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check this out.
This is about an hour's worth.
Maybe a little bit more, actually.
Maybe almost an hour and a half's worth off iron.
Look at this.
It's absolutely insane.
And this is perfect for I want to try today.
This is also working.
I think it did break for a little bit, but I think it's gonna work soon.
So anyway, Hey guys, how's it going?
Welcome back into Minecraft hardcourt Survival, where, as you can see up in a little bit busy off camera because I wanted to get this done.
It's about 80% done almost covered in grass and looks so much better have really done any more to this.
Yet even though we've got, like, the haste to efficiency five set up, which is actually faster than creative mode, by the way, if you hold your click down on creative boat and kind of punches like this, but this pickaxe and haste combo is absolutely insane is the best way to break blocks even better than creative mode, which is mad.
What else would I be doing off camera?
Oh yeah.
Let's stab is back, guys, I am used this while I was waiting for my iron.
I kept this on to try and rack up all the experience I harvested from it and we managed to get 33 levels.
I think it was in the end.
Builds, get mending onto list stab.
Which I'm so thankful for on now we can Well, this this Lepic right here After I was doing all of this was about dead.
And then I just I took one piece of cactus screen out of that furnace and it's back up to this health.
It's just so good.
So you got mending on this menu on the staff having on mending on.
I stabbed Withers.
But that doesn't really matter of speaking Withers.
I've got a little bit of a surprise for you guys.
Check it out.
That's right.
Not one, not two, not three, but four with the skulls I really wanted to try.
And the trick again, where he tried to trap the weather, make it super easy to be able to defeat it.
I think I could do it without touching it, but I might have to punish it one or two times to get it into the right position.
But I'm gonna show you really?
Really cool.
Way to be able to kill the weather, which is gonna be really hard if you're in, like, early Game.
But you need another star for a beaker and kind of like me.
Does this counter's early game just like at least 100 hours?
Counters that?
I guess not.
But we are going to harvest three of these on the story.
Wants to this, By the way, These took me about for it, not about two hours to get.
I spent ages looking through never fortresses and the winner.
Skeletons just wouldn't spawn.
And the ones that did spawn just didn't give me any weather scores whatsoever.
Even with looting three.
Which is the reason why I needed to get mending on the stab because it was close to break him.
Luckily, YSL perfect back upto almost full health.
He will be anywhere when we're done with day.
Why would you put this in here and get this out?
Let's go ahead and put this bad boy in.
Here we go.
Put that in there.
I think we're gonna put it right.
Way up.
I don't be Don't be cussed.
My luck's going pretty well so far.
Oh, yeah, I was this close to quitting and just doing something else in this episode On the last four with the skeletons I hit in a row dropped their skull, which was so lucky.
And I'm so relieved because I really want to try this out on before.
If it gets any crap, some souls and real quick because I have found the perfect place to be able Thio do and test this with a theory.
I still don't know whether it's true or not.
I'm going to sleep.
Prepare for my big day on dumb.
Let's try and do this again on I know what you're thinking.
Why on earth am I trying to get another nether star?
And that's because you can go ahead and make a double beacon.
Oh, I also got rid of my riches from this.
This is purely iron blocks right now, but apparently you can put two beacons on one pyramid, fattened out the pyramid a little bit longer, which hopefully we have enough blocks for in our iron farm now and then you get a ll the effects.
You can have four effects in total or two effects at Max, I think.
I think that's what it is.
Any way you could have up to four if I didn't want the haste to Anyway?
So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna swap out this stab for I stabbed Withers just in case this goes wrong, but it should be.
Okay, so let's go into the nether and let's try this out all yet, By the way, if you didn't forget or you didn't see last time, let's go straight back up here.
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The screenings are on the second or third of November.
The tickets were available now, so go to that link in the top, check your closest cinema and see where it's screening and go along is gonna be a lot of fun, I promise you.
The nether.
Hopefully we survive long enough to see our own movie thesis where went up before?
So I don't think I want to go up there.
I prepared a place.
I think it's through here.
I needed to find a specific set of coordinates in the nether with a certain pattern of bedrock.
I think ideally, you would get a three by three section by.
Don't think that's going to happen, Arnaud Zombie pick men come up here.
That's mad.
Annoying E.
I really don't need these up here because the weather is going to try and smack these guys so I might have to kill these guys.
