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guys down here.
Welcome back to totally accurate battle simulation.
You guys absolutely loved the previous video.
So thank you for checking out.
If you're excited, for this one is born evil.
Like subscribe a brand new too, because you don't miss our future video.
So last time we played with sand Box, which was a lot of fun.
You get to use every single unit, bashed them together and see what happens.
But today we're going into campaign.
I'm going into the adventure section Tree Tried at you.
What did that say?
A collection of fun and interesting levels.
I'm up for that.
Let's go.
Let's play tree tribe.
Hey and Pitchfork.
Final destination on McGinnis.
There's so many.
Okay, we got lots of work to do.
Tree tribe.
Where are they?
Oh, I've just noticed.
They're literally all in the trees.
Okay, Well played.
So the way this works is we have 3000 points to spend on the bottom left.
So we can Each unit costs a certain amount.
Obviously, a mammoth is gonna be mad.
We can choose from a certain amount of units, but we can only spend up to 3000.
You go over that we can't use anymore and just hope that we win.
I think I'm just gonna plop a proper mammoth in there.
And then I'm also gonna plop in just loads of clubbers until we get to the max.
There we go.
What What's What's 50 to use.
Anything for 50?
No, no, even a barge.
Okay, Nothing for 50.
That's sad.
Play the sad music, please.
You ready?
Let's see what happens.
Not so they will pull out the trees.
What is the point?
The rule coming out the trees ready to attack of a mammoth.
You got this, buddy.
There we go.
That's what I'm talking about.
Smack him.
He's stuck on the tree.
That's not good.
I think the mammoth was a good spend, though I'm no air and no sound.
That's the problem.
Is that a cat?
There's a cat in the background.
I think the mama's got this.
You know, they're chucking rocks.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
They speared my mammoth.
What are you doing?
How many of you guys left?
The mammoth has got this.
The rabbit is Opie.
We learned this last time.
Good job, buddy.
we're gonna call him Harold Weldon Harold as the sound fantastic right this one's going to do with Hey, it's cool.
They got, like, actual levels, says a lot of Hey guys, a lot of pitchforks and their formation is interesting.
They've set out in the formation off the hay and pitchfork with 3100 points to spend directing the mammoth could just caught you up every single time.
I think we've got a good shot, especially against these guys.
I want to go for something else as well.
Let's go for a couple potion.
Master's on a taste of their own medicine to hay balers and something for 110.
Let's have a look.
180 hundreds, hundreds 140.
We go for some protector.
We could go for a protector right there.
You ready?
Let's go.
Here's the army on the other side, the legendary pitchforks, all the potions air coming in.
Oh, you guys are dead.
So dead Look of them poisoned already.
Joke about me, bro's.
I'm glad we can hear.
Oh, I think my mom's just killed our own guys.
Yeah, the mammoth just trampled our own guys.
That's not good potions during their work, though.
Luckily, the mammoth isn't affected, but the mammoth is doing all the work is beautiful eyes.
I love you, Mom.
They give us way too many points.
What does this one go?
Nothing to see here.
That ruling the hay up above.
Not a good idea.
In places that I see you, I think it's an actual scarecrow, you know, over there.
I'm not too sure, though.
But, you know, up the mammoth is coming in.
I don't know if he can cross the bridge, but he's gonna try.
I think the bone major could be pretty good as well.
Pop a couple of those, actually, 33 of those behind him.
We still got 870 points to spends.
We've got a lot of stuff here, King.
Okay, We can't afford a king.
Let's go for some priests.
150 left to spend a Squire to protect the priests on.
Let's begin a car.
Remember what the priest do.
Maybe they hell that's what they do.
A mammoth The golden mammoth is gonna trample them all.
You guys are so dead once.
That was so easy.
My golden mammoth has trampled you all.
They got stuck in the middle bit.
Final destination, Half ling.
Um, are we gonna have to find this guy?
We've only got 120 points to spend.
This time.
We're always there.
There's two guys here.
They both halflings.
I'm not too sure direction we could go with, like, one Squire.
And then we were both to send them straight in and see what happens.
I'm gonna do it.
Squire looks ready.
I'm gonna do it.
Let's see what happens.
It's early for Lego, but oh, we took him straight out.
This might be a problem going to Don't fall off.
Swing up, would I say Just don't fall off?
What are they doing?
This is awkward.
Things guided.
Phelan died.
Look is out cold.
This guy survived the fall, but he ain't going to survive the sword dead.
The smallest army.
