B1 Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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Thank you.
T o Wait, Panels.
Theo, Theo!
Cool or esto es Is the cool amazing for me?
Say in on the way to the airport in Tokyo for being single is the ultra.
Okay, Mabel's Motel.
That booth.
But I hate your loss here, Sammy.
Think Negative.
Absolute completamente.
The thing is super casual.
Always told him.
Phone esto communities area back.
Thomas for my you know?
Tito's you know, start conceited alarm.
Oh, in those fortress army.
So no jeans.
Super even Bingo is Thank you.
Thank you.
You're a stain.
Easy for humans and family.
Gonna sustain easy company way I think she knows.
Be endured.
Thio, frame your next regular Poor Kate way.
Theo is getting the was No, no!
You're killing camp for name sake Will be that, Theo.
No way!
No way!
No way!
Yes, I've been broken you.
Instead you go to America.
Then where is he?
And Mexico?
In Colombia for a temporary Been there more?
Nosek appears and says the school system.
Erica, you make of Casey in Europe at the time.
And you're super happy.
Oh, yeah.
So is he Locates who amassed.
I think I don't know his last case three ways.
Theo took a sexy, sexy poorly, but through city can think they can take some time.
The Theo wait Booth somewhere makes a decent kiss.
Sexy Green, the latter painted German.
Bradley can't go from Peter's.
Problem Is super sexy is a complex time in Miami wasting our common people, but I leave because they haven't got Don't yes, text message.
You and Bonnie.
I went in to distinguish t thing.
Theo, Theo, Theo Make umbrellas, a Speaker's rules, Palaces and El Principio.
I think today's maces Is that me?
Last Monday Last doesn't see It is a phrase being let loose at a disco coming can successfully ocean sea glass Casas grandes obedient days Oken Cholera is coming under a medic Nao or this department can tomato ecosystems.
Master says Supplemental motor off schools pedal this pristine and go rattle.
Anybody use NATO, NATO The negative needed a Negro I e Theo!
Theo With the PM with fans may plant alone, ese.
The people in the well meaning is, See through the eyes.
Level of them is heavy.
Theo for me for humans seek upon in the past.
T t o thank you.
I think that way.
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3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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