You have to do it.
We do it right now.
This is this Might be the first time I've got a zombie pig man, Actually, Jesus, Fast.
I forgot how fast the weather.
Someone else coming in.
Look at him.
He's so angry.
Come taste my sword, buddy.
There we go.
Easy How you actually hit me?
What a punk!
Let me take all this stuff.
Let's go do this.
It's through here where the cobblestone is.
I can hear a regular zombie as well.
I don't know where he is from here.
Somewhere he could be he could have spawned on the roof.
Actually, that could be a thing in here is I can hear his footsteps.
Where is he?
I don't want the weather to be smacking you I think he's above.
I think he's 100% above, So we'll have to try this with that there.
Hopefully, it doesn't ruin everything.
So let's give this a go, shall we?
So this is where the obsidian needs to go.
Right here on the corners of anyone's interested is supposed to be one minus 16 to 93.
That's where it's meant to be.
I learned this from a guy.
I remember his name but Lincoln description below.
That's where I've learned this trick from.
Then why did wrong last time when I tried This is I put the obsidian here like right there, which is wrong because he's going to sport like tail down.
So you have to have it at the bottom of the tea here.
Hopefully, this is making sense on what happens is you also have to be sporting west as well.
I completely forgot you'd be facing West.
I don't know why this works, but it does have a CZ much off the bedrock as you can flats.
But I don't know how you're gonna be able to do that.
It's just straight up luck, and then your sport ends.
You go.
123123 in the middle.
And hopefully he was sport uprights.
And get his head stock, which is the plan.
So let's try.
Shall we just do it?
Just do it.
We've got a golden apple, just in case.
Smite five.
Just in case on what I've seen in his video.
I really want to do this without touching the weather, but I think you have to kind of push him upwards.
So I'm just gonna kind of use my fists.
I think I'm gonna try it anyway, So this comes in, I'm gonna build a little platformer rounds, becomes the anger of the weather, and then I'm gonna have to try and punch him upwards.
Best only cara in hand.
I'm gonna try this.
Yeah, there we go.
Full of survival.
He's suffocating.
This is walking.
So you only need to punch him up, and then you just need to wait.
I could use my smite five swords to kind of take him down way quicker, because obviously he's not about to get me Owner Hit him, Hit him, Hit him.
Yeah, because there is a way for him to hit the with the skulls down into this obsidian, and he will break that.
I don't know why it doesn't break on his on his sport in I'm not sure why that doesn't happen, but this has taken a while.
But as long as I punch him upwards, this should work.
This should work, so you can try this.
I don't think you'd use the right coordinates.
I think it worked anywhere in the nether as long as you got some bedrock above.
But if there's gaps like this, little with the skulls can sneak through and break your obsidian.
But I'm gonna try and do this with no weapons, just punches where he escapes.
We're gonna have to take him down with stab with us.
But I don't think we're going to need to.
This is a really easy way to do it.
Well, hello.
You always say that.
Then do you see that?
It just it.
This corner of bedrock.
That was really lucky.
But if one of those skulls creeps down and hits the bedrock, you're in big trouble.
This has taken so long, it shows how much healthy has got really so much health.
But this is what I was trying to attempt to do last time the hack of how to beat the weather easy.
And then hopefully we have enough iron when we get back to be able to make this, like, two story beaker.
Go back up.
There we go.
Jeez, I think I'm pushing backwards.
Yeah, hopefully have enough iron to make the two story be king.
So I really want to get jumped booze times two.
And then hopefully we can jump around our clouds a little bit easier than with a double beaker.
And going through our house is gonna be awesome, right?
The only thing I don't know how it works is when he starts healing.
Is he gonna heal quicker than when he's suffocating?
I'm not too sure.
Here we go.
Second stage of the weather.
I don't know if I can push him back anymore.
Oh, jeez.
Pushing back.
Push him back.
Why can't I push him back?
Oh, my goodness.
No, I don't hit him with that pushing back.
There we go.
That's better.
Did that even work?
I can't push him back anymore.
This is bad news.
I'm just going to stay here.
Come on, This can work.
Maybe He's got bigger because of the regeneration.
I know.
So if this is working, I'm so pleased.
I haven't hit it once with a weapon.
Just my first off.
Or when he turns around and she makes me nervous.
Please work.
Go all the way down on this will be magical.
