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today we try and save the world 1000 days to escape.
Now, apparently, in this game you have 1000 days to escape Earth and try and save as many people as possible by inhabiting loads of different planets in the galaxy.
I'm just going to hit play and go for it because I'm not 100% sure how you play.
I won't be the same.
Human activities is called irreparable damage to the environment and threatened mankind.
That sounds familiar.
Oddly familiar calculations have shown the extra remains for 1000 days.
The whole world is terrified.
NASA isn't picking up.
Seven billion lives are now resting on these beautiful shoulders.
I'm a little bit scares a lot of pressure.
Look through a telescope.
Always going down.
Quick, Tell us.
Go choose a planet Madara Research that bad boy.
I need fuel.
I need satellites.
Oh, my goodness.
This is a lot to put into my brain for a satellite.
Inside boot filled the rocket and it was that much as too much.
Closed the cap on Lord go.
Bye, Princey, Leave new planets now I need to set another one's.
The population is currently 1,007,000 which is seven billion that select another one.
Let's d'oh do this one.
Praxis is 877 million kilometers away.
Sewing to open this.
Put some fuel in it up to eight hundreds.
I've kind of done too much.
I've wasted it.
Another satellite?
It doesn't give me time to read.
It takes 10 days and I've explored a new island.
I've done it.
Small gravity regulator used to stabilize gravity on the planet.
You know what this is?
Shove one of those in there.
Oh, it's about it.
Back out!
Get out of here.
Go Explore Praxis.
Do I just need to do this over and over again?
I've explored 4% of planets.
I've saved no one on launch.
Two rockets.
Wait, hold on.
One of them wasn't successful.
That's bad.
Claim these points because Kadar a has been explored.
And this is where I can research new things.
This is where I can buy more kerosene.
I don't know how you unlock these, though, Okay?
Brax has been explored.
There are 100 purred, every set of neutrons.
I guess we still save no one.
We have to actually take people.
I'm claiming the hundreds.
And bring items to make planet fit for humans.
We need a temperature gauge and a little bit more gravity.
Or is that fine?
That looks fine to me.
It is 800 kilometres away.
Says put it in that.
Hey, there we go.
Flap the lid.
Go make it go.
Make a warm up their warm toes, legs and head brains.
Hope it makes it there.
Oh my goodness.
I might have messed up.
I'll look it on its way.
It looks so beautiful.
Let's explore this one.
I need Thio.
Increase the temperature and add floor.
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Why aren't you didn't put fuel in it.
I'm an idiot.
I've lost my temperature gauge.
Now what I need to buy a temperature regulator is grab one of those pop one of those in there and then we need to add some trees.
Uprooted trees in a rocket.
So that is seven.
I'm sure he put enough in 629.
Yeah, that's enough.
Put people into the rocket.
Get in there, boys.
Full capacity!
We're going to full capacity.
Let's go.
E could go to 1000.
Come on, guys, get in.
Whoa, whoa!
Look, get ready for your new life.
It's going to be great.
Okay, Let's Ah, let's launch this bad boy.
Am I going a floor room for inner atmosphere Generator?
No, don't need that.
I'm buying another floor and foreigner pop it in.
Why is it spitting it out?
H 20 doesn't want that either.
Great Ravitz e.
You want gravity, don't you?
Don't grab it to either find.
Get out of here.
But 1000 people ready to go.
But that might be actually 300 million people in one rocket.
How does that work?
Yes, it happens.
It waas.
I've saved 203 million people.
Let's go claim all these 500 each.
Not bad.
Let's go to a new planet.
Let's go.
Let's go all the way over here.
Four teeth.
Actually, I don't think that's a good idea.
Wizardry on.
So this one needs to go nine hundreds 1,000,000 kilometers.
That should be enough, right?
I don't want this to be messed up again.
Satellite in there and then just go.
I don't wanna put people in there yet, do I?
Let's go Launch Discover new life, please, for people on here, I need to add.
I think the temperature is still a little bit low.
Always because they didn't actually make it there because I'm an idiot.
But that in there, right, people, let's get in.
And then everything's ready.
I don't know why the flora and fauna didn't work in the previous one.
Everyone get in.
Everyone look at their little heads.
It's so cute.
There we go.
Act capacity.
However, What if fires without launch that bad boy?
Go, go!
What's the problem here?
Why can't I launch?
No, I just awkward of white people.
I think it's too heavy.
I know Pretty fuel in a my stupid I think I might be stupid.
