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checking in at number three.
Puking up your guts Ribbon worms.
There are many species that can avert the front part of their digestive system.
Let's see what we have here.
Whoa, there we go!
Is gooey, sticky, sometimes toxic, branching on.
In some species, poison can be injected and the runner up on our list of horrors.
Boiling hot toxins.
Bombardier beetles have this remarkable defense where they can swivel the tip of their abdomen in the direction of a potential predator and pound an explosion, a micro explosion.
You can see this little cloud, this little puff, the chemical that can be upon pulsing from their bodies merely boiling.
So this is in Fahrenheit 212 degrees.
So when they directed to an aunt and could potentially kill those predators, Barrett's journey has led him through smelly anal glands and boiling hot, toxic but spray.
But one contender remains frying Is Oma, Texas.
Foreign lizard Spiky has really tough scales to protect itself, but Texas horned lizards have another remarkable defense.
They spew of fluid we might be familiar with, but in a totally new toxic form.
That's because these lizards eat venomous ants.
Incredibly, the venom doesn't affect them at all.
It's just stored in their blood like a gun in the holster.
And when it's time for a quick draw, you can't believe what you're seeing.
Projectile toxic blood shot from the eyes, man during evil Dead.
Why didn't we think of that?
They can produce blood from the eye socket.
They can shoot blood.
A fair distance that can also be somewhat acidic or talks spewing defense should inspire respect, fear, repulsion, admiration and actual celebration.
The diversity of life on planet Earth is marvelous.
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3 Of The Grossest Animal Defence Mechanisms! | Ripley's Believe It Or Not

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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