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BELLA (OFFSCREEN): After 18 years of being part utterly
ordinary, I finally felt I could shine.
I was born to be a vampire.
-You're so beautiful.
We're the same temperature now.
-I didn't expect you to seem so you.
-I have to report a crime.
The Cullens.
They've done something terrible.
-That's my daughter.
The Volturi think Renesme's an immortal child.
-She was born, not bitten.
She grows every single day.
-Oh my.
Maintaining our secret has never been more imperative.
EDWARD (OFFSCREEN): What is it, Alice?
-The Volturi.
They're coming for us.
-If enough people knew the truth, then maybe we could
convince the Volturi to listen.
-My family's in danger.
I need your help.
-We'll join you.
-We will stand with you.
-A lot of red eyes around here.
-I'll never let anybody hurt you.
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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Official Theatrical Trailer #2 2012 (HD)

6425 Folder Collection
jessamineliu published on March 14, 2014
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