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We just finished a podcast with Jacqueline Clan and social repose.
Oh, my God!
Fucking relationship goals!
So many feathers.
So many questions.
We talked about sex.
We talked about God.
We talked about YouTube.
We talked about drama, Drew.
Did you enjoy it?
I had a great time.
Did you guys enjoy it?
Terrified of me.
I know.
School junior outside.
Glad associative prince.
Hey, want to be guys?
Welcome back to another conspiracy theory for today's video is kind of all over the place.
We're gonna be talking about some dumb things and some really scary things that might be threatening us, Right?
But first, let's start with something dumb.
But honestly, it did kind of blow my mind when I heard about this one.
This first conspiracy theories about Starbucks.
So as all of you guys know, Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee chains in the entire world and the baristas are credibly talented.
I mean, the amount of insane drinks they have to make all the personalized drinks that uniformed frappuccinos, the complicated abbreviation system that they write on the side of the cub.
They have to be incredibly smart to get all of that shit, right?
And to get it done fast.
So if they're smart enough to do all of that, why can't they get your fucking name right?
I can't tell you how many times there's been a why in my name or Z, my name is Shane, and this is something that pretty much all of you guys go through.
I mean, pretty much every single person that's ever ordered from Starbucks has had a crazy misspelling Internet.
I mean, it's pretty much a mean at this point, so that's where the theory comes.
What if Starbucks is purposely mis spelling your name so that you will take a picture of it and posted on social media for free publicity?
I know literally sounds crazy, but makes so much sense.
I can't tell you how many mornings I woke up and have scrolled remains to Graham, and so many people are following our posting pictures of their Starbucks Cup in the wrong name, or Snapchat saying, How did they put a V in my name?
My guess is that hundreds of thousands of pictures posted every single day from Starbucks customers that got their name look, so that's hundreds of thousands of more people that are constantly showing pictures of the Starbucks.
So if this theory is true, then that means that when you're getting trained as a barista, your bosses like, hey, misspell as many names as possible.
Make It is weird is you can't James put me in there because the more pictures means the more free market.
I don't know that one to me.
I have 100% believe it.
Okay, this next conspiracy theory is about something I can't get away.
This is a theory about vengeance.
Spinners have taken over the world.
It seems like every single person I know is constantly posting pictures and videos and Snapchat of them spinning little fidget spinners.
So there's a few theories about these little toys.
Some of them are pretty farfetched, but one of them actually makes a lot of sense.
Okay, first of all, I don't have to say confirmed, but besides that, the real theory is that fidget spinners are meant to distract us.
Now, the idea the government or distracting us with certain things is not new.
Remember a long time ago, we talked about the theory that Britney Spears was actually being brainwashed by the minority and her mental breakdown that she had shaved her head and stuff that was to distract us from what was actually going on.
Now, At the time Britney Spears shaved her head, President Bush was going through a lot that he did not want us to focus on.
So that theory is that the government used Britney as wheat, distract us now think about the world currently and how insane it iss all the craziness is going on the White House, all the craziness that's going on with Isis attacks.
But what is everybody in their mom talking about instead of those things bucking fidget spinners?
I mean, if you go on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media, yeah, you'll see a couple people talking about serious issues.
But for the most part, it's all fidget spinners.
Now I know you're thinking this is probably far fetched, but let this sink fidget.
Spinners were invented won t years ago.
They have been around for 20 years, but all of a sudden they're taken over.
Is that because the people in charge like oh, fuck you need a distraction?
Uh oh.
The's perfect now part two of this theory is a little more intense.
And that's the theory that China is using fidget spinners to take over.
This is an article from The Chicago Tribune, and it says, I don't know who planted these devices in our country, but it was clearly a malicious act intended to distract us from more important issues.
They also go on to say many fidget spinners are manufactured in China.
I know this because my extremely focused son recently bought a pack of 10 spinners from a Chinese distribute, and this is where it starts to get a little crazy.
At the rate things are going, the Chinese military could overrun the West Coast, and our Children will be too distracted with their fidget spinners to notice.
Now, clearly, he's joking about this, But there's a hint of truth in every joke the fact that most of these videos spinners air coming from China and the fact that we're all completely distracted by them.
Maybe that theory isn't that far fetched it all, and maybe we should start looking up from her fidget spinners to see what's coming.
Sign out.
Once again, these are just theories I love China.
I'm not tryingto piss them off.
But either way, I definitely think these fidget spinners are involved in something bigger than just helping us curing anxiety.
Because I'm guessing about 90% of the people that play with don't actually have anxiety.
Okay, now this next theory is something that is very scary, because it's something that's happening to us every day.
That is the theory.
The government is poisoning our municipal water.
Honestly, if it's got all they put other stuff in it to clean it, everything else that on top of that, they're medicating us with fluoride.
It's a chemical soup.
