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Hey, guys, we Oh, yeah, we're cooking her up.
Hoo hoo!
That was all in one, loaded your truck.
Can I get that burger, please?
I like fries With that.
Yeah, and some catch.
You would feel bad if you like.
I got my nose open.
You know, she novel means beak and German.
I know that.
You know that doom.
It means hung like a racehorse.
Parker Schnabel's crew of riding high.
They're coming into the gold way with the might of two wash plants running crater cut, pay way.
We got quite a bit of Lucifer.
Big Red was a little bit week this week.
Well, I mean bigger.
I did have a little bit down time trying to keep up with both those plants and just everything that's going on.
It's unreal.
So he wants you out.
Big Red.
Did we gotta do it sooner or later?
50 80 100 1 20 Do you where you hide the other jar, man?
I wish 1 28.7 worth $180,000 without a name announcing our squeezed every flake we could out of it.
That's what we got.
That's some of the worst kind of land all season.
Maybe all the good stuff went to sluice for How did it do since Big Red was down a shift.
The team is counting on sluice a fur to cover the shortfall.
Well, actually, sluice for did quite well.
I don't know if I can count that high.
Well, think that, uh, we're at 50.
Already over 100 1 31 40 50 60 70 89 to 40.8 guys worth $340,000.
That's more like it.
Uh, yeah.
Good part of the cool part is we broke 5000 ounces for the season.
Even with the disappointing gold away from the crater cut, friend, Your good luck child.
Parker's hit 5176 ounces this season worth more than $7 million.
That's sweet.
Yeah, way still got a lot to go.
Get back on track of last year.
Maybe the best part about doing these gold weighs is Tony isn't like hovering around like you.
Wouldn't even be done with the clean up.
May be pulling in here.
Did want to take it was still warm in the pan.
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Parker's Crew Has Earned Over $7 Million This Season! | Season 10 | Gold Rush

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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