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Both of you.
I can't say what an inspiration you are.
Yeah, like I do a bit of swimming myself, you know?
But I know.
I know in water.
I don't What?
That land swimming, land swimming.
It's where I grew up in Kent in the drought of 1976.
If you are swimmers.
Yeah, 55 years old.
Ex doctor way really have to stop doing that.
Welcome to buy TV.
Firstly, Kathy, Thoughts on Brexit.
Oh, my God.
It's just the whole thing is just so depressing.
But, you know, um, I don't know what to say.
I have to watch my language, what I feel about Boris Johnson and what he's up to.
And you don't have to watch your language.
Well, what's my language?
Because I are sort of a result.
Bad language bit too easily.
Does that start with it?
So he's fucked up, Calloway.
Christmas be doing everyone for years.
That Christmas is crap.
So now everyone will be agreeing with Harry.
I am dying to know what your take is on Brexit.
I mean, I get asked lots of sort of hard hitting I can't put it in words.
So I do actually.
Did a painting Thio sort of communicate my about Brexit?
Yeah, if is it?
Yeah, I think he's got it.
Thank you.
So if anyone ever stop any one of the stops anyone stops me in the street and see Harry, what do you think about Brexit?
I showed him that on DDE that normally does the trick.
It's me being carried by a giant ape which is throwing rocks, maggot with the face with Gemma Collins.
I'm so ashamed.
That should be the Christmas cards.
Think what would we all do if if if this fabulous industry that were in fell through for us and then we had to go, you know, we had to go find a job.
What would I fought about?
A lot.
Go back.
Go back to the tills on Tesco because you got in mind When I worked on the tills in Tesco it was 2002.
So for two days of like chip and pin contact list, I was dealing with change, is it not?
I'd love to have a little go it now because I cannot be be brilliant.
Like them a little lot.
10 fingers or less.
I'll think they used to give me a pot for the challenge so I could scoop it out and not help give it to the customers.
But whenever someone comes over till it was always that pot just sat there.
It's over now and again.
Someone would just put in a couple of quid how man dialects matter.
What job would you do, Josh?
Two words.
Golf sale, water job.
That is just holding up a sign.
Yes, please, Theo.
Only job.
If you do something you're failing at your job, you have to do fuck all I never get asked about Brexit.
Yes, please also be on the off a golf sale.
They're already on sale.
My sense, Cassie, if I had to do a different job now, I think I'd look after Ted Lear's look after little kids.
Yeah, because Well, because they're a laugh on.
Don't knock you out.
I really like sleep more than anything.
So any excuse to get into bed before 10 is love.
They're gonna wire me.
Well, Professor, would you go back to being a doctor again?
Oh, well, no, I mean, you know, it's been so long since I did it properly.
I mean, the last time I got involved in a bit of medicine was I was driving to a 21st birthday party in Leicester.
This is about God knows eight years ago, something with the kids.
And we come flying around the corner and I got lost basically, and I came around the corner and there was a bloke.
There's a bike with a wheel going rounds a car and he's in the sort of swastika position A Z call it in the medical profession.
So I'm gonna do and the kids say, you gotta stop down.
You gotta start.
Your doctor said you used to be Oh, God, Neil.
So get out And I go over to this guy and, uh, my mind went completely blank.
And there's, like, a few people gathered and thinking What do I do?
And this bloke said, Shouldn't you take his pulse?
Yeah, I should take this.
I'm doing all this.
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Harry Hill's Weirdest & Funniest Moments on The Last Leg!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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