We'll have our second beacon.
Everything will be fine.
It's so loud.
It's hurting my years, actually.
Or don't spin around.
But he don't spend rounds now.
Whatever's crept fruit.
Come on.
We've done 3/4 of this weather just by using this little glitch.
Oh, he's turning around.
This is worrying.
Don't make me hit you with sword.
I really don't want to do that, buddy.
Come on.
All the way down to zero and drop that beautiful Never star.
Our 2nd 1 in the let's play.
I don't know what happened without one there, but that was a close one.
As long as he doesn't hit the obsidian, he can hit me all he likes.
But as long as he doesn't hit the obsidian, we're fine.
What's also quite cool if I move up here is he can't actually touch you.
You can touch him with your face your fist, anything you like.
And he's done zero damage.
I think this is gonna work.
I was worried.
Oh, okay.
Oh, it almost worked.
He got one through.
I don't wanna have to hurt you.
I will beat you with my bests.
One more little second and then you're dead.
Come on.
Yes, we did it.
I'm so pleased.
I am so pleased.
Look at this.
Our second never start Easy roads.
Look at this.
So good.
So if you want an easy way to defeat the weather, obviously I did it voluntarily, without weapons.
But if you get yourself just even a sword without smite and you do that little glitch do you have to have bedrock above you facing west?
Make sure you put the tea on the obsidian.
He should get stuck even if he comes free.
If you've got decent weapons and a decent armor, you should just about to slice him down.
Get smart on your sword.
It's so good.
Such a good little hack.
I wonder if they'll fix in the next version.
Okay, that's all good with me.
We only punched him just to move him upwards.
Guys, we did it.
Look at it.
Look at this.
We interrupt this in your face, little punk.
We did it.
Well, Pleased Now I just need Thio.
Worry about trying to get I don't need this nether.
I could want so much.
Never rackets insane, right?
You're gonna have to go.
Be careful with this.
Does not throw the wrong thing in.
There goes the first song we picked Man be killed as well.
Let's also go and grab the iron that we've got from this just so that we can go ahead and try and build this next.
Um, this next beaker dude is so many.
I liked the pattern.
I've kept it in his works.
Keeps all nice and organized.
Otherwise the roses mess it up.
We're gonna get at least 50 from this, for sure.
I think that should be enough because it uses the existing beacon the existing pyramid there.
Explain how it works in a second.
But hopefully we can get double jump boost.
We can at least get single jumpers for double would be perfect.
My only worry is I don't know where to put the next beam because the first beam was gonna mess up my staircase.
Our man.
Where am I gonna put this?
It works perfectly for the 1st 1 But where on earth am I gonna put the 2nd 1?
I might have to remodel my staircase for it to work.
Actually, I want to put it here for sure.
Because otherwise it's gonna mess with my O C d.
It's not gonna go straight enough, So let's start deconstructing this now I'm gonna go down anyway, and then we're gonna have to remodel our staircase to go outwards a little bit.
I have to take out all this sand, actually, because this sand is going to get in the way, Right?
Guys, I'm sorry.
I met water.
I'm gonna have to get all this war throughout the way.
Just making everything a little bit complicated.
Will you gel crazy, man?
Don't get mad at me, okay?
I will fix it soon.
So this is gonna go down here?
I'm going to get the other beacon now.
I'm stuck in here.
I'm all messy.
I'm just hype that I managed to defeat it for a second time, So I need three obsidian, which I just so happen to have, and then I need a glass.
12345 That makes the second beacon, doesn't it?
But bop on.
There we go.
Second beacon.
Let's go put that down and see if it works.
That's what that's what way to do.
It says, put this on here.
And this should activate already, right?
Cause it's already on a on a section.
Okay, Maybe not.
I was Mina craft.
I need to craft.
I need to make all of these iron blocks.
You know how many I'm gonna need, But let's do this all, buddy.
We gotta stack.
We're going like a perfect stack.
This has to be enough, right?
It has to be.
We can now get rid of this, actually.
So where's the next beacon?
Next speaking is there?
I'll put the water on the sand back.
Guys, don't you worry.
I wasn't using the chop to dig san.
Don't worry.
So that is currently sitting on.
If why extend this?
That should activate.
Oh, the beacon thing activated.
Yeah, let's go constructed place a beacon.
