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2020 OT 13 needs no intro, but it still needs an intro song.
Here we go!
Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser.
Dude Perfect's in Overtime.
Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser, and now we're
heading on to Overtime.
We've got a great lineup for OT 13,
kicking it off with some Cool Not Cool,
Game Time, Wheel Unfortunate- that's just always fun.
Finishing off in the courtroom with Judge Dudy.
But first, let's go to a giveaway.
Oh, yes.
This week we are giving away--
--20 in honor of the year 2020.
Guinness World Records, 2020 Edition, signed copies.
Who's that extra sig?
That's Michael, our favorite Guinness World Records
Yeah, so we're giving them away.
All you've got to do to win is text us.
The number is on the screen.
Shoot us a note.
Maybe we could, you know, wish you Happy
Halloween, Merry Christmas later in the year.
Be a good, you know, back and forth relationship.
Moving right along.
Hey, Cool Not Cool.
Let's get to it.
Welcome to the first Cool Not Cool of the decade.
Who wants to kick us off today?
I've got gifts for everyone if you want me to kick it off.
I would like to start 2020 with a gift.
OK, all right.
Each one is customized to your personalities.
Everyone's getting their own personal lightsaber!
You got the best one!
Means he's a good guy.
That's sick!
Oh, wow.
Ty, don't worry, didn't forget about you.
The dual wielding.
Yes, yes.
Grab your saber.
Grab your saber!
I knew you would do that.
I thought I'd buy one for everyone.
All right, here's the deal.
Put the swords away.
Hear the sound effects?
Guys, I got to come clean.
Something bad happened.
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, it's like, broke broke.
Should we keep him out of the next Cool Not Cool?
Hey, this is why you can't have nice things.
You got to get us a new TV by the end of this episode.
I feel like that's a completely responsible thing to do.
Cory, start us off.
As an absolutely ginormous Star Wars fan, easiest--
Oh, you just chopped the button in half.
--green ever.
No, I hit it.
I've got great control.
You owe me a green.
I do owe you green.
And the Darth Maul in me came out and I broke the tv.
I appreciate it.
I can't believe you broke our TV.
But the lightsabers were phenomenal, Cody.
Great job.
Thank you my good man.
Because I'm more of a Harry Potter guy, red.
So you can have your sword back.
I'll take it.
Who's next?
I'd love to go next.
Can I?
All right, guys.
I'll be right back.
We've all been there.
You're in the classroom.
You would like to prank the teacher with a spitball.
But spitballs take way too much time to make.
And so does this intro.
I proudly present to you the world's first spit ball cannon.
Oh my goodness, duck and cover, boys!
Oh, yeah.
That almost hit me in the eye, boy.
Oh, wow, that's got some heat.
Hey, you're trying to get our votes here,
and you're shooting us.
Shoot the editors.
Can I get a verbal confirmation that I will not
have to be the one that cleans that up?
I have hired myself to do the cleaning in the office.
That's a green for me, boy.
Thank you, sir.
It's good to have Cobes back.
I'm glad--
Thank you, guys.
I'm glad he's back.
We've got some good stuff coming up in this episode.
So I think we should just get to it as soon as possible.
Let's just put this away.
I understand.
Can I go?
You may.
Maybe, kids at home, you love spitball guns.
Yes they do.
For me, I'm more of a Gameboks kind of guy.
Oh, wow!
--this out.
Oh, wow!
TV included?
Right now I've got a PS4 loaded in here.
You can put whatever game system--
Ty, don't break the screen!
I'm in for the Gameboks.
That's cool.
Come on.
That's a cool item.
Two away from a Super Cool.
I've run into many an opportunity
where I couldn't play, and I really wanted to.
I'm a big gamer, as you all know.
But I'm an X-boxer.
No, you put an Xbox here.
No, I don't think it could fit.
Did he seriously just ruin my Cool Not Cool
for a weak sauce reason?
Get me one.
You got your initials on it.
Hey, my initials are GH, though, OK?
I don't like when people spell mine TT, so do TNT.
Dude, your new nickname is TT.
I'm the Purple Hoser, and this is TT.
Let's get that sucker trending.
#TT, baby.
TT, breaking the TV.
Yeah, dude.
I'm shocked your Instagram handle isn't @TT.
TT, do you want me to go, or are you
going to share your cool item?
