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What's up, gamers?
It's me.
Or should I say What's up, fellow?
Mine crafters.
That's right.
I'm no longer afraid to say it on the mind.
Crafter, Grab your pickax and smash like with it.
If you agree, Don't you guys remember?
But long, Long, Long ago.
They used to be shows on this channel.
Rolling Response to Gay Dumbledore.
Controversy Low.
Why leave your comments?
But the role gone now it's Minecraft and nothing else by subreddit la y has turned into mind crap and I'm okay with it.
Just like how everyone is on board.
My views have literally gone up.
And if you are not on board and go play fortnight Loser.
That's right.
I said it.
All right, let's get into the mind crab means why is all this gold you might ask Sven?
Well, it's for no hold free.
I was implying for I mean, I didn't play.
I plan for it.
That's so nice.
I just thought it would be a nice ending.
What else am I gonna do with it?
He'll come back.
Oh, my God!
That's amazing!
That's so cute.
Need Terex.
Very epic.
Carly, there's your Spence.
Ah, wait.
Didn't I review this mean already?
2017 fortnight beads Publishing popularity 2018 APICs fails to be a fortnight in popularity.
2019 5 I'll do it myself.
Everyone is arguing now.
Oh, yeah, My craft is really popular now, but it's not Thanks to beautify people.
I've been playing it all the time.
Oh, yeah So old a sudden It goes from steady popular Dittemore Popil popular, please.
Okay, hope but other people ever played a hold full time.
Yes, good for them.
I'm the biggest Minecraft chattel.
Get in.
Uh, we're gonna get you outta here, buddy.
I freaking sorry.
A side note.
I got to say every Minecraft or you whatever.
They've been very subsector ble to the nine year old.
So I appreciate any way we're gonna get you out of here, buddy.
I like everyone kept saying I literally just had to stand on a platform and make him not sit down.
It doesn't work if you're too far away, okay?
I'm not a dummy.
Them I may be dummy dumb, dumb, but I'm not a dummy.
Done four year again.
I mean, it's French.
Felix burnt down Jurgen Street.
A plant a tree for your your kit.
Oh, God.
Now launch Minecraft.
I need the plant that right now I'm not addicted.
I'm just like I'm fixing the mean Paris when we must plan three very quick.
Ah, okay.
Crisis averted.
Next mean Very epic.
Very emotional.
Very good video.
Yeah, that was amazing.
Good job, right?
For adding as well because I yelled Derek, this is an idiot.
I'm so dumb.
I am a dummy dum.
I take it back Fine eggs.
Can we talk about when we talk about the fact that men actually swabbed to a fricking hole in the ground?
Despite I spend a lot of time down there looking for him.
It doesn't show on at it, but I took a long time and so many mobs went down and just died.
Spent, however persevered and he lived.
And that's why he's my dog.
My number one bro.
I mean, number one and one when your girl disappear for a sec.
Where did Man Sig?
I'm free?
Finally, Loki, that church looked like it's building Minecraft when your horse disappears for a second.
No, this is so sad or forever.
Chant voice.
Don't look at me when I speak to look at me when I speak to you, confused, screaming, Listen, if you guys think I mean to water sheep, you have to understand that he's playing a character.
He pretends to act innocent and civilized when in reality, if you know what, we went inside water.
She was brain, my God, the amount of books Because my God aw, you're secu ts.
Men can't wait to show you to your get well.
It's a freakin iceberg.
Kerrigan would love this place of discovering so much.
Jurgen, I wish I could bring you along in my adventures.
But don't worry, I will always tell you stories.
This is so sweet.
I hear it is rare.
Viking boat burials.
It's a Viking boat as well.
Unearthed in first discovery of its kind in 50 years, archaeologists say Hold up.
Ah, horse and a dog in sweet.
There it is, a recent said Viking in the title that's so perfect.
What is happening here?
Literally the same they spend disappeared.
I couldn't find it and get it for like, half an hour.
I'm like, God damn it!
What is happening?
Mind say he's probably thinking about other girls beauty pie.
All right.
Tomorrow I have to finish.
I legit done this ball falling asleep because it sues me.
Oh, my God!
What an exciting episode, Petey Paice!
Men, you're again.
I don't know where this is from, but it's very accurate.
Bro's squad fam nine year olds Gamers 2019 Mine crafty and throws.
I don't know.
Don't matter to the turtles.
I can harvest their scoots with the Frank.
It's a scoot s cute suit.
Oh, my God.
What a dumb name I painted Jorgen took like ages.
Don't let it die in you.
One year ago they are.
You're gonna look in hell if I remain.
Can I go back into the nether and find your again?
Is that possible?
If I can still retrieve him, then let me know the Juergen one come back.
No, no, this is not now.
Some say that Pierce doesn't know anything about the game.
