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Just listen to me.
Listen, Three friends today we try and get prevent revenge to the Fulham won.
I know it was a skeleton that killed our three golden, but I'm taking out my revenge on the villages.
Guys, welcome back to Minecraft Hardcourt Survival.
Where Today I got a few updates.
Number one I have been using my ex p fishing farm for literally hours today them up to level 35.
And the reason that is good is because we can now in charge are diamond helmet to get some more protection, which means actually way more prepared now than when we were before we hit the mansion, which is a good thing.
Had headphones.
Second reason why I've been using this is because I've been trying to get another Villager a current with that cool.
They're like factions or Raiders are not too sure.
You know the group of villages that came and attacked us last time all the time before.
I'm trying to spawn another set of those guys in so we can actually try a raid today, But they just haven't been sporting and have had a couple come in, but nothing like we had before.
Where bless his soul attack will protect either one of those lost his life protecting us.
They were gonna try and avenge that.
And the way we're going to do it is by one showing you that I have extended this.
So I added another hopper on a chest under here so we can grab even Maur treasures, and we're gonna check what we've got in the mix.
I haven't actually checked out, and then we're gonna go and find an Villager outpost.
That's right.
I want to try and fill up this map and see if there is one around.
Because, as you can see, most of it is planes.
They appear in the plains.
They're pretty rare, But I'm gonna try and find one.
I think the top right is gonna be our best bet.
So, me and buddy, I'm gonna go on a little adventure, okay?
I need to do my banner.
Let me see if I could do that, because I could not figure that out last time.
So let's check art treasures first.
Add another chest under Jac Sharpness three and piercing.
Oh, that's good.
I can combine these two, right?
That's good.
I've got seven name tags.
A bold salmon five north of the shells.
I was 16 north of the show's in total.
Got some more stuff in here is well six name tax.
We won't name tags for days.
We were 13.
Name tags.
We could name 13 different things.
That's crazy, right?
More piercing on.
Oh, actually, you guys told me to do something, and I'm gonna go and do it right now.
So to save me climbing all the way to the top of the vending machine, I'm gonna crap myself a grindstone and put it on the boat.
Only problem is, I don't actually know how to make wine.
Oh, there it is.
Okay, so we're gonna go and take this down to the boats that I can grind off all the useless enchantments I was gonna do this today, but I was gonna climb all the way to the top of the Villager vending machine, which wouldn't have been a good idea.
So instead, let's pop it.
Um, that's pretty here.
I don't know if this is a slab or not.
Yeah, there we go.
So now we can grind off all of these enjoyments.
This is gonna take a while, and I need to make sure that I don't grind off the wrong ones so I can grind off all of these fishing rods.
Put a line of fishing rods down the bottom.
Here we go.
That's how many levels this gets us run.
35 almost 36 levels.
Grind it off.
We're going this one off.
Well, you can't grind off course of vanishing.
That's interesting.
Okay, this growing these off too, because we have the best fishing road already.
I say we go.
Where's lucky boy?
Okay, make sure I do know Grind this off.
That would be ridiculously stupid.
Well, that could be a lot.
Good bye.
All of these are getting grinded.
Look at this.
Next up the bows.
Let's take the bows out because I don't think we can get anything better.
We got powerful.
Wait, Maybe we can.
This is a really good boat.
Let me see if I can combine them.
That's when you got cuts.
The vanishing man.
We got knocked back, not back.
Power piercing weight, power and piercing.
Let's grab that one.
And then just piercing.
Let me pull these boys back.
I'm getting confused.
Let me do it.
My enchanting first.
But that's gonna get us a load of levels, which is great.
Well, let's have some scuffed ones in here.
Death Strider was a good book that I got, so I'm gonna take that up with me.
What else did we get?
The restaurant on bows and fishing rods, which are actually some of our best items.
We don't currently need those.
So what books do we have?
These were the kind of ones I want to use, so we have sharpness.
I want to try that one because that's gonna make us go up.
I'm pretty sure.
I want to try that one to fortune on Blast Protection Law.
Feather falling fire protection.
How much is this gonna cost to combine sharpness to sharpness?
4 19 levels.
That's so expensive.
And then what about this one?
To make it from powerful war to power five costs 12.
I could do that.