It didn't glitch this time.
That's perfect.
So now we can activate this.
Let's use a piece of iron.
Oh, no.
I want it to be jumped boost.
I need it to be jumped speed to be quite cool.
I want to try jumpers.
Speed would be sick.
We go order on every other.
It might look a bit crazy, but now we just need to extend this out somehow.
So if I do, this would be four.
That's two levels, right?
It is.
It worked and actually worked.
Okay, let's put that there.
Jump, boost.
Tick Now.
We should have jumped.
Well Oh, my goodness.
Want me doing?
I'm breaking everything.
Oh, no.
Yes, I do have John Boost.
Can I go up?
How many blocks?
Only to know even to Even.
It's like one in the hall.
This one won't even be that good.
Let's try over the restaurant blocks to make this a double pyramid.
We have the craziest beacon.
Dude, that should be three.
It is.
Oh, this is easy.
And then we just finish this.
Lost one off here.
Oh, my goodness.
That's easy.
We've done it.
That's a double beacon right there.
Yes, our dude.
Let's spend another iron and put jumpers two and see how high that gets us.
Oh, man.
Is that just two blocks.
That's two in a bit blocks.
Let's see if we jump boost to this is worth it.
I might be.
You know, that was so easy.
I think you can have six beacons are that's so much better to get across the ease.
That's so much nicer.
I like that.
So jump boost is good.
We now have to because we have six go round like this on only span 24 on that.
So every extensions gonna be another 24 I could afford at least one more.
I really want to go and get another weather.
Now do it.
What else could we get?
Let's have a look.
We can get strength.
I think speed could be pretty good.
Speed would be awesome.
And I only need one extra layer for that.
The only problem is I only have one other weather skull left.
I don't know if it's gonna be a stupid idea to go to the nether now and get myself another two with the skulls.
Look at this.
I think speed's gonna be needed because you can run that fast.
If you're doing the jump boost.
You know, the old running jump trick that you doing Minecraft.
To be able to meet yourself goes faster.
Not gonna work with a double jump boost, is it?
But to get across the clouds is much better.
I'm not sure what to do.
And then we could have off.
We have all six going be on Riel.
I've never done a double beacon before that sick.
Whatever advancements do we have bring a beacon to full power.
That should be active.
So I got to the full power right now, so I don't know why that is no active.
I didn't google, and apparently that's a ah, glitch.
It's a bug.
What else do we need to do and think in other advancements?
The end is coming up soon or tried in.
Try to remind you to do, we need to do to more hostile mobs.
One of them has to be the end of dragon.
It must be killed.
Two phantoms, give a pillage.
Irritates the room.
I still use you nine more bio mes.
That's nuts.
You know, I'm gonna go and try it.
I'm gonna give it a go.
At least this jump boost.
I'm realizing it's quite annoying by really another beacon.
Do a triple beak, and then we have jump, boost and speed.
If I could make it, Max, Speed, That would be so good.
All right.
I need to go this way.
I've still got my junk boost so annoying I could eat it.
Something I hate.
Oh, I don't even think about the pig men being annoyed at me because I killed that brethren.
You guys good, right, guys?
Okay, you chill.
I think we're okay.
Let's get out of here.
I'm going to go very, very scary over this lava.
This is gonna be the way I die.
Isn't it some stupid way like this?
I'll be in the weather twice.
I haven't even touched the end dragon yet, but I'm planning on doing that more than once.
A cz Well, but the way I die is gonna be really done.
I can feel it coming already.
Oh, we made it.
We actually made it right.
Let me pop some torches down here just to remind myself where I came from.
Let's say we find ourselves some with the skeletons.
Be kind to me.
Come on.
You know you want to What's Oh, geez.
What's going on?
Oh, I'm doing this achievement right now.
Get him.
This is perfect.
He's stuck so I could do this.
You saw that right?
You just disappeared on you to write a comedy.
That guy Just the sport of me like that.
How dare you?
This one looks good for finding where the skeletons you need the, um I think they might mainly spoon on this bit.
See, this is a good bit for them to spawn on.
Down here is Well, that depends on what else spawns is.
Well, like the pig man and all that stuff, they take up slots.
I think I've spoken about this before, but all different mobs have different slots and rules.
Was that always right there?
Okay, let's do this.
Let's play ball.
I want this achievement.
