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for Chris dooming it can get mighty lonely up in the old gold Cleaning shack one time where we can really get together.
We do.
A gold weighs at the end of the week.
At the end of a long week, Chris invites the crew up for a little R and R.
The guys will show up a little bit earlier.
Will have a beer, too, and talk and visit the proper way.
All right, you put a cap on it.
So you go like this.
No capital on John Wayne movie.
Yeah, you like, barely read.
You don't eat up.
It's not a grenade.
Friends Fred turned into a cigar smoker real quick.
I think when he grows up, he wants to be like me to blame.
Oh, I don't blame the kid.
When I grow up, I want to be like me.
I've tried to make the gold room with comfort zone.
Maybe dark game of break out or somebody will hit some golf balls.
I'm not good at this.
That's why I have that stuff down.
Their stress relief.
Oh singer blown Dark, dark, dark right?
I think there's a lot of dark games that happened down here.
That's what happens when you have your equipment.
Is all right.
So, Fred, what do you have over there?
People supposed to go 30 miles an hour?
This thing looks cool.
So this thing hasn't even been in the water yet, huh?
Last time I went for a boat ride didn't work out.
So I I want to try this boat out.
Yeah, your forearm, That thing's ribs.
Other speed besides wide open.
Get the hell point, Sergeant Grant.
Wow, you guys.
You guys don't have any fun up there, huh?
Way Work all the time.
Why do you have all the toys?
It says it's a sore subject with some of the crew.
Nobody else has any time to do that.
Kind of like the rec center down there every now and then.
If I get if I ever got any spare time, I clean gold damages.
Throws darts on that all day, Man damages secretly pointed at Parker.
So Parker's playing darts all day.
Not all day trying to just, like, find time to throw, like, 50 darts a day for a while.
It only takes like five or 10 minutes.
Doesn't take that one.
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How Parker And His Crew Managed To Have A Fun Break From Mining In Season 10 | Gold Rush: The Dirt

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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