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Oh my God.
He just finished a podcast with child's gross and it was everything.
How did you enjoy it?
I loved it.
We went on grindr.
We went on three of dates Now Way went on grindr into the competition to see who could get more dick pics.
We talked about having sex with YouTubers.
We talked about hookups.
We talked about everything.
Check it out down there.
Some kind of consolation friends.
It's me, the long lost Kardashian sister cracking with the K Chris Namie cracking because she said I looked like a burst.
And I love the name because it makes me think about growing up and eating my family.
Yes, we're gonna be testing out some of my family's products and products that my family has endorsed.
First product we're talking about is selling out your morals.
My life is just basically one big sponsor post for Satan.
Ivan Affiliation code to the devil in the description below it is Kardashians 666 Market beast inside.
Yes, she's back now.
I tried production products a couple weeks ago and it changed my life.
If you're happy and sexy is me, Jimmy always products.
Yeah, passed out right after that.
But there's so many more products that I did not gonna play with.
And I thought, Let's die today.
But before we get to that, I feel like I need an upgrade for this.
Video cracking is gonna get a makeover.
All right, Who's gonna fuck me with their money?
Yes, that's right.
I have my Kylie makeover.
If Caitlin swallow Kylie and then D transition.
Okay, so let's try some of these products.
I don't know what I should start with first.
Figured it out.
We're gonna play with Caitlyn Jenner's makeup.
If you didn't know Caitlyn Jenner, it's fucking makeup.
Now, listen.
There was a lot of things about Caitlin.
I trust that's a lie.
I don't trust the digital, so I don't know why I would trust her to be my face, but we'll give it a try.
This is Caitlin.
Generous eye Shadow.
It's called Worthy.
Go home, Kayla.
Go back to that big ass mansion in Malibu and lock yourself in it.
All right?
I'm gonna give it a try because you know, Caitlyn isn't icon for me.
She's the mute icon on my iPhone, and I just always keep it on you.
Okay, Here we go.
That is a dark shadow.
I call this one.
Chris used to punch me in the eyes.
All right, let's zoom in and let's get that Caitlin glow just going to rub this on my finger.
Oh, that is intense.
Like, what are you trying to hide?
Caitlin wouldn't try and cover up.
She's a reptile person.
I figured it out.
Oh, my God.
That's I mean, holy, but that looks like I just got into a fucking car accident.
Hit my steering wheel.
Who is that too close to home?
Caitlin, maybe we do matter to look better.
Never mind who I look like.
I'm halfway through my healing process of my eye job.
Look, so I went to Teel, like, right now, it's like fucking scary bleeding.
But like, once a teal bitch be sickening, literally sickening, like I'm gonna be sick because, like I've done, I've done so much surgery, my body shutting down.
No, this is, uh, ugly and saving my fingers.
Okay, Next product.
This I'm excited for now.
I read some quotes from Kim Kardashian in last video, and they were all stupid and also dumb.
But I found something even better.
This is all of the Kardashians quotes.
Oh, bitch me up.
Who should we pay?
Let's start with Caitlin.
I love that they put Bruce and Prophecies and they spelled it wrong.
Yeah, I trust this book.
It's about working with nobody's watching.
What does that even mean, bitch?
But nobody's watching.
That's the time where you don't work.
Like if I worked at Taco Bell, which, with this whole YouTube is over party might happen.
And my boss turned around and the customers weren't looking.
You know what I would be doing?
I will be taking that squeeze, Gonna meet, and I will be injecting it into my mouth hole.
Do you think I will be cleaning up my taco station bitch with my tongue?
Got who, Chris quotes already.
If somebody says no, you're asking the wrong person.
Actually, kind of love that one.
You know what?
The more fun of Chris, the more I fucking love this bitch.
She's the type of person who if I met her in real life and she's like, you will follow me, I'd be like, take me down your dark layer Lord of the Underworld.
Like one look into the demonic has eyes, bitch.
I'm sure Jenner I just started myself.
That's when you fart shit on yourself on accident.
When did Chris become me?
I did my moves in 1988.
That's when I was a bitch.
The connection is strong.
That was almost like it didn't count because it was something I felt I had to do after having four kids.
My boobs were kind of shot.
What is that?
Be somebody shot her in the boobs.
Okay, lady.
And now I'm deputizing.
She has been through a lot.
You can either be a problem maker or a problem solver, and I'm a problem solver.
I love her.
Come over to my kitchen.
Fucking put a camera in your hand.
Fucking sell my sex tape, bitch.
Who else we got?
I don't even know what she sounds like.
Lamar, what is this book product.
Now, this is something that I have seen before.
This is a loony, which is an iPhone case that's also like, I don't know where to start with this so I can help to start with the fact that anybody uses This is fucking annoying.
Nobody needs this.
You do not need a picture if you're in the tar.
Also, why would you want a light bitch?
The darkest when I look pissed?
Also, these bitches who are in the movie theaters with their fucking loonies and they're like movie time.
Turn off your domain.
I'm trying, baby.
Boss, I want to know who he's gonna fire next.
And you're interrupting my experience with your fucking flashlight.
I guess.
What, bitch?
The only thing it does is make your makeup look even worse.
Let's give it a try.
I just put it on my phone.
By the way, this is so heavy.
Like this is crazy.
So let's take a couple pictures with our Lumi.
Oh, my car!