Come here, buddy.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I did it.
I did it!
Destroy guards of the firewall.
Direct sun, actually, and say you're not be off.
I got a bit confident there.
Didn't I write you chill to I don't know if I got it when I'm out.
So I have definitely being here because I've put torches on these.
This is where I found the weather skeletons before.
Look there, There.
This is a perfect place for them to spawn.
Apparently either.
Hit me.
Don't hit me.
Don't hit me.
A looting three.
Looting three.
How you know, dead.
Oh, come on, buddy.
I only need two.
Here we go with a scale.
A number to looting.
Bluejay agree.
Does this no work anymore?
Hooting three isn't working today Cheese at work either, either.
Don't put me on a drought now.
One important of the viewers.
Come on.
Don't do this to me.
But Oh, buddy.
Yeah, that's one that's one down.
One to go.
Okay, that's not too bad.
This is a great place for where the skeletons I said they're like, 400 times.
There's, like, three of these connected where they spawn all the time.
I just need one more of these.
And I'm good to go to kill the weather for a second time in the same video.
Oh, I reckon one of these boys has got it.
There's four of them.
This is gonna be odds.
Come on.
That's no one you want, Not the boy.
Come one of youse is the boy.
You are not the boy either.
Come on, lads.
Be nice to be here.
I've got a lot of you guys.
Oh, geez.
Always knocked him off.
No, really.
Guys really gonna do me like this, huh?
Oh, my goodness.
I need to eat this right now.
I did it.
I finally did it all I took.
Like they put another day open here.
Aiken Day, Johnny, Get these even crafted golden carrots on that.
Desperate for food.
All man finally did it.
The second with the scholars here.
That took way too long.
And now I'm lost.
I don't know where to go.
Oh, was I?
Please let me die now.
I've got three with the skulls.
I'm gonna kill the weather again.
This time I'm hitting him.
I'm not in the mood to just try and play around with him and kill himself.
I'm going in.
He's dying today.
Found it.
Okay, let's be super careful because there's no edges on this and I'm a little bit worried.
I'm just gonna fall in.
I could just What?
I do these things.
I've only got half health.
This isn't good, but I got what I came for.
I'm so pleased to with the Kills in one video.
That's right.
Made at home.
Now I need to go and grab my mother with a skull and do this Look of me living the high life now, guys munching on golden carrots.
That's right.
The gold boys.
Third with a skull.
Come with me.
I also need soul sandwich.
I think I have an abundance off in here.
I'm gonna take my obsidian because I think I still need that.
And that's my kid for killing the weather.
I'm late.
You're gonna use I stabbed Withers and trap him and then kill him.
That is the goal.
And the point of this, just a reminder to myself, is to get three beacons because it's been a whole day.
I'm gonna try and find the same section we used last time on.
Let's kill the way that for the second time let's get another one, right.
I should not take this lightly, even though we've done it a couple times before.
Where does this need to go again?
I need to face west here to do that.
Obsidian Under here, where the wool is.
And I think this is how we do it.
If not, I'm just gonna crack him in the face.
Hold on a second.
Do I need it?
I could make this higher, right?
I think I'm doing this rug.
I think that was almost a disaster.
123 Yeah, I almost messed it up that we've been horrific.
Oh, geez.
I almost forgot how to put off my own trick.
Let's do that.
And then where?
When he spoons in, we're gonna kill this bad boy again.
But this time around, you're gonna hit him.
I stopped with his coming clutch.
Let's see how quick it is to destroy him.
Oh, man, look at this.
Look in the boss ball.
Going down.
Oh, my goodness.
It's called the weather in 10 seconds.
Absolutely insane.
I'm gonna need that piece of obsidian back, though.
I need that quite desperately needs.
Go and grab two buckets of lava, and then we're gonna get ourselves another, um, of the beacon.
And then with this amount of iron, with some more that should have been working away.
While we've what?
We've been busy.
We should have enough irons built to make a triple beacon.
I just need to figure out and reconfigure my house at some point because it's destroying my stairs.
Actually, with the jump boost, I might not need too many stairs.
I might still be able to make it work.
Let me go and grab some lover.
Let's get this done, Shall we?
Ah, lava, lava.
But But there were put this on top.
And there we have our obsidian, which we combined super fast because we got that haste to bad boy going.
So that's three obsidian got me some glass.