Where did TT go?
Is he hiding?
Oh, he wants me to go.
I'm a big-time coffee drinker.
They just don't make a big enough cup.
You want me to throw it against the iron pole behind me?
I might.
Because my Cool item is I went with a five-gallon coffee cup.
Oh, nice!
Dude, I don't know why I'm in.
I love it.
Yes, caffeine.
Hey, here's the deal.
It fits four pots.
How much room in your kitchen this thing saves.
You got all these coffee cups, you got all these cereal bowls.
It's one thing.
It really is just a salad bowl with a handle.
Hey, don't-- hey, it's a one bowl fits all,
but it's mostly for coffee.
Yeah, it's a workout though.
I'll tell you what, you put liquid in this sucker,
it's a two-hander.
Let me see.
You spilled it all over you.
I'm more of a hot chocolate guy, but boy, would I
love to drink this much hot chocolate.
I cannot wait to get a Super Cool for the giant coffee cup.
I really think you're about to.
Judging by the scratches now all over our desk
from passing this around--
--says the guy who broke a TV, worrying about a scratch.
Oh, TT.
You're having a day, TT.
TT's on to something.
The nickname's still keeping me riding high.
That's a green.
You know what?
I'll take four greens on that sucker.
Could've got a Super Cool if it weren't for TT over here.
What have I done?
Promise at our next tour, there will be (CHANTING) TT, TT, TT.
I say T, you say T.
All right.
Can I go?
First episode without a Super Cool, potentially.
OK, you know what?
I'm going to do my first ever blind [CHIME]..
A vote of confidence.
I think you're going to regret that.
I'm all for learning new things.
This is an example for somebody who's
maybe not quite interested in piano yet,
but is getting into it.
Maybe you would consider purchasing some piano hands.
I wrote a little something for you guys.
And I would just ask that you listen to it, and then
at the culmination of the song, you
may cast your vote all simultaneously.
Did you memorize that song or did you just make that up?
Honestly, I'm shocked.
I mean, you put in some preparation time.
I want to be clear.
I am greening the talent and not the device.
That was good.
Thank you.
Wow, that's two more than I thought I was gonna get.
Can you play "Twinkle Twinkle"?
Of course.
You want to see it?
My green depends on it.
I don't have enough notes.
I'm running out of notes!
It's big for that, [BUZZ]
No, no!
I need piano "hand-sss," not "hand."
I thought it was really going to be like a portable piano,
and I was going to be in.
That looks like you're a crazy human.
So [BUZZ].
Like I said, three was three more than I thought I'd get.
No Super Cools.
But that's OK.
I feel like it was a good time enjoyed by all, except me.
And the TV.
And the TV.
I think we need to head down to the game room.
I think that'll let us express ourselves.
Have a good time.
Get away from the desk.
It's time for Game Time.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest game room in all
of Dude Perfect headquarters.
Here we are.
Ty, if you'd please do the honors.
Obviously at the beginning of any game sesh,
we need some snacks.
Of course.
If you could please go open up the snack vault?
Dude, I just worked out this morning.
Buncha Crunch for Core.
Kit Kat for Cobes.
You're a good, good man.
Guys today, we're playing Raid Shadow Legends.
We're playing it on mobile today on the good old iPad.
Me and Gar played through all these different levels.
Hey, T, how do you feel about big Santa?
This is St. Nick's brother, Sir Nick.
Oh, got it.
He's commonly confused with St. Nick.
This isn't Santa.
I can't get on board with this.
He has an ice blade.
So sure.
Ty's going ice blade man.
Cody, this is your guy.
He's gold.
Oh, that's exciting.
Gar, this is your man for obvious reasons.
He's purple.
Cory, this is you, my man.
Hondo, love knights.
Dude, it's not just a sword, it's a saw.
Gentlemen, it's time to jump into the battle.
Yeah, I want to take this one.
Here we go.
Go after this guy.
They're going to write a movie about this like Rudy.
We should now kind of make mad their ring leader,
and that's this guy.
Send him a message.
Wait for it, wait for it.
Hey, finish off that guy.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, use my ice blade every time.
Clean up hitter!
Clean up, Sir Nick!
Oh my goodness, look at that.
Oh, wow, the one with the wings looks pretty mean.
Go after him.
Hippogriff dead.
He's over there like dude, maybe Santa forgot about me.
