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you guys mind if his destiny and welcome back to you.
What the fuck?
I'm just wanting.
It is hotter than a demon's tainted my studio right now.
So don't be surprised if we see the return of stir.
And I think you still want to zone Are Zillah top suggestion This week's video Believe your own suggestion for a future with the top five.
So make sure those in the comments down below, but without further delay for today.
We count down the five weirdest things people have bought online.
It's starting to think that a place that we all enjoy so much with amazing personalities multiplayer game experience is communicating with friends can also be a place for one could purchase owl vomit in a jar, wolf urine and a pet rock you can plug into your computer.
I don't fucking know.
Doesn't do anything so great.
That's number one on this list is an imaginary friend.
No, this is This is really like who in their right mind would make this post?
I'm selling my imaginary friend yacht.
Really liked sweets is puffs cereal.
A little racist, but just a little favorite movie It's Shaun of the dead.
And he loved Latino.
Like even if I believed imaginary friends were really just sell someone, there's a little thing called slavery.
Awhile ago, people didn't take too kindly to it.
I think my favorite part about this post is that the seller also included a picture of the imaginary friend I gotta say, you really got his good side in this picture.
I mean, damn look at that guy, Right.
What's worse about this one?
Is that someone actually bought it For how much you might ask, You know, just a measly $3000.
What the fuck?
An imaginary person is worth more than my network.
I don't know how a person could have a negative net worth, but apparently I do.
Anyways, that's really the last update that we have on this story.
So I don't really assume that the imaginary character whose name is John LP man apparently has found a new home and is as happy as an imaginary character could be.
Number two, a ghost in a jar.
So you believe this in Arkansas?
EBay user in 2000 three's old ajar on eBay that he claimed to find in an abandoned cemetery that, since he picked up, had been haunting him and terrorizing his life.
And instead of calling the Ghostbusters or Ed and Lorraine Warren or the psychic twins, the Values Air decided instead to sell it.
It passed the curse off to someone else sitting in his post that he would not be held responsible for anything that might happen to the buyer.
Interestingly enough, they'll be Jar sold for a staggering $55,992.
But unfortunately, be Buyer did pay for it, so chances are it is still stuck with the guy who is trying to sell it.
But honestly, why would you want to buy this?
Who's just like, Yeah, I love demons.
I love being with that thrill, thrill fun for the whole family I know is that whoever wanted to buy this was going to give it a gift to someone else.
You know, like Oh my God, What if you made it?
I know we kind of broke up suddenly last year.
I hope there's no bad blood between us.
Oh, no, who's not?
In fact, I actually brought you a gift.
Thank you.
no problem.
Number three, the bumper dumper there have to take a massive shit with your traveling on the road.
Are you too afraid to poop in the woods because you're afraid of rattle?
Snake will bite you in your scrotum.
Her labia.
Do you have a pick up truck?
Well, then you're in love.
Introducing the bumper Dumper!
Useless is fuck brought up that attack is the toilet to your bath bumpers?
It's almost like the person who made this has never heard of a fucking rest stop.
But essentially all it is is a bucket you can attach to the back of your bumper for a reasonable $70.
Like sees this.
It's like, bless my soul.
I gotta get me one of them.
I shit on the daily that we'll never have to be a fear of shit myself on the way.
What are you supposed to do with your ship filled bucket?
Just leave it in your truck.
Hey, Brad, What's that all?
What the fuck Also, never mind how dumb the product is.
Let's talk about this fuckin website.
Was this made in fucking 1996?
It even worse is the commercial that was made for now.
You always have a place.
It's the ultimate portable toilet for the outdoors.
The original bumper dumper is made in the USA in easily mouth into most standard two by two square hitch Receivers in the patented frame use standard elongated wonder if the guy was close it up to the microphone recording Dumper.
Dumper is the best dang product I've ever heard of before.
But it's not all that you double the bumper dumper as a disciplinary tool for the kids.
Hey, Dad, sister, sweat off when you hit a bump.
Oh, well, she was my least favorite life anyways.
