B1 Intermediate 11 Folder Collection
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Sorry, guys.
I'm just off today.
Oh, just lifted a little tight.
Who just got a massage.
A little loose.
Levi shoes slip.
You slip.
I'll get it.
That's a win.
Oh, my.
Come in.
Ah, Okay.
That was trouble.
We're staying here.
Come on.
Oh, hey, it was not Are you serious?
This is streetball, man.
My bad.
Muffle you.
I'm sorry.
My bad.
My bad.
My bad.
Dude, that's I'm sorry.
Switch on that.
Next time.
All right.
How long it take you to get ready this morning?
Enough time?
I mean, you go, Tonto.
Game talk your form.
It's better in the game.
More months to warm up.
You wanna run to get that guy with?
Uh, yeah.
Do you want I can call my son?
Uh, yeah.
Oh, custard elbow top bananas world.
I don't know, but Nana's world you gotta cut.
You gotta cut down on the ground here, jumping for joy.
Shooting come out.
What is that?
Holds all to move.
That's not moving.
Communication is key.
What way?
The Lone Star Conference championship.
Um, it Wilt Chamberlain.
Okay, I got next way.
Next game, I got Knicks.
Get a short game.
I'm ready.
Give me quick.
That 10 this bold and have a good grip.
All dead.
I got this.
I'm really try on this one.
I'm to go to hand.
Are you sure you don't?
I can dunk.
That's like, 11 and one.
Are you respect a call?
No, no, no, no, no, Siri, she's a girl.
Dude, that's messed up, man.
Are you serious?
With a girl?
That's what you said last time messed up.
Get out!
Get out!
You're sick!
Put it up.
Put it up!
No, no, no, no, no!
Hey, Why so stewed?
Always wear pants.
It's 100 and 10 outside.
Yeah, take it back to you and then you shoot.
Kick it to him.
We gotta go to you, like, attacked me.
You're pretty good.
My coach didn't sin my tapes in a word because I hurt my knee men.
But this one, a couple teams called clippers.
They were both trying to you know you're here.
They were both calling it.
I don't have more than one phone.
Wait, You see?
Oh, master, Never miss.
The bank is open.
What's up, guys?
Were dude perfect.
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Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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