Peer's house.
Oh, my God!
That's amazing people.
Bill s up in mind.
No, that's not possible.
Damn if periods punches water, she began.
Soendral killed water.
Sheep don't punch water.
You want to protect him?
If anything you want him to die to end the suffering.
Oh, God.
Speaking to dark moment of horror.
Yeah, that was People talk about the sunset.
But that was equally intense.
In my opinion, that was an insane episode.
Normal heartbeat, disease, heartbeat, heartbeat, watching Minecraft part nine.
I knew there would be a lot of means about that smell.
Don't talk to him.
Said Felix every time he passes water, sheet, water, sheep frickin eight.
What is she?
Can't wait to build a torture chamber.
It's gonna be lit, Brad.
Whenever Felix is What?
That's not true.
You never played Minecraft when water.
She realizes it can sell its bathwater to gamers.
God, no water sheet.
This is why I hate him.
This is a good example.
All right.
I know.
I know.
I messed up.
It really looked like it looked like I wrote it.
Don't give up.
Get another name tag.
It's already happened.
Thank you, bro's.
Thank you, gamers.
Your gun in the boy's 20 hours plus zoom for details down.
She is a bucket.
Yeah, I guess so.
That is a walkout.
This also I love water.
She said this is his true character you guys don't understand.
I hate wash periods.
Be like wise water.
Sheep free.
Lock him up in the bucket.
He's safe.
I'm okay with it.
My dad had that enchantment.
Curse of vanishing.
I know how appropriate that faces.
Well, well done.
Some people are saying to make another goal with Seoul sent and with their skulls do not do this.
Builds its bones.
Very, very, very hard box called wither blah, blah, blah.
I don't care.
You think I'm not a mind cracked?
You think I don't know about the water?
You think you know about that?
I know everything by micro.
Don't even try to give me strange epic crimes.
Yet you had one show is what I'm talking about.
Yeah, there's a failure in everything.
She buy me whatever his name is.
You never played river?
Similarly, uh, amazing gaming month.
Gaming year.
Gaming life, gaming existence.
Things will happen if he names his sheep.
Well, can you blame me?
Next Mean when everybody's talking about Jorgen boat, cow, water, sheep and spend.
But you've been there since day one.
Sad photo synthesis noises.
No, he's got the honorable banner.
It's Minecraft Month, gamers.
I'll see you in spend tomorrow legit.
I was gonna record other stuff, and I'm like, but I kind of want to just play.
Might let feelings that we can add batter.
Stupid shit.
Yes, I've done this very epic How Felix will protect spend from now on.
Okay, What is this?
You have to look over your weapons.
Is that so?
Now you can open.
All right.
Those are useless, by the way.
No, I think this is more like how you guys want spend to be protected.
Because if spend nights serious is over, I've said it many times.
And you think I'm not playing because I ain't playing without a lock without a pat pin code?
All yo, your crush.
Her father, her brother, her ex, her crush.
You imagine being water sheep?
Not to be racist or anything but water.
Uh, Felix runs out of nice.
You run that to die, you die.
That's just the rules.
I don't make the rules.
Not what?
There She watching?
What time periods hurts men on accident.
See, I know it is evil.
Don't listen to his mind.
Israel, The world's tallest skyscraper.
Okay, 2019 i ke a power innovating Changing the game Glory to the power If I care Power, dice way all by water, sheep in Lego I built nice Well, that this is acid up, but messing up right there Can we just appreciate how generally happy field excellence when you find something?
Well, I thought it was gone.
I thought.
I thought it was like a glitch that he was barking or something.
The only way to safe Smith when he realized that Jurgen one returned a skeleton force.
No stop feared subscribers when he hasn't uploaded Minecraft in the last 48 hours.
You know, I got to say, I really enjoyed editing the 16 minute video full with fine tune cutting literally hours upon hours upon hours of egg game plea, cut down to a beautiful perfection 16 minute video for people to dislike it and asked for my Fred videos.
Felix about to name water sheep get Yeah, yeah, I can't tell difference.
Have Sorry.
It's Swedish feelings.
Should name his IRA Golan's Brad running.
All right, they run away, but I'll make new ones on.
I'll name them Brad.
One and two and then I'll put chains on them and then they come and go in torture.
But read Watership Oh my God, that's epic.
My spirits calls Jorgen multiple times instead of its men and almost loses you.
Angry noise.
I'm sorry I was so stressed.
I couldn't help it.
Sorry, Pity pies Now Utah's biggest mind crime channel facts.
And that's a fact.
Nine year olds, after submitting a ton of solution and seeing Felix used to improvise, adapt, overcome Pepsi.
Uh, let's give me water, she first.
Come on.
They'll make fun of this horrific event.
That's not It's not fun to joke about bad events.
