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Good evening.
On top of the morning to you, laddies.
I am Jack's Septic.
I I have scary games.
You want scary games, right?
You want them deep down, dark in your soul.
All you have to do is repeat after me, put your right hand in the air and say I videogame watcher of the Jacks up the guy variety channel promise to not get scared.
This video, Let's do it.
This'll was hold Don't trust.
Um so I don't know if it's telling me not to trust the game or not to trust me.
Trust what's happening in the game.
Don't trust the game.
I will not trust a single thing in this game.
Sets welcome.
After finishing a task, remember to return into a starting point in order to receive next quest.
Good luck.
Eat a cookie located in the kitchen.
Okay, man, this looks great.
What's up?
Life begins after coffee.
Oh, don't I know it.
Ah, cup of the good old dirty beans.
I was drinking my coffee this morning and everyone was looking at me weird out the window.
I have no idea why I got you all your classics.
Your Iron man's your man spiders and your American captain's.
Okay, I'm more of a man spider myself.
But to each their own What's going on in this house?
Is this a scary game?
Is this a spook?
Okay, put the phone away.
Is it a phone in Milwaukee talking?
I don't know.
OK, it closed through me.
All right.
No time to be getting scared just yet.
Stick the phone to your face and you'll be fine.
You can't get scared if you can't see anything.
Why is there a knife?
Should he eat the knife?
Close that.
Can't close that.
Oh, tonight.
God damn it.
Okay, eat the cookie.
No, no, no.
I'll take the knife with me.
It's easier to defend myself like this.
I can't see where I'm going.
I just have a knife right in front of me.
And if I walk into you and it stabs you, then that's really your fault.
Damn it.
Damn it!
You receive 100 points of experience.
Put toys into the toybox.
Who is talking to me?
Oh, is that it?
That it bleeding your tests?
You will not level up.
Turn on the TV I don't know what's happening back.
Oi, Jesus.
Please help me.
Where is the TV?
Okay, the knife down here.
There you go.
That's for you.
And I'll sit here.
Is cozy is comfy.
You are very obedient because I have a knife.
Every player need a good weapon, but a kitchen knife into the toybox.
Oh, I knew it.
I was destined for this.
This is the toy box.
Uh, okay.
I did not expect from you to be such a new How dare you call me a new?
My dad was a new and he fought for this country.
It is so quiet in here.
Music perfectly intensifies the experience.
Turn on the radio.
Okay, Is the radio and here in a different room.
I see no radio so far.
I'm not.
Trust me.
I'm not trust you out there.
I live in their fucking Himalayas for the desert one or the other, but this does put a smile on my face.
Radios on this really does intensify the situation.
You're right.
I'll shit my phone battery died.
There is no turning back.
Um what?
White noise abound from Oh, from Mama.
Where are you.
I'm really worried.
People say that a boy carrying a toy box was seen near the river.
Please answer me, Mama, but I know it is not me.
Does the demon wait Progress?
I think I broke it right at 69.
Is it seriously broken?
Oh, God.
I restarted it.
Ah, Now I'll do it right, Because this is the toy box here.
Toys in toy box.
You leveled up.
Hell, yeah.
Turn on the TV.
You got you Also.
I keep the same experience from last year.
The same battery presented from last night.
All right, Now, you already put a knife in the thing.
Okay, You got it.
Come on, knife E.
Our journey begins.
It is a good place for this knife.
Don't forget about it.
All right?
Music time.
We get to hear tha knows.
There's no turning back.
All right.
Here we go again.
Maybe this time my toy box is gone.
Can I go out this way this time?
All right.
Do not worry, Mama.
Is it frozen again?
I'm not supposed to happen after this weight.
That might actually be the end of the game cause it's cold.
Do not trust the game.
So maybe if I don't trust it.
And maybe if I do everything contradictory or failed some other tasks I don't know, eat a cookie in the kitchen.
Well, I can't not do that.
I have to progress it somehow.
There's something else you can eat.
Eat fruits, eat a cactus plant bark.
I ate the cookie.
I leveled up.
Put toys in the toy box.
No, I don't want to.
I'm being a disobedient child.
You like that without completing your tasks?
You will not level up.
Turn on the TV.
Or my toy box is gone.
A pretty figure out how I can progress this stuff without actually doing any of the tests.
Oh, my toy box is here.
I'ma put the knife somewhere else later.
Turning off the TV Ignorance is always undesirable.
Every player needs a good weapon.
Put the knife in the box.
I'm a Take the knife and shove it up your butt.
I'm bringing it back here.
Did not expect you to be such a nuke.
So quite, perfectly intense.
