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We're here to Caroline Driveway in North Carolina for the best of the drivers of Southeast Gases are battling it out.
You are down the nine cars Shannon and Kenneth Strong.
But I believe Barry was new engine land.
Think Mommy win his first ever solve these gas race right here.
I'd like to see it.
You'd be tough, Barry, and hurl Matlin more a little more smile.
What kind of damn cars?
I don't know.
It's a little something that it is only like 18.
Nobody see?
That thing is a handful.
He's a fan favorite because it handles so bad.
Early crazy.
He won't let off.
Don't push it to the and I guarantee you, no matter war.
I like quiet.
See, I told you.
Think handled by him.
Hit the grass.
Never lived in the damn Probably slip sliding dollar way down through there.
Yeah, I'll tell you what, we'll call it hard to handle these.
Craig, Hurry.
Kenneth has been trying to race ahead and all.
Not, but so far he's had no look lining up against him.
You got shadow next round.
Think we take him out?
Robert, who just took me out of the running now has a chance to do the same thing to Shannon anymore.
Tree and get out of him.
You stay out in front of you.
Gotta go.
Look at me.
Really Norma's.
But it's not going Toe does it.
I know you.
Take Thank you, man.
I love you, baby.
All right, Rod, you go just like in blue.
But that past was not 321 mark well above it.
But something wrong with your strength?
Now, basically, figure out what for?
With clocks.
May reject karma, Rainer, and hopefully get a whole list.
This next round could take us out for easy.
Yeah, we're about two hours into this madness, and most of the racers already got their cars back on the trailers.
We're in.
Round three in this battle is getting more heated by the minute.
I will end up racial.
I was hoping Black Blue Robert Frazier could take him out.
They didn't have.
So it's come down to me and him, and, uh, I can't make it tonight.
I know Kenneth wants to take Shannon out, but he may not ever even get a chance.
My good buddy Barry, who's been blowing the doors off of everybody.
Tonight is about the lineup.
Forget Shannon.
And it's very possible that blue team on the trailer.
We're all friends till we get to the line and you get to the line to raise.
You don't have no friends.
Oh, my God.
When I went through the lines, I knew you were warned us our win line.
But I saw the ambulance lights.
Come on.
That's what I need something that happened with Brain.
He's okay.
Look, Barry was running Shannon and they got over in the Greiss and got loose.
I thought he was gonna bring it back.
And when you come back out, I'm assuming he hit the asphalt and then it started.
Flip him over.
Thank you.
Tore it up pretty good.
I thought it was gonna save it for Hey, had it saved to that last little on then.
That was all she wrote.
You just got out of it a little sooner.
He was fighting and he was trying to get to the figure song.
This is a reminder to me of what could happen every time I crawled behind that seat.
Yeah, America, They probably hit that while running somewhere between 60 and 80 miles now.
You scared me to death.
Now, do you see why I feel like I'm about to go to war?
Because you are one of you might die.
Do you want your hospital?
We certainly don't mind taking you.
That's what we're here for.
I appreciate that.
All right, I'm gonna let you go right now.
The most important thing of all this is that my good friend Barry's OK?
Well, you scared me.
Oh, car could be replaced.
He can't.
I've got two more.
Just like it between the three will build another.
All right, here.
Any time you walk away, you good.
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Moonshiner's Drag Race Ends With Horrific Car Crash | Moonshiners

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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