Shut your ass or you're next on the bumper.
Dumper Number four.
Getting Kanye West out of debt And you might be like, Wait, Kanye West isn't death.
No, that's why this is stupid.
But you may remember, back in February of last year, when Tanya announced that he was in debt $53 million barely, there was several factors contributed to death.
From a failed record label to a field clothing line.
Fans of confident went absolutely nuts and decided to start a fund me page to raise funds to get Kanye out of debt and the ending go fund me page raise only, and I say, only $7383 out of the $53 million gold.
I don't think they made the goal, But here's the thing.
It's not just that this is ridiculous.
But you also gotta realize money to a normal person is like after bills.
Will I have enough money to eat this month?
Looks like no cool top Robin it is.
Money for Kanye West is like, How many $20 bills get out of my ass with today?
How many trips to the moon can I take this week?
And then when he's like Oh, no, I only have $67 million in my savings right now.
I'm so poor.
It's a good thing I'm a God.
Everybody says, Who does he think he is?
I just told you who I thought I was.
I got all he has to do in that situation is literally sneeze on a rap beef or fucking take a song that we already love and just wrap over it.
Hey, it's Gerry, thanks to my new single.
He's a millionaire again.
Anyways, Kanye and his team actually took notice of the page last year, made a statement saying he doesn't want any of the money and wants to actually send the money from the crowd.
Funding Page two Notes for Notes Charity, which is an organization that build recording studios in so many of them, are down every year when someone records a fire mixtape.
Yeah, that Joe was pretty bad.
That joke was so bad that I literally edited cricket sounds in there two seconds ago.
No more stupid pun jokes.
Desperate stuff in the violin number five feet juice Arrow.
So this is something you could actually still buy.
It is, quite honestly, more useless than a Bluetooth connected fidget spinner, which exists.
It was very close to making it on this list.
So why's this thing so useless?
I mean, let's fancy enough, right?
Well, it should, because it's $400.
Wow, senses fruit you're buying like teleports them into the juicer and then makes fresh juice, right?
No, but that does sound like the gym.
Zero is a juicer that you could only operate from an app on your phone and will only work with juice a row branded juice packets that cost between six and $8 her pack.
Bloomberg actually wrote an article stating that the Jews from the pack it tastes pretty much the same is just putting the juice of the device.
So really the only point of buying the $400 device that claimed it was revolutionizing how you consume juice?
What's to squish a juice?
Pack it into a cup worth it?
Originally, the Juice a row is funded on Kickstarter that raised over $12 million over the course of its Kickstarter campaign.
It's exercise that the video that they used to explain the Juice Road now has over 9000 dislikes and only 1000 lights, and they've disabled their comments on the video.
Come on, it's because every comment was like this broad Fucking suck.
The best part about the video.
It's probably this part.
Our founder, Doug, is straight up made of juice.
Literally, there's juice in my day, I got juice in your brain to cause that ain't working for shit.
Unfortunately, the juice A row has stopped making and shipping its products and is looking to sell the company.
You know, this is actually inspired me to create a useless product as well.
Call it rainwater.
I had to spell it weird because all new companies are like, Look it up.
We spent it with innovative rainwater.
It's like water, but from the sky here it rain wasn't.
We fucking hate lakes.
So we literally have 50 different people at any given time, running around with buckets, trying to collect rain for you to drink.
Just listen to these testimonies.
It tastes literally no different from normal water rainwater Fuck links.
Anyways, that is it for this episode of what the fuck?
Hopefully you guys enjoyed it.
If you did, make sure to give this video like it also subscribe to the channel as there will be more every single week.
We made it in the end of the video, and I don't see a single pit state of the day for you guys, is what is the weirdest thing that you've ever bought online before you guys go make sure to check out my new what?
The fuck news on my channel.
We talked about beauty pie and what he said on a stream.
We talked about 10 crews like import on Twitter.
There's a couple other stories that make sure to check that out.
Description down below.
That's a guys.
I'll see you next time for another one about five.
Thanks for watching and fair with.
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7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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