Oh no, Santa's brother didn't forget about you, sir.
Oh, wow.
You're done.
You guys are welcome.
It's nice to join Santa's squad.
Guys, this is it.
Cody just kind of walks up and tickles him.
Let's go after twin number one.
Oh, I'm dead!
Hey Cory, sorry, Cor.
Are you serious?
See you later, bud.
Oh, wow.
With style too.
Everybody except for Cory.
All right.
3 vs 1.
Hey, good battle.
Hey, good battle.
Good battle.
Cory, get stronger, hit the weights.
Hey, well done, dude.
If everyone wants to hang out in one specific area,
where do you think it would be?
Yule tree.
I would be at the Christmas tree or at the sparring pit.
I'm going to assume that the great hall has the best food.
I would assume that the tavern has the best food.
Well, you can summon your characters with these--
You have a rare mystery shard?
I know.
I know, I have built up a pretty good army--
Oh, my goodness.
--with the mystery shard right here.
He said the word "summon."
I know, I know, I know.
You're deep, man, you're deep.
I'm going to use the Auto button, and I like our chances.
Oh, Santa did work.
And I can shield everyone.
You're welcome.
Oh, my.
Send your name to the--
I bought that.
Santa is next-level crazy.
Who's gold guy?
Ally attack.
Ally attack!
We're about to lose Cody!
That's me.
I'm about to go.
There you go, there you go.
Oh, Cody was spared.
Come on, give me some shields.
Oh my goodness, look.
We're taking out the weak links first.
Come on, Santa.
Come on, Sir Nicholas.
We are the winners!
Let's go!
Dude, I did not contribute a whole lot, but my team won.
So I'm pumped.
If you want to play Raid Shadow Legends for yourself
on either mobile or PC, click the link in our description
in the next 30 days only.
Then head to your inbox, and you'll
find 100,000 silver, and a free champion, Grumbler.
All right, boys.
Let's head back to the desk.
Do you hear that?
Yeah, it's rain.
Hear that?
That's the sound of a bonus segment.
Hey, TT, I'm a little concerned about you right now.
That's the sound.
We've got a bonus segment!
Don't know what it is.
Bonus announcement.
This summer, we are going on a brand new live tour.
120,000 of you came out last summer.
This show is going to be bigger.
It's going to be better.
Quick glimpse of the stage-- here it is.
Nope, just one little glimpse.
Don't screenshot it.
It's tough to do on a computer anyways.
It's like Shift-4, F4, Alt, something.
It's going to be awesome.
30 brand new cities.
Tickets are on sale now so check it out.
Here's a little hype video to get you guys excited.
There it is.
We'd love to see you guys out on the road.
Get your tickets at dudeperfect.com.
Now we can move on.
It is time for Wheel Unfortunate!
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready for this, Ty.
The first Wheel Unfortunate of 2020!
And I have a banger of a hat for this one.
It's the Sorting Hat.
No way.
Everybody's got their wands today, right?
Oh yeah.
Dude, you better--
Oh my--
Are you serious right now?
Hey, rules of the engagement.
No fire spells and no unforgivable curses.
Can you at least admit a Jedi would smoke a wizard?
Codes, look out!
I'm just telling.
Hey, Tim's got one.
What is even happening?
Oh, god.
Hey, to be fair, I've got the elder wand.
That's insane!
You can't beat it.
Non-Harry Potter people, I'm sorry.
Guys, can we draw out of the Sorting Hat?
The person spinning the wheel is--
The Sorting Hat has spoken.
No way!
You know what we have here is a clear case
of a good, old-fashioned initiation from the Sorting
Folks, give it up for Will.
Will, how does it feel first time being on the set
of Overtime and knowing that you're
going to have to go spin that wheel here pretty shortly?
It's fun, but--
Sure, sure, well, the Sorting Hat
obviously thought you needed some initiation.
So we can't wait to see you out there.
Hey, tell Ned I said hi.
OK, I will.
All right, sounds good.
See you, buddy.
To the wheel!
Welcome to Wheel Unfortunate.
I'd say my name but you all know it, but I'd say it anyways.
Ned Forrester, the greatest game show host in all the land.
It's great to have you.
It's a new decade.
It's a new Ned.
Got the saber out today, pretty good toy
to play with for our next contestant who's
coming on up here.
