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the ladies may be much except guide.
Welcome back to our journey to the savage planet.
Know something that I want to point out immediately before I go any further and make a fool of myself even further.
Was that people pointed out that in the first episode I picked a dog picture as my character and I've been running around being like I don't think I'm human.
I think I'm some sort of beast.
Apparently, I actually turned myself into a dog.
So that's why I've been running around making beastly sounds, which makes a lot more sense.
It's that I lost my gear.
Did I lose my gear here?
I don't remember losing my gear there.
But you know what?
Who is this game to lie to me?
Oh, God.
Who There who?
Don't follow him by accident.
Oh, God.
Get out of here!
Get out here Sucks.
I didn't kill you.
Damn, you strong boy.
That did.
I need to go to some areas where I could do the super jump now.
And also I have the grapple upgrade.
Aiken, Roller coaster along things.
So I think that that will actually help me get to okay.
I have a mission over there.
Actually, that's really close.
Let's go to that.
What are this, though?
But he saved all my progress from last time.
He's feel like areas have done already.
Oh, is that here?
Last time and I failed to pick it up.
Get up your little bo body.
Thank you very much.
I e o I can go around.
Can't go through it.
Must go around now.
It's open.
Last time I said that this thing was an open because I kill all the creatures.
100 white makes a lot more saints.
Wait So that I think just triggered when a left or was that there all the time, and I really, really missed it.
Let's face it, I probably missed it.
My brain to a heck and stink.
Fuck made that.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Have a very big gun and I'll shoot you if you get in my way.
Yeah, you.
I didn't mean to anger you.
I just wanted to blow up the other one.
Is this really cool looking?
It's all part of the game.
Don't be on a hostile planet.
Be hostile if you don't want to die.
That's my record, all right?
It's basically the equivalent of talk.
Get hit.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not listening to you.
This is like the same problem that I had with whenever I played breasted JJ.
It was the same thing.
There's some really useful information in what they're saying.
Don't get me wrong.
What she's saying is fighting put.
She's saying it in a way that has a lot of humor around it.
So I missed some of the main points.
How fucking dare you close up on me?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the guy with a gun who will kill you if you don't obey.
I have a going, but I'm fucking terrible using it.
Don't fucking kill me again.
That really sucked that last time.
Give me this.
Yes, Sandy beaches.
All right.
Where is this thing that I need to get to investigate the tower?
Continue the ascent.
Oh, it's under.
We'll have the ding dang do I get down there?
We figured out explode everything.
I just want to be around volatile explosives.
It's too much to ask.
Oh, sweet Cheetos thing right here.
that I missed.
What the heck of Jean?
All right.
Can I get Oh, my God, Those are big.
I'm gonna fucking do it!
No, I'm not gonna do it.
Damn it!
So comes I'll get next time.
Hell is that sound?
What the?
What do you do?
What do I have a joint chestnut?
When I saw you down here, I don't know if there's a use for this.
Or maybe it's just foot.
Maybe it's just foot.
I'll get to it another time right now.
Who fucking socks?
Everything wants to kill me again.
Is it you?
Super jump.
Give me health, though.
Very low.
Sweet Cheeto Gods, give me your subsidence.
That makes a lot more sense that I'm actually a dog.
I fucking know.
Yeah, Okay.
We won't do this yet.
I still need more health.
I knew that being our engine here, the sweet Cheeto soup.
Hell, yeah, Fine.
Fuck, Yeah, that's awesome!
Okay, I need these items, though.
Could've missed all in its look at all.
It is currently on all of this silicone on all that is blueberry aluminum.
I needed I needed for my upgrades of my things you saw?
All right, let's go back up.
Fuck, Yeah.
More wild this way.
Uh, what?
No, You did not work as intended.
Yes, Yes, yes.
Oh, no, no, no.
Go back.
I'm okay.
They're a chest here.
Need open this, You know all that aluminium.
All right.
Where is your dogger is, though?
That's what I want to know.
Okay, I need a thing for this little acidic bullets.
I'm not seeing anything.
All right, let's go into the cave.
Maybe there's something in here.
There are something in here.
Okay, There's one when you have a certain amount of time.
Yeah, Buck Nice.
That has to be a 2nd 1 Sure am.
Now, if I was 1/3 little maggot hanging her own, where would I be?
Whoa, it was all the way up.
Would it be all the way up, or does it have to be in the same sort of area?
Oh, I don't have an Expo Stevo for that.
When do we get an upgrade?
That just lets meet, throw explosives Because the explosives that you get Our So the maggot's Theo opposes you get our temporary.
They explode in your hand if you don't.
If you wait too long.