Face, turn on the radio.
Okay, So if I turn off the radio?
Is that good?
Don't you turn on.
Reality is often disappointing.
No, Shut up.
I don't want music.
It's late.
You better go back to bed before I get back.
I hope you're having fun when I was out.
Love you, Mom.
Oh, is that it?
Oh, man, I was expecting so much more from this.
I thought something with this kind of title would get, like, really creepy really quickly.
Who was talking to me?
Why were they talking to me and how were they talking to me?
I like the idea behind this.
I really wanted it to get really scary because I like that.
I like it throwing it.
It's on its head, almost kind of like a Stanley parable sort of thing where you're going along normally and then everything takes a left turn or I could have some choice in it.
It was It seems like it was either all or nothing.
I know I've shut all of my eyes, have it gets scary having get spooky, have the game suddenly turned on me.
That shit is interesting.
This has some good ideas, though.
I just wish it was Maur.
Oh, but dear viewer were not done just yet.
The spooks and the scares continue.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Yes, there.
Right here.
It's for you.
It's someone telling me that there's more space.
This game is called the mortuary assistant.
Reminds me of that movie.
The autopsy of someone high Valerie's Raymond.
I know it's late, and I'm really sorry, but I have a huge favor to ask you.
All right?
Everybody loves Raymond and late pick up over at Sacred Waters.
And I just started the embalming maybe 20 minutes ago, but I have a family emergency I need to leave the office for Would be able to come in and finish it up.
Sure were I mean, sure, but I haven't done one alone yet.
Are you sure that it be okay?
You're doing a great job and I leave a check this for you.
Just in case.
I took care of some of the prep work already really appreciated.
I have to do an autopsy on my own.
I don't want to do that.
Thank you so much.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What is the name of that movie.
Autopsy of Victor Amelia.
The autopsy of Jane Doe.
Really great horror movie.
You should watch it.
I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I really should not have done that.
I couldn't see what this which was again.
All right.
I've already checked vitals, bathed the body and set the face.
I wish someone would set my face.
Do you know what you're doing right now?
But just in case here is a list.
Where A coach and gloves.
Damn it, My naked again.
I didn't bring the tools out yet, so bring tubing, syringes, scalpel and tro cars sighted.
Okay, None of that stuff is here, so I'm just heading.
Oh, okay.
This is not going to go well for me.
I can already tell.
Okay, I got my little glove.
Ease on.
Um oh, I need my jacket.
Did you close the door as well?
Here we go.
It's just you and me When we have a beautiful date Night ahead of us, I'm going to turn on some music.
Um, okay.
What do we need?
We're coating clothes.
I didn't bring the tools yet, so bring tubing.
Oh, they're all laid out right here.
Okay, Take that.
But this on the table, I heard a knocking Don't come a knocking when the autopsy rooms a rocket.
Are you smiling now?
They weren't smiling before, were they?
Look okay, that's That's a big no, no.
Oh, I hate this.
I fucking hated.
Oh, God.
Slit your throat.
No, thank you.
I would rather not take it to Jesus fucking Christ.
What is going on?
Like this Leave fucking creepy, ladies.
Tell me to slit my throat.
All right.
No, no.
Stick with it.
Stay in it.
Create the embalming mixture in the machine.
Formaldehyde clue drowned, hides ethanol and mild Randall.
Bob, wait.
What do you make of it in the machine?
Okay, that's an all.
Okay, I don't trust this.
This is really fucking freaky.
God, such a simple premise.
Create an incision in the carriage droid parroted artery, corroded artery and the jugular vein.
I've just realized that until now I had never seen the word corroded actually spelled.
Okay, I think I just do it.
I'm about to lay hands upon your person.
Do I have permission to do so?
This is gonna get freaky Yeah.
Is she listening to that Which will not break Broken will become my vessel.
I am here.
Still fuck occupied?
No, dick.
Oh, God!
Holy shit.
This is so cool.
Okay, there's a There's a knock knock knocking at my door.
I can't do anything for some reason.
What should I do?
Throw sponges at Turn off the lights.
Oh, God!
Why granny, go back to bed.
Don't go.
Jesus Christ.
Sort of a bitch.
Oh, my God.
A fresh face to think that I was skipping something.
I just put up the board for me.
It didn't protect me at all.
Thank you for playing the prototype for the mortuary assistant.
If you enjoy the concept, please stop by the patri on and leave a comment saying so.
Your feedback and support our what?
Help me continue making games.
If you didn't get through my pain or get this through my patriot and you enjoy yourself, please consider stopping buying, supporting my work or possibly sharing my work with others.