You're sending the halflings at me because I've got 3000 points to spend and you know what I'm buying.
I'm buying myself.
I'm gonna buy the king.
Actually, I'm not going to use the moment every time.
It's too good.
Like way too good.
They've got this morning star me.
I'm gonna go for a king led army with three priests so he can heal.
And we're also gonna go for some archers, right at the back.
Whip Whip, we're prying this properly.
This is the two d an army we need to kill these guys with.
We're gonna barred for entertainment as well.
Just in case we get bored on the battlefield on dhe 400 points left potion Seller.
But what can we buy it for?
Another archer Snake arches.
A good on there.
What's this?
Ah ha.
Always like a Roman, Dude.
Okay, I think this army is pretty good.
We got back up.
We got a king with a giant sword is gonna take all these guys out.
I'm a little bit worried that they're gonna a ll head butt me at the same time.
They powered up the priest they take on the halflings.
Watch them launch.
Look at them little stinkers.
That all infected as well.
By the way, if you didn't know, it's like a tidal wave of our flings infected middle.
The king is putting in some work right now.
This is like game of Thrones.
The king is shopping them down, though they are just went in the back.
The potions air coming in hopefully to cure their infections or to make it worse.
But I don't think these Hoffman's gonna last long.
It's just a pile of bodies.
King, turn around.
He's going for the swing swing.
Get him!
Oh, it's even weirder in full speed.
You can't put it down!
Come over the edge.
That's my guy!
What are you doing?
We killed our own unit.
That's not good.
I think the King has been blinded by our own potions.
He could reach them.
Couple guys arches got full power, Please.
There's one left.
You gotta do this.
Come on down here is literally down here.
They can't hit him because he's so small.
He's actually taking out my priests as well.
Come on, guys.
Two halflings and you can take them down.
Or the king.
Don't let him take your crown.
I think he's missing.
We good cracked in the forehead.
That was that was too close.
Fortunately, there are poisoned and dead.
We will not be affected by their Harry foot infection.
The kingdom is saved Oh, no!
Run away!
All those just bards is is that they are I know what I want to do here.
We've got 100 to spend, which is like nothing.
I need my own Half Ling there 60 that's all.
I come by half Ling go to work.
They are They are doing nothing apart from providing us with great tunes.
Here it comes.
You go out over the edge.
Actually, this is bad.
He's going to dive off the edge.
Oh, no.
We're gonna lose this one with everything to lose.
This one.
Okay, maybe not the half.
Ling is terrifying them.
Goodbye, buddy.
He's coming down the hill.
Watch out!
I'm scared.
No, don't do it.
Don't do it.
I'm scared.
He's gonna do it like a jumping bean.
It's just gonna jump off the edge.
But he's got some fists on him.
Left hook, Right, hook, Forehead.
This is incredibly where he grabbed him by the butt cheek on DDE, and they're all dead.
What would an enthralling fight?
Well, somebody like I was dead buying the wall, and they still won on Oh, this one looks like in my heart to be a challenge is luring me into a false sense of security.
All the bones.
Who are these guys?
But they the defenders?
Yeah, their protectors, bone majors.
A guy being cooked at the stake as well.
That's a lot of bone majors.
And they're like, ranged, Attackers.
I think we're gonna need a lot of range here.
We've got 5000 to spend.
I'm not sure a mammoth is gonna work out here.
Potion sellers are gonna be on the front line.
We're also gonna need What is that one?
Callista, We're going for a police stop up.
Look at this thing.
Yes, Snake arches.
We can have a nice army of snakes is Well, that's four of those behind Catapult.
I don't think we tried one of those yet.
We're gonna put one of those at the back.
This is This isn't gonna work, is it?
I can afford my own bone made.
You know what?
I'm going to bone majors begin.
I want to see what they do.
They don't bring the campfire with them.
All the snakes states on the potions.
They're going flying with explosives.
Is that how far their attacks go?
Because if that's all you've got to work with guys.
You are dead.
You are so dead.
Come at me Blues.
We know even walking towards them.
We don't care.
Inco's awake.
It is.
The Kalpoe annihilated them.
Bone Major versus bone.
May JJ plus snakes.
You're out of here.
This guy he's celebrating in style.
Look at this.
That the old TDM cross posed.
I like it.
Final Destination Club.
This is exactly the same as before, but it's just one club.
We could use the protective.
I don't think that's gonna go well, Farmer could be pretty good head, but, er I think this is his time.
Look at the helmet he's got.
You got the better hair.
I think we're good.
Go forth.