You're Yes.
I had no fuel.
A hundreds.
There we go.
Make it.
It's time.
Now we can fill it with people.
Let's go Warriors as well.
So I want to put warriors up there.
We're gonna have to fight aliens because I'm okay with that.
Closed the lid.
Guys, watch out!
Let's go.
Make it this time.
So people aboard Wait.
We have discovered this.
Let's see what we need to inhabit this.
We need water and flora and foreigners.
There's popular watering Their put this in there too.
Oh, no.
Practice has been colonized, but there was.
There were casualties due to overpopulation.
Although I have a I've been thinking about that.
No bad person.
Investment in science research is new peaks.
Yesterday, science fiction becomes a reality for 500 science points.
Increased time.
Oh, I can choose science points, which I guess of the neutron things increased time for 25 days or sell to an alien civilization 1500 points minus 25 days.
I don't think I want to do that.
I'm gonna increase my time because I've been pretty slow.
Can you just send some people over here?
But the capacity is really low.
It doesn't actually say how many people.
Oh, you can 300 people.
Okay, I didn't see that before.
I think we're good, though.
People fire it out.
Lord, what about your?
I could only fit 32 people in this flight launcher.
Anyway, it better get there.
Yes, it works a landed successfully.
Hime dolla.
We're going there now.
We're going to discover this planet.
I don't know if I'm gonna about to make it.
Okay, That could definitely make it.
Should I send some people over?
I don't know if that's worth it, I probably shouldn't.
Right now.
Let's just launched that bad boy.
Get out of here.
I don't know what I don't know.
The conditions are like, How on earth did I say that this needs some gravity temperature gauge and some water.
I'm pretty sure the water thing is bugged because I put it in and it doesn't take, but it does go correctly.
And I can put fuel because I always get fuel.
And it is 700 1,000,000 kilometers away.
So that should be enough.
Now we shake the people in shake, shake, shake shake ago.
Hope you make it.
Guys, I'm exploring the's a ll These planets finding new ones.
The long name one I've actually got now as well.
This planet needs a solid surface.
How do I create a solid surface comm put water in?
Is it this okay?
It's not that.
It's definitely not that.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I just spent all of this on water.
It says it doesn't have enough odds.
The glitch with three waters in there.
And now I can't afford anything else.
I'm an idiot.
I'm just gonna have to send off another one.
I've got a satellite and enough fuel for it.
Wait, That's bad.
Get all that back.
Get all that back.
Fill a rock.
That's why in Lord, I've got 600 days remaining.
Almost half way.
Save that many people.
Engineers presented a new improved type rocket.
Give me that.
What does it give me?
A grade?
Level two in 1000.
How do I get I get bored?
I hope this is going to be completely full of people.
Wait 200.
I can do a little bit more and they're going to 68 right?
268 That should be able to fill that planet.
That's like $1,001,000.
Almost saved the 1,000,000,000 people.
Investigation of coal mines.
Planets contributes to development of science.
Duaner increased time or sell to an alien.
I'm gonna get 500 science points.
Or I could take 1500 get minus 25 days.
I'm doing it.
I'm taking the moolah.
I'm sending loads of people behind dollar too.
Okay, I've earned 5000 overall.
That's Great.
Now I need to upgrade my rocket.
Let's go look at that bad boy or another one of these is well, explosion of new planets are great gravity regulator temperature regulator.
This is how you upgrade.
I'm gonna do What is that?
What is the difference?
I promise you.
I am a scientist of the highest caliber on the conflict.
Loads of stuff in it.
Now that's great, actually, let's d'oh!
500 science points.
I'm not too sure like what this is.
Is it just more powerful?
I guess Casualties ups did not mean to do that right to colonize this once we need temperature regulator.
There wasn't fuel.
I always forget to buy fuel.
I don't know what solid surfaces.
How do I get a solid surface?
I just had to google it.
Solid surface means the you literally calm, populated.
There's there's no way that's annoying, right?
We send how many more people 97 more people here have fun Guys, you're But you've got a ll the space in this brand new rocket.
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
You are not chosen.
You are rich enough.
This one needs gravity temperature on water Luckily, I have lots of water.
I was need to add fuel every time.
It's a I promise you.
I'm a scientist.
I know what I'm doing.
But I always forget to put fuel in My rockets could put people on here to like Right now I feel like I can't 300.
Go, my friends, go enjoy your new mortar.
I should've checked.
There was a solid surface, but first.