I could do that right now, so we'll make a sharpness for on a power five, which I think is worth doing.
But first I don't.
Kiddies, How you doing that you're gonna get me a gift in a second.
Okay, But first I want to use it to enchant this book so I don't lose levels for X.
I need 30 levels because Oh, I don't need that anymore than I've already got.
OK, great news.
What can I get on my helmet?
Protection three.
Let's do that first.
Yeah, buddy, we are fully protected.
Look at this.
We need to rename it though.
Let's definitely rename it.
Put the book in the lap is back.
And now we can combine the other things which I am a little bit worried about that sleep first, right.
Gift skips Gift, please.
Rain me and gifts keep me warm.
Little friends heard the noise.
What did you get me?
A rabbit's foot?
That's gross.
But also really cool because I think you can do a jump boost potion.
If that I'm pretty sure that's quite a good finds, right?
Any images?
I don't see any.
All I see is this guy right here, right?
Let me combine these enjoyments.
Then we're gonna get out of here.
Actually, I want to do the diamond banner as well.
It's so expensive sharpness to this sharpness for Booth.
Then we can do this one for 12 to make it from power.
Fourth power five.
I now have no levels left way are pretty.
Pretty stacked now.
Protection of three protection.
Full protection of three protection too.
No bad.
I just want Thio do the old name for this.
We're gonna call it the Brain Pro Tech tour.
Gotta protect the knob in.
I feels good.
I feel like we're ready when you want to levels.
We need to make a change to that now.
We just slept, haven't we?
So now is a good time to go in that direction and try and fill this map up and hopefully find ourselves an alleged outpost.
So I'm gonna keep this and you take a bed with me just in case.
But eight, buddy, we're going on an adventure.
Actually, I need to do my diamond shield first.
I'm gonna try it one more time.
If it doesn't work.
I'm done.
I'm done trying to create here.
I need my flower charge pattern needs some lap Is white Die light blue dye.
That's caused me a lot of brain ache last time I'm gonna do it.
These are my three attempts.
I have let you created exactly the same thing as that.
How did I manage this?
I think I might have done it.
Is that it?
Is this it for now?
That's it.
I think that's the best one by far.
Now, if I combined them, is that stuck forever then?
So I kind of want to add two more things, but I don't know if it's gonna allow me to do two more of them.
You know what?
Let's just do it.
If I've only got one, then it's fine.
Blue dye.
I want to do what I want to do in the backgrounds.
Come on, let me do another one, please.
One more.
That's all I need.
No, I knew it wasn't gonna let me do it, dude.
Okay, you know what?
I'm just gonna combine them now and then we're gonna have it White shield.
But how do you How do you repair the shields?
I don't know.
I think I might just make a fresh one.
So it lasts longer.
The sun is going down anyway.
Let's make another shield, and that will go on our adventure.
My goodness, that's That's literally the hardest thing I've had to do so far.
No joke.
Shields, combine the two.
Okay, now I've got kind of a diamond Shields.
Let's go.
Why do you look so different?
It looks like pants and literally Looks like underwear.
Okay, fine, fine.
That's what we're going with.
We have an extra steel just in case.
It's fine.
You know what?
It could be way worse.
Let's just go to sleep before the phantoms come.
What else you're gonna give me?
How many more rabbits you gonna kill?
How many more feet you're going to give me, huh?
We need to get busy.
Oh, yeah.
She gave me something.
What was it?
I feather.
Okay, great.
That's actually not bad, right?
I'm out of here.
There is one thing that we need Thio.
And that is grab the name tags.
Did I put them back upstairs?
Because I want Thio.
I wanna rename buddy, but he has something special coming for him, and it's a little bit of an upgrade Where the name tags at heart 13.
Name tags on.
I want to name the llamas.
Well, I think I have enough.
No level is for this.
So first up, we're going, buddy, because we knighted him.
And that's what happens if you're knighted in the UK you get the SER tag, and then we're gonna do in credit E llama.
It's a llama.
There we go.
In Credit lama to levels.
Well spent my friends thinking about it.
We are gonna need some golden apples.
So we should probably make some of those right now.
No, I don't need 33 of them.
I could only make seven, but let's go upto maybe five.
Just in case.
I think that's smart.
Here we go.
