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We just finished the craziest vodkas ever with Ava and Jillian Jensen and Drew and Jazz Way had the best time ever.
Jillian told the secrets from X factor.
She told this crazy ass stories and she sang a song.
And then Ava came and we talked about YouTube drama.
We talked about drugs.
We talked about demons.
Just typical shit.
Go check it out so quickly, concentrated.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Welcome back to another crew video.
Okay, Before we get started, I just want to let you know that this video is going to be a lot different than this.
Video isn't about ghosts or about death.
This video is about something that genuinely terrifies me and has been keeping me up.
Today we're gonna be talking about the theory that we all might just be a simulation.
I know it's fucking crazy, but stay with me.
I have talked about this theory to people in my life who do not care about conspiracies.
They don't believe anything.
And then when I explain it to them literally stalking my so first of all, let's talk about what a simulation is Now a simulation is created by a computer to look extremely realist.
Now here's the actual finish.
The action of pretending or deception, the production of a computer model or something, especially for the purpose of study.
Okay, so now that you know this simulation is, why would we be?
Well, the theory goes that a future civilization might have wanted to see what the people in the past lived like, so they made a simulation.
Now this idea has been around for a long time.
I mean, the movie The Matrix was literally based off this.
Now you haven't seen the movie.
Basically, the Matrix is a simulation.
Now, of course, in the movie there's one man Neo who is aware of this, and he's trying to fight against it and show everybody that they really are living in a suit.
Sounds like an interesting movie.
What if it's based on now, one of the smartest and most successful men in the world, Elon Musk believes now.
Yuan is a CEO Tesla.
He created the program Space X.
He's literally one of the smartest people in the world, and he has been talking very openly about his thoughts.
There's a sort of a philosophic concept that a sufficiently advanced civilization will be able to create, uh, simulation.
Minivans of this before a simulated had so many simulation discussions.
It's crazy.
You want Musk Believes this.
And he doesn't just believe that this is like, a 10% chance.
He believes that one in a 1,000,000,000 chance that were real, which means 999 million out of a 1,000,000 chance that we are now.
Just listen to how Yuan explains it varies.
40 years ago, we had a poem like two rectangles in a dot.
That was what games were.
Now, 40 years later, we have photo realistic three D simulations with millions people playing simultaneously.
And it's getting better every year and soon will have foot.
But virtual reality of winter reality.
Um, if you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality.
Yeah, when you hear it like that, it makes a lot of fucking sense.
I mean, literally 40 years ago, Palm just two bars with a ball in the middle, and now we have games that are so incredibly realistic that people put on the BR goggles.
It's like I mean, listen, I'm not a gamer myself, but I know that this makes a lot of sense.
That's how far we come in 40 years.
Just imagine one virtual reality is just barely getting started.
In just a few years, the graphics will be so insane that it will literally be like real life.
That, combined with the fact that people are already online playing with strangers as if there really interacting, just shows you that people are ready for simulated world putting on the goggles, being somebody else, interacting with other people.
That is an ideal living this full life from the comfort of your own catch.
Think about it.
There is a possibility that the really you could be laying on a couch somewhere 1000 years in the future, playing a PR game as you literally could be.
Now I know you're thinking she and the sins are fake.
They don't have feelings.
They don't have a motions now.
Elon Musk and a lot of very smart scientists believe that in 1000 years it is inevitable that simulations so realistic, so lifelike that the actual Simms inside of it will have no idea.
I mean we all could just be one big game of sins.
We literally could be like Sens.
Volume 500 now, 15 years ago, another huge scientists, another genius, Nick Boss Trim said This.
We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.
This is where it gets even crazier now.
We talked about a lot of supernatural things before.
Ghosts, psychics, astral projection, deja vu.
What if all of those crazy things that we don't really know how to explain are just glitches?
For example, deja vu.
Nobody could figure out what it ISS Scientists have tried to figure it out, but nobody's got a concrete answer.
But thinking of deja boo as a computer glitch kind of makes sense.
So now that's one theory, which is that we were being played like a game by somebody in the future.
But there's a lot of other theories that are very similar now.
This next one is the one that not from what Ellen was saying.
People in future might want to look back at the past right, so they create a simulation of what the past looks like.
But there's gonna be way more than just one person looking back in this simulation of the past, millions of people do it.
It literally could be like TV for people like Oh, let's let's look to see what 2017 was like which means there could be billions of simulations, which is what you meant when he said, There's only a one in a 1,000,000,000 chance that were really so this is where it gets really fucking sad.
So what if our current life right now is just somebody watching?
We're just their TV show, which means we've already lived this life, which means when you get deja vu, maybe you're getting deja vu because you've done this before.
What if we're being simulated on a loop?
What if we've literally done this before?
A 1,000,000 times?
And deja vu is just glitches reminding us that we've done this a 1,000,000 times?
Now there is a chance that all of that is true from what Elena said, and from what a lot of other scientists upset, there is a chance that we are not a simulation.