But luckily luckily there is.
I feel 500 on this planet.
That should get me decent points.
But it's almost It's almost 4800.
Come on, further up.
There's plenty of space for activities.
Okay, with full lorne share.
Oh, this is great.
I'm doing well.
Oh no.
We've lost the satellite parties hit by enemies.
There's aliens destroying my stuff.
I did not realize this.
That cost me a lot of money.
Homies, Come on.
You guys are lucky.
There's only 44 of you chosen ones in here.
Enjoy the space.
You can play a whole game of tag in space.
Get out of here.
So the enemies for you, Nico.
So I have to put actual warriors in there now because I found them.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
We've got some Maur.
I got some more options here.
I'm gonna get the gravity regulates.
Where's Yumiko?
Which ones?
That weight.
It did make it.
No, no, they just lost the satellite.
Why did I send a satellite there?
Oh, look, Hostile has been added.
I think we're fine, though, but everything seems to be doing fine.
You mako!
All right, this one's colossal.
This one needs to thousands 1,000,000 kilometers of fuel.
That's crazy.
I want to send warriors to hear so bad.
And I think I can, Um Oh, I increase my time will get points.
I'm gonna increase my time atmosphere.
Let's put atmosphere in there and let's send over the troops.
Let's go.
There's 400 of them.
Does that mean I just need to send over 400 of my guys to lets you?
Avon's look at them.
They're ready for battle.
They have no weapons.
Just gonna fight with their bands.
The warriors actually take up a lot of space and I have no fuel in there yet.
Oh, geez.
I'm gonna send a cz many as I can now.
I got fuel in, but they think of a lot of space.
You guys, maybe they do have weapons.
They're packing rocket launches or something going.
Get out of here.
There was proud, hostile population of 400.
There's only 213 of you hope it goes well.
I might have to send them all to their death.
Oh, I need a best of gravity thing to deal with this one.
It's still not done.
Whoa, That needs three levels.
That's crazy.
Yes, we did it.
We took down the aliens.
I'm gonna increase my your level.
Let's go.
I'm doing nano fuel.
We are.
She unlocks nano fuel.
I'm guessing it's just Oh, it's way better.
Au fost that fills up.
It already saved a bit of money and last longer.
Two guys running 100 days were under 100 days.
I'm gonna send some people off in this one too, But not about to fit many on here.
500 conf it, but it needed almost everything apart from its already got satellite on it.
So my goodness is this is gonna be a packed light, guys, no room for activities in this one.
Huddle up.
Get comfortable we go 80 days left?
I'm not worried.
I need to Just quicker 325 soaring up into the distance.
We've only got 33 32 days remaining.
Where else needs colonizing?
Can this be colonized?
Hasn't got a solid surface.
The sun Can we We can go to the sun Let's go to the sun Let's see what happens.
I'm sure people can be a cannot be put onto this.
Let's go and see anyway, Go on.
The most dangerous journey yet.
I can't get more days.
Um, I'm gonna get science points and upgrade the rocket to launch $3000.
Great rocket.
Give me that bad boy.
Look at it.
It's insane.
I'm glad I finally got that.
Mrs Reason fails.
There was no reason I just sent.
I just sent a rocket to its death.
I feel kind of bad, actually.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's gonna It's gonna die is gonna die.
Just take take a satellite.
It takes some people and go, Go, go!
Get out of here!
Oh, my God!
That's it.
That's it.
I'm done.
It's gonna world explodes.
Way almost saved 50% of the population, we saved 3495 million, which is 3.4 billion people.
We discovered over half the planet's launch.
33 rockets on.
We found nine artefacts.
That was stressful, Really stressful.
If you don't look after our planet, someone like me is gonna have to do this job and ship you off rockets to other planets.
That's not a cool idea.
Save our planet.
Give us some more oxygen of ways.
This is going to happen.
We're gonna be in big trouble.
And also one of the things committed to save our planet, keep our oceans clean and just don't pollute electric cars.
All that good stuff, partner.
During this little game, I just found it and thought I'd be interesting.
It's kind of it's stressful, you know, to try and get 100% of people saved Must be quite the feat.
I don't know how you do it.
Guys over Enjoy this little buddy.
I didn't even like we greatly appreciate.
It's a growing field Brian knew from or videos every single day.
And I'll see you guys hopefully soon because otherwise our planet's gonna die.
I don't want that.
See you later.
Candle campus for four.
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I Tried To Save THE WORLD!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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