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We do diamonds, we can do
emeralds, sapphires, any stone really.
Open wide as possible.
I like to call it mouth jewellery
I went from job centre to selling the most grillz.
And here's how I did it.
Say it seriously.
I am serious.
So after taking a mould,
we're going to fill it up with some plaster.
I wanted a grill for quite a while.
I dress a bit different. I like jewellery so,
I just wanted something to accessorise with.
So a grill,
it's like a casing that goes over your teeth.
All types of ethnicities
and walks of life have come through
my doors to, you know, get grillz.
After the plastering, what will happen
is doing the waxwork.
Casting is the process of turning it
from wax or whatever material into metal.
We're gonna go and take this to
Just Castings on Hatton Garden,
see how it comes out in metal.
Before jewellery things in my
life just wasn't going right for me.
Not everything was legit back in the day
if you know what I mean, so obviously there was trouble
and things that could happen.
I decided I wanted to start making grillz from 2017.
I have a cousin who made grillz
at that point of time, and I saw
what he was doing and
wanted to help him do it.
Once I got into jewellery,
things started going right for me.
Making grillz is a lucrative career.
The most I've probably made in a
week is about 10 grand.
There's up's and down's
There's up's and down's
with things in the business.
You've got lot's of money coming in,
it's just learning how to manage it all.
How are you, mate?
I'm all right. Good to see you.
What we doing today, teeth?
Yeah I've got some teeth for you here.
So once I've handed this to Theo,
Theo is going to begin the process of casting.
Someone will carefully prepare it
onto what we call a tree.
Then wax gets melted away,
leaves a clean impression inside
the plaster, which is the perfect thing
to pour molten gold into.
Jaye must be very good at what he
does because he seems to be
selling a lot of teeth.
So right now we're in Hatton Garden.
I've lived here my whole life.
Right above London's jewellery
quarter on Hatton Garden.
So it's kind of like
fate, luck, destiny, whatever you
want to call it.
I was born at home alone, with just me and my mum.
Why you leaning on my kettle? Get off.
You know I'm a mummy's boy because
I'm her only child.
I helped you get your first work bench.
There was people coming in and out
and he was doing really well.
All his friends were lovely.
They always used to say, "Oh mum, hello!"
Did you miss me?
Do you miss me?
I had two benches here and literally
I would have someone sitting down just here.
Even sometimes I had to tell people
to wait outside my house.
I would say I am a hard worker.
Been told that I'm a workaholic.
Your income depends on your effort
and the work that you put in.
What you're basically seeing here is
me just doing a quick tooth.
From doing grillz and things like that
I've learned a lot about doing teeth.
Not as much as a dentist, obviously.
Something fresh out like this,
you would then go through the
grades, basically
sanding it down to a point
where you're happy with it, there's no scratches,
not anything and then you give it a polish.
Everything on my table is
customers mould's to wax up.
It gets so busy out here. There's loads of people.
I've come in a couple times now so
we just knew it was a good place.
This is nine carat
white gold with some VS diamonds.
It can go from about £600 to about £6000.
Cool. Just head over there.
Yeah these ones are fine.
Take a seat right here. All right.
And here it is.
With a nice little window.
Oh my God it looks sick. Thank you.
Thank you so much I'm really happy with them.
No worries.
I'll definitely come back.
Good. I'm happy you're happy with them.
I love what I do, to be honest.
I get to wake up and do what I want.
And what I want is to
make jewellery and grillz.
I never wanted to work for someone
and I never wanted to work a job
that didn't make me happy.
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I Made 10K In A Week Selling Mouth Jewellery | How To Get Rich: Grillz

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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