkness all the way.
Oh, no.
Here comes Gigante.
Max, I should have saved my corpus Squire.
Oh, that thing is feast E.
It kind of sounded like a mega ray quasi with that front bit.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't know if I'm gonna be out to win this buddy.
um my Dinah Max runs out very, very shortly.
That ain't no kinda.
Oh, no.
What's he about to do?
Sensitive Phono.
He's a G bag spoke of on.
Oh, Do I need to catch him?
Is the G Max?
Dude, I thought he changed.
He is a G Max Pokemon.
That is tough for me.
I'm gonna have to bag issued a freshwater on covert Squire.
I'm gonna wait for Dina Max to run out, or it's a powerful new Oh, get this wave dynamics to run out and Corvis choir can finish the battle with wacky.
I'm sorry.
I'm sending you in and you're gonna get burnt to a crisp, my friend walking track even.
Do knock off.
Is this priority?
Knock off.
Let's go.
I don't think you're faster, okay?
It's a little bit of damage.
That's good.
Max Flood to buy Buck, Move!
Why did he use that?
Okay, that's why.
Never mind.
Oh, this is down to the wire.
Covert squad needs to save the day.
It should be super effective.
And his G max should run out now because only three turns you used three attacks.
Here we go.
He has now been reduced to his tiny cell, which got the pluck sent to scorch from the air.
Okay, let's go.
We might have just coach this, bro.
Just about Is this it?
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, that made me sweat, bro.
If you don't have the right types, it could be over in a moment.
Corvis choir coming through.
Oh, that was terrifying.
Oh, man.
I need to learn how to get myself percent of scorch, because here's the same level was mine, and I don't have one.
I have learned that 4000 poker dahlias That was mad, intense.
Give me that fire badge taboo.
I have earned that one.
My goodness.
Look at it.
It's shiny, is beautiful at its my collection and outcast broken on level 35.
How did you do that?
Hot so easily.
And how's it go in?
Please take this.
Tm what you got, Willow, is Oh, you're just gonna kick me when I'm down, huh?
I hate that.
That was horrible.
Oh, I got the fire uniforms.
Well, that's pretty nice.
Oh, we need to go to What is he doing?
What is happening here?
Why the three gym leaders here?
They're just coming to see me off.
That's kind of weird.
Hospital, hospital, hospital hop.
You can do it.
You can do it than TDM taboo.
You go to Bali, buddy, But you're not so good for the chance.
That was an order experience.
I'm not sure I enjoyed that.
Oh, for goodness sake, Bt's here now as well.
They find you let you out the nursing home.
Oh, him and hope we're gonna battle.
Okay, that's very strange.
See you later, guys.
Have fun.
We need to go to that big castle that we went to.
Here it is.
We can't fly there, though.
We have bean here, but we can't fly there.
I would've bike ride ahead of me.
Let's go.
And now we've done that.
We don't actually need a water Pokemon anymore.
So we could ignore everything.
Well, Snow, Lex, My goodness.
Remember New Poke One Only I can only use new ones.
Is that the evolution of this girl?
Poke, What is going on?
Is this really cute?
I'm already fat.
Look at Connie of a walk.
That's got a cute I like that.
That's where we're in the big old castle of the top.
We made it.
Let me through, sir, You would let me through before.
It is confirmed that you have repeated three gym leaders.
Oh, for goodness sake.
Could you be off?
Hold up!
I doubt hopeful.
Becoming It's only natural after such a humiliating defeat.
There's no way he could look the champion of the eye.
I mean, that's not funny.
What did you do with them?
I'm sure he'll withdraw.
Oh, that's Oh, that's kind of sinister.
Things just quite a little bit weird.
What have you done with hop?
I've been asking hope not to bother me this whole time.
And now he can't.
Maybe he's been sent to the shadow room, The Pokemon shadow room.
Do you look at this.
What a great town That looks like a poker run itself.
You know, hammerlock.
This is insane.
And there should be a gym.
Here is well, but I don't know what type the gym is because gems got the ghost type and in this game is completely different.
What is happening here, Mr.
Chairman, I've been collected both wishing stars and Jim Patches.
Yeah, something's not right here.
There's something I wish to discuss with you.
Do you have a moment?
These guys are up to something.
Look, A shady ice.
It's the win is weird.
Boxer shorts.
This place is insane.
Ah, here we go.
Let's go and get some new clothes.
These clothes aren't actually that good, to be honest with you, but I might change my bag.
Actually, poison time's gonna be the 1 5000 Yeah, that's where that that's what we got.