Sorry this took so long.
You are now pronounced, sir, buddy.
Yeah, that suits you, sir.
Look at it.
So Buddy has now been knighted, and now we need to give the incredible arma his official title because it looks like he's from The Incredibles.
You need to protect this with your life.
You're doing pretty well on protecting your own life.
So keep these guys safe while I'm out on my journeys.
Thank you.
And this time I'm gonna take this lead with me.
Because if we find some rare mobs, you know I'm stealing them.
But let's go to the forbidden lands.
We just need to explore until we find one.
It could be a journey that just doesn't give us anything in return.
I also wanted to make the map bigger, actually.
But let's do that.
When we come back, we're gonna look at this.
Yes, buddy.
Let's go use those legs.
Remember long legs.
Why I chose you.
Look at this.
An absolute champion worthy of a knighthood.
Oh, is that one?
Well, that might be one.
Yes, that's so one.
Hold on.
Those air cow butts, those air.
Not allergic heads.
Kind of the same color of skin there.
Same one of cows, but as an Villager were really close.
I'm kind of scared.
Can I try?
I want to try and get buddy into a tree so he doesn't get caught in this on.
Also might be a good outpost on the outpost, if you know what I mean.
Yeah, that's definitely one where the where the village is, though a little bit worried.
Um hello, Villages.
Look at this.
Yes, I need to find ones with banners.
It's right on the corner of our map.
This is our original map so we could actually find them really, really easily now.
I don't know how crazy this is going to get by.
Anita Clear, Sir.
Room of my M entry real quick just so that I can pick up the stuff that he needs, huh?
I see them now.
We just need one to spawn with a banner, and then we're good to go.
So I want to do a full on raid when we get back as well.
And I also want to do this before, against the night time.
I've just slept, so I should be fine.
Oh, Jesus.
Sporting already show, please.
Oh, this might be easy, though.
Do they keep sporting back?
I'm not too sure.
Got him all that mad now.
That's so mad.
I don't wanna hit the cow by accident.
Well, look at them sporting in now.
I think most of them are going to die just because my bow is so powerful.
Oh, jeez.
No jail chill.
I should be able to kill them before they even pull back for a shot.
He says as he gets shot.
Where are you?
Where are you?
There you are.
But I think it was you that I got, but yes.
We already for this.
Thank goodness.
I was worried that we were gonna be completely overpowered by I think we're fine.
Where did you come from, sir?
I don't think so, But And you missed.
Oh, he fell off the finger.
That's great, right?
I need a bana man to sport.
I don't know how likely that is to happen, but we need them.
Where are they?
I can hear him.
Okay, that's not true.
Ah, from the ground attack.
That would be a little bit unfair, wouldn't it?
You're just trying to distract me.
I know it.
You just put it out here, you idiots!
What are you doing?
I'm gonna go in.
I've got my boat ready.
Do they just sport around here like continuously?
Because I really I really want to find one of the ones with a banner.
I'm sure that's supposed to be more.
Hello, friends.
If we don't yet this morning.
They're deafness.
I can hear them.
I think they're outside, though.
Yes, this is perfect.
Where's the loo at?
Though bowlers have in Chinese, You're going to Give me fresh crossbow.
You need arrows!
Have got infinity!
I don't need all this stuff.
I don't need potatoes.
I'm gonna take them anyway, though just cause I want to steal from you.
Haha, punks!
This is Oh, no!
There's a forest fire!
That's bad!
What are you doing to that horse?
That horse?
Oh, no, he has a baby!
Leave the horse alone!
Eyes my towered.
Our boys, they think more.
Morris warned a lot more.
I'm running!
I'm out of here!
Let's go!
I want to get them to spawn in their main guy, though.
That that banner man, What kind of fire?
Mycroft, please.
What's happening?
Okay, this is actually fine, because my bow is so goods.
It's easy.
So easy.
Just sporting one of your bannerman, please.
Okay, He's getting out of hand.
It's getting out of hand already.
Look at this.
Taking them down so easily.
This bow is overpowered and I love it.
Whoa, sudden!
Were you trying to do, huh?
I would like you to be gone.
Police They take so long loading their cross by they really They really got do anything to be gun Day by the time.
They've taken a little bit of damage.