Okay, let's just see either way, I wouldn't be able to do that anyway, on this is fun.
And Spider man, eat your ass out.
Water this all right?
We have a live a checkpoint teleporter, anyway, so I can come back later.
What is he?
Oh, Jesus.
Right here.
You shouldn't telegraphed your entrance.
So So broadly.
I fuck you up, bro.
Marvel jelly e save So Okay, let's continue onwards.
I come back to that thing later.
Oh, Mama, Welcome back.
Okay, this is bad.
This is bad.
Don't be down here.
I don't be down here.
Ooh, that's doing damage, though.
That's good.
Look, do a lot of damage to Yeah, How?
This thing hurts a lot.
They have It's you fuckers that are shooting me.
I need health.
Cheetos, No power.
Whoa, baby, Smack it smack, Cheeto!
Shit Hits, Frank, Look for the group holds.
You know what?
Let's do one of these.
Who took up his group holds for the pain becomes to find holes.
Hey, no one better.
Okay, I'm really hurting, though.
All right?
What now?
Everything seems to have calmed down a great deal.
Yeah, way.
Just keep doing this, okay?
Oh, now I get it.
I got him all right.
Not that difficult.
He's gotta be aware of what's going on.
I'm not Get him for the fucking jar Jar Binks told.
So I think this young fac in food Floop!
What does that health not come back?
I might just stuck for health.
Now if I run out But those that shits first.
God damn, I might die here.
I don't want to, but it's gonna happen.
I need to be aware of his dang tones.
So close to death.
So close to death.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
I don't need it.
I'm not gonna have it.
Sweet, glorious, cheesy boys.
Not dead.
Fucking flu hole.
Shit, shit, shit!
There's no health anywhere.
Last hole.
Come on.
No, you son of a fucking whore!
He was so close.
God Fucking damn!
It shouldn't happen.
No, I don't want to talk to you.
A pissed I got myself back.
I wanna upgrade before I go back in Stop every time I enter the fucking room.
Uh, what can I do?
Pomegranate stabilizer allows you to carry and whole bomber grounds.
That's that's what I need.
So I can actually no, not keeping you.
So I can actually pick them up now and hold them.
That was the exact thing I was talking about before.
That's my new mail.
Oh, what is happening?
Ratings explore everyone.
A kindred is police to find you long enough to take this survey, though.
Not that I blame you.
Time between report requests and your attendance.
What are seven minutes and six seconds?
Okay, that's begin.
Our mission reports you survive this journey entirely on your own thus far.
That's great.
Other people can eat it.
Fuck other people.
I don't need friends.
Think disappoint me Quality, Artie.
Also great job getting all the upgrades.
Your cost of desire from marginal proven makes you a patron saint of capitalism.
You kindred warsi with ready for anything metal.
Thank you.
Have 17 upgrades.
You haven't even died that die three times.
How much have you enjoyed your experience on this hell planet that wants you dead?
Please read you over all the time and on a scale from fun.
No fun.
Your satisfaction level is high.
Thank you for participating.
Have a kind date You traced on the data you've recovered So far.
Kindred has confirmed my fears.
They're not sure what to make of the tower in the center of the planet if we can't get inside it and figure why there's a technologically offense tower on a planet.
Anti of intelligence.
They're going to assume the worst in bombers into oblivion.
Ah, shit.
I thought she would keep going.
Thank you for your cooperation.
It's a minor reward To improve your overall new way have increased the amount of gauze band pharmaceuticals automatically injected into your food.
Enjoy the results of your leisure.
Thank you.
I wonder if these things are the bait that I get the canisters that I can throw order.
Are they useful against other things?
OK, bomber.
Granite stabilizer.
Can I shoot these?
Get some pomegranates?
Want pomegranates?
Scrapple seeds.
Ain't nobody got time for grapple seeds.
Let's see if this does anything.
I do have a pomegranate, Okay?
It doesn't affect those guys.
Got it.
I wouldn't go back down here then because This is where they The thing was that I had to blow up and you had to get an upgrade eventually for that.
Go down there.
I have two things unlocked on that.
It just gave me pomegranates.
Five of them way.
I shouldn't be here.
The work they worked.
And there's the thing we need.
All right, So what does What does this give me?
No, no, no.
What the fuck?
Son of a bitch.
This is going to give me an alien alloy.
I don't care like I do, and I need to, but I don't care.
One cooler things.
Who can I use?
The pomegranates against?
The boss?
Could I be smarty Big Brain?
What's the Ooh, Wait, Hold on.
Yeah, it's going on here.
Uh, I tried to use my booty.
It didn't work.