My queen and headbutts got him.
Okay, this is a little bit awkward.
What do you doing?
Get up.
Fight him like a man.
Oh, no way!
Way lost!
You fell.
Come on.
Your head, Butter.
You fell on your head and diet.
Is that how we're gonna do this?
This guy was just about to do exactly the same.
I'm embarrassed to get out of here.
You know what a farmer could do better than you could do way better than you.
And he's got a stupid hot god, buddy Pinch.
Oh, that was a That was a clean swing.
Okay, this guy's proving tricky.
Squire, if in doubt, get a guy with a sword in the helmet.
Doc, if he swings at you, I'm nervous.
Maybe not.
That is a painful place to get a sword, my friend.
I would die too.
I heard lots of dings.
The tiniest attack.
But I didn't see anyone.
I I think I see them in here.
They employing an ambush.
They're gonna try and ambush.
Ah, Halfling ambush.
We got 3800 to spend.
You guys are going.
You got it down.
The king has returned to take back his Hey kingdom with his own hay balers.
Oh, my goodness!
Let's go!
Look at them coming out there.
Hey, it's so creepy.
Cover other side as well.
We have definitely been ambushed here.
This is This was not going to plan.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Look of like, weird grasshoppers.
Okay, this is going badly.
The king is being bothered to get him to slice him.
The king has problems.
He's killed his own minion in a rage.
Yeah, we're in trouble here, lads.
Um oh!
They're attaching to him.
They're biting his ankles.
They're grabbing his arms.
I think the king's gonna fall.
Come swing that just perfectly in your one.
Swing it!
No, no!
Into the ground!
You've got this.
Don't worry.
Swing it down.
You're our last.
So come on, Come on!
I believe I believe two left.
Don't fall to two Halflings.
Yes, you go!
There's one left grabbing your buddy.
Get him!
Get him!
It's so awkward!
He's punching your fire like it's okay.
Show him your the king.
Looking rather dashing there, sir.
That was a close call, though.
All of our hay balers died rip bread and butter and hold weapons only.
We've got armored clubbers through the ages moving on to farmers and swords.
They evolved his shields and then the head, Butters, we know they suck, so we're fine.
Let's put in one single potion.
We're also gonna add a wheelbarrow, which is 1000 by the way.
Or we could take out the wheelbarrow and add a scarecrow.
What should we do?
I'm gonna put a circle on the front line is the worst army.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
Launched him.
Launched him straight into battle.
This is perfect.
The potion master is doing his work.
Just poison them.
Run a wheelbarrow into their ankles is actually working.
But he took out our very own guy.
The berserker needs to get up right now.
He's got his acts wedged in someone's armpit.
No, nobody but he know what he's doing.
You meant to stop the wheelbarrow and join in.
What do you Oh, come on.
You've even missed the water you saw.
This is gonna go badly.
We've got Is one berserker?
Yeah, You're dead.
You're so dead.
I'm sorry, buddy.
It wasn't your fault.
Is there anyone left?
Um oh.
Uh, you're not gonna do much, are you?
You are so dead.
Watch out!
Which I'll get up.
Come on.
He's crushed, boys.
A wheelbarrow know the tragic end.
I don't think they could even find him.
What are they doing?
He's so well hidden in the grass, they can't actually find where he is.
Put me out of my misery, please.
Yeah, She wants them to find him.
Come on, buddy.
Shout louder!
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what's happening.
Maybe we should, uh, just leave this one behind and try again.
I think that's best option.
Get out of here.
You can stay.
You can say I think the potion master will pull his own weight.
But we need maybe ice archers behind three of those.
And then we need, like, raw power because they all have hand held things.
I think we just need a lot of them.
To be honest, Squires will get seven.
Squires, this this is gonna be this could be tricky.
Snake Archer.
One of those, please.
And then 60 clubbers.
Okay, like six clubbers.
Go Battle for your country, fatso.
For your snake.
Brethren on one goodness, they properly attacked us.
Sorry for the front line, guys.
You're gonna have to back him up, OK?
Snake to the face, please.
We could need one right now.
Oh, this is hard.
Why is it so hard?
Come on, snake.
Pull your weight.
Yeah, we're dead.
Well, you'll suck and we don't have enough for a mammoth.
I think bone major could be good here.
Actually, my skills are building an army right now are being tested to the max.
What else could we have?
It's close.
Uh, one potion seller at the back.
I just put a guy down here.
That's not gonna help, is it?
The barrow in the mid of the ocean.
Team of snake arches.