Let's bring him on!
Come on up here.
How's it going?
Hey, what's your name, buddy?
Civilian William.
I just want to warn you.
This is a lightsaber.
It's real.
All right.
What brings you here, Will?
I was behind the camera, and my name got picked out
of a Harry Potter hat.
Oh, goodness.
Please don't bring any of that.
More of a Star Wars fan myself.
Can't tell you how many times people have told me
I look like Han Solo.
You know I get it all the time.
Are you a fan of the show, Will?
You are.
Well, you're not that big of a fan
or otherwise you would have seen that coming.
Every dog and mom saw that one coming at home.
Great to have you on the show, Will.
Really I mean, glad to have you.
I mean, goodness gracious.
I thought you had more awareness than that.
Oh, whoa, hey.
Check my pockets, check my pockets.
I'm just kidding, it's just money in there.
Ha, ha, ha!
Old Ned always carries around a lot of cash
because I've got it.
All right.
What do you say we get to that wheel spin?
That's good.
Watch out behind you.
New decade, new soundtrack.
Nah, the old one's pretty good.
We'll keep it.
We'll put that one on the Tik Tok.
All right, Will, say it with me, spin that wheel!
I gotta say, that's a pretty good spin
for some of the previous ones I've seen up here.
You ever see the twins spin a wheel?
How has no one landed on "own a cat" yet?
I cannot believe-- oh, ladies and gentleman,
we have our consequence.
Cardboard Cutout Date.
Will, come on in here.
We're going to go find you a nice young woman made out
of cardboard.
Made out of cardboard.
And you're going to take her out on a fancy date
in downtown Dallas.
Give me a second, give me a second.
I got bad news, Will.
You're buying on this one.
How nice is the place?
You know, suit, you're dressing up.
Hey, good luck to you, Will.
Have a great time!
Nice to meet you.
All right.
Say it with me.
That's Unfortunate!
See you guys next time.
All right.
We are set up getting ready to get underway.
Will is getting ready to walk in with his cardboard cutout
date, T. Swift.
Joke's on them.
No matter what Ty tells me to do, doesn't even matter,
I will not break.
Very fancy restaurant, Nick and Sam's in Dallas.
Samir, one of the owners, is one of our good buddies,
and he helped us set this whole thing up.
The waitstaff has no idea what's going on.
The employees don't know.
We currently have this camera that you're
seeing in a gift bag hidden in the restaurant.
We got the earpiece.
Ty will be giving me commands, and I'll
be listening in with this.
All right.
We're here, Nick and Sam's.
How's it going, sir?
OK, I've got to take my date out.
Oh, yeah.
I see that.
She looks happy.
You ready?
You guys have a good time.
Appreciate it.
He's here, he's here.
Awesome, awesome.
I'm going to set her up right here.
You got it.
Wherever you feel most comfortable.
Hi, how are you?
Good, how are you?
Good, thank you.
My name is Mike.
I'll be taking care of you.
Mike, nice to meet you.
Is one more person joining you?
Nope, just us, just us two.
Just us.
In fact, this belongs to her.
Tell her she has a hair in her face,
and you're going to get it for her.
You got a little-- here, do you mind?
Oh, I can't.
You just had a little hair on your face.
Can I help you with anything here?
We are-- no, we're good.
We're good, thank you.
Wow, not as affordable as I thought.
But doable, doable.
Wow, that looks good.
You don't look like you could finish that anyway, so.
Let's find something else.
I think we're ready to order as well.
She was interested in the specials.
I just want a steak.
I just want a steak.
She was interested in the specials.
Oh, I got you.
Do you want any appetizers?
Do you guys want any appetizers?
Um, actually--
Let Taylor taste the smoothie.
Thank you.
Let her read the menu.
Put the menu in her face.
Wow, that's a lot of meat.
Lean her in so she can get a good look at it.
That's a great idea.
She can sit back down in her chair now.
Now just since she's a celebrity,
I want to give her the best steak that you guys have.
Remind me what the most expensive one is.
Japanese beef?
What's the price difference?
Because it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
We're having so much fun with this.
Whisper to him that it's her birthday.
And also, it's her birthday.
Would you mind bringing out a small cake?
I got you.
She's made of cardboard.
Hey, tell the guy in the green palm shirt
to take a picture of you two.
Excuse me, sir, could you do us a favor
and take a picture of us?