Well, I got the health back anyway.
Hi, fellas.
God damn.
My reload animation is so fucking long.
I need to upgrade that as soon as I can.
I've been here before.
Yeah, it was another chest here, and it was three things to shoot, but I couldn't find 1/3 1 Thank you.
Keep your peepers.
People's people.
Where is that?
3rd 1 You all wait.
Army behind this.
You are excellent.
Always smack your alien alloy is before he picked him up.
God, I wish there was more of those than I wasjust.
Alien alloy is everything I know.
They're really useful in my upgrades.
I don't know.
I kind of wish it was just something else.
Like a new piece of my going or something like that.
My gun.
I don't think I can yet.
This is go fight this boss again.
Be aware of stuff this time Released a little more slightly aware.
Just fucking shits.
Is there a way of stopping them completely?
Can I just shoot them all?
And then they're gone for that whole round because they're not focus on the mole.
Turns out I do better when I'm not being a complete fucking moron.
Who knew?
I'd certainly didn't.
I got him.
You know those douchebags to interrupt our little parenting?
Phony Healed once as well.
That's great.
Those are some good stats and the words.
Okay, cool.
I think this Eubanks loops Nudes.
Yeah, boy.
Oh, you're so gross.
That'll teach it to be, in our ways.
So nasty.
I don't like it.
He broke the floor because he's so nasty.
Big, stinky, nasty Big o Stevie, don't even look at you for this.
Oh, yeah, right.
I wonder what this one will allow me to do.
Kill everybody?
I hope so.
Light bombs stabilizer.
Didn't come back.
Get my upgrades as my dance is my upgrade.
Oh, no.
We're actually going to the next area.
Whoa, whoa.
So I think we should go.
Just take a moment here to reflect on how far we've come.
Personally, I was basically dies so many times that we've run out of the blue.
He used to regenerate you.
You did it and I won't lie.
I've come to enjoy our time together.
Bugs, which is a lie.
It pains me to say that I am registering an enormous heat signature at the center of our enormous.
I've redirected the photographers to get some more info, but it's giving me the heebie jeebies.
I'll get back to you when I have more info.
Is this big eyes, big teeth, big dreams.
Can we get five of them together?
Thank you.
I don't care about my messages.
I caramel progress.
Top of the enigmatic spire can go all the way around on this one.
Super fun.
I like that.
They know what to take you an annoying amount of time to get across thing.
So they're just, like a just do it just scares.
Go on this.
God, I don't trust myself.
Oh, my God.
This is fucking terrifying.
I got it.
Okay, you got it.
You got it.
Thank God you got it.
Oh, thank God.
You got it.
Jesus Christ.
Well, I got that feeling.
I got the really is, like, really badges.
No, Fuck you, Tower.
Where is the actual way I'm supposed to be going all the way back down there.
Okay, cool.
I'm so glad that I'm way further away from where I'm supposed to be.
Oh, anything for that.
I think I came all the way up here.
I can't actually do anything.
Unless what are this like?
You do shit.
So maybe I can hold on to them with the future upgrade.
I don't think any you're close enough to be able to get there fast, Faster if I jump.
Is it a whole planet out there?
Damn, that's so cool.
Like a cloud and a giant planet.
That's awesome.
I love stuff like that big space stuff in the distance.
All right, well, I guess I can't do this yet, or even if I can.
I don't think I'm good enough for it.
No, I'm very curious.
What's going on with these crystals, though?
Maybe have to line them all up.
I'm gonna be a big boy.
I'm going to do this.
Oh, God.
You know, being a big boy is scary.
Okay, I need to get into this.
I haven't even checked the area.
I'm just floating around out here.
I want to see how you die.
That's a normal thing.
Okay, let's see what we need to actually get in.
Okay, So those giant crystals, one of them is being beamed out already is lit up.
And then I need two more.
Okay, Head back to the javelin.
Question mark?
No, like teleporter here, though.
Let me count the one at the very beginning.
That's fun.
That's the way I just went.
So where's the other tower?
That one and Then there's one.
There's one here, all right.
I can go to the right.
Let's see if it can actually do anything over there yet.
Probably not.
It's fun to try.
That's awesome.
This one's open.
What's going on in here?
I am detecting a large amount of heat emanating from the base of the structure.
Proceed with caution.
Fact stay.
I think if you want to get these platforms moving, you're going to need to find a way down way.
Okay, so go under.
I can't go over.
It must go under it.
God damn fucking sprint sometimes is really annoying.
It's, like, kind of wait a little second and then starts sprinting.
Otherwise, your characters sometimes doesn't do it.
I mean, really seem like I needed them to move.
