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Chuck readies a next level experiment in UFO hunting.
Binary light signaling.
Careful with the wires.
Binary communication translates ones and zeros into signals capable of transmitting information.
Chuck has created a binary sequence IR to relay the signals through a system of lights result Simple messages broadcast into the night sky, reaching out to make contact with whatever might be watching us from above.
Heather, not yet.
Hey, guys, Keep scanning the tree like that's where a lot of these sightings happen.
If you see anything down, no got lights.
You see?
I got rights right here, You D'oh!
I'm not kidding.
And kill that lion here.
Straight straight through.
Just over the ridge together.
I think I see something.
Right there.
Right there.
Right over there.
Over there.
Can you see it solely moving from left to right?
To play.
Please don't move like that.
Try and document this.
I said right.
It stopped.
Give me that back.
It stopped.
Good stuff.
That place.
Don't stop it There, guys.
What is that?
It wasn't an airplane.
It didn't look like a satellite.
We don't really know what it Waas Oh, my God!
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Team Of Investigators Communicate With UFO | Alien Highway

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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