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top of the morning to you, laddies.
My name is Jack's at the guy.
Been welcome back, Too.
Yes, I know.
I've got a fancy new mike.
It's by Norrell microphone.
So if you really want to get the benefits put on some sweet thanks.
See headphones right now.
Otherwise, what are you doing with your life?
This microphone does this simulate the human ear to give you some really accurate sounds?
I'm my spring right.
You're here.
What about this?
It's that I can hear it in here too.
Can I turn it up even louder?
Oh, baby, that's the good shit.
Was gonna take a little sip.
Fuck it off.
How does anybody keep a straight veins recording?
This is a straight If they could get the microphone, by the way, My, my, my next time I won't let it go.
My lips are feeling a little try after that.
Oh, yeah, That's Britney Christ.
People actually like this.
We're gonna do some basic hygiene today.
Your filthy You're a dirty little being.
You're disgusting.
You're gross.
I hate how you look just because abusive.
Yes, Amar, you're you're trash.
Gonna clean out your ears.
Are you here?
Oh, dirty, dirty one.
Have you been listening?
Have you been listening to things you're not supposed to?
I think so.
What have you been doing with yourself?
You get right in there.
There you go.
Oh, this one's not as dirty.
You're a little right.
You're free.
Get you.
You're still a little filthy doll.
A little hair on your upper lip.
Let me just cut it off.
There you go.
Just trim up the back, love.
But it's all they got dirty here.
Eight years.
I don't think that's going to do the job.
You're still looking a little Harry around the year canals.
Well, filthy.
Get the excess air.
Hey, they go.
Oh, clean, huh?
Now, everything about you is looking really nice.
Yes, Yes.
I like it a lot.
Yeah, Look much better.
Let's not forget, though.
Someone forgot the little bitch pills.
You want to take them?
You want your little bitch pills back?
You need to take them a little bit.
There's a lot of them in there.
You haven't been taking these, have you?
Taking these bills every day that I'm Oh, looking after you is hard work.
I'm just on time.
Wait here.
My neck expert.
Because this is the filthiest they're on.
You wanna meant you're presses here.
Let me Can you want?
Here we go as the man goes in the air.
Right inside, you see year.
Oh, disgusting.
That was in your ear.
Wrong way.
Your tasty little year meant That's good.
This day's like what you heard earlier.
I can taste what you're hearing.
No one is trying to fall asleep.
Okay, well, thank you for joining it.
Toe another episode off Awful.
You learned something here today.
Take this knowledge and you go very fire with it.
Tell your friends all about it.
Don't forget clean your filthy, filthy years.
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Awful ASMR #2

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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