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top of our energy.
Ladies, My name is Jack's.
Up to go and welcome to Simulacra to now, before we go anywhere, I'm very sick, so I might not be able to bring it as hard as I normally do.
The Gaelic spirit is fading within me, but simulacra to came out.
But it only came out on mobile so far off when I was away, I just got back from L.
And everyone was saying that I should play Similac or two.
And I didn't know it was coming out earlier on mobile devices.
Which makes sense because the whole game is about finding phones and stuff, eh?
So I'm playing it on mobile.
First, I was gonna wait until the PC version came out, but apparently it's like a month away.
I don't have to wait a month to play Similac Ra.
I liked the 1st 1 I absolutely loved.
Some of the moments in the first game gave us FARC.
It's watch on.
It was really, really fun.
So now I'm excited to see where they take Similac Ra to.
If you don't know what Similac is, it's a it's a game all about where you find someone's phone and then you backtrack.
What happened to them?
Bloody, bloody bloody!
So let's just get in and play.
Hopefully, there's actual sound because it's not playing right now.
Choose how your journey begins.
O God, what should I choose?
Do I want it?
Is there supposed to be sound?
Oh, God.
Okay, there is sound playing.
There's just no music playing.
For some reason, you're a tabloid reporter.
And frights are your beat or you're a junior detective on a hard core skeptic.
Who, uh, I'm gonna go with the hardcore skeptic only for the fact that it sounds like septic.
That's my very poke your nose in that.
No, I don't care if you're on overtime.
Just fix the damn thing.
Damn plumbers.
So you keep saying you're ready for the big stuff.
Today's your lucky day.
You get your respect.
Look, you're the only one around this whole damn place I can trust.
Everyone else's too set in their way of thinking.
This is a secret operation, so you keep your mouth shut.
Anyone finds out about this and our careers are toast.
I like toast.
Turn the phone on when you're out of the station and alone.
I'll give you more instructions.
I wish I could say it's a matter of life and death, but I'm afraid it's more than that.
Don't screw this up.
It's more than a matter of life and death.
What more could there be?
Okay, so, junior detective, we got the phone booth.
Hell, yeah.
Give it to me.
I love the first single actor because some of the best moments ever in a horror play through the first way.
Sounds like the stranger things I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.
Got this is intense.
That was cool.
It's a little weird to be playing it on my phone because I'm like, looking down here all the time.
The first game gave us straight off with the glitch, ese.
But this is cool playing on the phone.
Okay, great.
It works.
I get a fresh murder case.
That's okay.
I'll read those in a second.
Um, because the gay, I always thought what it would be like playing it on the folks.
I think the other one, the phone version came second, but it's perfect, as it literally looks like I'm playing.
I'm actually looking at the person's phone.
Like I actually have the phone.
I have the phone right here.
Um, but the first game gave us that one where they had voices left and right in my head on Every now and then it was just scared the shit on me to buy a normal audio, and it was so cool.
But then we got the thing where I put in my name on it, recognized who I waas as, like an Easter egg from the developers.
And that was really cool.
That mess with my head.
I don't know if this one's gonna be as good, but I'm excited to find out.
Uh, okay.
Testing test test.
And works.
I got a fresh murder case.
That's way over my head.
She's a reply.
This is above my pay grade.
Why all the secrecy?
But you're a senior officer.
Why all the secrecy?
Well, I'm desperate.
I like the idea of him sitting back waiting to text me back like I hope they write to me.
The chief close the case in less than a week said it was an open and shut accidental death.
They just want to hit this month's quota instead of doing a proper job.
What a disgrace.
Why waste time in a closed case?
Wow, The department's really efficient.
That's terrible.
Why waste time in a closed case?
Because I know they're wrong about this, and we're going to prove it.
I need the case reopened by force, if necessary.
So I borrowed the only device I need, the victim's phone, which you have right now.
It's tainted.
Dude, it's corrupt.
You stole evidence.
You're going rogue.
Is this a dead person's phone?
It's grim, and it's weird, I know, but it's effective.
Three investigation was a whole load of incompetent police work.
Slipshod evidence.
Collected bad interviewing practices.
I don't even know why they bothered My gut told me to look further on this phone.
Proves me right.
I don't trust these methods.
Um, last time this happened, I talked to like a a demon.
I don't know if I want to talk to a demon again.
Is it a demon?
Can you call it that?