They fire maybe one arrow and then they're mincemeat there.
L a Jimmy.
I'm severely ill impressed.
You gotta You gotta thank me for that one.
Couple on slow clap, please.
Yeah, Um, this isn't what I was expecting.
I was expecting a challenge, but I'm not seeing one.
I'm gonna go and collect those banners on the outside.
I heard a rumor that the more banners you put up because I could put banners on my vending machine.
But apparently more bandage you put up, the more likely they are to, like, come and reclaim them.
But I don't know if that's true.
Regardless, I'm gonna take him anyway.
Give me.
Give me all your stuff.
You had one chest up here, By the way, That's such a poor show.
Okay, never mind.
Oh, there's one right there.
Okay, this is perfect.
So I'm gonna try and kill you with my sword just to make sure that this happens.
Damn, bam!
That got it.
Voluntary exile.
We have bad omen.
Guys, this is actually kind of nerve racking because what?
Where's my horse?
My horse is all the trees.
I forgot her everything.
If I could find him, we've now got bad omen.
So as soon as we get back home, a rage should start.
Because that is a village.
Or we could start the raid on a different village.
But the advantage of doing a mind I still up, Big boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
The advantage of doing it in my village is the old of our village is locked up and safe.
So I need to make sure that I can get home without going through any other village.
So I want to start just yet.
I've got to go all the way to the top left.
Okay, let's see.
We get home.
Let's start this raid because I want those sweet discounts on all of my village trades.
Let's do this.
There it is on the horizon.
Now I need to be careful because I think a raid is gonna be fine.
The only problem is what about night time?
It's gonna be nighttime pretty soon.
It lasts for 100 minutes.
So I think we're going to do is wait here, sleep in the trees, and then make a run for it.
Because if I start the raid now, it's gonna get to night time.
You're gonna have zombies, creepers, all that crazy stuff coming in at the same time.
So I'm gonna wait here until the sun goes down and I'll see you when I wake up.
It's rate time.
Okay, buddy, behave yourself.
I'm glad you didn't go invisible bop, but don't go running off, please.
This is a dangerous, dangerous time on is going to be place is gonna be stressful.
But I trust in you, buddy.
You're gonna lead me into battle.
Don't walk away.
I know you're nervous, but you are, sir, buddy.
Now you can't be nervous.
You now have a reputation on armor off gold.
So you must You must come with me and fight to the death.
But please don't die like please, because I will literally cry tears out of these eyes.
Here we go.
How do you know when it's going to start by?
I'm hoping that we're gonna have a pretty easy right.
We've got a crazy bo crazy ish armor.
But let's see what happens when the raid bar starts coming up.
We know it's going down and we've also got All of our village is protected to battle.
This is for protect.
This is for attack.
Let's rage.
It's It's not happening.
Hello is the rate.
Oh, it's happening.
It's happening right now.
Okay, Sweet.
I'm gonna try and get upto a high point.
I think I can hear them for Let's do this.
This this protect buddy.
Let's see what's gonna happen.
This is making me pretty nervous, to be honest.
How are we doing out here?
That's get our golden apples in our cart bar as well.
Where they at heart in Credit Lama, hold down the fort.
This is important.
Very, very important.
They're actually on my house.
This is great news.
Look at them looking for me.
I'm no home punks.
Ha ha.
I'm gonna go around this side and try and get in my house before they spot me.
Let's do this is gonna be a real sneaky operation.
Look, them going for it.
Oh, dude.
Let's go up.
Let's go up.
Here we go.
Let me.
Oh, this is perfect.
Oh, easy mode Is one of the guys with the banners.
They're really faster.
Oh, this raid is gonna be easy.
That's so quick, though, for some reason.
Look at them.
They're just looking at me and have no idea what to do.
Easiest raid ever.
But let me go and collect their experience and stuff and then we're gonna get ready for rounds.
Number two.
I desperately want all this stuff.
Emeralds, ominous banners.
I'm gonna make a shrine of these guys.
Let's get up there!
Processing system faster!
Let's go!
I don't know where they're gonna come from.
Well, yes.
Oh, this is perfect.
They're coming from the back.
I'm pretty sure they can't get in, though.
Let's observe the wild Raiders.
Do not kill my llama!