Guys, please, please like like this.
So insensitive.
Think of Sven.
Think of our swim would feel empathy.
Google It Gaming Month.
Mia Redstone, Engineer My respect for periods come on Like how I held actually holding.
But whatever it's called that's That's the giant She I don't know why you always appears time with soul signed.
Here's how you can easily save Sven.
It didn't work.
I swear.
I swear it didn't work.
Nobody guys in the morning this mean wins.
This is the best meeting this is to be investing we have ever posted on the subreddit.
We finally found it.
That's damn, that looks slick.
Dude, if I still have the TV, I definitely predator.
That's awesome.
Minecraft mean, What am I gonna d'oh my cut from the invitation?
I don't.
If this video gets one million likes, we're gonna make it Minecraft month, Maybe.
I said maybe maybe this video you guys told me we're still worthy.
Yeah, I'm willing to give this relationship a second chance.
What we see?
Fifth pixies?
Hey, how dare you speak foul of Kiev Tower!
The greatest power.
Oh, my God!
That's amazing, Phanor.
Thank you very much, Zone.
But that's awesome.
I could never replace E, but my best in making it was super awesome.
When I found out that piers used mine crab skin I made in his videos.
So I made tomb or oh, my God, It's so empty.
Can I get the sunglasses still, though?
Can I make tiny request?
Thank you.
Can you make skins for your again this, then to make them like, look like they have an armor.
When Felix try to Macon, Arum Golan with a Jack o lantern.
But it actually worked.
Didn't know that was possible.
Gamers teaching gamers.
I told you I'm a veteran.
I know stuff.
Dude, that's sick.
I love this.
It's so cute.
This blonde meatball has no idea what's coming.
See this?
I told you he's able.
Stop him!
Save him, please.
He's been reborn, reincarnated in a slot machine.
Please tell me.
Please tell me you shaved it.
My tribute to the emotional roller coaster that wasn't think, Uh, when New side, when beautify, has been playing Minecraft for nearly two weeks.
All right.
This is why I like mine.
Craig, this is so easy.
So foot like you can't say anything back.
What if water sheep has been building up water in his rule to one day a nation to bring revenge on ve Alex bah bah, Mother freak er's Do you understand?
Now you understand that he could destroy everything.
I've built everything I worked for.
He needs to be stopped.
Spend surviving The explosion is a sign he is protected by unknown forces.
Oh, yeah, He did survive that.
How lucky.
And there's also this other part.
No one's talking about it, and it blew my mind cause it's so one common pointing out OK, so I got this harpoon guy, right?
He just three damage.
Come up, Coward.
Look at three help One tanks.
Jorgen paid.
Jurgen Jurgen tanked the damage divided by and then right at that wouldn't miss.
It's your gun again.
And then freakin spent tankers.
The last one that was epic, that steamer.
That's why people are like, Oh, he spends too much time like talking to pitch.
This is this is why I'm a better Minecraft er that quick Brad appreciation post for the Iranian people's lifes.
Micro video.
I agree.
That was really good.
Thanks, Fran.
Our own Golan's exist beauty pie.
Hello, Stoneman And I Stone to you.
You look like stone man.
You have eyes like stoner.
You're a Stoneman peer deep.
I I just want to let you know that I'm loving the Minecraft.
Let's play, please.
Never stuff.
Thank you, Mr Piece I regard took her saying mass She would build a Mr Beast inside.
Beefs Craft.
Swedish engineer creates first remote detonated bomb.
Oh, it was Alfred Nobel, didn't he?
And get the dynamite.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it's sweet.
It's no explosions.
What can I say?
That's why I'm so good at Minecraft.
Thank you.
Swedish infiltrator successfully destroys an animal military base 1942 colorized.
The time has changed.
It's literally literally gone back to my roots against this exact same thing naming dumps things and just like role play.
But it's so much fun.
Might say you play too much Minecraft.
I saw this, like, black lock and I'm like, That's an undermanned This is like a pole or something.
I'm like, dude, that looks just like Endor make society.
If we didn't make up, you'd sleep in another.
Yes, How you think about that before you go to sleep at night?
My friend called his new full year again.
Oh, my God.
Hears of pictures.
He's been reborn.
You're going back All right?
They teach your class?
What they asking?
All right, I got it.
Shut up.
Okay, I got out of this episode.
Air smashed like you enjoyed.
Appreciate checkout.
Merge, Support channel.
Thanks for all the support already, anyway.
And I see you, gamers.
That's right.
Tomorrow, every day, baby.
Everyday subscribe.
Epic By what?
You never played two for simulator.
You know, it's fun, right?
I'm not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try, and then you can tell me.
Not convinced yet.
Okay, I'll cut Your dear Game is available for free, and that's a great price.
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