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is the dog?
The most loyal pet question Mark.
A dog is the least loyal pet of all my Rottweiler ones.
Left me for a stranger on the street.
Another answer.
Very loyal.
Once a rotten fire left its holder of ST randomly for me.
Now that's loyalty.
Hello, everyone.
Yeah, who answered the infinite sores of wisdom where I make all my life decisions and guide and seek guidance.
Yahoo answers.
Should I let my 12 year old author be friends with a boy?
She has been friends with him since she was five, but now she's at the age of having crushes.
I think I should get rid of him.
Jesus Christ!
What are you planning to do with him?
Like I do with all unsuitable friends?
Rest in peace.
I hate my sister.
Question mark way.
Always fight.
Why do I doubt pee in a bottle?
Oh, God!
Every night when she falls asleep for the P on the oh, uh, she thinks she wet the bed every night after a week or so, start asking her What's up with all these sheet washing?
Don't come right out and say, you know she went to bed that will make you look guilty after a while of bugging her about it.
You can start calling her bed wetter.
Make sure you spread this around school.
She will eventually go live in a cave out of a shame that is so evil.
My God, Yahoo answers.
Maybe it's not so bad after all.
That's actually a good yeah, that, actually good response sores.
I met a hobo was his brother did the same thing to him.
If you don't believe me, go to the old cave in.
Weston heads back and ask for Carl, the bed wetter.
That was a trip, dude, she says.
If you fart and brother the same time, does that create a black hole inside your tummy?
Yes, I lost my first wife.
Today's all and so said My dad had to do it, and she took on the bed After she collapsed.
I tried to revive her with CPR, but I couldn't do it.
Or really, I can do it.
Needless to say, she's in another dimension now that it's so sad.
That's an incredible sign.
Not not old Yahoo answers have positive outcomes.
That's just how it is.
Surprises are more popular there's some flooding.
Is it bad to show him tight to my two year old son?
Yeah, I think it is.
My wife is very angry.
No, it's by all means.
OK, OK, it's fine that Hey, wife, the Internet says it's fine.
I think I proved my point.
And the comment got two thumbs up.
What happens to people born on February 29?
Do they stay one until four years past?
Posted four years ago?
They get locked up in a secret laboratory in Iowa and our let lose every four years.
That seems to buy, Right?
I think I heard about Iowa or it wasn't Ohio, perhaps.
Why do my thing go up?
Why me?
Why make a Every time I wake up in the morning, why May is human centipede a suitable move movie for my 10 year old son?
Please answer truthfully.
Ignore all of previous answers.
The human centipede.
Is it hard for me?
Oh God!
Oh, wow!
Oh, wow.
Can I join the army as a sniper?
If I am level 70 on call of duty?
No, but you can become a youtuber if your level 60 in PT Pie tuber simulator.
Why don't women poop?
They store it in their breast, which is why breasts are soft road boobies for me, please.
I'm not gonna read that.
I'm not reading that.
I can't read these.
Stop free That you start is pregnant, Christian.
He has been throwing up a lot lately.
He never flushes the toilet.
So I went and dip the pregnancy tests in his urine and it turned out positive.
What do I do?
What do I owe you?
Ask you who answers.
That's what you do when you came to the right place.
35 answers.
I can only imagine it's the folks Morgan.
Yet that a safe and reliable choice.
Best answer.
I think you should eat.
Best answer found.
Thank you.
Here you go.
You ask you who ends is Really What are you expecting?
Every time I master baby, I get angry and I throw my eternal against the wall.
Question Mark, why is it always question Mark?
Did they have to have it as a Christ in markets that Why?
All right.
This is not my clip.
Someone else reads too, but has come parade amusing in the background.
So I'm just gonna read it.
How to masturbate.
Is it wrong to faster pate?
How do you masturbate?
What do I do?
When my girlfriend asked me if I master Bart how to stop master baiting when I masturbate, nothing happened.
How do I mess her berate How the girls and is it okay to masturbate?
I really just need to know when I masturbate.
I shoot a lot or God, how do you I masturbate around 15 times a day.
May to send me to I gotta find the right look, Okay.
It's from cheeky chaps.
This is Claire.
There's a lot of these bad sewer comes sishen circumcised.
I own What is circumstance Circus I ng of circum scissor, sir.
Concision or not, this is another circum circumcision question.
I realized I laugh like the Joker and is making me very uncomfortable.
Should I eer come size my baby girl's Kirk?
Um, scribed or not?
Tell me what is circum system?
Need advice from experienced females only come size.
My goodness, I it necessary or not, he sounds like he's about to ready to do it.
It's like I got assistant ready me like all right, guys, You know what?
Maybe I should check out with Yahoo answers first.
I need Kirk.
Um session still help me.
I am 18 years old.
Over all these years, I couldn't talk to, uh question Mark the funny.
The best one is the best one is the pregnant one?
Forgotten end I still save regatta That How pregnant am I pregnant?
My park int Am I Greg Mint and my paperback?
You help?
Is there a possibly that I'm Grint?
Possibly My Okay.
Could I be so I know if I'm friend Dan, could I be pregnant?
Can get down a 20 foot waterslide.
Pig naps.
How can I get my GF Pregnant?
