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Daniel's date is criminology student Luca, whose favorite game he's used to make things out of human skin.
So he had, like, lampshades out of human skin to even think about doing that.
Also bizarre.
She's taken a cautious approach to the dating scene.
Have tender on dhe.
That's where I'm mostly reject dates, cause I'm like, What if they kill me, which is so irrational they're not gonna kill me?
Good afternoon.
You're ready for these on Sort off.
Sort off.
Very nervous.
You don't look, it is 20 years old.
Never had a day to remember that.
You'll be all right, baby.
Fun fast.
Ever Day.
Every day.
So I thought, Why not do it completely behind?
Thank you.
How are you?
Very well.
How you feeling about I e?
Honestly, you're gonna have a wedding.
Yeah, I've already met your day and then he Seriously, he's a good luck.
Like I want a nice boy like I wasn't my mom and my nan, like, just lovely.
Luke A Sorry.
Okay, Got it.
I honestly So now that's like I bismuth everyday.
Probably this is the first day I was like?
Oh, no, Leave it.
I put it off so badly.
Would you do I think terminology.
Oh, nice.
It's what you did.
I'm official musician, study music.
A moment.
Okay, quality.
I'm transferring day.
Okay, Hopefully, I'll give you a great first date.
Yeah, Yeah.
Dicky three.
Thank you.
This is so weird.
Like aerial view.
It's gonna be good.
I'm a trustworthy guy.
You fight your doodle case.
Thank you, my friends.
You have to make an effort.
Had a practice date with my friend yesterday.
I like to go on cruises.
She's like, do not talk about cruises.
You sound about 80 three ships.
I d total a lot.
A lot like terribly.
And when I'm nervous is even worse.
Something boring, like, even when it's a science.
And it's not an awkward silence.
I'll have to fill it with something whole.
Alien aliens definitely exist.
I'm not somewhat crazy alien other, but I think it like there's no way they don't everything comes out and then they're obviously don't look at me.
Think she's really attractive, like oh my God.
More if she liked and I was, like, stressing that likes things like what you find.
I don't like always.
I would smash your boss.
You have a boyfriend before I happened, Dr.
Mayer, It's just never been something I've like machine.
It's for things like for someone like yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
So you're It's like sitting down the horrible things that won't get 100 said, definitely being soft called lot in the past.
And I'm not gonna lie.
Truth be told that my biggest fear, actually.
But I suppose what's more terrifying is going there, saying girl of my dreams on dhe having to deal with that.
No, I don't know how we'll take that.
There's always that little thing in the back.
You mind saying this thing might really hurt?
I'm very glad that I found some talkative because I do talk.
Someone you've just met doesn't talk back, are you glad you went?
I wasn't as terrifying cycle.
Honestly, you've been perfect.
So what did I see?
Yeah, I think I'd like to see where it case.
Yeah, well, let's see you again.
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Cute & Wholesome First Date Ever | First Dates

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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