What's coming out of your tap water if you live in a place where you get florid ated water is a chemical soup.
That was you to rename the Listen Mountain, and she was explaining the process of water Fluoridation.
Now some of you guys might not know this.
I didn't know this.
There is fluoride and pretty much all of our now.
This started happening back in 1945 Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city to start putting chloride in their water.
By 2008 more than 70% of the United States had floor in there.
Now why is the government putting fluoride in our water?
Well, they say it's because it will help prevent tooth decay.
Really, the government's putting fluoride in our water because they care about our teeth Well, the theory is that the government is putting fluoride in our water to do a lot more than just prevent tooth decay.
They also want Medicaid US, make us submissive and make us easier to control.
We are being poisoned.
That's the bottom line.
And if you want to think about other things having to do with floor a little scare, you think about the fact that not relax people to the Florida water.
Before us was Nazi concentration camps, Hitler was florid, dating the water in the concentration camps.
Hitler puts Lauren and, you know, Hitler didn't give a fuck if all the people that he was keeping captive were getting, too.
He was trying to make them weaker and make them easier to control, And there is proof that that might be the most distressing.
Findings come from 18 studies done worldwide, showing a substantial lowering of I Q and overly florid ated areas.
Yeah, places that have more fluoride in the water.
The people have lower IQ's, which means they're dumber, which means they're easier to manipulate.
And it's not just about that.
It's also about killing us.
In a study by the U.
Public Health Service that was also confirmed by Harvard Medical School areas that had fluoride in the water at a higher percentage of a type of bone cancer.
I mean, listen, it does kind of make sense.
Cancer is spreading so fast, and nobody really knows how to prevent it.
Maybe that's because we're slowly giving it to ourselves with all of fucking water we're drinking.
And if you don't think Florida is dangerous, what's being added to municipal water supplies is a flooring compound called Hydro Flores Elicit acid.
And it's a byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry.
Yeah, fertilizer.
So not only is their studies that show that fluoride in the water is making us dumber sicker, it's also killing animals.
The environmental protection authorities has fluoride from Alcoa.
Aluminum smelter at Portland is making kangaroos shit.
Listen, all I'm saying is that there's something fucking fishy going on.
We've talked about Cam trails before, something that we still completely don't understand.
And now this.
They both seem very connected.
I mean, just, for example, in most countries in Europe they don't have Florida water.
And guess what their level of tooth decay is about the same as ours.
So think about that.
Next time you go to your faucet, you get yourself a big glasses.
Okay, Now, this next thing we're gonna talk about scared the shit out of.
You know, we've talked about creepy YouTube channels before.
This one by far, scared me the most.
This is a channel of a man who sits on the floor, stares at the camera and smiles for four hours.
Yeah, he literally just sits there and smiles and stares at you for hours.
And if you go through his channel, this is all it is.
Video after video after video of him sitting in the same place, staring at the camera for hours.
His name is Benjamin Bennett.
And he started on July 28th 2014.
In that video, he livestreamed for hours not making any noises and barely even now there's a lot of theories about this channel and apply it exists.
One of the theories is that Benjamin is being forced to make these videos by some crazy person who was kidnapped.
Now, in this video, you can hear the clicking off a gun, and then he starts to cry.
I know fucking creepy, this fuck on.
This isn't the only creepy moment this video's.
There's one specific moment that I saw his eyes elected this weird shifting thing just now.
After I watched more and more of his videos, I started feeling like, Maybe this is some kind of social experiment or art project.
I mean, a lot of people are thinking he is possessed or he's a demon or he's getting out.
But I think he's just an artist.
So I did some research, and I found out that, yes, he actually is a performance artist.
And then I found a video of him talking, which was really weird to see after watching him just sit and not talk for hours.
I know weird, right?
It's kind of like when we saw Poppy in that interview, when she was like acting like a normal person's just like Wait, what?
Well, then I thought another video of him doing something that might be even fucking weirder than sitting and smiling.
I don't understand that, but I love that.
So I found an interview that he did with Vice, and hey, explained why he decided to start.
The interviewer asked why?
And he said, I don't know.
It seemed like something that the Internet was lacking.
It seemed like it needed to be done on.
Nobody else was gonna do it.
I love that.
I love that.
He's like nobody's sitting and staring at the camera for four hours.
All right, I'll do it.
But there is something really crazy that happened to this guy.
So as he was sitting staring at the camera, somebody broke into his house.
But he didn't want to move because he didn't want to fuck up his live stream.
So he stayed there while the person opened the door, and we'll just watch us.
Well, that yeah, that was really literally got broken into.
This is a clip from his interview where, he explains, it was around Thanksgiving and I heard a knock on the door, and that was the only one home.
Then I heard some loud bangs and somebody lurking around downstairs while I was upstairs.
he opened the door and said hello, and I didn't move.
And he closed the door, left the house.
And then I just finished the session.