Okay, okay.
This is everything.
I've changed my mind.
Oh, my God!
Who is she?
She's cracking.
Oh, my God!
Let's get cracking.
Oh, my God.
My sex tape is called my booty cracking.
My book is called Release the Crackin.
I'm creating a brand.
I know this is actually everything I take back everything I just said It makes me so pretty And I love her.
Pulled on Justus an experiment.
I'm gonna take a picture with my Lou me and then do some face tuning.
And then in the comments below, you say how much you wanna fuck me?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I got to be okay.
Just tuned.
I'm gonna pop up this picture right here of cracking Kardashian and you tell me she's not the hottest bitch I've ever seen.
In the comments below.
I want you to rape her from Wanted to release the crackin.
Chris can help make a sex date.
We could do it together.
Technically, we're not related.
I love my new gross family.
I have a couple other books here.
This is Kim Kardashians selfish.
So I guess it's just a book of selfies that you could just find on her.
That's book.
That's like a parody of a YouTube.
Oh, my God.
She's naked in this.
She can't show you.
Well, I'll cover it, but she is fucking naked.
What is this?
She's showing her naked ass in the bathroom.
Oh, my God!
Now there's a picture of her and a baby.
I'm so confused.
Girl hurt Hillary Clinton right next to a picture of her showing her naked ass in her bathroom sink.
She's like, I'm with her and Hillary's like a girl.
No, no.
You know what?
Thank you.
So thank you.
But there's no more room, but I'm with you.
Once again, uh, you're what Kinda and motherfucker scares me, So just stay home, kid.
You're good.
You can be with yourself.
Trump is like me over here, Back in sick.
Speaking of bathroom sink s the court.
Nash's dynasty.
I don't know what this is.
I guess it's just the story of their old family.
Who it has an actual schedule for one of the days of Christian's life.
Bitch Ready?
3:30 a.m. What?
She's about 3 30 in the morning.
I haven't gone to sleep yet.
I'm unlike my a Twinkie and I'm wired 3:30 a.m. Satellite media tour with Chloe girl.
Chloe, you got this, Mom, I got a twin.
Could eat 78 and work out a 30 business call.
A 30 to 9 shower passed.
30 e mails.
10 a.m. Meeting about a Skechers commercial.
What does that even mean for Kris Jenner?
Like I'm meeting about a commercial I'll show you how the meeting goes.
Hi, Chris.
So we were thinking about having you for a Skechers commercial.
Yeah, Meeting over.
Oh, my God.
It just keeps going.
10 30 11 Noon.
11 33 5 Like every hour.
The bitches doing something at 8 p.m. Watch American Idol.
That's where he loves me.
This is crazy.
You know, she does do a lot of shit.
Got me when I'm literally standing.
Kris Jenner may become her biggest fan.
Oh, God.
Okay, the last thing we're gonna do is a lot.
I'm just warning you.
If you were triggered by disturbing images, you're gonna leave this video because we're gonna be trying on some Kylie Jenner inspired mesh clothing who head phone users and eyeball users beware.
Okay, I think we'll start with this.
This is like a swimsuit that has, like, some fucking she lay shit in the middle.
I don't really know how to explain it, except for the fact that it's not gonna hold the cracking.
The crackers will be released, and she's gonna drown everybody.
All right, hold on.
Let me make it.
So I just put this on and I looked like an actual toad, like a frog that just, like eight.
The swamp.
So I'm not gonna show all of it because, like, I'm not trying to kill the world, so I'll just give you a taste.
You got your full, you know?
Okay, Meals over.
Um, no, this is the grossest thing ever.
My chest hair looks like a huge old gaping pussy.
Chris can love her.
Like my name.
All I know, this is disgusting.
I hate it.
Although I do kind of feel like Instagram girl.
God, I think I'd get Instagram girls.
Now all I want to do right now is like take upon just self.
He's talking about how white my teeth are diarrhea.
I'm getting from my tea.
I want to go on you now for like, seven hours.
I want to be the group child like 86 fucking people.
Just like thinking mean the name.
So, you know, so, knowing I had so many friends pulled on what I like with you.
No, this is, uh this is gross.
I need take this off, But don't worry, guys.
Not over yet.
We still have a see through Hoody for If you're cold and stupid.
All right, let's change.
Should do it.
Rain front of you guys.
Uh oh, That's meeting sexy.
Oh, let me just trying to get out of this.
Was my body sliding out of it?
That was one of my love handles popping out.
Hey, time to put on this Hoody are right.
Time for the big reveal Thistles.
I wanna burn myself.
Hold on.
We could make that happen.
Uh, no, this is gross and disgusting, and I'm still kind of feeling myself.
It's so crazy what angles could do because, like, from this angle, cracking is killing it.
And then you turned this angle 70.
Throw Samara back down the well I know who I think I'm done.
I think I am done just in general with everything.
If you like this video and you want me to do more Kardashians products give me a thumbs up.
So I know also maybe you like tweet, Kris Jenner.
Let's get Christian.
Can you imagine?
You think blowtorch is a lot of fire?
Imagine bringing an actual demon in kidding.
I love you.
Did you guys make sure it's astronomy?
Blow your videos every day and the notification battle.
I don't know what it does but hit it anyways.
And if you want to be my last trying production part of video, I think the job description.
But aren't you guys?
I will see you little crack ins tomorrow.
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6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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