What happened when get per Genet Okun, a nine year old like a weapon net will have I get a rag, Nan, What is the best time to sex to be come pregnant?
Anyone know how many teens get break into a year?
Grad guys, Tom's of being or a guy aren't girlfriend.
Ain't had periods since she got pre get.
Is it possible having sex to a eight months pregnant?
If a woman has star chokes on her Wait If a women has starch masks on her body.
Does that mean she has been part Mark?
I Circle is normal, but yet I still don't get pigment.
What can I use?
Question Mark got pregnant by just pre cum.
I love partners.
Those are delicious.
God did most You women.
Gregory, find out I am pregnant.
Last five week danger ops pranjic Will it hurt baby?
Top of his head.
Vienna by boyfriend are trying to get Pref Nat and Gia haven't took my birth control 38 plus two weeks Craig on canned Anant Can you burn a Luigi board?
Alright then Luigi board Luigi works these air so funny.
The same channel What is a wiggle waggle before you make a week keyboard?
How do you feel about oi G boards?
How to Oh Joe Board works how we can do plan chit with thought using sewage aboard.
Is it dangerous to play Oyj?
A bold Which did you born?
My repetitious board is cussing me out his I don't think I know how to spell.
We'd be bored without cheating.
Let me see my cab.
All right, This is how I would spell it.
Let me see if it's correct we?
Jeff Ward.
I wrote a region board.
I guess that's not too bad.
Reed aboard.
I guess that means I could be on Yahoo Answers the aboard online fake or real?
It's the widget.
I really game.
How we can able to play We joe board we G board or whatever.
How do I find out you are a ghost in my house without using a wedgie board away board game?
What happens when I was a kid I used to mess about with a bored?
Is that how vegetable oil?
The evil game thing?
That's how you spell whyWe board Nailed it.
Luigi board If you thought it was Luigi board, you have to confess.
Oh, God, Have you played the Luigi board?
Can you burn a Luigi board?
What is a Luigi board?
My friends did a Luigi board and mentioned me how Weegee boards work our Luigi Boards Danger house if it asked something about ghosts.
All right, all right, all right.
I get it.
Just 8 52 pizza rolls.
Will I die in my sleep?
Hopefully that would be a happy ending, wouldn't it?
Why does asparagus make your pizza is funny?
Listen James.
We all want to know that.
What did my dad just say to me?
Listening to my iPod so I couldn't hear what happens if you paint your teeth white with nail polish?
I don't know.
You should try it out.
That's what all the Hollywood stars used my printer would give.
This has to be trolling s.
So many of these has to be trolling The Ouija boards are genuine.
That's why they're funny.
This is this like not they fight.
Shave my golden every three year treated like a lion.
Will the other dogs respect him more?
Because he's kind of the neighborhood loser.
You have to try at least.
Come on.
How do I get rid of an oily face?
My face is so oily.
How do we get rid of it?
Getting rid of your face is not recommended.
No matter your latest, how do you spell government?
How big is the specific ocean can be more Pacific that somebody who has spelled to become a mermaid And if you do, do you promise It works.
Then I make fun of me.
I will report you do not make fun.
All this person I swallowed an ice cube hole, and I haven't pooped it out.
Sorry, James.
I got bad news for you.
They take years to poop out.
I got at least 50 in my stomach.
I'm really scared.
I'm really scared.
You stole it?
An ice cube.
Whole nice.
Why did you do that?
Without my friends that I'm adopted.
I don't fit in the family.
I think it's time to come clean with them.
How do you lose £50 in a month?
I went to England and they spoke American.
Why is this?
How could this happen?
I'm actually curious.
All right, let's go to Yahoo.
I want to see what people are posting.
Do soda calories count?
Of course.
They absolutely like people actually trying to help.
You can't help these people.
I need to make a Yahoo account right now.
Pulled up?
Not if you don't count them, dummy.
Everyone knows this source.
Now, how can I get that last drop of P?
Oh, my God.
I want to know.
They shake it really good.
Not too much.
The stick.
A straw ng there.
That's what I do.
Slurp, slur, man.
I'm good at this.
I am 20 years old and roughly way.
How old is this bra short?
Oh, wait.
Oh, it's nice to know.
Am I going to be short the rest of my life?
There she is again.
You'll probably keep growing A little shot.
The night brought you short.
It feels good to help people.
What age do you think It's okay to start yelling at a child straight out of the womb?
Baby, Show that baby who's in control.
Have you ever touched the Dolphin?
Do you ever play video games for the story?
I play video games for the Percy.
Make me bold.
I'm 33 with a receding hairline.
Well, having couple of whiskies in the evening Make me bold, says Christ.
Yes, it will.
Unless you pour the whisky directly on your scalp.
That will heal any wound.
Am I going to lose all my hair?
I'm 16 and knows all my air is becoming more thin.
Where can I get a share?
I see bold spot where where mothers will shave it all off now before it's too late.
Alright, gamers hope you guys enjoy that video.
I had a lot of fun actually, surprisingly, one last important thing.
Of course, if you want to get read it up Boat, This has been proven.
Check out, represent dot com.
Besides, if I support the channel So you guys tomorrow.
Bye bye.
What, you haven't tried to per simulated citizen after 50 million Astros.
My, I can't do it.
My down just now it's still relevant.
Just validate.
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8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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