Always so upset.
I'ma get them!
He's not doing anything.
Hey, I'm up here, punks!
Come get me!
Come get me.
I think raids were actually made harder and hard, Moses.
Well, but I know they can't go through iron doors on This is just Oh, man, this is so perfect.
I've been preparing for this day the whole time and it's working, eh?
Come back here, you cowards!
Hello, friends.
Oh, you see you later.
You're on fire now.
By right I'm gonna go down.
I'm feeling brave.
There is a guy in, like, a different outfit.
I'm not sure what his job is, but he's dead now.
And you're gonna die too.
There we go.
All right, let's get a lot of the experience.
You're gonna get pretty close to our level that we were out when we started.
Before we start enchanted stuff.
This is great.
I've no got my number.
My shield on Oh, no.
I could have been terrible, right?
When does the big When is the big guy get here?
I can't remember his name.
When's the rabid you get in?
Here was your big friends.
Well, there he is.
I can see him.
There he is.
If I can, I shoot him from here.
If I actually had a decent po skills in credit Lama, will you sort them out, please?
I've got my village is locked in the perfect little box.
There's a which all the way back as well.
As long as the ravages doesn't start destroying iron doors, all of a sudden we should be fine.
In credit line was an absolute boss.
Look, he stared into the eyes of a rabbit, Gia.
And he doesn't care.
No cares given, Right?
Come here, you.
Oh, you just do something at the Lama.
Do not throw things at my llama.
That's the only way he might actually be able to die.
What's the hours?
Rain down?
I think the only thing left is the ravage.
All right, you're gonna come over here.
I don't want getting credit.
Lama by accident.
Let's go down Squids.
Protect me.
Where is he?
Wait on credit line is still alive.
What is coming is in the water.
That's so dumb of you.
Look at this is easy.
When you got more than that, you got more power.
More power in my left pinkie than your client knows.
I do like these guys, though.
They are pretty powerful looking.
But I'm afraid you're gonna have to die now.
Credit Lama.
Thank you for your support.
You've done incredibly well during this raid.
Well, there's more.
There's actually more Wanna grab all of my winnings and I'm out of here.
You drop the saddle, but only need saddle.
Good job.
I'm a fist bump.
What's this?
What was that noise?
Did you hear that?
Oh, my goodness.
There's a lot of people up there.
We could be in big trouble here, guys.
I should have gone straight to the top of my house.
I got distracted.
They got back up.
They go back up in the form of these witches, looking through healing potions on them.
I had no idea that was a thing, but my house is being proven to be quite quite the fortress.
They can't even get past it.
They have no idea what's going on.
What do you guys?
This is the worst rate of all time.
Okay, We need to be careful.
I don't actually know if they could bring in like Vocus.
Okay, they're splashing potions.
I'm going up.
I don't want to get hit by, like, 5000 hours at once.
No boy did.
A 360 always did a 360 no scope on that guy.
I thought I was gonna fall and die.
I'm fine, though.
I think I'm okay.
Let's get these witches out of Hicks.
They're providing, like, swiftness and healing and stuff, too.
That almost went so badly wrong on, buddy.
I'm gonna try and not hit you with an arrow.
But if you if I do jump into the water just like last time, friend, I know I've let the fires that that could be a problem for body as well.
Mind you, though.
This is going well.
I don't know how many.
Um, I don't know how many waves there are.
Well, what I was doing okay, considering what a hard core mode There's one.
Radio is literally him.
He's one of the batter now.
He just picked it up.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Right now.
Fight me like a man, punk.
Oh, no, there's more.
There's actually more.
I can't want to get the experience and all of this stuff.
I might die.
I'm going back up after I grab this.
Given the experience, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Is this wave five?
Oh, it told you where they're coming from.
That's kind of cool.
This dude's writing him.
I didn't even know you could do that.
That's incredible.
I'ma take about you doing well?
He died.
Oh, dude, That's what you think it is.
No, no, no.
I think I killed him.
I killed him before he came It is there any more of them?
There's another one over here.
I need to get rid of these guys.
Actually, that's not one.
Is that that's one of the acts guys.
You just dropped the totem of a dying.
I need to kill those before they sport in any of those vexes.
This could've gotten really, really badly with those so far.
