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keep an eye out for these future Academy Award winners.
Hey, guys, it's Phoebe.
Welcome to Top X, the show where we count down the good, the bad and the ugly of YouTube.
Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 YouTubers Who could win an Oscar?
We're taking a look at YouTubers, whose skills in Hollywood could one day see them picking up an Academy Award.
Let's get to it.
Number 10 Jimmy Tatreau.
It all started with a little channel called Life.
According to Jimmy.
Before long, this young California native had accumulated over three million subscribers and more than 500 million views.
His impressive library of diverse sketches includes such hits as the hilarious Save the Phone Video and his oddly relatable sleepover, Siri's I take all the best pictures that I find of boobs.
Put him on one word document.
So have all of 11 page, and then I print the paper out and put it in my binder so that I can look at it whenever I want.
His YouTube channel earned Tatreau a fair amount of attention, and he quickly began appearing in feature films and TV shows, but nowhere as prominently as Dylan Maxwell in Netflix's American Vandal.
The performance got him nominated for a criticschoice television award.
So we think there are big things on the horizon for this talented comedian.
You know, I get there on the answering questions and you know, I have a pencil.
You know, I'm actually right.
Nature's on the wife would digs number nine Liza Koshi.
This popular YouTube personality actually got her start in 2013 on another platform.
Thankfully, by the time of Vines demise, she had already established her presence on YouTube.
You don't let me just make sure I look like a woman on camera, halftime potato or a man in 2017 she actually set a record by hitting 10 million subscribers faster than any other YouTube personality.
She quickly amassed about 45 million followers across various platforms, so it's no surprise that she's been recruited for several television and film projects.
Most notably is host of Nickelodeon's Double Dare, the TV, Siri's freakish and even 20 sixteen's Bua Medea Halloween.
Oh, actually, my parents wouldn't mind me staying here for Halloween.
We don't celebrate it anyways.
Due to her current work, Internet stardom and her inclusion on Forbes 2019 30 under 30 list.
We think anything is possible for this award.
Winning star number eight Hannah Hart, who knew the getting famous could be a simple is getting drunk while intoxicated in 2001 Heart filmed herself attempting to make a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese.
The bread waas right there Network is gone.
After uploading the video to YouTube, she was shocked to find that the video had accumulated 100,000 hits in a matter of days, and the rest is history Now.
My Drunk Kitchen has millions of subscribers and his featured multiple celebrities, including chef Jamie Oliver.
All right, Jamie, Will you do the honors?
The next step May Channel also spawned a world tour, a comedy show, a cookbook and so much more.
We're getting ready for the doomsday prep shout out in the book.
This is in honor of Birthday, The planet, which you know is kicking us out after watching Heart wins several streaming awards and host the prestigious ceremony or convinced she has what it takes to rise to the next level.
As far as we know, we are the stream ease first female hosts on.
And if you're wondering, number seven Grace Helbig.
While house sitting for a family in New Jersey, Helbig decided to keep a video blogged documenting her thoughts and experiences, and the resulting positive feedback got her extra invested in video making.
Since then, she's become a host of several popular podcasts and Web series such as the hilarious Not Too Deep, We'll See You Guys Next Time.
I'm Not Too Deep, Good Buck.
She's even acted in several films and TV shows, including 2014 Scamp, Dakota and I Think My Ovaries Just Winced.
She's One Streaming Shorty and Webby Awards, all for her work on the Internet, and we can only imagine that this is a four gleam of bigger awards yet to come.
Hi, my name is great so we got no night Now your life is different now.
I work with Hello Fresh once a month.
Now you do to My toilet is hissing at me.
Number six.
Lilly Singh.
Born in Canada, Lilly Singh is among the highest paid YouTube stars in 2019.
Forbes magazine named her one of the most powerful people in comedy and to think she first started making videos under the name Superwoman as a way to battle depression, Sing often talks about her Punjabi heritage and has broken down many barriers with her success.
Over the years, she's performed alongside stars like Dwayne Johnson and Selena Gomez.
The worst room where you've ever heard about yourself is that you were pregnant 2019.