I know if you want to know what happened The last milacron I advise going back to watch because there's gonna be a whole lot of stuff in this one.
That's probably related to that.
How did she die?
Who was defective?
You violated.
How did she die?
I'm curious.
Is that one of the things we don't know?
Ah, heart attack.
Her name was Maya.
We received it on the anonymous call of a disturbance at her apartment.
Responding Officer found her dead.
Don't you think that was too convenient a tip off?
I really feel there has to be foul play here.
But what was the unofficial reason Why did she actually die?
Feelings or not?
Any evidence to support your theory?
What do your leads, soldier leaves bra.
Nothing concrete.
But listen, that video she left seems like she knew something was going to happen.
Have you seen it?
I have not.
But I am very excited.
Uh, also, we could just write all of this in one message.
We have to keep writing tons of messages.
I haven't take a look at it.
Oh, my God, This is so weird, cause seriously, it's just like actually being on my phone.
That is a lot of fingerprints.
Um, like the home button and everything at the bottom really feel like I'm actually perusing someone's phone?
That's cool.
Um, I know it's silly.
It's dump shushed.
Let me have my moment.
I'm very excited.
Uh, corrupted photo.
Let's reconstruct.
No clues available, so I can't drug dragon drop anything.
All right?
Fair enough through our media.
We have a ton of photos.
Oh, my God.
It's swiping actually works.
Damn, These are all for the gram if you put these up in the ground because these these would work very well.
You're very attractive.
The internet would love that.
Uh, got your co juice.
Hashtag candid.
They're nice pictures.
You did not take these on the phone.
You wanted a Ted talk.
That's epic.
Okay, that one's a little creepy.
Who's taking all these pictures of you, though?
This is the sign you've been looking for.
That's cute.
Hashtag vegan life.
Okay, You got some friends.
You got some of this.
You are very flexible.
I'm kind of jealous.
My bones and muscles don't work the same day used to, mainly because I don't train them.
Uh, okay.
Ooh, he's handsome.
Look at this motherfucker.
What are you, good locker?
But You got some good looking friends as well.
You kind of look like, um puts the YouTubers name there in the channel.
Blow Galaxies.
It looked like her.
Who is this?
That's what the market place in Seattle is.
It could be.
Look familiar.
Lots of pictures.
Cooley, Cooley, Cooley pictures.
Do you have it?
Said you had 64.
Damn, We got booty.
Gold's going on.
Oh, yes, yes.
Here we go.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, this photo is corrupted and cannot be deleted from the factory.
Restore point created.
Can I?
Oh, my God.
I can actually zoom in on the phone.
Who is?
Oh, this is so cool.
I'm actually glad that I'm playing it on the phone.
Ah, all right, that is this just a picture?
Okay, way have to look at the video, then.
5th 21st Oh, okay.
We go in order, please.
On it did it here, but not there.
Damn it In 321 is That's crazy.
I'm not sure that okay, I'm gonna get it.
That wasn't video way.
I got this.
I got this.
I took a video.
I IES, I wonder if I changed my orientation cause I've screened tilt thing locked.
It's turned that off.
Is that okay?
That's really strange.
You see that?
Hell, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
Let it happen.
Let the glitches begin.
This is all my fault.
I saw all the signs, but I just wrote them off.
He was just so much easier to believe that I was just imagining things.
It is No, I get it.
It's gonna be dangerous.
I felt it.
You were coming for me?
Hell, yeah.
You know, I think it's watching me.
And I think it wants to hurt me worse.
I have to stop this thing.
Yes, creepy.
I love it.
Can my distress the self recording of myrrh looking to stress?
Something seems to be coming for her and she blames herself for It's the Similac.
Ra is coming for you.
It won't kill you.
The entire phone is still corrupted, though.
Looks like someone or something was stalking her.
Anything sticks out to you?
Yeah, she's very bendy.
She lives a great lifestyle.
She seems like she's great friends.
She eats healthfully so she doesn't deserve this.
She blames.
She's blaming herself for something.
You think she caused her own death.
But what could she have done to feel hunted down in her own home?
Reminds me of some of my stranger cases.
But surely there's a case for the last one that happened.
Just look that up.
Cross reference and come back to this one.
Um I also like that we still get some of the stuff like Isay.
Eve does happen.
It block.
It's much, but lying better be in this game.
I miss it.
Uh, what strange cases.
Unexplained death and mysterious disappearances.
That's a tongue twister.