I'm saying there's nothing here but whatever.
Let's check outside.
Wow, so pretty.
I just love that I just love giant stuff in the distance.
It's so bad ass looking really sells the sense of scale.
Also, when I met the people pointing out that I was done for not realizing I'm a dog, I would just like to point out that a lot of that I love the sounds I make.
Do not sound like a dog.
Doesn't like a fucking bear.
And also I have I'm walking on two legs and have two hands.
My God, Everybody dies.
Thank you.
Way missing out on a lot of secrets.
Hell was just here.
Whoa, thanks.
Put the whole dickheads.
Open says me.
These aren't exploding by these, are they?
No, I really need someone.
I want to get another tell aboard or somewhere.
Is this one The hell are they?
Looks kind of like a done beetle.
Except electrified.
Don't get too close.
Six and stones won't break his bones with stumping.
May well hurt him.
What if I ate?
Throw into the zone, but nothing.
He's impervious.
Gonna jump on him.
Okay, wait.
Let's see if I could just get this first.
Now let's head back.
It's time for more paperwork.
I hate paperwork.
Sharper stabilizer Bob.
Light bombs stabilizer.
Let's print that bad boy.
And then after the shock food, Same laser.
Okay, so I do need Thio.
Get one of those to be able to open up that door.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, baby.
Oh, God, This is so scary.
every time.
Okay, I need Ah!
Grapple Seed God, Pressing the wrong button now would be the worst.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, I actually have the thing for this time.
Hey, Blake.
Bombs air the acidic little things that I can throw the hell do we do with this?
Um, no, I don't need the shock stuff for this.
It's always something extra.
Get here, though.
I have a purple thing that I need to get to says it's 40 meters away.
That's right above me.
What can I get there yet?
Hurt you.
Do they go?
I want you there.
That's grapple tea and see where we can go.
Uh, here.
Oh, I don't know, bud.
Damn it.
Oh, I could just landed on this.
Okay, well, I need to go back down.
Then I get more thing.
Should be here or not know it moved.
Maybe this is just a way for it.
Okay, I need more Grapple sees.
Thank you.
Thank you so much grappling to be done here.
Let's strap up to this.
Then we'll grab Big Red Boy.
That's the one I saw in the distance.
ages ago.
Hit secret nearby.
Hopefully I can get to it.
Um okay.
I don't know how to cancel that.
Oh, God, I know there's a secret.
I'm just trying not to die right now.
You shouldn't go there.
Yeah, I don't know.
We actually find this four.
Oh, yeah, I have this one way.
I forgot.
Well, I wasn't going.
Everything is that direction.
Were you telling me to go, man?
So confusing.
I don't even know where I am or what I'm doing right now.
What's that?
Everything's a mystery.
Yes, Tele Porter.
Oh, yeah.
Let me go this way.
So grapple time.
Oh, she's Jesus.
Is this fucking terrifying?
It's so cool at the same time.
This area is awesome.
Okay, I need a shock one for that.
This is my fears that I get all the way up here and then I'll need an upgrade.
To go any further isn't getting a lot of lots of supplies.
Well, most again, the teleporter is here, so that's that's good.
Come back.
Wait later than you're gonna close course here.
What do you need me to do?
Kill all these bird bitches?
There's a lot of them damn it!
I think I got it.
But A Yeah, Yes.
So this 32 Malloy's have 11 of them, just over 1/3 of the way there.
These are so weird.
Why can't you just be normal?
Like your brothers thistles?
The crackling pedestal.
You're very stable.
Please scan it.
Oh, come on.
I don't think she meant that.
I think she's lying to me.
God, these guys are so fucking freaky.
Okay, I'm probably gonna need shock.
So for this, that's how I get the shocks.
Didn't How do I get in?
You need a bunch of these guys to show up.
Grab what?
So confused?
Oh, no.
I just have to defend train stability.
Okay, so So I just need to actually kill all these guys because as soon as they get through it, then they do a lot of damage.
I got it.
She was very straightforward.
Little shits, though.
You have to shoot them from the back or write them with super shot.
I think one or two were allowed in, though, so that's fine.
It still deflects.
It goes miles away.
That's cool.
We're at 15%.
I want to be here all fucking day.
The binding vile works really well, too.
Oh, yeah.
This is much easier, Noyce.
Oh, there's a lot of them coming now.
85% though.
That's amazing.
I ran out of binding bile.
I don't have any more seeds, but not a problem.
Easy, easy.
Hey, we did it.
Now I'm actually able to get there.
The electric grenade things and hold onto them because I thought there were lines you pick up in you through.
All right.
I have all this stuff.