I figured since you had a man bun, you were artistic.
I figured since you had a man bun,
you were good at photography.
He can't say that.
You want T. Swift to sit across from you.
So just move her one chair to the right.
Yes, please.
That other chair was wobbly.
That other chair was wobbly.
I think it's missing a screw.
How's everything going?
It's going really well.
Celebrating a birthday here tonight?
Yes, it's her birthday.
Is it really?
23, I think?
Because her last song she said she was 22.
Ask if she will cut into T. Swift's steak.
Would you mind cutting into hers to make sure that it's OK?
Can I have a hug?
This has been awesome.
Can I have a hug?
This has been awesome.
Yes, of course.
No way.
No way!
She'd love one too, if you don't mind.
You know what?
Give her one too.
Thank you.
Get up and go feed her a piece of steak.
Everyone's laughing at you.
I mean, tell me that's not the best steak you've ever had.
I think T. Swift might be cold.
You might want to put your jacket on her.
Would you mind if we could bring people over and sing
her Happy Birthday?
Because I'm done eating.
Because I'm done eating.
Ask him if there's anything on your face.
Is there anything on my face?
No, everything is great.
People keep looking at me.
It's weird.
There we go.
What-- whoa.
Oh my goodness.
What is going on?
What is this?
This is amazing.
Hey, happy birthday, this is amazing.
This is what it's like to be famous, I guess.
I just want you to put your jacket on and then be like, OK,
this has been awesome.
Let's head out.
This has been awesome.
Let's say we get out of here.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
No more pictures.
Tay's getting uncomfortable.
All right.
You know what?
She's getting uncomfortable.
Time to go.
Everyone, sorry.
Thank you, thank you.
I'm the king of the world!
Guys, I've got to be honest.
That was way better than I expected.
I see a whole new series.
Willy Do It?
Oh, I love it.
W-I-L-L-Y do it.
Standing o.
Standing ovation, Will.
Well done.
Well done, my man.
I would like to be the first to raise my hand
that when Willy Do It is created,
I will be subscribing because of that man right there.
Civilian William.
Willy Do It?
I bet he will.
If we put that on our channel, I'm going to subscribe to it.
You're not subscribed to DP?
Fun fact, I'm not a subscriber either.
He doesn't even have a YouTube account.
Are you completely serious?
I'm not a Dude Perfect subscriber.
I guarantee though at the end of this video,
I'm going to click that Subscribe button.
I will too.
OK, let's wrap this up.
It's time to head to the courtroom of Judge Dudy.
You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Dudy.
Tensions are high.
Dudes may cry.
But the rulings are final.
This is Judge Dudy.
Today, Cody Jones is suing the DP editors
for stealing company snacks.
What will happen on today's episode of Judge Dudy?
Mr. Jones vs. Editors, case 468.
Mr. Jones is suing the editors for eating community snacks
as lunch.
Mr. Jones, care to explain more?
Your honor, it's no secret amongst the office
that the editors utilize the pantry snacks as their lunch
in order to save money.
I know that they are handsomely paid
and could easily afford a fast food restaurant.
That's enough, Mr. Jones.
I understand the problem at hand.
What are you seeking today?
$250 cash from each individual to the company.
How would you like that to be paid?
Cash would be great.
When you were hired, was it discussed
that Dude Perfect would provide you a lunch daily?
It was not.
Was it discussed that Dude Perfect employees
would have free access to the snack pantry at any point
during your day?
And beverages.
Mr. Jones, I will call on you.
They drink a lot.
Mr. Jones!
I will call on you.
Mr. Choi, how many times do you visit the snack pantry a week?
A week?
That's what I said, Mr. Choi.
Let's say 15 to 20 times.
Got him!
Now I don't grab a snack every time I go.
Mr. Choi!
Mr. Choi, I'm here to help you.
You're just making it very hard.
Mr. Choi, what percentage of the time do you take a snack?
75% of the time.
75% of the time, 15 to 25 times, you
take a snack from the pantry.
Would it be safe to say that when
you're not stealing snacks, you're
stealing time from the company?
Mr. Terrill.
Let's go to you.
How do you start every day at the Dude Perfect office.
I usually make a pot of coffee.
Who purchased the coffee, Mr. Terrell?
I believe it's the company.
Do you bring your own coffee filters?