The one time someone got possessed by their phone, I'm assigning you to the department of obscure phenomena.
The top.
That's an actual department.
The department of obscure phenomena can't talk today, man.
A discreet team within the force of solving cases involving the scooper, Actually.
Oh, no dupe!
Ah, that's even better than Dob dupe.
Spending a lot of time writing is like my mom and told you that long, right?
Damn it, damn it!
Never mind the name.
It's just us both on this, So we have to work fast.
First thing is to restore the phone.
Uh, how do you do that?
I would say, Like, let's ask the i t department of you know, just us.
So when you can answer that Mmm.
I'm no good with new technology.
So I was hoping you can finish what I started.
Just like Kylo ren install the app.
They're called Warden.
It's guys existing files to recover.
Okay, I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.
All righty.
I have to use my detective break, which is good, because I'm really big brain already.
I'm super awesome.
Mega brain haze of messaging Me.
Remember, you might find this manual useful.
Go manual.
It doesn't do it for you guys.
I'm sorry it changes like this.
And then 20.
Take floor.
Since the department is pinching pennies, I'll be conducting this training manual for our new app.
It's called a never mind.
You know what I'm talking about?
Wireless autonomous app is a dowry and enforce a recovery tool and clue.
Detective, I got a D in and is capitalized just to make it see I crimped ing.
OK, whatever.
I can figure it out.
I'm a smart boy.
I know how phones work.
Okay, let's try and corrupted photo in.
I'm a legend.
I go.
What's that back?
Email back.
Surfer kind marriage.
Jaber's back.
Good job, kid.
Looks like some of the phone's data and information is being restored And keep doing days that we'll find something in no time.
You spying on me?
I placed a tracker in the phone.
Unless you know if you're trying to actually figure it out or if you're just looking at the pictures of the pretty girls in the pretty people on the phone so I could get up to speed immediately.
You need to know details of the crime scene as well.
It's all in the case file.
Um, I go to a quiet scene.
You ever feel comfortable with that, Chief?
I'm not risking this covert operation by having you traveling all over the crime scene.
I'll give you access to the police database.
You'll find everything you need there.
It's such a big mean man.
I wonder if I can put all right, so I can't use that.
All right, I'm gonna get any new videos for the 64 videos.
Okay, that's a music that's of sinking.
Okay, Okay, I am very worried that that's copyrighted.
So let's just avoid that for now.
All right?
Who are you calling?
Maybe what?
Welcome to imagine.
See, Service's we have upgraded to a new self guided response service to better aid you with your car.
Okay, Grace.
Malika, I wish all my problems can be solved with an apology.
Video late for work.
Apology, video.
Forget your anniversary.
Even you straight up.
Killed a dude.
Straight of a kill.
Dude, this was a killed A dude.
Apology video.
I mean, if it weren't for Logan Pole for getting a dead body in a video, that it could work for anybody.
Ah, what, Have you changed your mind?
Do you apologize for your apology video?
Bad in bed?
Apology video.
Which was an app for that.
You just play, get plug in what happened and how sorry the level of sorry that you are.
And then it just regurgitate something for you.
Be true to you.
Only with our limited edition I wear okay.
Protect yourself from those evil eyes and their negativity.
Hey, you want to protect yourself from negativity just by our glasses?
It'll block out the haters living when people accompaniment my hair like thank you.
I grew it myself.
That's a good one.
I say that a lot when people you have to do something with my hair, whatever that hair dresses.
And they're like, What do you want done?
Blah, blah, blah.
And then they say something about it.
Like Thanks.
I grew it myself.
Very smart.
And 40 piping hot tea.
Maya eats clean.
Stopped posting a while ago.
Anyone know what's happened to her?
Who, me after eating one bag of Doritos, Maybe gamers have a point after all.
Uh, I don't click on these.
Due to personal reasons, I've decided to stop aging.
I long to be turning 25 every year for no one thinks Ah.
Anything here worthwhile having exciting sponsorship coming soon.
Apparently some company found me a leering coffin told me to go big or go home, so I just went home.
Oh, my boy.
Okay, then she right here.
So this is her one.
I've never wanted Thio eat to avoid being online until recently.
I don't understand how people can come up with such vile things to say it.
Bo over my I'm here for you if you need me to be honest, why do we hate her again?
You're stronger than them.
What did I do?
It's not without reason.
There are real concerns with what you've been posting and people are frustrated.
Okay, That doesn't justify anything.