I found out that he had kicked in my door.
That is commitment toe art.
That is just terrifying.
Okay, so this next one is It's really stupid, but it's still kind of made me really creeped out.
I got an email from your name Charles, and he told me about this video.
Basically, the video is Vladimir Putin walking down the street and he waves at a pigeon.
And then well, what to watch if you missed it, check it out.
It's a motion.
Yeah, the fucking pigeon saluted.
He waited the pigeon and a pigeon went now in the email I got from Charles.
He basically said, What if the pigeons are secret spies?
Or what if they're fucking robotic pigeons?
And what if they have some type of technology inside of them and they literally are flying around spying on everybody?
It sounds crazy, but look at the fucking video again.
I mean, come on, the fucking pigeon saluted.
That was not a normal pigeon thing to do.
I know that one stupid, but it still creeps me the fuck out.
Okay, so the last thing we're gonna talk about really excited because this is something that we talked about a couple weeks ago.
So there's an INSTAGRAM account called I know exactly who you are.
So basically you d have them.
And then they send you a damn back saying a bunch of things about your life that there's no way they could know.
Now this account gets taken down a lot.
I mean, just in the last month, I think Instagram is deleted it, like, four times, But it came back.
I direct message, and I set up an interview.
Okay, guys, I am here with I know exactly who you are.
Okay, so, uh, this is a little scary because I don't know what you know.
I don't know if you're in my computer right now.
If you're in my phone, are you on Protestants of your mom?
Okay, so your instagram account is pretty crazy.
I talked about it on my YouTube channel and a lot of people of domestic Jimmy saying that you've known secrets about their past, about relationships they've been in about childhood memories.
Things that are impossible that you know.
How do you find these things?
Yeah, Just just like, look at your picture.
This is like to me.
My brain just told me, like, take war what you have done in your life, your life.
What have you done wrong?
Where have you been?
Right, and I just get so like a second.
Wait, So Okay, well, see, I didn't know that because I knew.
I thought maybe you were hacker who was pretending that you weren't hacking because you didn't want to get in trouble.
But you're saying you are hacking.
You're literally a psychic.
I mean, on instagram.
I just did it for 40 efforts like this, messing around people.
But then I started, like, really getting a deeper understanding what it was.
And I opened up the third eye, so I just really certainly No, I mean, listen, I'm a skeptical person, you know, I definitely believe in psychics and stuff.
I would call your bullshit, but some of the stuff you tell people is pretty crazy.
I mean, you you know things about them that they don't post on instagram.
Like I was looking at some of the wreck messages and a girl wrote back and said, How did you know that?
I've never posted about this person?
I've never told anybody about this crush.
I don't know.
I do kind of kind of by it a little bit.
It's a little weird.
Now, have you ever gotten some kind of like a vision about somebody that was too dark and you didn't want to tell them, Like maybe when they were gonna die or something bad was gonna happen?
I think it was Natalie, or like it was like settle in the end, it was horrible.
Her family, her father broke up with her mother and it's just like it was just so much.
I couldn't even tell her.
And I told a little bit.
She certainly written down client in Indiana, just like blowing it up crazy, and I just I just couldn't do it.
That's so interesting.
I mean, you kind of make sense.
I mean, you know, we talked about the psychic twins a lot on my channel, and they're psychics and they give people readings and stuff.
I guess this new generation of psychic is on instagram.
It kind of makes sense Well, that's another thing.
So Instagram has been shutting down your account a lot because they suspect that you're hacking people because your shit is so like, really, What do you tell instagram to say?
Hey, no, I'm not hacking anybody.
Give me my count back.
I mean, the first time, I don't believe it for a last minute and stop it.
But I think you know them.
And I am of them, right?
Saying like, I didn't do anything wrong.
And I look up there, turn to condition business like autumn breaking rules, and they had to provide proof that some of the gym your mind a lot of interesting.
Well, you know, your instruments been shut down a lot, but you keep coming back.
You have a lot of followers.
It's I mean, a lot of people are interested in this, even if you don't really believe it.
You know, it's still pretty interesting.
So you guys want him?
Theo, read your future.
Go check him out.
So if you got solidly, can you be patient?
Because I actually have a lot of records and I can't really get any.
Edwin, how many people are hitting you up like daily literally 10,000 times everyday.
Just 10,000?
Oh, my God.
Well, good luck.
Well, guys, if you send him a d m, it's gonna take a while.
All right, you guys, hopefully you intuit those conspiracy theories today, if you want me to do more conspiracy theory videos, and if you want to do that more often, give thumbs up.
So I'll also make sure to subscribe to my channel right down below and the notification bill, because I make videos every day.
And if you want to see any of my other conspiracy videos I've done once about Levin being the devil a lot, I'll put a link to a playlist.
Stop description below.
All right, you guys, I'm gonna go and please don't be so distracted.
Looking for the truth.
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22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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