Now go back and get it.
Yes, but do you just hold them in your hand?
And then you go up to something?
You go like this and it shocks them.
Heavy metal, baby.
There we go.
Making excellent progress.
Now, indoors.
Okay, I'm assuming Feel Explorer.
Oh, yeah.
Junior Explorer rank one.
So I'm assuming just completing Maur of the game gives me more field explorer stuff.
Yeah, heavy metal, baby.
Um So now let's go to There were some of these I don't know.
Maybe let's go to the one that heads.
I don't know where I am.
I want to go to the one that had the platform spinning set back up there.
So turned around.
I've no idea where I am.
There's an orange thing down here.
Cheeto Juice.
Now, OK, this one.
Is that the thing I need?
High God damn it.
Well, let me say I haven't Oh, I'm going to the other one.
We're talking about going to the one that's next to this dumb dumb.
Oh, yeah, that's cool.
Well, this is the scary one, though.
Get Megan.
Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Make it.
Make it.
Make it so I know what the game is designed that you can make it, and you will make it.
But it always gives me the heebie jeebies anyway.
Okay, It seems like doors.
There seem to be three super power sources, although only wanted.
It is currently functional.
You're okay.
So there's definitely something down there in the tower.
It's a massive concentrated mass, and it's alive.
We've recovered a partial recording, and it sounds like this anyway.
Sounds great.
This magnetic door seems to respond to your energy signature.
They won't get through unless you managed to disable its mechanism.
A big lightning shock should do the trick.
Let me see if they could talk of hers.
Found anything useful that will allow you to upgrade your suit to do something similar to a let Angel.
I already got it.
All of your compass.
If they found anything, I ordered it.
I already got it.
What are you telling me?
Did I not do it?
Maybe after shock it before I go in before it closes.
Ah, thanks.
Based technology still seems functional.
His laser grid is huge.
Imagine the huge cats we could torment with it.
Anyway, Our tools could probably powered up, but they D'oh!
Not this one.
That damn it keeps sliding all over this thing.
There it is.
The button of the legend.
Got it.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Which way you going?
Okay, that's fine.
I could do this.
The shield will run out of a can expose Crystal.
I've got to get faster, though, isn't it?
Oh, no.
Okay, that one hurts.
If I just try and jump normally.
I got singed.
Oh, Jesus.
Come on.
20 time.
It perfectly.
Sony in Nice.
I think I did it.
Y'all you know?
Well, baby, she knows for days.
Okay, Another one.
That's fine.
This is like fighting sands all over again.
Crowds, job crowds Job.
Oh, man.
Thank you.
Getting hit by that anyway.
No, I would show a shock sign, then.
Season Shit!
I did it!
Why is it so difficult?
He's gonna shoot through it.
That was simple, Sze.
Well, give my chinos Damn it!
Hey, that's a dookie.
This is jumpy on a donkey on a double jumpy on a ducky.
Oh, God.
Come on.
Okay, Easy.
Easy Changed a good fuck.
Easy, easy.
Not so easy.
It's going down.
We did it.
We did a chat.
Anyway, I'm still heartened.
We do it that Fuck.
Okay, avoid the ball's got it.
It was a good piece of advice is to avoid the balls.
Are we done?
I hope we're fucking done.
Not gonna be enough.
Now that I flip on the others, Kelly and I, we've got two big giant crystals going.
It was one more there.
Okay, look at this.
This is so cool.
What are these?
That's awesome.
I love this shit.
It's how did they do this?
Then I need something else for that.
Well, it's next on my mission.
Drama knows.
I think I need this stop Boosters, jet packs or not, just meant to get you up whole control.
Well, in the air to release to stop.
So I think I need to get something that allows me to, like, crash back down right now.
I just go up and down easily.
It seems I can find something to crash back down.
I could do a bit more damage way.
We'll leave that for the next episode because right now I am all out of time.
But I'm very curious to see what the hell is actually going on on this planet.
We have all of these mad Crystal's going on.
This is the central one that we're trying to get into, and then way still have further up to go.
There's still a tone, more areas.
But I'm excited.
We're we're moving along nicely.
When I started up the game this time, I think it said we had, like, 30% of the game done.
So I think we're over halfway.
Don't know at this point which is exciting.
We get to see what's going on in it.
But for now, I'm going to leave this episode here.
Thank you guys so much watching it.
If you like this video, don't forget to please leave like on it.
It helps out a lot.
And also don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date for all of your savage planet needs.
But until next time I shoot to the stairs in your honor.
Iris stumping.
Where would I be?
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too high... TOO HIGH | Journey To The Savage Planet - Part 3

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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