Let's get out of here.
Pretty sure we have been summoned to the stadium, which is this giant Enormous castle.
Let's see what's going down Because something fishy is happening.
Havelock stadium doubles as an energy plant where your even scheme takes place are.
Yeah, I know what's going on.
I suggest you head over to the vault.
Can I not do the gym challenges?
Probable man.
What's good, buddy?
What possible you got?
What is it?
Level nice.
A pooka.
Well, that makes the easiest catch.
Pokemon are lower level than your own Nice.
Dude, Come on, don't do this now.
All this is the Dragon site One.
Oh, I didn't realize We need to come here for the last Jim.
Oh, Wait.
It's Leon.
What's good, buddy?
He's talking about hop.
Hop said to him, I'm so sorry, Lee.
Oh, no.
He lost to that challenge of beauty.
Now he's got a meeting with the chairman as well.
Lots of weird stuff going on down here.
My friends, Wait.
Stuff, indeed.
Are you the gym leader?
Here it is.
And he's gonna show us to the vote for some reason.
We need to go in here and look at golden.
The stuff I'm hoping to see.
Riches, my friends.
Riches, I tell you, apparently it's just up here.
But why would they let anyone into a vault full of treasures unaccompanied so I can steal things?
Oh, it's empty.
Never mind, have you?
They're all what's going on here, Sonia.
Oh, that tapestries.
This is of the darkest day.
They watch a wishing star.
The disaster occurs, but sword and shield prevails, and they just get married.
Um, I'm gonna marry hope.
I don't want to do that.
Give me two revives.
Actually need those.
I was terrible in the last one.
I was expecting gold.
I'm a little bit disappointed.
That's a shame.
You can actually bike up the stairs.
What's this about?
To find the laws of physics.
Look, these trophies and stuff, they're kind of cool.
I'm gonna win that top right one.
It won't be long.
Will be in my hand soon.
Why are you waving at me?
What is happening?
Why are you waving at me?
I just found this random guy near the water contemplating life.
And he told him Grass pledge that sweet.
Thanks, dude.
See you later.
So we begin Route six in the beautiful sunshine.
And I was hoping to get two more Jim's done today.
But you know what?
We're holding a 2nd 1?
Is that a silly cobra is cute.
Oh, for goodness sake, It's all due to his team.
The cultivation of civic.
Gerber gets a nice, peaceful sleep growing at your shouting.
Hold on.
There's no lady.
Hello, That If I promise not to wake the Pokemon, will you let me through?
Of course, it would be a pleasure.
You know the old lady for Not me.
Oh, Hubs back.
What's going on, buddy?
I thought you weren't gonna interrupt anymore, but apparently he's back.
Big rock smash.
That's what I'm talking about?
It doesn't matter about three level gap.
Get out of here.
All sigh beam.
Forget an old move, so we're gonna have cyber him and ah, ice beam, which is awesome.
Let's take over confusion.
We don't need that Mr Mind, Son into a beast.
My friends, Absolute beast await hops.
Not gonna bow the other one.
His confidence has been knocked, even poisoned.
I could take you out.
Level 30 though I might be.
I thought I was over leveled, but never mind on before I died from poison.
I take out the light part and I think that it's the only pole.
Come on, you have experience of thousands.
I'll take it.
Go on, cry away.
Back home.
See you later, Hop.
What's going on, buddy?
You got some self confidence issues.
Bt really wiped the floor with me last time we battled.
Don't be sad.
Please don't cry.
I don't like you that much to hug you.
Yeah, he's going off to do some soul searching guys.
It feels like he's let down his brother.
Is it snaking a bite me now it's gonna go by hope instead.
Oh, wait.
Who's this?
Oh, it's you are you the next challenger?
I think you are, Opal.
I didn't make fun of you before.
I promise.
On off she goes.
It's gonna take her while I'm definitely gonna beat her to our own Jim order she has goes types to, Which would be good for me because I have some good doc moves.
Everyone's left me alone now, Thank you guys so much watching this Absurd.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Deliver, like, have a great appreciated.
Next time I'm smashing through two gyms.
I don't even care.
But thanks for watching this.
Jim was a tough one.
I'm enjoying this game a lot.
I think it's beautiful.
It's so much fun.
And let me know in the comments section below which one you would like me to try and get?
Next member has to be a new one.
I can't be used in the old ones in this one.
We're celebrating the new generation here.
Thanks for watching.
I'll see you next time.
Good bye.
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I ALMOST LOST in Pokemon Sword!

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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