I'm with you on that.
I wish there's another way.
Save it.
My, uh she was being nice, but what did you do?
Where's my profile?
Who is this is this is literally Twitter.
I mean, that's what it's supposed to be because it's called jabber.
Um, let's see what you posted.
My God, this is a lot.
You guys need to listen to this.
All right?
This is normal.
I mean to be tsn building disip a ll discipline, strength, motivation?
Hell, yeah.
I'm in a pds m being awesome.
That's what it stands for, doesn't it?
Ha ha ha ha.
So relatable.
Wrapping up my week was Rebecca, Guys, don't be afraid to go to the gym.
Nobody's judging you.
Trust me.
Most of us are worried about our own progress.
We're there to lift each other up, lift each other up, literally or figuratively.
Both of that's what you want 08 This garrison do replayed.
That's just excuse for you to justify it.
Not going.
Oh, what?
Why is it always like that for me?
We all start somewhere.
Let me settle this debate once and for all.
Pineapple on pizza is good.
Yes, Queen.
Preach it.
Pineapple on.
Pizza is awesome.
Where is everyone being?
You don't see people who like pineapple on pizza.
You don't see them turning around and be like, Oh, you you don't like pineapple on pizza.
Okay, This pineapple on pizza lovers are the gateway to a higher plane of existence and thoughtfulness.
We're very open minded.
We like pineapple on a pizza because it's awesome.
You get that little tangy, get that little like, pop of sweetness as you bite.
I want pineapple on pizza right now.
I'm gonna order pineapple on pizza and just that today.
So all of you at home who like to fuck you it's the same.
But the people who are like you, you like drinking milk, just like drinking milk.
Not with anything else.
Drinking milk is great.
It's good for your bones.
Next time somebody says that to me, I want to punch them in the chest.
Much on the ribs.
I knew it.
I've had nomis day throwing at me so many times, and that word is certain to lose Meaning, uh And then, of course, everyone just says no estate.
This is why you don't say it on the Internet.
This is what happened with some of the PM a stuff I was like, No, p m a is just about realizing your potential and trying to be better and trying your best every single day.
And then people turned around to start throwing it at each other to be like, Just have P m A.
If your day's going bad, that defeats the purpose.
You're doing more damage than good.
Stop that.
My intention was to inspire people.
Sorry if I offended on your own with my posts.
Now let's move forward on onto more positive things.
Ah, they are vegan.
It's called yoga.
Um, so they did they delete the stuff they were posting?
What is all this shit at the top?
All right, that's Monica that wrote that.
I kept thinking it was Maya.
Um, okay.
And then my eat clean start posting a while ago.
Anyone know what's happened to her?
Internet detox?
I heard.
It's quite popular.
She just needs a time out, I guess.
God, hope she's OK.
OK, so she just vanished at one point.
What is Kym era?
Okay, so Kimera is instagram basically.
Oh, my God.
Even have stories at the top.
Jesus, Meena D'Silva.
How you guys?
So, um, I'm only good at talking about myself because I got, like, massive ptsd from experiencing so much violence in my short life So far, sometimes I just want to give up, you know?
I mean, I've lost so much.
What's the point for you guys?
Your support is what keeps me going.
I mean, because you you help me get the music out, and it hurts less that way.
That's sweet.
Um, be careful with that, though.
You shouldn't just rely on the support of people online, you shouldn't rely, unlike and stuff like that to keep you going.
It's it's good and it's a motivator.
And it gives you validation when you needed on, and it's good to see your work get rewarded.
But it's a slippy slope.
If you just rely on that.
Trust me.
I have firsthand experience with that stuff.
Um, okay, this is our other friend.
What does he do?
All right, all right.
I get it.
I can't.
You I've done that.
And it sucked balls.
Yes, you made Sucks Dreamers.
We're going to grab success by the throat way.
Yeah, I'm gonna show you.
Have Don't come on.
Thing is always like that seed in Bird.
Emmick is a bird.
Damn agrees like, yeah, everybody.
U u u u u everybody Yeah Did they clap for, like, 15 minutes, But Ah, this is it.
This is the cliff.
This is all I gotta have going to Rex Keegan's life.
He is our new FARC.
It's march.
I think there's, like 100 people in the room.
And then All right, all right, I get it.
I get you.
I've done that.
95 itself ball dream.
We're going to grab success by the throat.
We're gonna own Yeah, these They were going to grab some success.
