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Scarlett, not fat.
You're a repeat customer.
After this once before.
What other than experience and enthusiasm will you bring to the maid today?
Now that your captain, of course, I'm, um I feel like I'm good at getting everybody like more of it.
Yes, I'm a good, more evasion baker.
We edit out the gaps.
It will sound like Gareth Malone.
Hello is right.
Cat Vice Captain.
And also a semi glasses twin today.
Yes, I modeled myself on you.
Thank you very much.
Although I've gone for uneven boulder frame.
I bet you didn't think that was possible.
No, I didn't.
When you work out today, I thought I'd arrived that someone would be macking you in the lens.
Can you take the hat on the news at the same time?
You can take the nose on the house at the same time.
It's great.
Oh, I love that.
Using the pick up the way.
Oh, look at this Is William re small celebration?
Chris, who dares interrupt me?
Oh, here we go.
Banking with dear father Christmas, blah, blah.
I've been a good girl.
Yard yada.
Brevin request.
Okay, You see what you've done there if you set up an unrealistic causal relationship between behavior and reward.
Do you know what 1/4 relationship is?
It's a correlation between variables.
Why are you here?
Bused across.
Not my favorite class song.
I'm here.
Always know my favorite class.
Okay, so he called out in the end of your career.
Next game is unbelievable.
I thought we said that your cameo was done.
Did you get this?
I got These are props, You know that They will have to be returned.
You know the budget?
We're on more than anyone.
And stop mentioning this crossed.
Oh, it's like you're trying to see the idea of a grotto for a later reveal, and that would be manipulative.
Do you know what manipulative means?
It means exercising on scrupulous control over a personal situation.
And that's not what we do in TV.
Okay, way Help People become the version of themselves.
It never even dared to bay.
Thank you for how castle you're Welcome going.
Wait with mom.
Time starts when the store closes.
Wait, wait.
Don't limit Scarlett.
What would I do without you being all my life?
to bring up that format point when let it drop.
You're making your own a piece written.
It drops.
I have sad news.
My specific instructions to not have a grotto have been ignored.
That is a gross.
So in this, you probably want to go into the glass.
Had any, I mean, yeah, of course you did.
So we let this young man go in.
Yeah, just passed straight through the mind.
Is it okay if I Q jump that pretending to Q and also their only Children?
Just bastard.
Excuse me, kids.
Well, I'm sorry.
Excuse me by Hello?
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
There's so much we got here.
I'm just going toe.
Take up ahead on top of it, please don't be alarmed.
I could hear I want in the background.
Sassing, mate.
I'm not sassing you.
I'm just trying to look through the house in black.
That's it.
It's a nightmare.
30 seconds.
Half of it's on the floor.
Red, yellow, blue.
Oh, my God, That's hot.
Hold on that for 20 seconds.
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Richard Ayoade is Tired of Child Extras Interrupting the Show | Celebrity Crystal Maze Xmas Special

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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