Another star on the obsidian.
There we go.
Geez, I feel like with their pretty well, we've, uh, completed most of Minecraft.
The only thing we have left is literally the end of dragon and then doing anything else extra that we need to do in terms of, like, advancements and stuff.
I told you that the weather would be pretty easy.
I always felt like it would be pretty easy.
Oh, geez!
No, no, Don't touch me!
I am the winner, Master, I've killed many withers in this episode alone.
Your thing.
I'm gonna go easy on you, huh?
We need to place this beacon in the correct location.
Oh, jeez.
This is gonna be so messy.
Hopefully, none of that cat's full down here.
That would be embarrassing.
So we're gonna put it here.
This is where it's gonna lay.
That's our next beacon, guys.
I've never even had one beacon in a survival.
Let's play, let alone three.
So I feel like we're doing pretty well so far.
So if we go along here, I'm gonna do exactly the same again.
Oh, no.
Look, everything is a mess.
Oh, okay.
These are for down here way.
Do this.
That should give us another activation, right?
Look, we don't three and then I think you have to come out this way.
You can do, like, as you can do a strip.
I'm pretty sure.
So now we want speeds.
Let's activate that.
We should get speeds.
How fast we let's go into the open fields and test it.
We've got speed, jump, boost in haste.
Oh, yeah, that's fast.
That's pretty fost.
But now I want to go one step further and put it to Max, which we should be able to do.
So if I just scared of some of this is so insane.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Let's not do that.
Let's extend this.
We should have more than enough.
You just need to go bop along here.
Then that should make it to level two.
There we go.
Level to done, then This should make it up to level three.
And then this should make it up to level four easy mode.
And we still have 16 blocks left over.
What we gonna do with all this?
Iron was gonna say, Make more iron.
Gold is But we literally don't need them.
Bam Speed to pop that in there.
Powered up Now we have speed too haste to on.
We've ruined the turtle's home.
It's a bad look.
So how?
Let's test this out.
This is me not running.
This is me running.
Oh, it's fost Oh, it's really fost.
This is great!
This is so good.
I could run and jump to my heart's content Whiles can we get at you is gonna have a look just in case you want to grab another with a star, Never start You know what I mean.
We can also get regeneration strength resistance.
We don't really need pretty overpowered strength.
You don't really need.
The only other thing would be regeneration, but I feel like speed is actually pretty good right now.
I feel like I don't need to jump that much.
I could just run.
It's so quick.
Yeah, little feet go already, but we can test out being the fastest man alive.
We do speed potions.
Plus this.
We're gonna be so quick.
That's what I'm doing.
Next time, that's gonna be so good.
And I could do a jump boost potion as well.
We're gonna be insane.
Well, if you're gonna be a superhero, that's amazing.
Guys, I think we've done enough for today.
We have got a triple beacon going on.
I just need to redesign my house a little bit because it's currently not looking in the best shape.
It's very dangerous.
I need to feel that you're gonna feel that with glass.
And now I don't want things falling down it at all.
So if we do this in, this should be fine.
We could even have a whole load of glass going this way, which won't look too bad, but I need to decide where my next beacons are gonna go Because my staircase is a bit broken.
But it doesn't even matter.
We got jumped.
How is it going?
Because you slabs?
Does it actually go through slabs?
If so, that's problem solved.
Right there.
It does.
It doesn't go through that, but it goes through slabs.
Okay, maybe this won't be an issue.
I don't know.
I have to decide on There you go, guys.
That is it.
Next time, I kind of want to do and research a gold farm because then we could have ourselves carrots, the automated gold nuggets that are automated or gold with automated, whichever one and have gold in Paris.
Two days.
I think that's gonna be awesome.
But for now, I also want to try and test out becoming the fastest man alive on the one that can jump the highest.
I'm gonna test our next time as well, guys.
Three beacons.
That's insane too, with the deaths.
And that is how you beat the weather.
Bony, using your bare hands.
Thank you so much, Georgian guys.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Didn't even like the great appreciated you feel like subscribing and get notified with the videos are blood every single day.
Quick that red button down below and subscribe and join the family Apart from that thing you saw.
What you watching?
Have a great day and I see your next time Black back in candle campus for four Rubber band.
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How to CHEAT to Beat THE WITHER in Minecraft Hardcore!

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林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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