Did he mess up the line?
But I want to go back with dreamers.
We're going.
We're going is grab success, whole boy, I am so interacts.
This is amazing.
Let's get it.
What else are you saying?
You've been whining about that hostile life.
I've got two words for you, man the hell up.
If you want to make that pivot to success, you got to bring your a game every single day The Irish out of your comfort zone Think big toe win.
Big desire.
You gotta think big.
Visualize it and then do it.
You gotta ignore the haters.
Just do you You got to move fast, break things and take those broken shards And Caravelle your success sticking my program You could be the one driving a sweet ride like this.
Oh, So bad.
Did you hear the music in the background?
Who are you going?
Mess with?
That's amazing.
Where's good hands?
Grab success by the hoagies.
Yeah, and it sucks.
Here's an opportunity You don't want to miss my friends.
You see the way the hustle smart is You gotta fly close to the sun.
You're gonna find your role model and orbit that sun like a mofo.
That's how you're gonna grow.
Here's your chance to get into my orbit up close and personal.
I'm looking for two ninja apprentices.
People will pay hundreds of thousands to get into this vortex.
But I'm not in this for the money.
I'm Lobo on this opportunity for you.
It's cheaper than going to college.
Let's do this.
Are you Are you Rex?
Are you low balling it for me?
Are you sure it's not about the money?
All because people don't understand what I do.
But enough's enough.
It's time I approve all the haters wrong.
See, I've been called many things since my status.
Start on Kimera Liar, Cheater scammer without actual proof.
Oh, my God, Rex, You're insufferable.
But I love you.
Oh, and of course he has entrepreneur written in his bio.
That's how you know it's serious.
Oh, my God.
This is a timer is amazing.
I love this.
Maya eats clean.
What do you posted?
Must stay, guys.
Good morning.
This'd is like my favorite thing to do in the morning.
First thing right after I wake up is coming to my yoga mat.
And I spend time in this natural energy, especially in the sunlight.
The vitamin D is great for you, and it's just so powerful.
You know, I feel already energetically charged in my solar plexus from the center of my body.
It's absolutely amazing.
And I hope you guys can adopt.
This is your daily practice.
And while you're there, take three deep breaths for yourself, right?
I like to keep it really simple.
I'll just in hell of and exhale ego three times and then I get on with my day and it's always amazing.
And I hope you guys have an amazing day too.
I'll be out.
Amazing that, Joe, you're to my even though, but you're dead.
Um, this'll is the type of stuff like there's some decent messaging in there, but it all depends on delivery, because now it just sounds kind of pretentious.
I might be too harsh.
I'm sorry.
I just can't stand that type of social media where I think you you could go out and do it.
You can really accomplish your goals if you just buy my seminar.
If you if you really just like pay a subscription to my website, you can accomplish anything because your power hole people always think that my life is perfect.
But that's just so far from the truth.
I struggled with my health.
For the longest time, I had no energy to get out of bed.
I was losing hair, and I was just in so much pain.
So what I did was I went to study nutrition, tiller and what works for me?
Because doctors, they don't even know that much anyway.
They're just trying to sell you big pharma.
You just gotta go listen to what your heart tells you.
Yeah, Doctors don't know what you're talking about.
Did you spend, like, 11 years in school learning?
They're just trying to sell you drugs, dude.
Anyway, this by video sponsored by coaches.
Listen to your body knows what it's doing.
The fact that just listen to me on the Internet.
Listen to me.
Oh, my God, I only have amazing day.
Oh, fuck.
It's so much.
All right.
Usually not a fan of Jim Selfie, since I actually come here to work out.
All right, let's see what this is.
Hi, guys.
It is Day two of the celery cabbage time see?
And this thing makes me feel at one with the universe.
If at one with the universe, you mean shitting yourself constantly I think the universe, It's such a great post workout drink.
You know, it feels of your electrolytes and balances out your free radical levels.
And just make sure that you're sticking to non GMO veggies only.
Oh, my God.
Oh, the best part about this is that it's self aware.
Like, obviously the developers put her in like this to get a reaction like that.
It's like, Yeah, I just stick to this cleanse.
The one isn't the doctors, isn't It means I know what I'm doing.
This is not a fat diet bra.
Hey, guys, I actually wanted to share this with you today.
It's a little bit embarrassing, but I do want to be honest about how I used to look like this is a photo of me from a couple years ago.
I know, right?
