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just the person I want to see.
Oh, I can't be good.
Well, not really.
I really don't.
But no, I really do.
I really do.
What's the deal in the third row seat, Do you know?
Well, stuff back from sandblast yet?
Yeah, that's why I'm asking.
Why don't we get this stuff, okay?
And take a look.
All right?
We're just days away from delivering the 69 Plymouth Brady bunch wagon for HD TVs reveal of the renovated Brady Bunch house.
So right now, Mike and I are gonna piece together the third row seat that just came back from Sandblast after Russell found it, and I stripped it down.
Way need to make sure it all fits properly before I do any metal repair.
And before my paints it prior to it being re upholstered.
It's pretty rough.
All of the brackets are rusty.
It's a nightmare.
Housing works.
How do you even sit on it?
How if I know?
Do I look like a Brady bunch?
You gotta figure it out.
Got Mike.
Helping me witch really isn't any help.
Oh, sweet bags of rust you have packed for us bags.
Absurd part is Krusty Ash.
The pieces that we got our ancient.
They'll be there from the Titanic or something that second.
See, here's the hinge already, and that's that spot right here.
But there's no spot in the floor for these little holes in the floor and stuff or anything.
Both these brackets onto the floor.
That's what holds this place.
Yeah, same right?
There's the rubber rubber.
It's a hodgepodge of seemingly random pieces for a puzzle.
We have to fit back together inside the way back because we have no instructional manual on how to do it.
The same distance.
So sign.
Yeah, Luckily, even though it all looks like scrap metal pieces do fit correctly, which means I can drill where the seat brackets will bolt onto the floor later.
Michael paint all of these pieces so that they look brand new.
Yeah, but the other man, let's try that old seat cushion to see outfits so that just sits there.
How does that shut right over it?
Yeah, so it pulls up, right?
Sure, in the back of the seat is already on there.
There's the bottom.
Well, now that we know, it all fits, I'll patch up a few holes and micro, then pain all the pieces so everything will be ready.
When the new re upholstered seat back and bench arrived.
Who would have known Brown and Green would look so good together?
Seventies, Super seventies.
Brad, how we doing?
On the back seat thing?
Jason's gonna get seats sent off so we could get it recovered.
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Installing A Third Row Seat In The Iconic Restored Brady Bunch Wagon | Fast N' Loud

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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