It's very small chance.
But the only way that would happen is civilization ended before we got to that technical advance.
So basically, like if in 100 years there's an asteroid that kills everybody or if in one year there's a nuclear war and wipes us all out.
But that probably won't happen.
We probably will live at least another 1000 years.
1000 years, nothing in the grand scheme of things.
I mean, the earth is what, 65 million years old scientist, But something like that.
Never mind.
I just Googled that the Earth is four and 1/2 1,000,000,000 years old.
So 1000 years.
So I know you're thinking, Shane, if I am questioning whether or not I'm in a simulation, then does that mean that it's not possible?
Because why would I be questioning it?
And if I question it enough, can we break out of it?
Yes, we are questioning it, which means that we're questioning it, which means that we will slowly get closer and closer to creating it, which is what they're doing with V R.
Which means in 1000 years we will create.
It will be like, Oh, my God.
Look, we could make a simulation of the past, and then we do it.
Now we're here.
I don't know if that makes any sense.
It's really, really hard to explain.
There's tons of videos online about a watch, but I can't shake the feeling of knowing that don't miss like That's the part that fucks me.
I know I've done this before.
I have deja vu every single day.
I have moments where I'm predicting things and saying like, Oh, I think this is gonna happen and it does.
But then I also think about the other theory where we are just being played by somebody in the future has to be our mask on, and we have no idea that were them.
But then, if you think about that, that does explain a lot.
I mean, we all feel like we have a soul, right, like we have this inner model, this soul that goes up to heaven or whatever when we die.
What if our soul, our inner monologue, is the person claimed the game?
And what if, when we feel like we should do something or like our brain tells us to do this?
What if it's the person telling us to literally controlling us?
What if our inner voice is our player?
And what if, when we die, It's came over and it's literally an alien who takes off his V R.
And I lost Get me another one and then they give him another person.
And maybe that's what past lives are.
Past games.
I don't know if I explained any of this correctly or good enough for you to understand.
I just want to talk about because it's been literally tripping the fuck out.
But I just can't stop thinking about like, little things.
Like, for example, what if one day our simulation that we were had a glitch like a major glitch?
Like what if a little piece of the sky just like quick and looked like a computer peace forward of the moon, just like disappeared, came back?
Or what?
One day everything, just like froze and then unfroze like what would like?
What with world do like we all freak out like with chaos ensue, like when we all feel like life is pointless because we're just a simulation literally only got a toe.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm alone here, but I just want to talk to you.
Leave us a comment.
Let me know your thoughts.
Do you think we're a simulation.
Do you think we're just a simulation of the past, or do you think we literally are like a virtual reality game that's being played by somebody in the future?
Or do you think it's all bullshit and that we're just people on that when we die?
That's it.
I tend to agree with you on musk a fucking genius, and somebody has created so many crazy things tend to believe if you just If you travel into the future and say, Well, how good?
Let's say, Well, video games being 100 or 200,000 years from now there's continued improvement on you in a full body.
Have to suit with a sort of surround vision, and it becomes beyond a certain resolution indistinguishable from reality.
They're like they've millions, maybe billions of such simulations.
So then what are the odds that we're actually in base reality, isn't it one in billions?
And you know, before we end this video, I just want to say another theory that I was reading about that also fucking scared.
Now that is not a simulation theory.
Technically, now I'm sure you guys occurred the whole when you die.
You see your life flash before your eyes.
Now a lot of people think that's true.
They think it last seven seconds.
You see whole life flash before your eyes.
Not your thinking.
She and how do you see your entire life in seven seconds?
Well, when you're dead or dying, time is a lot different.
Just think about when you're dreaming.
You could have a dream that literally feels like a five hour movie.
But you've only been asleep for three minutes.
So what if when you're dead or when you're about to die, that's seven seconds.
Could last the length of a lifetime.
And what if right now you are just reliving your life?
Like what?
If you are actually dying and you're just reliving your life doesn't make any sense.
Like what if in 30 years I get shot and I'm bleeding to death on the ground?
I relive my entire life.
That's what I'm doing.
But if that's the case, then when I die in 30 years, don't do it again.
And, um, I literally just constantly reliving my life.
Is that what did I tell you?
Is I stop Guys go.
Hopefully this video tripped you up a little bit and hopefully it wasn't boring.
I just really want to talk about I want to keep talking about this.
If you guys have other theories, let me know.
But I'm gonna keep doing more research, and I'm gonna keep really falling down holes.
And I'll give you guys an update if I find one.
I also love dream.
Either way, thank you guys for letting you divulge in this.
And I hope you enjoy it if you did.
And you want more weird videos where we kind of talked about ship.
That's very fucking where?
Give me a thumbs up sign.
Also, make sure to subscribe to my channel right down below and the notification because I make videos every day.
All right, you guys, I will see you tomorrow in this simulation that we call life.
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5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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