But the person that you see in front of you right now is a direct result of a good change and diet and a healthy lifestyle.
I just want you to remember to maintain that positive mindset.
And remember, you can do it, too.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
There's some decent like advice in there about like being your best self and trying hard and working out and dieting and all that kind of stuff.
It's just a package that it's put in is a little strange.
Anyway, six of real.
Oh, you find anything?
Yeah, I know.
She was killed.
Yeah, she was selling.
Ah, she did a bad sponsorship.
So on Similac became killed her.
You can access the police database.
Okay, We're gonna find it.
Let's let's keep motoring.
It's the police database.
You can find it in the APP.
Just gave you clearance.
Okay, get it from Warden.
Let's get a cool, goddamn plumbers and their stupid questions.
I have to go get your over them before I get back.
We're working a homicide case.
This is the biggest case of our lives.
You, Me, when a bust this wide open.
Okay, Jimmy, I'll be there in five seconds to figure out what?
My toilet is fucking blocked.
Um, Okay, here we go.
Victim name?
My, uh He my who?
Wait, I I forget what her second name was that?
Did he say it here?
Um, her name was Maya.
Okay, We don't have a second name yet.
I think I might have seen it somewhere.
Um Oh, shake some of this stuff.
Maya Crane.
Yeah, I knew.
I read it out somewhere.
Uh oh.
Maya Crane, find we got.
Okay, let's go through.
Some of my is Schatz.
Ah, uh, the group chat, New Beginnings, Rex, Meena area and Maya.
So So So.
It's official.
We're a team now.
Do you guys think we should have a team name being the big collectors on Kimera do it.
This isn't high school, Meena.
We gotta be like everybody else.
And if one idea being part of a group doesn't make his automatic friends, I wouldn't say no to How do I put this friendlier relations?
Maybe I'll introduce my foot to your face.
Are you coming in hot?
Could it out?
Tracks, I mean, is right finds eat it open their faves get together.
Especially when they're all besties.
You know, having name would sell that?
There's nothing better than to fake it and sell a bunch of stuff done and done.
What's next?
Color coded spandex suits.
You got anything better?
Have names.
Should be fear something.
People are jealous.
They aren't a part of like Fay fame, fatal or aesthetic.
That's a good one.
I like that one aria.
Sounds like they know how the Internet works.
Precisely 71 Autumn is okay when it's good stuff happening in this.
It's from this poem by my favorite poet.
Cost us this court From this piece it hits close to home for me.
New beginnings.
These tears are not mine.
They are not made of my body, My soul.
They belong to the girl.
I once waas thes air, not tears of sadness or remorse for she accelerating new beginnings that await her.
That's kind of nice.
That's beautiful.
My rather cliche.
But I suppose Cliche does sell to new friends and new beginnings.
I guess we got what the group name was right at the top of screen.
Let's listen to this.
I thought I missed the jobber thing, but you're all gonna be there too, right?
Hate going for these things alone.
Everyone's so fake.
So if it gets too much, I couldn't show with you guys.
Yeah, everyone's so fake by my juice.
Cleanse this.
This tweet a spot, Serge.
I think not.
By the way, I'm not saying that all sponsorships are bad.
Of course, I've done some myself.
What I'm saying is that the way they're doing it seems fake as hell.
And clearly, by the way, she's saying things here.
It's just to sell stuff to fends.
It's not really about doing stuff that you're interested in our stuff that you would naturally do.
Um, like some of the game ones.
I have donor for stuff that I've like.
I genuinely wanted to play your tryout.
But if you're just doing it for the sake of selling stuff defends that, it's that selling out.
I think I'll have to skip it.
I'm so behind work clients breathing down my neck Fill me in on okay.
On recoverable chat history.
Damn, but I'm curious to see how far these friends go on.
Ah, the internet.
Hey, girl, just saw your text.
Look, trolls are gonna troll, so don't let it get to you.
All these people, they're just jealous of us because they wish their lives was Baba's ours.
Okay, so you really just have to stop worrying about what others think of you.
Not bad advice.
Ah, Am I supposed to stare of What the hell?
You're right.
You're right.
It's just annoying.
So annoying.
I know you've been real busy, but I need someone to talk to.
I've been working my ass off.
My numbers are still dropping like crazy shining you airhead comes along and everyone just leaves me for them.
I don't know how I'm gonna make rent that this goes on like this Anyway, call me when you can.
This is what I'm saying.