You guys get owned, I'm gonna get myself another totem of and dying out of this, which I'm so pleased about It, that's what.
This guy out here we go by, sir.
Sorry about your your burnt.
But they're put a shame when absolute shame.
I've actually managed to hack Minecraft.
I've hacked it to these guys.
You have no idea what's going on.
Step away from buddy.
If Buddy gets hurt, you're gonna be in big trouble.
Um, how do I get down from here?
I'm gonna do it.
Oh, that could've been risky.
I'm not gonna fire my hours, so I don't want buddy to get hurt.
Coming in.
Come at me, bro.
The final standoff.
You okay?
Are you gonna do anything funny?
Get him from behind.
How did you even get me then?
Flay me like a man.
I don't get my whole spro.
Yes, there's more.
There's more.
I want the totem oven dying so badly.
Get out of here!
Pork chop.
Look of them freaking out.
It's okay.
I've got your backs, guys.
They get the totem.
Where's the totem?
I don't introduce one.
There it is.
Quick, quick, Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.
Yes, I've got it sweet about the emeralds.
Are they coming from over there?
Okay, I need to get back on to my house to make this much easier.
And I want to make sure that the focus don't get Oh, no, it's nighttime.
Can I sleep through a raid?
Can that be done?
I feel like I should put the un dying totem in my hot bar, just in case.
Right here we go over the hill, try and get into my house.
I'm not gonna aggravate them.
I might aggravate this witch, though.
Sneak into the house.
The house is so Opie.
It's so good.
He's going to.
This guy has another totem oven dying.
That means we've got like, five of them.
Is there any more?
I hope there's no anymore.
I told you I could deal with anything, as long as they're not.
Hexes vexes.
Whatever they're called.
How many rounds are there to this?
This has taken so long.
How many more are there?
There's two bothering over there.
One down.
Don't be doing that.
You know a lot of superpowers.
That's incredible.
Armas Job at your dad's.
There's only two left.
Hopefully, there's not another one is more.
How many are that?
I want the other totem oven dying.
Let's get rid off this cold, and that's going Get it.
It's down here somewhere.
Is that it going?
Okay, right.
We need to get back into the house and continue the raids.
So much experience from this.
Look, Just collected it like crazy where they're gonna come from.
I didn't hear that warning sign.
Where are the guys?
Who is too?
There's actually two of them in Credit Lama.
Why are they so fast?
Okay, this might be a problem.
Um, can we sleep?
We allow to sleep.
I need to get rid of these in Voelker's as soon as possible.
I know.
He blocked it.
Get him.
That's goods.
Oh, no.
They're sets him off.
They've actually sent him off.
No, no, no, no.
This car happened.
Get out of here.
Be gone.
You can't kill me or I mean one of these guy die.
I need to kill him as soon as possible.
Where is he?
No, there's more.
Why is there more?
This could be the ends.
I'm actually scared.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I heard him.
I don't want more hexes on my case.
I was getting overconfident.
Guys, actually getting overcomes.
I think he's here.
Is that him?
Oh, my goodness.
There's so many of them.
There's so many of them.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Okay, now it's nighttime.
We are done for guys.
Absolutely dumb for there he is.
I see him.
I need to get him.
There we go.
There's one Not the spiders as well.
Oh, jeez.
Mrs Bajaj Really, really bad.
Where is he?
I think he's there.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, geez.
I don't open my chest.
I'm in my house.
We sleep.
Is that an option on everything?
That's an option.
We have to kill the Evo Ca.
I can't see where he is.
He's there and Credit Lama.
I might have to risk your life, buddy.
Look how many hexes there are.
There's so many of them by do everything.
They can see me up here.
Okay, Let's just try and ping them from here.
I don't know what's gonna happen to include a llama.
He might have to die.
Oh, man, I was gonna fire these down.
Where is he?
Where is the Evo ca?
I can't have any more of these guys down here.
I think I'm outside of there.
Hit boxes, which is goods.
If the evoke A gets closer with me in big trouble.
He's there, right there.
I need to kill him.
Kill him.
Can't stay away from my llama.
I think we're doing all right.
The fact that our castle is so tall is really helping us out.
I think so.
Let's get rid of those two of these guys too.
Why is he running around like crazy trying Thio trying to get my llama?
