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face mice actually work.
I'm most worried about the elderly and Children who's most at risk.
What will happen if I catch a Corona virus?
We've been told to wash our hands, but what else can we do to protect ourselves?
So that gives you an idea of the kinds of things people want to be answered.
Let's start with that last one first.
How can we protect ourselves?
Okay, Number one is hand hygiene, good old soap and water.
And it's not just a quick dangle under the tap.
You've got to get a good, larger going.
Think about singing two verses of happy birthdays, loads of guides online to how you should wash your hands.
If you're not near soap and water, then you could use some hand sanitizer.
But the key here is gotta be alcohol based in order to kill the Corona virus.
Other thing is, don't when you're out and about touch your we'll do it your face, nose and eyes because you can pick up the virus from surfaces and infect yourself that way.
So it's getting out of those kinds of habits coughing into tissues, that kind of thing.
What about face masks.
We heard from Danny the barber.
There you have one here.
How effective are they?
Okay, These little paper face masks aren't really much good.
They may give a false sense of security.
Leave them, I would suggest to the medical Star because they need to be changed frequently.
They are quite good at preventing someone with an infection from passing it on.
That's traditionally how they're being used.
But those people really know should be staying at home on that question of who's at risk of some people more vulnerable than others?
What anyone can catch it.
The good news is young Children are really pretty much in the clear on this virus.
In fact, so far off the reported cases, only two out of 100 have been in people under 20 years of age.
Most at risk are the elderly.
The older you are, the greater risk on those with underlying health problems, things like heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.
But this is an indiscriminate virus.
It can kill young people as well.
One of the first to die was a doctor in China who first raised the alarm about it, and he was 34 requested from pizza on Twitter right now, How does how long does the virus live on surfaces such as male food and packaging?
And what's the risk from things like that?
Okay, there's very little evidence that there's any risk from getting post from Italy or China, where the virus could last there.
It can survive on on hard surfaces for quite a few hours.
Debra's also got in touch.
She's on Twitter, she says.
Is it possible to be a carrier of the virus but to know actually display the symptoms?
Yes, it is these carriers, and there's quite a lot of reported cases here.
They can be potentially shedding the virus and potentially infecting other people.
But those who are giving off the most virus are the most sick because, you know, they're coughing and sneezing.
And that's why healthcare workers are a particular risk.
Hi, I'm Sophie, I'm from Manchester.
How could protect Children from Corona Virus and, well, school's closing?
I'm chase.
I'm from United States, and I'm wondering if someone is working on a cure for the Corona virus and if so, how long it'll take to get to us.
Well, Fergus, let's talk about Children.
First of all, are they particularly vulnerable?
Should we be closing schools?
They don't seem to be particularly vulnerable, but Children are very good at spreading germs about on school.
Closures are always the first thing that public health officials turned to because they tend to bring the bug's home with them and then give them tow more vulnerable people.
So what's the Children in that case?
And what about that question about a cure?
And perhaps you'll also want to talk about a vaccine.
What treatment Sean is there, and how close are we?
This is a very new disease.
And so at the moment, there are many groups of scientists working on both production of a vaccine on dawn, which anti virals might be the most effective in terms of the vaccine that takes time so it won't be for about a year on.
That would be pretty quick if it comes then, so we mustn't rely on a vaccine in terms of the use of antiviral drugs.
They have been used in other viral diseases, and work is ongoing at the current time.
But again, any new development takes time, and in fact, in some cases, people will get better without any medical drill.
80% of people get better without that sort of treatment.
It is important to point out question from pool, he says.
Why have we not set up checkpoints at airports to test for the virus?
In some countries, you see those thermal images, perhaps well, those thermal imaging cameras aren't necessarily the answer because of recent study funded about 10% effective in detecting a fever on the other important factories that you will have probably untested a port of exit.
You won't have a temperature as you come into the country.
So it's much more effective to have a system that we have, which is flights from high risk areas are met and get people giving information about 111 and self isolation.
On a question here on social distancing from Claire on Twitter, she asks, Should I be wearing gloves when I go out or I'm around other people?
Well, gloves might help unless you then suddenly touch your face.
You'll be passing on maybe a whole load of germs that way, really social distancing.
We maybe ought to start thinking about not shaking hands anymore.
the French have advised the French citizens not to kiss on the cheek.
So maybe we should be careful about who we kiss on.
My friend from China said to do this Rather Theo.
New ways of social interaction do too hard.
We have so many questions.
And so let's try and fly through a few more.
Lots of people are asking about whether you're more susceptible if you have asthma or H I V.
What do we know about that?
People with suppressed immune systems?
Okay, so suppressed immune systems.
Definitely asthma.
Yes, no knowledge of whether people with HIV are any greater risk on Shawn, this one.
This is from Cy on Twitter, he says.
How do I tell the difference between a common cold and Corona virus through the test?
Probably unless your symptoms go on to develop into a chest disease on, then you're more likely to have grown a virus.
But a sniffle isn't normally associated with Corona.
Virus are the symptoms of little bit more is that the symptoms tend to be fever, shortness of breath.
Andi under cough eso under cold may not will probably have a brownie and noticing that, but it's not foolproof, and that's why the tests are being done.
There's a whole lot of testing being done to GPS and hospitals at the moment by Public Health England to see if we're missing any cases.
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Coronavirus: Everything You NEED To Know - BBC

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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