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forced to abandon their Indian River operation, Tony and many built a brand new house 30 miles north on Paradise Hill.
Yo, So how's you?
Since when?
It's my house.
It's your palace.
You live here.
You can call himself King would be to your kitchen.
Many crooks in there once in a while.
All new appliances was the exercise room.
That's where we have recess.
Is Yeah, right.
Like my shark week losses?
Where does?
In the bedroom, Bathroom and shower days, tops.
Tony even reveals his secret for picking the perfect thrown.
They come in different height.
Didn't know that you believe you're sitting with these around or is it a formal, like, wait, another bathroom shower over here.
This one still?
Oh, hello?
Are you being serious here?
Jesus Christ.
Not this is scary.
Okay, sit them.
That one.
There's no sit down.
Yeah, you always think, you know.
Let's go the other way.
Let's go.
Please Go, darling.
Well coming.
I told you that, Tony and many demonstrate how they unwind in the evenings on the couch.
Step TV.
Not really seeing anything.
The lost about 15 minutes tops.
Then I'm out cold.
Yeah, you don't last much longer than Chad is mine.
And many shares her favorite feature in the house.
Her state of the art recliner.
It has massage options.
And then on the other side, you can put your eyes in here and it keeps you drinks cold.
It's like a little mini fritz for many.
Hey, I saw you go around to the deck or what?
I love this.
You those of the hills.
That's the road.
Yeah, why not put hours up there?
It's pretty cool.
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Tony And Minnie Give A Tour Of Their Brand New House! | Gold Rush: The Dirt

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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