I need to time this arrow so that it gets them.
So he's right there.
He's right there.
Yes, he's dead.
Did his vexes die too?
That it wasn't a vocal on the thing.
He was writing this guy.
Okay, How many's left?
It's No.
Give me a countdown yet.
Oh, my goodness!
That was so bad.
I fell off the top and everything, and it turned to night time, which isn't good for us There he goes on to get out the way.
Yes, two remaining.
Ivan Stewart is chillin just doing nothing, right?
There's this guy.
Where's the last one?
Where is he?
And I'm hoping because we got rid of the Boca that the vex is a gun.
There he is.
There he is!
Areas, Book!
There's no another one way did hero off the village.
You see that samba ll you see that I'm so pleased.
Successfully defended the village from a raid.
And now we've got hero of the village on the top.
There were a hero of the village.
Ah, so Lappi We actually were really close to dying then.
Oh, my goodness!
The stress levels were high.
But you know what?
You know who I think helped save the day?
It's gotta be the water only incredible over that's going get our loot and stuff because there's bound to be so much experience down here.
Let's go and collect our staff.
What have we got hot by?
Don't hit me, please.
That's not part of the plan.
We should have some or totems.
Oven dying.
There's literally three right here.
That's good of this couple.
So in the sticks.
Look how many we've got.
The sugar cane.
Congar oas.
Well, Maur, Emma, Roads.
That was intense.
That was seven waves.
I think.
I did not think there were seven waves and there was also there were three evoke a CZ three evoke is in that last one.
I don't believe it.
We did it.
We actually did it.
How long does this last for?
I don't know.
I've even tried to google it and I don't know.
Now there's one more thing I want to do today because that was pretty intense.
I want to go ahead and grab only just 1234567 totems, Oven diet.
We're pretty much indestructible.
We could even do like a test run.
I might do a test run next time.
50,000 likes it.
I would do a test run of jumping off and dying in the hard core and trying to save myself.
Let's see if that works, right.
We should also get some gifts as well from local villages.
You're gonna give me GIF ts if anyone No, you're not gonna not gonna give me a gift.
Okay, fine.
You're supposed that gif ts on also discounts as well.
So let's see if this guy's offering a discount on experience bottles.
Here he is, too.
21 emeralds from that 12 ominous banners as well.
I wonder if it's because we don't have any normal villages.
That's why they're not giving us gif ts.
Apparently they can.
And I think that's pretty cool.
Library A Yeah.
Look, there will give me discount.
That's afore emerald disco.
That's really good.
Appreciate you, buddy.
Thank you.
Yeah, Look at this.
He's made all his price is much cheaper, but on mine, it says here it says there's no ends to it, I guess.
Like no end it all.
So I'm pretty pleased with that in credit Lama.
No, no, no, no!
Don't ruin this.
Do not ruin this.
Why there too?
Two creepers is coming to carnivorous operate.
I don't think so Will the greatest bow in the game.
I see your feet in there, buddy.
Got him.
Credit Lama.
Thank you for your service today, buddy.
Well done.
He does not like me being on him whatsoever.
We did it with our underpants shield.
I'm so pleased.
I don't think there's anything else you want to grab here.
To be honest, we've got a lot of stuff.
That's just cobblestone.
I really don't need old man.
Not only did we find an outpost on our original map right here on the bottom left was it.
I'm pretty sure way did a raid, a seven wave raid on we couldn't fail it apart from dying, even though I don't think that fails a raid because we've trapped all our villages in here and kept them safe and also noticed that this doesn't count as a village because there's no villages in it.
It didn't activate when we got to hear it activated when we got to our vending machine.
Kitty guts.
I've done so well, all man.
I'm gonna put them all in my inventory and just like throw them around.
Look at this.
This is crazy.
So many totems, oven dying.
We are indestructible.
Look at the mall kiddies.
Look, look what that he got.
Oh, man, they're beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.
So Yeah, 50,000 likes guys.
And I will test out one of these bad boys because now that we know where the village outpost is, we can just do raids over and over again.
We just wait for another raid, Captain.
Kill him.
Come back to the village and then just keep rinsing repeating every time we need another totem oven Dy
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I was RAIDED in Minecraft Hardcore!

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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