Hell, yeah.
That was amazing for a small.
Is that waas?
That was only like what?
Fight minutes.
Um, there was a teeny tiny little snip it off what an experience could be.
But that was awesome.
The potential for different things in that it's Avery I Well, I hate to use like PT as, like a standard for these types of things, because everybody ends up doing it and Petey is just a P D is not a game Pts.
Like an experience on how many different ways you could do scares on.
I think that this game has a lot of potential for that as well.
Having just that one room, your list of tasks, your different things that you can do to the body as you're going through it on again like Is this inspired by the autopsy of Jane Doe?
Because it feels a lot like that where it's just that whole movie takes place in that one autopsy room and the hallway, and you don't see anything else outside of that.
There's two characters, plus the autopsy person on Dhe.
That's it, and it's so damn good, and I really, really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed this is, well, like that one room.
There's so many opportunities for so many different types of scares.
I'm playing with expectations of playing with games are playing with gaming tropes and gamers themselves that I would love to see a more fully fleshed out version of this.
So yeah, go support dark stone digital anywhere you can.
I look forward to see what else they make.
Woo, that gave me the heebie jeebies.
And I already had the g b.
So now I got a full set, but don't go anywhere yet.
Dear viewer, there is one game left on the chopping block.
One Maur experience for us to enjoy together.
Have you been scared yet?
I hope not.
Because you made a pact in a promise at the start of this video.
And if you broke that, the new world means nothing to me.
Welcome to sentiment and actually seen this before.
And I meant to play it in a previous video, but I never did for some reason, but it looks kind of cool.
I think I'm just in like, a cell, all of my own.
Move slow, steady.
That is what's gonna win the race.
And in horror, it's all about suspense.
Like these sounds already.
It's good shit, because shit indeed.
Let's hope you stick the landing looking well, because he is the reflection of my own face in my monitor.
Okay, this has got to be one of the slowest builds ups build ups to the start of the game.
Oh, I was waking up freaky ways It in 43 ratio.
Damn, this looks great.
I mean, it's a simple little room, but the lighting just there is actually really, really nice.
Well, it is unreal engine.
That's always amazing.
And nice physics.
This game is fucking fantastic, lady.
I have a tennis ball, and I must throw it.
Wouldn't hold.
Okay, I missed my soul.
Um What channel?
Oh, my God.
It's the Japanese Google translate chance Fantine joon young or Chinese, stand in the center.
She Let's begin what I'm getting myself in for.
Okay, It's a little quiet.
Grabbed the ball and throw it.
Very Paul in your sleeping on return to the center.
All right.
I might just some weird experiment.
How you doing?
Oh, I get a cookie.
Can I eat the cookie?
This is freaky.
I really like this past number 4006.
He's your new toy to answer the questions left to say yes and right to say no.
Do I like the cooking?
It bounce both ways.
Do you feel your body?
Actually, people say you no longer own your body.
Do you feel contained?
Melanie, are you aware of yourself?
Oh, God, Am I a robot?
Uh, yes, I'm sentence.
I'm the robot.
Do you fear without a body.
Who am I answering?
As as the character or myself?
Because I would fear without a body.
I don't like the feeling of not being in control of things.
Okay, that didn't register.
Do you exist without a body?
That is the question, isn't it?
Do we exist after we die?
Does our consciousness go on?
Because technically were a consciousness controlling a body.
We are not the actual body.
We are.
Are we actually physical at all Or is it just our interpretation of our physical movements that make us think that way?
This whole topic to talk about in that regard you are this room, okay?
Is your reality a simulation?
I don't know.
Do I actually feel anything or is it just simulating that?
I feel things I'll say No.
You see what you wrote in your sleeping block.
Wear not satisfied.
Your life isn't real.
Reality is simulated.
Your worthless.
You're worth less than a tasty cookie.
Oh, that said what's in here?
Came to relax.
You can entertain yourself with your toy.
Okay, She has you.
Thank you.
Oh, fence in there.
Monkeys or something may go through.
This is really weird.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, that's how we throw.
Oh, yeah, That's fun.
Entertainment time is over.
Do not touch the ball tonight, Trigger.
That That just happened by random chance Task 4007 Fisher, back on the wall on the left, facing the wall.
Okay, I did it.
Close your eyes.
I don't trust this.
Am I a robot?
Am I a human?
Um, I just a consciousness.
They run an experiment to see if they could actually create a consciousness.
Thinks for itself if you could do anything.
Oh, something's coming up.
What is that?
Is that a body?
Is that a head in the arms?
Oh, God.
What are we looking at?
Oh, I'm very uncomfortable.