You're doing it for It's like my numbers airdropping.
Ah, I mean, you numbers are a thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to social media and everything.
But if that's the only reason you're doing it and then that's completely upsetting you When the numbers go down that maybe you need to reevaluate what you're doing it, um, because of the ways again from firsthand experience, if you attach yourself too much to the numbers, wants to go down, you'll start to feel bad for yourself and think that you're the problem on that.
It's not just a case.
If that's just how the Internet works, and then people end up doing stupid shit to try and get validity and relevance again.
And then you end up with some really crappy things on the Internet.
So just do your thing.
Enjoy it.
Be happy by my juice cleanse.
Yeah, it's complete bullshit.
You should.
I don't believe this American guy.
Maybe just aren't your parents friend find stuff that's relevant to our story.
You've always been a fighter area.
I wish I was half as brave as you are, huh?
Brave, but thanks.
Join me for a gallon of wine and bad dirty dancing.
No, that sounds like a full on Vulcan time.
You could tell me all about your weird spark date.
Taylor, wasn't he?
Sounds like a creep.
Yeah, I kept trying to get me to go to some rooftop somewhere, But I got something important to discuss too, and might fix our problem for goods.
Try to get you to go to some rooftop.
Was that wait?
Is Taylor in the first game the stuff about a rooftop in the first game and one of them fell off the roof and died.
Cameron What His name was though he was the dude who was singing a lot.
Uh, Maya, we need stock.
I thought you agreed I was going to the yoga retreat post 1st 0 sorry.
The moment just felt right.
So I went with it.
Oh, my God.
Maya, why do you keep undermining me like this?
Even with the group, it's like nothing I say matters anymore.
Sometimes I wish you'd just detox yourself out of existence.
Where's all this coming from?
Forget it.
What was I thinking?
Working with someone who thinks they can feed off crystal energy.
That was a really low blow.
You know, it's low your friggin self centered bullshit.
This group is your way of trying to control people and pretend you're some kind of messiah or something.
This is going off living for this gas in this t me if anyone a selfish, manipulative it's you.
It's been that way since college.
You think I don't know what you say about me behind my back?
Like when you told Lee that I had herpes because you couldn't stand it when he asked me out instead of you?
Oh, my God.
Let it go already.
So much for love and light.
When you're so keeping grudges from eons ago, I'm just going to let you cool off, Kay.
You're the hell you want.
I'm better off keeping this arrangement purely professional.
So we're going out to the 11th after this home is It's the second.
Does that talk for nine days?
Hey, my, uh, are you okay?
I haven't heard from you in a while.
You haven't ditched me now that you're all famous, right?
But seriously, I have been a bit worried about you.
I just want to let you know that you could give me a shout if you need shots.
Hey, Maya.
Haven't heard from your while.
Everything okay?
Everything good, Bessie, You just tore into each other.
I mean, he could have met up in real life between then, but if it doesn't exist in text messages, it doesn't exist.
I always like these games.
So that kind of a play on social media and all that jazz.
And now it's kind of delving into popular influence her life on a someone who has some experience with that.
This is gonna be fun.
Yes, I'm fine.
I think maybe you never know the girl's night out Soon I need to get out of my house.
Things have been really weird.
Let me know.
Okay, that was the 11th of October.
What's the date in the game now?
Can I Can I check?
0 28th of October.
So maybe if I use the warden thing, I've just been trying to get some background on going cases.
He said the case was closed, though, right?
Those cases, maybe in October?
Because this is Maggie.
Here we go.
Our document found I'm a genius.
Um oh, God.
Oh, God.
What the fuck?
Preliminary compilation of investigation by West Bandra Capi di Maya Crane, 25 female entertainer that we call ours.
That's actually exactly what I call myself when I go to customs.
Like what I got you.
L a just gone.
I have a visa and everything.
I got it while I was touring, but for some reason, they don't believe when I show them.
Show them the visa.
And I'm like, Yes, I'm here.
I'm doing lifestream.
I'm doing all this other stuff.
I was in the lifestream for the Christmas charity one and then they look at it in the lake.
They're like, I don't trust it.
And then, like what?
What do you do.
And sometimes instead of saying I do YouTube as my job because they get really, really confused when you say that, I say, like, I'm an online entertainer, and then they're like, sometimes we're like, Okay.
And other things like the fuck is that? 00:43:50.41
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I'm Ready To Be Terrified Again In Simulacra 2 - Part 1

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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