She even became the host of her very own NBC talk show A little late with Lilly Singh.
Since there doesn't seem to be anything this award winning actress, writer and comedian can't do, we have high hopes for her future endeavors.
It would be crazy to drive all the way to take years ago.
Matching napkins.
Let me through Number five Shane Dawson, one of the original YouTube stars.
Having started on the platform in 2008 Dawson's channel ranks among the 100 most popular on YouTube, with some 23 million subscribers.
If I Had But Save the World Way got to start making sketch comedies, doing impersonations and starring in hilarious spoof music videos.
He later turned to darker themes with a Web series on conspiracy theories.
Now, today we're gonna be talking about a lot of different some involving big celebrities that have their faces and voices.
His feature film, Not Cool, was considered a critical and commercial failure.
But he's written two books that have made The New York Times best seller list and were convinced that this highly talented men's best work is yet to come.
Number four Freddie Wong You know you've hit the YouTube big times when you have several channels that are all doing well and we mean millions of subscribers.
Well, since making a name for himself on YouTube, his rocket jump channel being particularly successful long has collaborated with many major celebrities, from Jimmy Kimmel on its high fight two Key and Peele in a Mexican standoff and even Jon Favreau in A Cowboys and Aliens parody I Roll with Longgang.
Given that Wong is an executive producer and director of the Siri's Dimension for Oh, for an Oscar in the producing or directing category isn't too far fetched.
A possibility for this immensely talented personality dimension for four isn't going to be released until 2017 where you'll be able to see it on Lulu domestically, and another place is international number three Casey Neistat, trying to put a label on what made Neistat so successful is tricky.
Some say that it all started as early as 2003 with his short film iPods Dirty Secret, which garnered international attention as a critique of Apple.
Others might claim that it was his series of short films featuring science experiments.
However, most of his over 11 million subscribers on YouTube will most certainly tell you that it's his series of logs that got them hooked.
With important right Outside, Today seems like an opportune day to make a video of wanting to make for a very long time called I Want to Explain to You the audience exactly how I make my vlogs, whether he's blogging, public speaking or cameo ing in films like 20 sixteen's Nerve, Nice SATs, Influence is Electric, and we can't help but wonder if an Oscar is next on his to do list.
Number two.
Isa Ray.
With her viral Web series, the misadventures of awkward Black Girl, this talented actress, writer and director forced the world to pay attention.
Awkward moment.
What's the protocol for repeatedly running into someone and it stops after its first season, it was picked up and distributed by Farrell on his I am other YouTube channel.
The Siri's also paved the way for her HBO series Insecure, which she co created with Larry Wilmore.
You yelling for?
Can you pay attention?
As if that's not enough.
Ray has also started some pretty major films, like 20 eighteen's They Hate You Give and 20 nineteen's Little, with many more projects in the works is an Academy Award on the way We think It's only a matter of time.
I know this is hard for you.
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to jail for you.
You got it.
You're going to school before we continue.
Be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about her latest videos.
You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.
If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.
Number one Bo Burnham In 2006 Burnham recorded himself singing several songs and uploaded them to YouTube.
No, I don't know if all Boy Scout Sergei's they could probably tie the knot in, like, 50 different ways.
Gotta say for the charity, because that happened lug it.
Girls like afraid Once a week, you should stock it.
The intention was to share them with family.
But the views and likes quickly built up, and soon enough he found himself making a career with his music and comedy.
I can't wrap my mind around exactly why a year I know you paid money should be funny.
Other than that, I don't know why I'm here to make you laugh right?
That's only half right.
He's since headlined a series of critically acclaimed comedy tours and made hilarious appearances on TV shows and in films such as Parks and Recreation, Get Home Safe Boys and Thank You for Protecting Our Freedom when none of Us Saw Coming From The Funny Man was his directorial debut, 2018 8th grade.
A funny and painfully honest coming of age story that earned Burnham numerous accolades.
Burnham is, without a doubt the YouTuber, who is closest to the coveted Academy Award.
Do you agree with our picks?
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Top 10 YouTubers That Could Win an Oscar

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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