What is that?
I need you.
Open your eyes.
Meet your neighbor.
It's always hungry.
It's a monkey is the monkey What I saw because that did not look like a monkey.
Well, you guys might be able to see the bit better because we brighten it in Post Woo.
Tasty cooking.
Thank you, Master.
More cookie.
Give me being good.
Past 4008.
Walk in circles around the room three times towards your left.
What happened if I didn't do any of these, Whenever there's a different outcome, there's one.
There's two.
My life is blossoming with activity.
And there's three is the count.
Oh, wait.
Yak and sprint.
I walk around the entire room.
You like that?
That's the good shit.
Oh, that only counted as one.
Okay, so I do actually have to run around the entire room.
Okay, That's too.
I don't like how quiet it is.
Hey, Cookie, my being pav loved Pavlov is the person that I did like.
The dog training were like, you blow a whistle and the dogs know it's time to eat anything.
It's a conditions training, but then the joke is your toy with your neighbor.
Okay, But then the joke is that every time Pavlov brute blew his whistle, did he think about feeding his dogs so he'd have loved himself that work for 1010.
Stand in the center of the room already.
Doing so.
Rotate in place to the left 20 times.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Uh, I'm getting dizzy.
So weird.
That's only six McCarrick gonna pass out, huh?
Oh, yeah, I'm getting wobbly.
Oh, God.
I actually am getting wobbly in real life as well.
I think if I go too fast, it doesn't register it.
15 16 17 18 in a gene Trenny cookie.
Oh, God.
I really do feel dizzy.
He's gonna give me motion sickness.
I did what you asked.
Okay, I'm stable again.
Test 4011 balls.
Is your neighbor okay?
They took my ball.
They took my ball.
I hear you playing with my ball on the other side of your whole they're getting tasks.
Is whoa weird?
Um, I just a monkey being experimented on.
Come back, Boomerang.
You're my only friend.
The only love I've ever known.
I'm bouncing the ball to you.
You're just rolling it back to me.
There will be a house tinny.
From left rolls, right.
Back and forward.
Okay, do we not get my ball back?
Well, there we go.
Thank you.
Are you gonna come straight back to you?
Actually, Yeah.
Look at it.
Oh, wait.
They just open up the gate to let me throw it through.
Three times.
You want me to do this?
Past 4013 shipping?
Then eat the cookie.
I like the sound of the cookie coming down the sounds really realistic.
It is The cookie make you happy?
Oh, my God.
I am just being conditioned.
Yes, very happy.
Me happy with cooking.
But my ball hope you like making others happy.
You like to become a testing cookie?
No, I want to be a cookie.
You will become a cookie.
Time to relax.
You can entertain yourself with your toy.
This game is so weird.
We're every 2014 YouTube log right now.
Hey, Mr Monkey Man, You wanna play?
Have a ball.
Are you in there?
Good talking to you.
E my ball.
I'm having a great time.
Even though I might be a monkey or robot or just a flowing consciousness, who knows?
All I know is that I have my ball right in the corner.
So close.
It's like the DVD logo thing E What?
Said Neighbor wants to meet you past 4014.
I like my sleeping block.
Fuck is going on.
What does it say?
Because there's God in the middle.
I can't really read it.
What says, Damn it!
You better not just end.
I want more.
Come on.
I was getting really good.
It's a playable teaser.
It is, Petey.
That's the P T stands for Damn, that was fucking awesome!
I'm partial to this type of stuff.
Belongs to Bigger world, currently under development by former please.
More cookie this game.
Cookie Give.
Oh, my God, That was amazing.
So simple.
So straight for.
But like I said, I'm partial to this sort of like environmental storytelling or the really minimalistic style of storytelling where I'm my imagination is going wild this entire time being like a by a monkey on my consciousness.
And I had the same as the guy next door.
Am I something different?
Um, I even riel.
So all these different things happening, and the game doesn't even need to explain it.
Because my brain has already made up a cool enough narrative for what fits my own tastes.
And then that scene where everything goes red and he's like, right there on the whole, coming in towards his fucking freaky man.
That was awesome.
I want more of that now.
I love that kind of shit.
Well, dear viewer, we have come to the end of our video.
Did you get scared?
Did you keep it together?
Did you keep your pact on your promise from the start of the video?
I hope so.
Because if you didn't, then I will never be able to trust you again and going forward things We're going to get rough.
But as you leave this video today, let me ask you something.
Was any of this even Riel?
Did you even experience any of it?
Or is it just a figment of your imagination?
On the simulation that is currently running?
We may never know.
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Don't Trust This Game

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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