I do not.
Do you bring your own coffee machine?
I do not.
So you use the company coffee, the company filters,
the company machine, and the company water.
Do you pay the water bill, Mr. Terrell?
I do not.
You don't pay the water bill.
But you make your coffee with the water here.
But you don't pay the water bill.
I do not.
Do you pay for anything here, Mr. Terrell?
I do not.
Thank you.
That's all I needed.
Mr. Holt, you mind if I call you Mr. Bits?
That's fine, Your Honor.
Mr. Bits, how did you acquire the Dude Perfect shirt
that you're wearing this morning?
Irrelevant, sir.
Mr. Bits, change your tone with me, young man.
How did you acquire the shirt that you're
wearing this morning.
I just don't see how that applies to the snacks.
Mr. Bits, answer the question.
It was given to me, sir.
It was given to you.
By whom?
I believe Garrett, sir.
Mr. Garrett sounds like a very nice man.
Your Honor, I have yet to receive any merch.
Mr. Choi.
If you're making 15 to 25 trips to the snack pantry every week,
you don't need any merch.
Do you feel that you've taken advantage
of the system, Mr. Terrell?
Mr. Bits?
Mr. Choi?
15 to 25 times a week, Mr. Choi.
You lost your accent, Judge.
Sorry about that.
My dad's from Britain.
My mom's from Boston.
Mr. Jones, let's get back to the matter at hand.
They're replacing their lunch with snacks.
Is that correct?
In my experience, yes.
Mr. Choi, what would a snack lunch look like for you?
Probably a whole bag of Goldfish, the big bag.
Mr. Bitts, what would your ideal snack lunch look like?
It would usually be two Fruit by the Foots
as well as a protein bar and a water.
How many days a week would you say that happens, Mr. Holt?
Not more than three days a week.
Mr. Holt, are there 52 weeks in a year?
That is correct, sir.
That's 156 meals of two Fruit by the Foots, a water,
and a protein bar.
Boys, I'm trying to be on your team here.
You're making it difficult.
Sir, I would like to make a statement.
Yes, Mr. Holt.
It was never clarified to us that taking snacks for lunch
was off limits.
I would also like to make a statement.
Mr. Choi, you have run out of time a long time ago.
When I first came on, one of the first things
that Cody told me was eat whatever
you want whenever you want it.
Mr. Jones, do you remember saying this to Mr. Choi?
I do not recall.
I object.
But it doesn't mean that I didn't say it.
Mr. Jones, please.
I have reached a verdict.
Get them.
I am siding with the DP editors.
Are you serious?
Mr. Jones, you are hereby condemned
to restock the pantry.
I would request that you put fruits and vegetables in there
so they can make healthier decisions.
Mr. Choi, Mr. Terrell, Mr. Holt--
Fruit by the Foots, Goldfish are not the best snacks, especially
15 to 25 times a week.
Please choose some other alternatives.
Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mr. Jones, leave my court, please.
OK, I-- Oh my goodness.
This is absolutely preposterous.
This is not a charity, it's a business.
Honestly I feel like we really dodged a bullet there.
Yeah, I'm just glad we don't have
to hide our snacks anymore.
They definitely have the funds to go eat lunch on their own.
Dude, how much are you guys saving?
I'm saving at least 80 bucks a week.
Oh, it's got to be close to $100.
Yeah, $100.
It's a snack closet, not a lunch closet.
Dangit, definitely should have used that.
A hot take, I think we should fire Will.
No, then there wouldn't be a Willy Do It.
15 to 20 trips a week?
It's a lot, it's a lot.
He saved himself with that segment.
The ruling is final.
I just didn't see the ruling coming.
That judge--
I think he's fair and just.
I think his accent's a little much.
Thanks for watching this episode of OT 13.
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click the link in the description below.
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I hear they make good content.
So I can't wait to see what they come out with.
Special thanks to our friends at Raid Shadow
Legends for making this video possible.
If you want to play the game for yourself
either on mobile or PC, click right here.
If you want to see our last video, also
our brand new series Bucket List, click right here.
Signing off for now, where I broke the TV
and got a new nickname in the same video.
Ha-ha, TT.
See you next time!
See you later!
I say T, you say T. T, T, T!
That's good, appreciate it.
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Lightsaber Accident | Overtime 13 | Dude Perfect

29 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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