That's all you need?
Attack thing isn't going well either.
Oh, no.
So quick.
You lost, like, five seconds to waken.
Afford a catapult.
Let's try and take them down that way.
And then have two Squires in the front.
But here You OK?
You need to man this properly.
Have you been drinking?
That was going on here.
You can operate a cat's boat if you've been drinking, buddy another in medieval times.
But stick toward to please.
I'm gonna die.
I'm so gonna die while the cat's a pope.
Or any work, though.
But apart from that, that's it.
I think the cat's bo is one time thing.
Well, I want another one.
Yeah, that it worked it.
You might be able to do this.
There's only two left.
Do it.
Do it, Lord.
Yes, all I could guess you buddy, but I'm not going to because I think your breath stinks.
Good job.
How many levels do we complete?
123456789 10 10!
That's bad.
There's so many, though.
This is crazy.
I love this game.
It's stupid.
I love it.
Only Jewel Wilders.
I'm gonna do one more.
So we got 4002 hundreds.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
The only reason why is because we have the opportunity to buy.
Oh, I'm going about by two mammoths.
Only one.
I'm going to do that.
And then the priests.
I think that's Opie or his priests.
Healing are mammoth on.
Let's have a Bard as well.
Where is he barred to sing us to victory.
You ready, bud?
Take us away, friend.
I didn't know they could do that.
The Golden mammoth will destroy you.
He's being healed from all angles by our bold brethren Over here, he can be beaten.
I have full Oh, um I have full faith in the in the Golden Mammoth.
But golden moments died on.
So did all of our priests.
How dare you hit a holy man like that?
Well, the mammoth died.
Ah, Whoops.
4002 hundreds.
We could buy a long ship But I don't think their goods.
Let's try it.
Let's get some arches and put them away at the back Because those guys launch in Bone majors behind and three Valkyries.
Aerial attack is going to be perfect.
Well, those guys going like Mads, I think we I think we dodged it, though.
Way through the long ship up and it messed.
This is great.
But the Jewel Wilder's our powerful.
They're taking out my bone majors in one hits.
How the Valkyries doing their dad's Okay, This is not going well.
No ice arches are our only hope.
Come on, guys.
Spray them with arrows.
Get them in the green.
Get them in the forehead to do as much as you can to save all Kingdom from the frozen.
Good job going down.
They have really popular hits.
You calm down, please.
So our noble man has fallen.
Um, what are these berserker is?
Is that what they are?
I'm gonna have my own army of bazookas.
Who do you think you are?
Let's go.
I've got more than you.
So this should work.
They all missed each other except this guy.
This is like a proper old school battle.
How is this guy slaying us in one shot Now?
We failed.
We failed.
It's over.
No hope.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
Job could save us.
He slayed a barren war is a mosque.
He could save us a minor tool that could save us.
I can't afford Zeus.
Actually, Zeus an A minus.
Well, let's do it.
And to bone majors.
Plus a single half Ling.
Yeah, The savior.
Let's go.
Let's see if you could take out a minor tour.
I don't think you're going to be able to.
The monitor is swinging.
I don't even get to say that.
I didn't extend.
Gets a one sentence.
They hugged him to death.
Who were these guys?
The ones that don't jump.
Chief turn.
That's what they are chieftains and a priest to help out with healing.
Come on, fight!
Fire with fire.
You got this?
Okay, You haven't got this.
He just punched the only man in the head, innit?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is no walking out.
What is happening?
Do I put faith in the mammoth?
One more time mammoth, but with some backup this time.
Four snake arches and then some potion sellers and one farmer just to back up the mamma's output.
Come a mammoth.
Don't die on me this time.
I think it's the guys that don't jump that have the crazy attack power it is.
I'm stuck!
I'm dead!
I'm just not worthy to run an army anymore.
What are the Scarecrow is due?
They literally do nothing.
Okay, they spawn many ones on this Could be the secret scare.
Crows, Take him down.
Okay, don't.
Let's find you were just about to do magic.
Well, I'm stopped.
All it took was, like 12 sets of axes to bring down one of the greatest rulers of all time.
May, who is now?
No, a great ruler, because I keep losing guys, enjoy this video.
If you want to see some or you just enjoy this and people like that greatly appreciated.
Subscribe to our brand new as well so that you could join Team TDM, an exclusive club on YouTube.
And also it means that you don't miss out on videos.
You don't want that, do you?
Thanks so much watching.
Having amazing down.
I'll see you next time.
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PROTECT THE KING! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #2

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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